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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the Pay It Forwardworld.  Please PAY IT FORWARD by sending this newsletter to a friend.  And approach them on requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes.  It will change their life.  If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.

DuolingoMy friend Frank just introduced me to a new way to learn languages, and it’s F.R.E.E!  The website is  It’s a non-profit website devoted to eventually having good translations of many pages of the internet.  You can read more about it on Wikipedia.  So far, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and English are offered.  I’ve just started to learn Spanish—muy bien (haven’t actually gotten that far yet)!

My newsletter editor Ralonne is now editing Beverly Brightstar’s upcoming book.  If you Editorneed someone to edit your book, email me and I’ll pass you along to Ralonne.

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Preston writes:  Not sure if you've seen this, but I am curious if you've heard anything about whether or not this is going to happen?

Microchip & Grain of RiceGaia, will everyone have microchips implanted in the future?

No, not in the way it was asked, Tom.  There will be a version of microchips, but highly advanced, which is coming in your future.  It will be looked upon in a benevolent way—a way to keep track of your health to instantaneously advise your doctors--who I might add will be much more spiritually oriented in the future, about any problems you are having.

They will not be used to say, track someone down, unless they are in a dangerous situation such as a kidnapping.  Again, their purpose will be primarily for medical use.  People will accept them, as they will see the enormous benefits.

Yes, they will come within the next 100 years for you, well past your time on earth and for most of your readers, but it is an interesting development for care in the future—medical care.  A good question, and I do wish to allay anyone’s fears of big brother taking over your lives.


Judy asked me for updates on California and the Presidential Election.

Gaia, please update on the California signoff.

Obama & RomneyCertainly, Tom.  No, there has not yet been a signoff at this moment in time, but again I will say there has been an increase in signoffs since we last talked, so there are few (in my terms) left I am waiting on.  Feel free to ask me in yes, a couple of weeks.

Gaia, please update us on the US Presidential election, and why did our vibrational level as a whole drop?

Yes, the easy question first, Tom.  Nothing has changed.  President Obama will have a second term.

Regarding your second question, there are many factors that enter into the equation.  Your vibrational levels can suddenly rise, such as they did after 911, or they can sink, if enough people are having a “bad day.”  This can include a number of spots having difficult times with much anger and violence, which bleeds over onto the rest of the population.


Louisiana SinkholeKelly writes:  Can you please ask Theo or Gaia if there really is imminent danger with this Louisiana sink hole? If so, what areas/states will be affected and how bad will this get? Thank you much!!

Gaia, is there going to be a large explosion in a sinkhole in Louisianna?

No, Tom.  That will be and is being controlled.  Certainly there are dangers associated with the gas seeping up, but there will be no explosion.


John writes:  I am in the process of making a career change of sorts, toward the healing arts of energy medicine (Donna Eden) and body alignment (Anat Baniel) as soon as I am financially able to continue to provide for my family and at the same time begin the necessary course instruction.  I have noticed for some time now that a significant amount of energy is produced within my body and exits the center of the palm of each hand.  The energy output can be increased in volume by mental concentration.

Healing HandsI don't know where to inquire about this energy, whether it has a name, whether it has healing properties and where one would study to enhance this energy if it does provide healing relief to others.

My guess is that we all possess the energy, some more than others, and it may have been associated an ancient form of healing that was lost, forgotten or ignored.  Could Theo provide any insight as to what the energy is, whether it does promote healing, and, assuming it has healing properties, where one could seek training in this medium?

Theo, explain the energy coming from one’s palm and can it be increased for healing?

Quite so, Tom, but it does take training.  You can concentrate on your palms and slowly send this energy out through your palms to whomever you wish to lay hands on.

The hard part is to develop this energy and raise the level of the energy from just energy to a level where healing does occur.  This is not something that I can explain in a couple of sentences, you understand, as people have been working on this for thousands of years.  But, if you wish to put in the work, it is possible to heal with your hands.  There are books on the subject, but in simplified form, it is raising your vibrational level while at the same time directing this energy to your palms.

Certainly beginning to meditate on a DAILY basis will go a long way to developing this energy.  Doing the heart-centered energy exercise in the back of your books is a good way to begin the concentration needed to become a healer.  But it’s not something that you can sit down in one session and immediately do.  It takes work and dedication, just as it does to contact spirit, but the rewards to you and others is great for those who wish to take this path.


Walk-insThe concept of “walk-ins” was first introduced by Ruth Montgomery back around 1979.  I recall that she brought a number of these books with her when she was a speaker at a “Psychic Seminar” I held in Dallas and Houston then, along with Brad and (ex) wife Francie Steiger and Dr. Edith Fiore.  If a soul fragment has taken on too much in life, then another soul fragment can step in and replace this soul fragment.  This, naturally, can lead to great changes in personality and goals.

Theo, what percentage of the world has experienced walk-ins?

Yes, Tom, less than 10% at this time are walk-ins.  It has been higher in the past, and it does fluctuate.


Diabetes SymptomsCynthia writes:  My little nephew of 5 yrs. was just diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  What are the causes of the disease in the very young?  Is it karma?

Theo, what Karma is associated with diabetes if any?

Yes, Tom.  Normally there is.  It is involved with pressuring someone in a past life.  Controlling them.


Jen writes:  Mary Magdalene:  Since she was apparently a bit more evolved than others of her time period, was she aware of the extent of Jesus' abilities?  Did she know that he was able to transport his body from location to location or time travel at will?  Did Jesus teach her or the children to do these things or would that be too hard for a soul fragment?

Theo, was Mary Magdalene quite aware of Jesus’ capabilities, and was he able to teach her, or his children, any of them?

Certainly Mary and his children were quite aware of his capabilities, as they saw him in action every day.  He continued toMary Magdalene heal the sick and comfort and teach for many years after his work supposedly ended in what is now known as Israel.  But his capabilities were way beyond what is possible for fragments of souls—at least for a while.  So they were content to share his love and grow up to be adults themselves and tried to emulate him as best they could in their lives.  This was, as you can guess, not always easy, but they had the greatest role model they could ever wish for as a husband and father.  So I would say that was what he was most successful at conveying to them—not any of the things that required this high level of energy he was capable of focusing.

Paul from Australia writes:  Tom, were people with more than just a passing interest in the "life and times" of Jesus (as distinct from Christianity generally) part of Jesus' closer followers in a previous life rather than being part of the crowd at the time?

Theo, are people who are most interested in the life of Jesus today part of his close followers in their previous lives?

Not in the way it was asked, Tom.  Certainly if someone was a devout Christian in a previous life, in many cases this carries over to this life, so one cannot generally trace this fascination or concentration to a life when Jesus was alive and were there for any of his teachings.  The population was just not that large.  But there are a few people like you who were there and, therefore, were forever affected by his messages of love.

Eva in Austin, Texas writes:  Is Jesus' time in India remembered in some form within Indian culture or history?

Jesus Route to KashmirTheo, can records be found in India mentioning Jesus by name—Yeshua ben Yoseph?

Yes, there are records in a couple of places, Tom, about the young Jew who came and sought knowledge for several years, studying with the holy men there.

Did Jesus have a life before the Adam man?

No, Tom, there was no need for him to arrive so early.

Pattie writes:  What is the correct scripture interpretation for "I Am the way, truth & Life, no one comes to the father except thru me" ? I understand it as thru his practices of compassion, but how is the best way to explain this to a bible believer?

Theo, please explain the statement attributed to Jesus, “I am the way, truth of life, no one comes to the father except through me.”

Again, Tom, this was a statement, which was changed by those in the Catholic Church who wanted everyone to believe their way was the only way.  In actuality he did say, “I am the way, truth of life, of love,” but he never said there was no other way except through him. He was speaking that love was the only way to the father.  Remember, Tom, that he was the Master of Love, so he constantly encouraged people to love everyone, that that was the true way to the father.


Antura, when you rushed to speak with me the other day did you retire to your house or to some other location?

No, to my house, Tom.  Certainly there are public places to meditate if one chooses.

Abe SapienHow often do you communicate with the other two people you plan to meet with during your trip to Earth?

Fairly often, Tom.  More so perhaps than you.  Their schedules are not so hectic as yours is, so they have more time and don’t have the problem so often of tripping out—going deeper into a Theta state as you’ve explained to your readers before.

Antura, why are we expected to become a member of the Federation of Planets, while you said Niburu is just associated with the Federation?

Yes, theirs is a special situation, Tom, where they went against the directive against interfering with the Earth Experiment, although certainly they were involved too at one time.  You could call it probation in your words.

Was there one or more spacecraft above Mt. Ranier in the photos I saw, or was it just lenticular clouds?

Yes, in this case, Tom, it was not spacecraft, but certainly they do use those lenticular clouds to disguise themselves—just not this time.

Cynthia writes:  Norman Bergrun wrote a book called The Ringmakers of Saturn.  He says that the rings are made by craft and they are still there making the rings.  Why are they there and why are they making these rings?

Antura, I was asked if the rings of Saturn were created by ET’s and if so for what purpose?

Yes, Tom.  Not so much created, but as they do play a part in your development, they are kept in good working order.  You will find thousands of other planets with rings when you begin to travel, Tom.

The PleiadiansAre all the planets in the Pleiades members of the Federation?

Yes, Tom.  They do have a number of planets but all are members.

What percentage are humanoid Antura?

Certain over 50%, Tom.

Would it go as high as 75%?

Yes, overall they are mostly humanoid, but do have variety, as again most planets do.

It would seem on the surface Antura that there would be more than 200 planets, which would be part of the Federation.

No, not really, Tom.

What was my wife Dena’s home planet.  Was it in the Sirius B Star System Arcturiantoo?

No, Tom.  She comes from the Arcturans—yes, you are receiving me correctly here.  But her soul group was quite compatible with ours, so she has had lives with not only you my brother, but me too, and with all of our soul cluster members.  That’s the way it works, you see.  We all mix and match.

So will she be allowed to go with me on the ship?

Yes, if you wishes to.  Do not force her to, but I know you will do your best to convince her to.


Allan writes from Thailand:  I have a question for you to ask your 'friends' if you need any questions.

As you may know, South Africa is in a serious grip of crime, murder, rape, and armed robberies. Does this carry on after 21.12.2012 I know it is all part of karma playing itself out. Does it all come to an end at the shift, or does it carry on after the shift.

South Africa CrimeAlso, what are the future roles of the Royal families, ie Queen of England. Do they stay in there power positions for do they become like the rest of us?

Theo, what is the future for South Africa, currently wracked by crime?

Certainly South Africa has a long way to go, Tom, but in the 5th focus, life will become easier and easier.  Crime is caused to a certain extent by having no way to provide for your family, and as work begins to spread so that more and more people are employed there, their crime rate will subside.  Many are frustrated by a lack of progress, but their leadership will slowly find ways for the population to be employed and like China, there will be a growing middle class in their future.

Theo, what is the future for England’s Royal family?Royalty

An interesting question, Tom.  They are looked upon by their countrymen and women generally with love, so as long as that lasts there will be the Royal Family.  And they do present themselves well and take on projects by lending their name to focus on conditions in the world.  So this will last for many more years in the future, as long as the people in their country still feel the need for a benevolent monarchy.


TemplarPaul from Australia writes:  In an earlier newsletter you mentioned that you led a group of people out of Atlantis to Egypt and that they traveled by various means. Groups in southern France like the Cathars and even the Knights Templar--were these groups remnants of or direct descendants of your flock?

Theo, were the Cathars or Knights Templar remnants of my “flock” from Atlantis?

Not really, Tom.  They originated elsewhere.  A few of your flock did not go as far as Egypt, but the vast majority did, so that’s where the mixing of the cultures was the most prominent.


Egyptian AlchemyGaia, how were dental problems handled in Atlantis and then Egypt after the migration?

Certainly, Tom, they did have some dental problems back then, just not the same as today, as their diets were healthier, and therefore had fewer cavities.  Keep in mind that their society built themselves up over 60,000 years, so certainly they were ahead of you in some, if not a variety of things, dental hygiene being one of them.

So in Atlantis, naturally their problems were similar to the ones where people had teeth that grew crooked, so they were straightened in a variety of ways, mind you.  Other dental problems were treated using crystals, as they had found any number of problems could be fixed using crystal power.

After you and your flock migrated to Egypt, you continued the dental hygiene and treatments to not only your people but to the Egyptian people you had found there when you migrated. Yes, they certainly needed assistance, so this kept you quite busy for a time treating a variety of medical and dental issues.


Karen writes:  For your next newsletter could you ask theo about anti-aging Meditationand here is the question:

How can I best align myself with the new 5D energies... to have my anti-aging process speeded up?

I want to know how to take advantage of this new energy and not look old.  A friend of mine is turning 50 next year, and it is depressing her since she does not want to look old or feel old.

Theo, how can we slow down the aging process in the 5th focus?

Certainly between eating better—more vegetables, plus plenty of vitamins and meditation.


This MBO story and the next one appeared last week in my Blog.  You can read my blogs by going to

Australian DentistJoy in Australia writes:  I say many MBO's and they all come good.  I asked for a money miracle MBO and two days later I received some information from someone staying with me on how to claim money from the Government for medical treatment.  I followed it through and said MBO's for assistance and the short story is through unusual circumstances I finished going back to my old dentist and she arranged for me to claim over $4.000 worth of treatment, and I will finish up with a lovely look for my teeth all paid for.  I also received some assistance for new glasses. Thank you again.  :))

I have now put out a MBO for a new or newer car and a holiday to Canada and Europe next year!!  Will keep them up and see what happens.  Big hugs sent through the airwaves.


Barbara writes:  Have a wonderful MBO for you!  My rental property needed the gas turned on and the furnace needed a Furnace Repairrepair.  It is about an hour away and when I spoke with the gas company the only time they could give me was between 7:30 am and 4 pm.  I had to sit in my car all day to wait for them--ugh!  When I parked in the driveway, I said an MBO for an early arrival of the gas company and that the repair on the furnace would be much less than a previous quote.  The gas company was there at 8:20 am and the repair bill was half of the quote!!  I could never have thought it would all be so wonderfully and easily accomplished!  I sang "thank you's" all the way home.  Bless you for bringing MBOs into my life and others.


David writes:  Can you ask Theo for the newsletter about Legendary Director Stanley Kubrick?  He was known for being a perfectionist with his films. What was his soul contract, how he was able to create films that changed the world and film making and inspiring so many other filmmakers?

Also he had a fascination with Napoleon and wanted to make a film about him. Did Stanley Kubrick know him in a past life or was he his reincarnation? And has he reincarnated again yet?

Stanley KubrickAnd is there any film that has been made that is near enough a representative of what things look like on the "other side" Like Heaven or what we see during the dying experience?

Theo, did Stanley Kubrick have a life in the future before this life, and also did he have a life in the past with Napoleon?

Yes to both questions, Tom.  It is quite obvious that he had a life in the future to be able to imagine life in space.  And his fascination with Napoleon came from a past life where he knew the little general well.  Naturally his soul contract was to entertain and present ideas about the future for everyone to ponder.

Theo, are there any movies that portray Heaven better than others?

Certainly there are a few, Tom, that try but again we get into 3D ideas about heaven and things that occur in 3D time, when in actuality there is no time and things happen at a furious rate, shall we say, on this side, as compared to one step at a time in the 3rd focus.  So I will let your readers decide for themselves which movies seem to resonate more with them than others on this subject.  You are, after all, supposed to be learning to do this as part of your Junior Creators in Training studies.


Dave writes:  I enjoy your newsletters very much and I have a question for Theo or any other of your channeled entities Wow Productthat would care to comment.  It is a specific question about a healthcare product that I am currently using and I am looking for the truth underlying its so-called “healing” capabilities.

The product is called “WOW”, formerly labeled “GONE”!  (the name raises a flag in itself)  It is definitely a pain reliever.  I have taken two pills a day for 3 days now and the results are nearly “too good to be true”.  Joint pain in fingers and knees… Gone!  Abdominal and chest pains… Gone.  Lower back pain… gone..  I am also seemingly in a much better mood thinking that this pill also has “anti-depressant” qualities.  For several days before I started the pills I had a slight toothache in a very sensitive tooth and since I started the pills… gone.  And the funny thing is I had no expectations about it.  I took it because of my wife’s sister’s experience and her insistence.

Theo, is WOW safe to take?  Are there any chemicals not listed? Are there any side effects such as addiction?

Again, we do not wish you to say yes or no on therapies, Tom.  Part of their lives on earth are supposed to be learning to see if certain things resonated with them or not.  The fact that he has questions should tell him something.  Be cautious.


Resonace with ToneLaura writes:  Hi Tom, always reaping from your newsletter, always a most benevolent outcome.

I was wondering if the Resonance Therapy with Tones, like Telsa experimented with actually does heal the body. Does a person have to listen for a length of time to notice any thing beneficial, or can these tones work just by listening a few times, say, daily ? should or could these tones be used with other healing modalities such as hands on or reiki ?  Is this type of '”healing” – using tones, the same as carrying around certain cyrstals , or gem stones? These resonances can be put into anodized aluminum. Would this “healing” modality be similar to playing beautiful music to water or plants ?

Well, thanks for your help. Have a most benevolent day!

Theo, does the Resonace Therapy with Tone work at all or with other therapies?  And is this similar to carrying around crystals?

Yes, it does work to a certain extent, Tom.  Just not all; it’s limited in what it can do.  And no it’s not similar to carrying around crystals.


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