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Welcome everyone to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all those who just subscribed!  We have a lot of topics to cover, but I wish to remind you to keep sending in those stories about how you have requested Benevolent Outcomes and how it's helping you to lead a more gentle, less stressful life.  For those of you who have been reading the newsletter a long time, it's easy to forget that there are a LARGE number of people just discovering this for the first time and know very little about requesting MBO's.  So help educate them to a more gentle path to take.  


Renee writes:  I was just reading some of your past newsletters (which I have been enjoying very much) and wanted to further comment on your newsletter dated 4-18-08 "More on Pets".  
You asked Theo, "Do the same pieces of our pet’s soul show up in two different lives?"

Yes at times they do, if there was a strong connection. When you are on the other side, you have the ability to petition the pet’s soul to ask for the same piece of itself to be ensouled in your next life. That happens fairly often you see, as there is a great love that you have for your animal friends. This is normally granted, as it makes your lives a little more comforting knowing that a beloved pet will rejoin you in an upcoming life.

I wanted to also add that they do show up also in the same life time, as I have had my dear cat K.C. (for Kitty Cat) do.  She disappeared in Sept of 06 and I had a reading done on her to find out why she "disappeared" and had asked the channeler if she was coming back to me.  
Again to make a long story shorter, she came back to me June 7, 2007 as a stowaway in a boat that was in storage in Reno, NV.  I live in Lake Tahoe, which is about 40 miles away.  She was only about 2 months old and we named her "Stowy".  
My husband found her when he took our dog Timmy to the vets that day for an ear infection.  Talk about devine timing on Stowy's part in all of this.  Two ladies were looking for a home for her when they brought her to the vets to have her checked out.  (We were ready for a new kitten, so he decided to surprise me with her.)  
When I came home that day, I opened the box and she started to purr when she saw me and I knew then it was KC again.  We had the TV on at the time and the news was about General Casey and the Irag war.  The news correspondent kept saying Casey said this and Casey said that.  I was so amazed at the timing of the circumstances and let my husband know of it too.  He was dumb founded.  
Anyway, I could write a book on the similarities of these two cats--but I know Theo could help me out here and elaborate more on this topic.

Theo, Renee asked if her new cat Stowy is the same fragment of a soul of her last cat KC.
Yes, Stowy is the same fragment.  She did get a feeling of recognition, which is good.  She was open to this feeling and its interpretation. 

So just a reminder folks, there is a LOT of information in the past newsletters, so if you are a fairly new subscriber, may I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you go to the website and click on Articles and News.  I recommend starting with the oldest ones and work forward.  Perhaps you’ll find something that causes you to wonder about, so send me the question if you’re not already meditating yourself.  


One of my subscribers to this newsletter (I won’t use his name) emailed about asking what MBO’s to request for a wrongful termination lawsuit he was forced to bring against his company.  He described his boss as a real jerk who even sexually abused a female employee.  He was concerned that his boss might be fired.  I told him this may be a soul contract lesson his boss may need to learn in this life, so he should only be concerned with his own actions, as this is probably a soul contract lesson for him too.

I cover this in my book, for those of you who haven’t read it.  When you have problems at work you first ask for a Benevolent Outcome for the problem you’re having.  You can also request MBO’s each time you meet with a supervisor, management of the company, union officials, an attorney, or even some government agency if what they are doing is against the law.  Then anything that happens will be the best for you in the long run.  

In the book I related how I was sued for one million dollars one time and the final result was that I paid nothing—except for the attorney.  Have faith in requesting Benevolent Outcomes for the small all the way up to the major events in your life!


Marie writes:  Hi, Tom, i have a question for you. What is the real meaning of the 3:00am. hour? I've heard many stories, but isn't it when your guardian angel is trying to communicate with you? I've read that most people wake up at 3:00 in the morning.

Theo, is there any reason people tend to wake up at 3:00 am?

It is really just the end of their cycle of deep dreaming Tom.  Again, this happens at different hours for different people.  There are dreams, as I’ve said before, that you are not meant to understand that you have in this deep dream cycle.  Then later in the last half or so you will have dreams that you can remember and write down, which I encourage all to do.  But the deepest dreams are in that early cycle.  Much goes on in this cycle that man has not discovered yet.  I’ll leave it there.

Theo was referring to this question I had previously asked:

How many dreams might we have each night?

Most of the time you will average seven or so Tom, but there can be 20 or 25 that you have absolutely no memory of, as they are buried deep within you psyche.  You are not supposed to remember those dreams, as they are very complex and not understandable to you in 3d earth terms.  Your mind rejects those it cannot understand on a subconscious level.  You should re-encourage people to put a notebook and nightlight or flashlight next to their beds and try to remember.  Even though they will not understand them on a conscious level, on a subconscious level they will and this is very good as many of these dreams have subliminal messages in them. 


From the figures my website master gives me on website traffic, I see that a number of you are reading my earthquakes book I put online last weekend.

Laurie writes:  I'm only up to Chapter 6 of the Great Earthquakes Book, but I must say that you've done some extensive work!

If the earthquakes do NOT happen -- yay!  Gaia's timing may well have changed, or the circumstances have been mitigated by other events.  Our reality is in flux.  We change it with every thought and action we make.  (But you know that.)

Not-so-coincidentally, I was plotting a disaster/thriller novel at least eight years ago that involved a post-apocalyptic United States that had been split in two down the Mississippi River. It seemed the "natural" thing to happen.  And this was before I knew anything about the New Madrid Fault.  Go figure.  Maybe Gaia was whispering in my ear back then, who knows?

I'm glad that you put the Earthquake Book online. I truly hope none of these
disastrous events come to pass.  But even so, the scenario you've presented MUST make the rest of us THINK.  The U.S. has experienced Katrina and Ike, wildfires and other natural "disturbances" in the last few years and our bureaucracy has pretty much bogged down.  It's up to us as individuals to have our own contingency plans, no matter where we live.  Every region has its own "dangers": power can go out during an unexpected snowstorm or lightning strike.  And then there's "Tornado Alley".

I've lived in Florida for the past 20 years and my "disaster experience" has been hurricanes.  We can see these coming and prepare accordingly.  But earthquakes strike immediately. People in these zones really should have an emergency kit assembled at all times.  Tom, your suggestions for overall, all-the-time preparedness in the Earthquake Book have a lot of merit. My only amendment would be #5 in the Appendix -- please specify that "Food" means CANNED foods (along with a manual/hand-operated can opener).  Canned foods can be stored for quite some time in the designated box of emergency items.  

I hope that all of your readers are asking for Most Beneficial Outcomes, and this is what is changing the path of the earthquakes!

I have changed #5 in the Appendix section, thanks to Julie’s suggestion.  Below I’m going to list what to look for in changes in animal, bird, and insect behavior when an earthquake is imminent. 

Gaia—Besides my warning, what other warnings will people see and hear about the coming quakes—even the ones just before the quakes happen?  

Yes there will be a number of warnings.  The birds will begin a migration of sorts to safer places, thanks to efforts of their divas.   Various insects and rodents will start to leave their homes signaling eminent danger.  Dogs will bark incessantly.  Horses and cattle will become extremely restless.  I will give them many types of warnings so that they will know to leave or not.  Some people will ignore the warnings and others will act.  There will be other people this information will be given to, but you are the most important cog in the machinery of notification, as you will be much more believed by many people than the others.

Will the animals and other creatures—birds and so on—begin these warning weeks or days in advance, or right before?  

They will start to become agitated and leave a few days before each quake.

Please confirm or not the following precursors to the earthquakes:
Roosters flying to tops of trees—

Yes, they will do that, especially in the Mississippi Valley.

Flies and mosquitoes disappear from an area where they normally are infested—

Again yes in the case of the Mississippi Valley.

Cats run away—

Most certainly in both regions of the country. 

Surface fish or fresh water fish will jump out of the water in droves?

Yes, that will certainly happen more in the Mississippi Valley, but also in places on the Pacific Coast.

The air becomes unusually hot and dry?

Yes, there will be that phenomenon more on the west coast. 

Gaia responded with a “no” to my questions regarding deep-sea fish beaching themselves, water in lakes and rivers turning muddy, and water tables changing.


Were there any connections between the Mars civilizations and those on earth?

Not so much at that period of time Tom, which was millions of years ago in your time frame.  The connections were with the humans that preceded you, which is a little hard to explain, but they were not your kin shall we say.  They were a totally different group of humanoids at that time.  

I think that I have already put these two questions in a previous newsletter, but they belong together.  

How large will the human colony on Mars grow to Theo?

Yes, several million people Tom.  Obviously there will be children born on Mars that will live their whole lives there.

Will Mars be made more livable for humans by bringing back water and perhaps oxygen too?

Yes, there will be great advances in making Mars more habitable for humans.  Mars will one day rival the earth in beauty Tom.  Now isn’t that an interesting thought.  First they will have to discover why the water left the surface, along with most of the atmosphere.  Those studies will require great scientific study by geologists and such, but will be quite exciting for those involved in these studies.


Gaia—The actress Angolina Jolie has been adopting children from around the world.  Is there a Karmic reason for this or just a contract?

Angelina does have a Karmic reason for adopting children.  In a past life she made many children orphans through her actions in war.  She is atoning for these transgressions by adopting children and encouraging others to do the same, while bringing the plight of these forgotten children to the world—making the whole world aware of these children.  All of these children will grow into adulthood feeling a mission to carry on their mother’s work.  She has had already and will have a great influence in bringing aid to starving children and adults.  This of course will atone for putting people in the past into similar situations. 


Gaia, why was the music of the 1960’s so memorable that no other type of music has seemingly eclipsed it today?

Ah an interesting question Tom.  This music was made or written at a time when there needed to be a whole shift in consciousness to another level.  Yes, it was a time of war, but the music, if you were to analyze it from an angelic side, was such that it caused people to change and once there was the change it was so memorable on a soul level that it still resonates today.  The music of today is for enjoyment.  It does not have the grand purpose that the music of that 60’s time period had in changing perception.  It will always be very nostalgic to you and to many others for that reason, and even your children can feel it on a subliminal level. 


Gaia, can you tell me how far Stonehenge dates back to, what was its use, how were the stones moved and who were the people?

Ah, an interesting enigma or mystery, yes?  It dates back much farther than people realize now.   Certainly over 10,000 years.  It was a place of worship by the people at that time.  The Druids came later, yes.  Let’s just say that these early people were visitors who wished to create a different mode of worship to see how it would be used. 


It’s been two weeks since my last reminder, as Christmas slowly approaches.  Here’s what Carolyn Garrabrant said in a review of my book on

I attended a workshop in Sedona that Thomas was attending, and he was called up to give a brief explanation of this book and what it was about. I found him to be very kind and sincere, and I purchased the book. I did an experiment where I told myself, "I am going to try requesting most benevolent outcomes for a few months while recording my results. Then, if it really does work, I am going to share it with others." I didn't have any expectations for it to work or not work. I just tried it.
Oh, my word!! I could not believe the results!! Every potentially discordant event on which I tried this method was absolutely transformed into an overwhelmingly positive event! Everything from events leading to the perfect job change, to meeting just the right people at the right time, to having negotiations that I thought were sure to go sour turn out fabulously, to allowing difficult conversations to work out "benevolently" have occurred while using this method. It's so easy, and I'm so grateful for it, and for the assistance I have been receiving from my "counterpart(s)." I am hereby requesting a most benevolent outcome for getting enough money to buy a mess of copies of this book and hand them out to anyone who seems to be having a tough or stressful time. I got to thinking what this could do for homeless people, soldiers, rescue workers, firefighters, EMTS, in addition to helping with everyday events.  Much gratitude for your work, Mr. Moore, and if you are out there wondering if you should get this, quit wondering and buy it. It will change your life. I guarantee it!

So to order from Amazon USA, the link is:  Click here.
To order from Amazon UK, the link is:   Click here.
To order from my publisher, Light Technology, the link is:  Click here. 
Or order from your local bookstore.  The more people that order, the better chance the stores will start stocking them.  

If you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

Tom T. MooreTom

Tom T. Moore


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