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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter and a special welcome to all of my new subscribers to this f.r.e.e newsletter from around the world.  As I write this, I’m on a train whizzing along from Frankfurt to Munich.  In Muchen, as they say, I’ll have 14 minutes to make it from track 1 to 22 for the train to the airport.  Naturally I said, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome (MBO) for making it with my three roller bags and my briefcase, thank you!”.  I thought I would put some thoughts down now before they’re lost in a haze of jet lag.  Keep in mind that I relate these stories to show just how many times you can request MBO’s during the course of a trip, and how PERFECTLY they work.  


When I booked my hotel, I found the only two star hotel available in the main part of Frankfurt was called the Angel Hotel.  I did chuckle when I booked the hotel and requested a MBO.  It was in a great location only one block from the main train station and a two minute walk to the escalator down under the street and another one minute to the subway or train to the Frankfurt Book Fair.  There are two other hotels on the street and they share the street with a whole line of sex shows, peep shows, etc.  These are rip-off joints according to the hotel owner Mehra that are out to rob the “rubes” who walk in for 1,000 or more Euros (heard as high as 5,000 E).  Will those men and women have some “balancing” (as my Guardian Angel Theo calls it) to do in a future existence!

I had requested a MBO for the room to be ready upon arrival and it was within 10 minutes even though it was still morning.  Another lady that arrived shortly after me was still waiting for her room to be cleaned when I walked out the door headed to the Frankfurt Book Fair.  I had printed a number of press releases about the books in Cannes.  I planned to drop them off at the press office, but wasn’t sure they would let me in as my ticket was not good until the next day.  Naturally I requested a MBO and at first the lady refused me entrance and then let me go in.  At the press office the young lady said the charge would be 156 Euros (about $230!) to drop them off.  I pleaded with them to let a poor author put them out and she said come back the next morning at 9:00 am and she would ask her supervisor.  I did have a nice MBO result for requesting to find some place open for lunch.  I came upon the Switzerland Café and there were a number of people eating inside.  I got in line and got my food, and then looked around for a place to pay and saw none.   I sat down and started to eat, still searching.  Finally I asked an Italian lady at the next table where to pay, and she said that was a free lunch for participants in an all day seminar.  I wondered why there were so many men dressed in business attire and not casual clothes for setting up the booths (or stands as they are called in Europe)!

I had walked to the book fair, but there was some construction to pass through and cobblestone walks, so since I was dragging a roller bag filled with books, plus my briefcase, I took the train to the fair grounds.  At 5 minutes to 9:00 am they started letting the large crowd of people inside.  They later reported that the first day attendance was 39,000 + people!  This is the largest market I’ve ever attended, with 15 halls each holding enough stands for a normal convention, with over 7,300 companies exhibiting!  This is 10 times as many as exhibit at the world TV market in Cannes.  At the press office they said not only could I not pay the 156 Euros, but I could not even put press releases out as I’m an author and not an exhibitor.  Keep in mind I requested a MBO, so I accepted what happened wondering where my MBO was.  I almost trashed them, but took them with me.  The MBO was that my publisher had not put in a sell sheet with the books, so I was able to use the press release as a sales sheet!  I wouldn’t have had anything to give to the people that just wanted a card and some literature to refer to about the book.  

Naturally I requested MBO’s each morning that the results of my meetings would be even better than I could hope for or expect.  I also requested MBO’s each morning as each afternoon to be led to call on the right companies, as there was no way I was going to make it through all the halls I had listed to visit.  

I have already come to a verbal agreement with a publisher in Greece that also publishes the Kryon books—nice synergy.  Plus I have many more that I hope will close in the coming weeks.  I met with my German publisher on Friday, and they said they thought the book will be released in May or June.  And I had chance meetings or was compelled to stop at certain places that should prove fruitful.

As one example, on Friday I was in Hall 8.0 where all the Americans and British have stands, and I stopped to have an orange juice to rest my weary legs.  I sat down at one of those high tables with bar chairs and a young lady sat down there too as it was quite crowded.  We started discussing my book and it seems she works for the largest publisher in Croatia.  She took a book with her and I’ll follow up.  

Today I was concerned about getting my three roller bags to the train track and requested a MBO for someone to assist me.  Before I could ask, Mehra volunteered a young man by the name of Handi to assist me with the bags.   He took two of the bags all the way to the spot on track 7 where my car was supposed to stop.  

When I arrived at the Munich train station, as I mentioned above, I had only 14 minutes to get from track 1 to track 22, which sounded like a long way.  It took me a couple of minutes to attach two of the bags together and I requested a MBO for assistance in finding the track, as the signs said nothing about a track 22.  I asked a lady passing by and she pointed me towards the “S Bahn” sign, which I was quite familiar with from Frankfurt.  As I started down the escalator with my 3 bags, I noticed a couple with medium size roller bags headed in the same direction and asked if they were going to the airport and they said yes.  I followed them, and the German couple was quite nice and told me which train to take, as there were two that stopped before the airport train.  He even helped me on board with my bags.  They were headed to Kenya for two weeks for some sort of government work that they had a hard time explaining in English.  

During the 40-minute ride I tried to phone the hotel to see about the shuttle van, but the phone would ring and no one picked up.  I requested a MBO for finding the shuttle.  At the airport station the German couple again assisted me in getting the bags out.  I proceeded to the Information counter, where they called the hotel, and told me to sit down, as it could be 10 minutes before pickup.  Less than 2 minutes later a German lady from the hotel called to me and off I went to the shuttle van, which was filled with people whom she had picked up from the train.  I was the last on board and sat up front.  This gave me the opportunity to go in and check in to the hotel instead of standing in line (another MBO).  They gave me my own portable alarm set to 4:30 am, and I requested a MBO to awaken just prior, which I did.  

I requested a MBO to sit next to someone interesting to talk to on the flight from Amsterdam back to Dallas-Ft. Worth, and my MBO was that the Dutch man who sat next to me never spoke to me for 10 hours—only in Dutch to a friend across the aisle.  This saved my throat, as I had picked up a chest cold.  I requested a MBO for customs and went through the passport check OK, but the customs guys wanted to check my bags because I listed books on the form.  The MBO was that I got to hear an angel story from one of the customs officers and gave out two business cards for them to go online and read about the book.  

Next week I’m going to give you some predictions given to me by Gaia, soul of the earth and my Guardian Angel Theo.  Now for more stories and questions!


Denise writes:  I saw your request in last week’s newsletter for some MBO stories, so thought I’d share a really fun series of them that occurred earlier this year.  I am a quilter and found I had the opportunity to attend what is called a “long-arm” quilt show in March.  This was not too long before the show and the hotels supporting the show get booked up almost a year in advance.  I was able to get a hotel room for the 3 nights, but not at the hotel where the show was being held.  As I was traveling by myself, I knew I would feel more comfortable in the show hotel.  I asked for an MBO, and called the show hotel back a few weeks before I was to go and lo and behold, a room had opened up and I was able to book it for all three nights!  

I took part in a number of classes and noticed that the teachers generally would hold a raffle to give away a prize or two at the end of the class.  So, at the beginning of my last class I asked for an MBO to win a prize – and I did!  (And I don’t win many things!)  To top it all off, the show itself was having a raffle to win a huge basket full of quilting items.  As I dropped my entry into the box, I of course requested an MBO, went on my way and forgot all about it.  I received a phone call two days after I came home informing me I had won the raffle basket!!!  The box came and it contained almost $1,000 worth of items, all of which are very useful.  I still can’t believe all of the wonderful occurrences during my trip.  MBOs certainly make life more fun!  


Another Denise from Calgary, Canada writes:  A wonderful friend gave me your book for my birthday in April. I did not get around to reading it until July. As I sat on our swing on the front lawn reading, three young boys from the neighborhood began skateboarding on the street in front of the house.  I found it distracting, but told myself to be patient, because it is a good thing that they are happy to play near home. The pavement is smoothest in front of our house.

After a few minutes, the swearing started and I became upset. I thought to myself that this would be the perfect opportunity to try this, very new found, technique. I requested being allowed to read in peace. The boys immediately picked up their skateboards and moved down the street. I read for about a half hour and then went back into the house. As I closed the front door, the skateboarders were walking back to the spot in front of the house. I said another thank you.
Needless to say, MBO's are now a part of my daily life.


Rob writes:  MBO? I don't think so...

Yesterday I was flying to Atlanta for some business. In advance, I had requested an MBO for this trip. "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my trip on October 13, 2009, to Atlanta and from Atlanta; for my flights, as well as for the various trips I have to make there by cab, and for any other possible means of transportation. May the results be even better than I can hope for or expect. Thank you!"

My plane left our local airport delayed. It finally took off for Charlotte--first stop on my travels--but couldn't land there because of heavy fog, so it had to turn around. Once back home, I managed to get on another flight, and eventually arrived in Atlanta on time after all. There, I had a cab driver who had a hard time figuring out the places I told him I needed to go to. At one point, he actually went to the wrong address! Later, when I was back at the Atlanta airport, I upgraded my flight home; for $50 I would fly four hours earlier than I had originally booked. Later it turned out that the flight back from Atlanta to Charlotte was delayed, too.

Once finally in Charlotte, I still had plenty of time to make the flight from there to home. However, when it was about 30 mins before boarding, it was announced that the plane was delayed getting to the airport, and that they would soon update us. Which they did... by announcing that the plane would NOT arrive any time soon, and we would thus actually have to wait almost 90 more minutes before we could board another plane (with a quickly assembled flight crew).

What happened here? :-) Sure, one could speculate and say, for example, had I NOT requested an MBO, one of the planes I was one may have crashed, or that I would not have made my important Atlanta appointment in time, or that I would have broken my leg and would have had to cancel my trip altogether, or any speculations like this... Still, wasn't this simply a case of my Angels (bless 'em!) --and thus the MBO-- somehow failing me this time?

Well Rob, and for anyone else out there requesting MBO’s during travels, keep in mind that I’ve been requesting MBO’s in my travels for 14 years or so.  I’ve found that when we are part of a mass event, which I think includes airline travel, then we are “along for the ride.”  There are many teaching situations and challenges in plane delays.  Pilots, ground personnel, air controllers, the people on the delayed flights, hotel personnel, and the list goes on all are given situations for learning and making decisions.  Remember that as I’ve said before, you still have challenges in life, but the results are easier if you request MBO’s.  

Do you recall the story I told in the last newsletter about having to run and buy a bag at the Heathrow Airport and then still was ALMOST charged another $75 because my carry-on roller bag was 2 kilos overweight, UNTIL the supervisors left and the counter agent slapped a bag tag on and sent it on before they returned.  You could argue that was not a MBO, but it WAS another challenge and learning experience, and it turned out OK.  

So look on the bright side.  You made your important meeting on time, you made your connections, and you didn’t have to spend a night in a hotel somewhere or on a bench in the airport.  

Don’t ever forget why we’re here on earth.  We’re learning to be the problem solvers of this whole universe.  We can’t solve all those other stagnant societies’ problems if we haven’t encountered every problem in the book.  


In July of 2005 in Sedona I learned that I was supposed to write The Gentle Way Book.  In September my wife and I took an Alaskan Cruise as part of a Kryon Seminar.  Lee Carroll was nice enough to let me do a quick 15-minute presentation to the group of 60 about MBO’s.  Sue was part of this group, which I wrote about in the book.  

Sue writes on Facebook:  Hi Tom, a couple of MBO stories for you this week!  I have been doing MBOs for 4 years now since meeting you in 2005 on the Alaskan cruise and it’s now second nature for me to quickly say one at this point.  I seriously think I say at least 10 a day!  Here’s an excellent example:  Last week my dogs and I were staying at my sister’s house in the country where she has open land and no fenced yard.  Her house sits back quite a way from her dirt road. While I am in my sister’s garage cleaning out her van I lost track of time and suddenly realized I was not hearing my dogs playing nearby.  I quickly ran out of the garage and looked out front to the road.

Instant panic!  There happily playing in the road was my 2 yr old dog Fritz and trotting out to him (and about 6 feet away) is my 6 yr old dog Mason and most horrifying, there was my 10yr old dog (who is loosing his hearing) Lucas more than half way down the driveway going to meet them!!  I started screaming Fritz’ name and yelling COME!! And here is the amazing part, while running towards them and screaming their names and COME! I also said as fast as I possibly could “I request a MBO for the dogs to get out of the road and BE SAFE BE SAFE BE SAFE!!!!” Then kept screaming and trying desperately to get my old boys attention.

It must have been quite a sight….me running down the driveway frantically waving my arms to get Luc’s attention since he couldn’t really hear me until I got closer.  Thankfully Fritz turned and ran towards me and out of the road after the first COME!! And Mason turned towards me after my MBO and then Lucas turned and looked at me and started right to me.  Well after some very heartfelt thank-you Angels and some tears of fear and joy I got the boys into the garage where I should have kept them in the first place! I am certain my extremely fast, said in one breath MBO and my Guardian Angels saved my boys!  

Now for my second MBO:  My sister and one of my brothers both decided this month to turn in their older vans and get new vans.  I had suggested that both of them go to the dealership near me that I really like.  Well it turned out that my brother decided to come to the dealership while my sister and I were there and both of them bought vans that day!  The sales lady was very appreciative and told me that she wanted to send me a gift in thanks for having my brother and sister work with her to buy their vans.  I thought that was so sweet of her!  While driving home that evening I did an MBO that “the gift be something that would really help me, like a free oil change or something even better than what I am thinking”.  Several days later I received a check in the mail from the dealer for $100 as a finder’s fee!!  What a great Benevolent outcome!!!

Now for my third MBO:  This one actually happened before the other two as it was when my sister was in the pre-operative area while waiting to go into the operating room.  She had to arrive a little early for a test to be done before the surgery and then the surgery before her took longer than they anticipated so she ended up being in the pre-op area for several hours.  Me, my 2 sisters and our good friend Linda all do Reiki and also regularly say MBOs.  So between the 3 of us we had asked AA Michael to remove all negative energy from the surgical center and flood it with Divine energy and asked for thousands of Angels to be present.  We had also asked for MBOs for the surgeon’s hands, etc.  They normally allow only one person to be in pre-op with the patient but since she was there so long they let 2 of us be with her.  

While the 2 of us were giving her Reiki one of us commented that the energy didn’t feel good, not bad just not good, just heavy and hard to explain.  My sister said that she had heard several of the staff commenting that they were all having a strange day, and equipment wasn’t working properly, having trouble hitting veins and things that normally do not happen to them.  We also noticed that the staff in the area didn’t look too happy.  As I sat in her area next to her bed I said “I request that any and all Beings aid and comfort all of the staff in this pre-op area” Thank-you.  Then I thought to expand it to include all of the staff in the surgical center and then all of the patients and families and friends. I figured that should cover everyone!  Literally within minutes my sister said “Listen!!” and guess what we heard?  Laughter from the staff!  She said that she had not heard that in the 3 hours she was there!  You could just see the difference in everyone, it was so amazing!  And it continued for the rest of the afternoon!  Another wonderful instant Benevolent outcome!

Here’s another thing that I have started doing with my brother, 2 sisters and our friend.  In a situation where we are together and want to do MBOs (such as at the car dealership and in the pre-op area) I said lets brainstorm what things we can do an MBO for. For my sisters surgery I started by saying “I request a MBO to have all of the medical equipment working properly”, and our friend then said “and for all of the medicines to work properly” and my sister said “that I wake up easily and quickly in a benevolent way”.  We all three said “Thank-you!”  It was fun because we all thought of different things and it just felt great to come up with the ideas together. And it made us feel so much better.  One suggestion leads to another and another etc.  How’s that for a benevolent outcome of feeling comfortable saying MBOs?!

That was great!  If you're on Facebook, feel free to add me as a friend.


John in Virginia writes:  Tom, hope your trip has been very benevolent for you and all concerned.  I do have a couple of MBO's to let you know about in regard to the same subject.

On June 17, 2008 I applied for Medicare because I going to turn 65 in October (the 9th) and figured applying 3 months early would be good.  Well I sat down with the gentleman at the SSA office in my town and he seemed very knowledgeable and focused, I had no reason to expect there to be any problems.  I began to get concerned when I did not receive any information from the SSA office in mid September.  I went on line to their web site as directed by the paperwork I had and found my claim had not been approved.  I called national toll free number and they gave me a local number to call.  To make this part shorter, I called and spoke to 4 different individuals and left 4 to 5 messages for my counselor with no call back.  Every time I spoke with someone they indicated there was no problem with my application, it just had not been processed yet and only the person who worked it up at the SSA could process it.  The same person who never returned my calls.  And yes I was requesting an MBO for the issue to be resolved quickly.

I am not so good at listening to the small voices yet, but I finally thought to call a Benefits Counselor for military personnel who I had worked with in the recent past.  I called, explained the problem and asked her, on the off chance, if she had a contact in the office where I had submitted my claim and she said she did not.  However she did have a contact in another office in the area and would call him immediately. 

She asked me to hold and called her contact, then she conferenced me in so I could speak with him.  He was most helpful and indicated a supervisor from the office I applied in was in his office.  Two days later she called to say my paperwork had been processed.  Good news and a large thank you for my GA. 

However the downside was it would be four weeks until I would receive anything in writing from the SSA and meantime my military civilian health care provision was being canceled, so I could not get any prescriptions filled or see my regular doctor.  I would need to go through a Military Treatment Facility, which meant I would need to start over with everything.  So I requested an MBO to receive the letter of approval sooner than expected and as soon a possible. 

The paper work was sent from the local SSA on the 5th of October and I received the approval letter on the 16th, which is much less than four weeks, another BIG thank you to my GA.  Had I not requested the initial MBO for a quick resolution and then acted on my intuition I could still be waiting for a result. 

Listen for those “whispers in your ear” as Theo calls them.  It will supposedly become easier after 2012. 


Check last week’s newsletter for much more information on the benefits of Cayenne Pepper.

Rick writes:  The Capsicum in cayenne pepper is the primary ingredient for commercial analgesics such as Capsaicin. A nutritionist friend of mine sells capsicum and cayenne capsules. The quantity needed is pretty high, and can cause stomach and throat irritation because of the heat it creates. He says it is a very effective component, but the user really has to experiment with dosages to see how much they can handle. This is especially true in using it as a part of a weight loss program. It's suppose to elevate metabolism,  but the dosages required are much higher than what the nutritional companies are selling.

Robert in Dallas writes:  Found your article on Cayenne very believable.  I have been a big advocate of cayenne pepper for over 10 years....if someone  is considering taking cayenne pepper but hesitating.....have them read ...LEFT FOR DEAD.... a true story of a guy (Richard Quinn....the author) whose life was saved by cayenne pepper.  

You can find the book on and reviews.  


For those of you starting to buy Christmas presents, don’t forget that THE GENTLE WAY II is available for preorder now and should be ready for delivery next month.  My publisher told me yesterday it will be around 300 pages—twice as many as the first book, but the preorder price is only $2.00 more--$16.95.  It could go higher, so put your order in TODAY by calling 800-450-0985 to order.  What a great present for you, your friends and family!


For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website (bookmark this page) where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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