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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you enjoy this newsletter, PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR FRIENDS—it’s F.R.E.E! And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address. 

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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Steve JobsI received several emails on Steve Jobs, so here are the questions I asked Theo:

Theo, did Steve Jobs have a life in the future before this one, was he a famous inventor in a past life, and why did he opt out early?

Let’s take them one at a time Tom.  Yes, Steve Jobs did have a life in the future where he was able to see all these things in use and was responsible for even more inventions at that time.  But his soul contract called for him to be the great innovator of the 20th and 21st centuries—the beginning anyway, so he accomplished exactly that.  On a subconscious level he always knew he would not live to be an old man, so he remained focused on creating and innovating. 

Was he a known inventor in one of the centuries before this time period?

Yes, he has always been an inventor Tom, with many inventions to his credit.  But this was his most significant life to date you see.  He changed the world for billions of people not just in the past few years, but for many more to come.  He will go down as the greatest inventor of this time period. 

So why the soul contract to live a short life?

Certainly there has to be balancing in all lives and he chose to balance a previous life where his actions caused the early demise of more than one person.  Naturally his wife had some balancing to do herself, and losing a loved one does balance.  Now she will become known more so in the coming years for her philanthropic activities and efforts and will continue to take his ideas to a world population.  His contract was to step aside and allow her and his children to continue on his work, along with all the other thousands of people who worked for him. 


Princess DianaAudrey on Facebook writes:  I really enjoy your newsletters that are circulated every week...great info and I learn a lot too. I have a question for Theo regarding the late princess Diana...Was she an Indigo and her death really an accident or was there a conspiracy behind it?  Thank you.

Theo, was Princess Diana an Indigo, and was her death a tragic accident or a conspiracy?

Yes, in this case Tom it was an accident, although it was on her soul contract to depart at that time.  She had accomplished much in her life and it was time to move on.  She was not an Indigo.


Gaia, did most of the dinosaurs have feathers, or was it just one or two reported recently?

Several species did have feathers Tom, but the majority did not.  As the scientists are better able to read DNA patterns they will be able to determine which species did and did not have
Feathered Dinosaurfeathers, as naturally feathers are determined in the DNA strand.  And yes, it will be a little time before they are able to determine this, but it will happen in the future you see.

To read more go to:


Loch Ness MonsterStill on the dinosaur subject Antonia writes:  I searched your site but may have missed it. I am of Scots descent and their lore and history intrigue me.  Thank you for all you do!

Gaia, what is the Loch Ness Monster—a dinosaur?

Yes, in a way Tom.  This is an ancient creature we will call it for your purposes.  It lives in the lake in the deep recesses, only occasionally to be seen by humans.  It does not bother anyone, but is one of those mysteries that will be resolved one day. 

Is there more than one?

Yes, two to be exact Tom, a male and female, left over from an earth experiment we will call it.


Diane writes:  The other day on the History Channel they had a documentary on Jim Jones and Jonestown.  Was this a Soul contract for all the people that died?  Was Jim Jones off balance?  Can something like this happen again? 

Jim JonesAnd another minister has said that the World is coming to an End on October 21st.  Again, is this to scare people? Why do some people this?  Again, is this a Soul Contract?

Theo, I’m asked why some ministers claim the world is coming to an end?

There are several reasons Tom.  First is the minister who has misinterpreted the scriptures and sincerely believes the world is coming to an end, and is very frustrated and at wits end when it does not.  Those people must at that point question their whole lives and beliefs.

Then there are those who know the world is not coming to an end, but wish to take advantage of those who they can convince it will.  They are simply greedy people out for a fast buck shall we say and will have to balance this life in the future with one or more lives where they will be the victim of false information and preaching. 

We can also include those so mentally unstable as to believe the world is ending who will take their own lives and convince others to do the same, ah la Jim Jones.  Then they too have a number of lives to balance. 

Speaking of Jim Jones was it his soul contract to cause the suicide of all those followers and their children, and was it their soul contract to commit suicide?

A very complex question Tom.  Yes, in a way it was his soul contract to be a leader who would lead people astray.  Yet the potentials were many.  He could have just continued to run his cult, but instead he chose to cause all those people to commit suicide.  And they had the potential to reject his teachings, but they did not and chose the potential of suicide, so they will have balancing lives too.  Again, as I have stated before you must experience all feelings and all potentials before departing earth for the last time and this did satisfy that requirement.  It is a learning experience in making choices.

Will something like this happen next year as we move towards December 21st?

Unfortunately yes Tom.  There will be several of these delusional fellows coming out who actually believe the world is coming to an end.  Naturally one of your jobs is to help convince people that the world is not ending and will continue on.  After the event many people will laugh and say nothing happened, yet sensitive people will feel the difference immediately, where for most of the population, it will be a slow emersion into the 5th focus.  

For more information on Jim Jones and the mass suicides of 909 people go to: .


Lourdes France WaterJohn on Facebook writes:  Tom, in your recent newsletter Theo talks about the healing waters of Lourdes, and how well that water really does work. I was wondering if you could ask Theo if a person could say an MBO to take an ordinary glass of water and charge it up with the healing energy of Lourdes? It would be a great way to make you're own healing water.

Gaia, can one request a MBO to charge a glass of water with healing properties like the waters of Lourdes, France have?

Good question from your reader Tom.  No, it’s not yet possible for you to completely charge a glass of water with the same healing properties as the water that comes from the springs in Lourdes.  That water has unique mineral properties that are not in the water that typically comes from your water supply.  This may or will be something that will be more available to you in the future, but not yet.  It will take the scientists some years to fully analyze the properties of such healing springs to understand what part of the water contributes to good health.  Then you will be given those minerals in a variety of ways.  You already are to some extent, but not completely. 


Antonia writes:  [From my article Probabilities & Predictions posted on the website ]

“EATING RED MEAT—This will be gone in 20 years, which considering we’ve been eating meat for thousands of years is really quite soon.”

Dog Eating GrassSo we won't be eating red meat but what about those animals which are carnivores? Cats, dogs, tigers, lions, etc., what will they be eating? Neither one of my cats likes pasta! :)

Theo, what will carnivores, such as our dogs and cats, eat when we someday become vegetarians?

Yes, Tom.  By then you will have developed foods and grains and such that will be quite tasty to your feline and dog friends and they will adopt easily to these foods, which will supply them with all the protein they need.  Much work is already being done in this area for pet foods and progress will continue to be made.

What about the wild animals such as tigers?

Yes, they will continue to eat meat for a time, but some of these animals as you call them will disappear from the earth, such as the tigers, as there will be no place for them to roam wild as you are seeing this happen even now.  Soon there will not be a tiger alive in the wild except in some type of enclosed space, even if it is a large space like a game preserve.  So the wild animals that are still in existence will have to find other foods that will nourish their bodies, or they will perish.


Antonia also writes:  Thank you for all you do.  What is the truth behind the Lockerbie bombing?  
Pan Am Crash

Theo, is there something about the Pam Am jet bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland we don’t know yet?

Certainly there are details Tom that have never come out about how it was accomplished and by whom and on whose orders, etc.  There will be more information on this coming out soon, so I will let this information be set forth first.  Perhaps then if you wish to ask a question again I’ll provide you with more answers.


Music NotesTheo, does any particular earth music harmonize with you more than others?

Certainly some music is more melodious to my being than others Tom.  I have a number of soul groups I take care of that explore every type of music you can imagine all over the world, so I assist them in these endeavors whether the music is classical, jazz, Indian, rock, folk or any other type of music I have not named.  These are artists seeking expression and part of my job is to coordinate their guides who assist them in their lives as musicians and singers.  So earth music as we call it certainly does not reach the level of the celestial music I am able to “tune into” shall we say, and I must say very little of your music comes close to what we can hear in this realm.  

Perhaps I sidestepped your question just a little, but we GA’s love all of our “music majors” shall we call them equally, no matter what type of music they express and explore during their earth lives. 


Ouija BoardI just mentioned this as one of the topics for the newsletter on Facebook and was this a hot topic!  So read the pros and cons of using the Ouija board.
Alice in California writes:  A question to ask Theo regarding the use of Ouija boards?  Halloween is around the corner, and my husband mentioned that his mother had found a Ouija board in the closet that he had as a kid.  She played with my two children with it, ages 6 and 11.  Nothing happened, but is it a good idea for children to play with this without protection?  Or is it a valid means to communicate with our spirit guides and guardian angel in a more direct manner safely?  Thanks for all you do, I look forward every week to your newsletter!

Theo, is it OK for children, and for that matter adults, to play with a Ouija board without protection?

Yes, to a certain extent, Tom.  If they attract spirits of a lower level then it’s ok as long as it is done just with a Ouija board.  If they begin to have communication otherwise, then they definitely do need to surround themselves with white light.  But for anyone that has a Ouija board who reads your newsletters, certainly it would be best to surround yourself in white light before working with the Ouija Board and to request a MBO to receive the messages only from those in light.   

Most people use the Ouija board only a few times and then they are on to other things, as the board is quite slow in comparison to what you do Tom and what other people are capable of doing with just writing down or typing their questions and answers.  The board is a very slow way of communicating.


Sue writes:  I would like to know if there is such a thing as dental karma?  I have experienced many dental issues over a lifetime (I am now 70 years of age), and once again, am having many problems with my
Dentistteeth and gums (all of which are very expensive).  Is this related to a past-life issue?  Help.
If this keeps, I will need to come out of retirement, at least on a part-time basis.  Thanks for any enlightenment on this ongoing health problem.

Theo, what type of balancing is there for someone who has a life with severe dental problems?

Yes, certainly there can be lives where the balancing comes because one destroyed another’s teeth in a past life, so the balancing comes that you have your teeth destroyed.    It can also come from making fun of another’s appearance in a past life.  And certainly it is one of the things you must experience at least one time as part of the earth school.  So beyond yanking someone’s teeth out as part of torture or an interrogation technique, the above reasons will suffice.

May I suggest that anyone with this problem request the following MBO:

“I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for finding the best treatment for my teeth and gums condition, and at a reasonable price, and may the results be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!”

I also suggest you start saying the Benevolent Prayer each day on my website.  It takes less than 30 seconds and Theo says the impact on all your lives—past, present, and future, is great.  Go to:


Time WarpEileen writes:  Hello! I wanted to share with you an experience I had recently and thought it may be of interest to you and your readers. I also have a question
regarding this experience.

I had just left my husband's work after having had a wonderful lunch with him and some of his co-workers. I was feeling really good and not thinking about anything in particular. When I came to the first intersection where I could only go left or right the energy changed. As I sat waiting for the traffic to clear so I could turn, everything slowed down to practically a crawl. It is a little hard to explain, all the cars stayed in their position and the speed at which they were traveling seemed like 5 miles per hour (this is a 45mph zone).

I tried to shake the feeling and see it from another point of view, but it was not until I turned did things go back to normal. I have been asking for the most benevolent outcome for experiences and am wondering what this may symbolize in my own evolution/transformation with the shift. As I believe it does have something to do with this as well as perhaps my living more in the now.  Thanks for any insight!!

Theo, why did time seem to suddenly seem to slow down for Eileen? 
Time Warp Rocky Horror

Yes, she entered a small time warp we shall call it Tom—a small blip in the fabric of time.  Most people would not be so aware to notice it but she did. 

Why was there a time warp for Eileen?  And will we see more of these say in the coming year or was this truly rare?

It was quite rare Tom, and yes there will be a few more perhaps in the coming year, but they will probably not be noticed, or just ignored.

Are there beings who fix these disturbances in the fabric of time?

Yes, there are souls who have volunteered for this duty Tom.  It is quite important—more so than you understand at this juncture. 


Kyron HormanLyn writes on Facebook:  As I was driving today I saw yet another sticker on a car about Kyron Horman, a little boy who went missing in Oregon. It has been quite some time, years I think, and I feel he is probably not alive. I just wonder if Theo could tell you whether he or his body will ever be found so his parents can have some peace. And will the person responsible ever be prosecuted? Or is this some soul contract that had to be worked out? His step-mom was a person of interest in his disappearance.

Theo, is Kyron Horman dead and will he ever be found and who is responsible?

Yes I regret to inform you Tom that the child is dead, slain by someone close by. There are soul contracts at work here and I cannot give you any more information.  His body will not be found. 


Boise IdahoI was asked to change the name so Terry writes:  Greetings on your past birthday and your vacation. Bravo for the marvelous work you are doing in helping to guide us along with the lessons on MBO'S and BP'S.
My family is thinking of moving out of New York. Would you ask Theo or Gaia if Boise, Idaho, would be a good and interesting place for retirement/semi retirement as my daughter is still young and would like to practice her Functional/Integrative medicine at a relaxed pace, where she can be of help to a community.
Are there any reasons for caution? We do not want to make radical changes and have to move again.

Gaia, how does the region around Boise, Idaho look as far as safety for the future?

It will be a fairly good place to live Tom.  Perhaps not the perfect place, as they will experience rumbles from time to time, but reasonably safe.  There will be harsh winters at times, including this winter, but overall for the people who wish to live in this northern climate there will not be any significant movements of my crust to be concerned or worried about.  That said, again their only concern will be to have a dwelling that protects them from the elements.


Wellingham New ZealandCilla in Halifax writes:  Please could you ask Gaia if Wellington, New Zealand, will receive an earthquake in the next 5 years please. My husband's son, wife and 4 children are living there. They say that they are prepared for an earthquake but are living in fear at the moment, especially after the earthquake in Christchurch.
Thank you for your newsletter. It is extremely informative. I do my MBOs frequently and find them incredibly helpful. I started doing them when I first read your articles in The Sedona. Thank you again.

Gaia, what is the probability of a strong earthquake of say 6.5 or stronger in Wellington, New Zealand in the next 5 years?

The probability is fairly low during the upcoming five year period, Tom.  Let’s put the probability at a low 20% or so.  The area around Wellington does not have the same topography as does Christchurch, so they will have lower level movements, but not such major ones.

If I drop down to 6.0 does it change the probability?

Not really Tom, as again the structural makeup of the substrata shall we say for your purposes Tom is not as conducive to great movement. 


Robin HoodAntonia writes:  Just watched the movie “Robin Hood.”  Was he a real person or a legend comprised of many people?

Theo, was there a Robin Hood on any time line?

Certainly there have been several cut from the mold of thieves who did give to those in need—hence the stories.  The story of Robin Hood was quite loosely based on these men, but it was great writing to create such a legend, which has stood the test of time. 


Diane writes:  I thought of this question this morning before my meditation:
If you get Cancer or some other illness is that part of your Soul contract?  And if you die early is that part of your Soul Contract? 
The other thing I need Theo to clear for me--how long does a Soul hang around?  My Mom passed in August and I do think my dog sees her because he will bark for nothing and look at a certain part.....I realize that dogs can see things that we can't, true?  When do they cross over? Thanks a lot Tom.  Plenty of MBO's.

It's my understanding cancer is a soul contract.  When I had congestive heart failure I asked Theo why and he said it was to pay off karma or balance because I had killed some soldiers in a war and brought "grief and heartache" to the families and friends of the soldier.

Dying "early" is always part of the soul contract.  It is known before you're born when and how you'll die.  Then it is your GA's job to make sure you're where you're supposed to be to die on that day--in a car, or as an example when I was a five-year old Jewish girl early in WWII and my parents and I were killed by a German soldier I had killed in a past life when he was a child. 

A fragment of your soul always stays around to see how the children and   grandchildren turned out in their lives--it's again part of the soul learning experience.  So your mother's soul fragment has gone on to another life, but that small fragment is still there to learn and guide.  Theo says my mother is one of my guides as she guides me in all things feminine, as the majority of my readers are female. 


Hemali writes:  I would like to give you an update on my daughter's heart operation. Firstly I would like to thank you and everyone for their BP.  Syna's heart operation went successful, the surgeons repaired the big hole but have left the smaller holes as couldn’t reach. They hoping they will close over time.

Otherwise, she is recovering quite well and doing really well.  Many thanks for all your help always. 


MeditationI’m still trying to nail down the inconsistencies between what I receive and what actually happens, so here are more questions I asked Gaia:

Gaia.  I’m getting a feeling that there will be no hurricane for the Gulf and perhaps no earthquake for Sumatra.  Have I been receiving you wrong or are you giving me incorrect information for some reason, such as telling me I should not ask?

Good thoughtful question Tom.  No I will not deny responding to your questions about my earth events.  I realize you are trying hard to understand potentials and probabilities, which is a very complex issue or subject for those in the 3rd dimension or focus.  That said, there were probabilities for these two events, which have changed, even though you were told “the money is in the bank.”  So the two events may or may not still happen, and I will leave it to you to continue to seek answers.

But I still do not understand Gaia.  I am asking probabilities and when you basically tell me there is a 100% chance of an event occurring, how else am I to interpret that statement? 

Yes, I know your frustration Tom, but there are certain things that do happen that delay an event and yes certainly your souls signing off is one of them, but keep seeking Tom.  You will come up with the answer.

Certainly my inability to receive you correctly has to enter into the equation, but when you say something using a phrase that I would not use, then that leads me to assume I received the message clearly. 

Yes, but not always Tom.  Still be patient and you’ll see at least one of these events soon.

Perhaps patience enters into the equation too, Gaia.

Certainly it does too you see.


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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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