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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. Please PAY IT FORWARD by sending this newsletter to a friend. And approach them on requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes. It will change their life. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.

Flood of EmailsHave you sent in a question to me that I never responded to? Sometimes I’m flooded with up to 400 emails in one day, so some questions get lost “between the cracks.” So feel free to “rattle my cage” if I don’t respond in, say, three weeks. 

If you have noticed that the newsletter reads better these days, it’s because it’s being edited by EditorRalonne.  If you’re writing a book and need to hire an editor, email me and I’ll forward your name and email address to her. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others). This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Snow in ParisGaia, will Europe have a harsh winter as you said North America will?

Quite so, Tom. It will be just as harsh or even harsher in some places. Again, this is a cycle for me, but there are many people who need to experience this as part of their soul contracts. So your readers in Europe need to prepare and winterize their homes and flats and apartments, and even stock some food in case they are unable to leave their homes for a few days. And, yes, this is the same for those who live more in the northern sections of North America, but including well to the south in the United States.


Antonia writes: Is this going to explode into another Mideast war?

Gaia, will Turkey be drawn into battle with Syria?

Mortar Attack on TurkeyYes, to a certain extent, Tom. Turkey will not continue to allow Syrian troops to murder its people with mortars and will strike across the border to silence them. In a way this will be fortunate for those fighting a losing battle against them in the cities, as troops will be pulled from those areas to counter the threat of Turkey.

Theo, did I receive correctly about Turkey invading Syria?

Yes, Tom. They will not go deep into Syrian territory, but they will show Syria they will protect their borders and people. It will be a short conflict, as Turkey does not want to get into a drawn out conflict with their neighbor.

So what is the probability of this happening Theo?

Quite high, Tom, over 90%, as you’ll see.


Bank ClosureRonald writes: [In connection to a newsletter he received from someone claiming a Bank Holiday of several days was coming] I would be interested in your intuitive response to this information.

Theo, will there be a Bank Holiday, as it’s called, for some length of time?

No, Tom. That’s just speculation again from those who wish to put fear in the hearts of many. So, no, there will be no Bank Holiday, as it’s termed. But there will be banks that fail, Tom. That may happen every week, but there are safeguards in place to have these banks taken over by others.


Sandy asked about insects headed to the 5th focus and I expanded the Dimensionsquestion.

Gaia, will all plants, animals, birds, fish, and insects transfer with us to the 5th focus?

Yes, they will, Tom. Everyone, including all you listed, not to mention all the humans, will transfer, as you call it, to the 5th focus. I repeat, no one will be left behind. I need to say that multiple times because so many people are afraid. They may not feel themselves worthy—whatever that word means to them—so they feel they might be left behind. If the lowest insect – like your pesky mosquitoes, Tom – are not going to be left behind, then certainly no human being will be left. So think about that statement very hard everyone.


PeaceMilton writes: Are the trials and tribulations that we face here in the US a result of our collective consciousness and the fact that we still believe in war as manner of solving issues? Do we need to learn to Love more in order to transition to the upcoming 5th dimension on the planet? Thank you for all you do and always your prompt response.

Theo, what is the mass soul contract, if there is one, for the people in the United States?

As we’ve mentioned before, Tom, there is an experiment within the experiment for the Explorer Race. It’s how you can mix all the races together and create harmony between you all. So far, you’re doing pretty well, but it has to continue and certainly there are pockets of resistance in the USA.


Joan in Sedona writes: I recently saw on TV that Smokey Robinson and othersPUR Water are promoting a product put out by Proctor & Gamble which is a packet that when added to water will purify any water so that it is drinkable. Is this a safe product? If it is, it would be wonderful for countries with polluted drinking water. Coming from P&G makes me question if it is reliable and safe for consumption. Would you ask in your newsletter?

Theo, is the Procter and Gamble product packet to purify water safe?

Quite so, Tom. The researchers and scientists did a good job of making sure the chemicals would only do their job with no side effects.


MermaidsTami writes: There was a program on the Discovery or Science Channel about Mermaids/people. Did a portion of human kind go to the seas and over time became the Merpeople?

Theo, where did the mermaid people come from and did they evolve on earth the same as humans did, or are they basically the same now as they were when they arrived?

Good question, Tom. No, they have evolved just a bit over the past few million years, as they are not part of the explorer race. They did, naturally, come from a water world, but not of this universe. They were attracted here by the magnificent oceans, and to be one of your mysteries, and to remind you that there are quite different cognitive beings besides you.


David writes: Question for the newsletter. About Love. Why does love hurt so much? When someone meets a woman Lovethey fall in love with why does it hurt so much and they just want to be with each other all the time. Is it a purely primal sexual thing in our DNA about procreation and and primal tribal feeling inherited from our pre historic ancestors. Or is it that the person themselves is insecure and feels they need the other person in order to make themselves happy.
Or is it a past life memory from having known the person from multiple lifetimes.

Theo, when two people fall in love, is it more than physical compatibility and past life memories?

Yes, Tom. Love is a complex issue, as these two people know on a soul level that they are meant to be together for both their growth, so that certainly adds excitement to the mix. Then you can add in the chemical reactions to all this and you have a potent, deep feeling of love, as you are on a subliminal level honoring each other. It’s quite beautiful to see from this side.


ElijahRandy asked me this on Facebook, but I could not find it.

Theo, was Elijah one of Jesus’ past lives, or, if not, who was he who was proclaimed the Messiah?

Yes, Tom, as you guessed, one of Jesus’ past lives, to prepare him for the really significant one, was as Elijah. People could already see and feel his enormous presence. He did have a couple of others too, and I’m sure some of your readers will present questions where I will confirm or not whether they were correct.


Here I’ve compiled all the questions I found in previous newsletters, so that they can all be in one location. For brevity’s sake I’m only including my questions, but if you wish to read our subscribers’ original questions the dates of the newsletters are listed.

Prayer8/02/08--Theo, can a prayer to Jesus assist in healing someone and under what circumstances would this be?

Yes, Tom. Naturally it requires a belief in Jesus, as that’s a given. Then what does take place is that Jesus, being a whole soul as you call us, reviews the request and works with that person’s own soul protector, or whole soul, or Guardian Angel to use the term everyone understands, and he will send healing energy to that person—sometimes massive amounts, if you will, depending upon that soul’s contract, you see. It may be, as you say, that it assists that person in transitioning in a more peaceful way. But that prayer is answered even though it might not appear that it is.

And, naturally, Jesus knows in advance when that prayer will be coming?

Of course. There you have it. That person’s own Guardian Angel informs the soul of Jesus so that the prayer is answered instantly, just as any prayer is answered by the million or so prayer angels. The soul of Jesus is quite capable of handling millions of prayers at any given moment. The normal view of Jesus is the third dimensional view of just a solitary man. As I have told you before, his is a very ancient and knowledgeable soul capable of great acts. So, if a person wishes to pray to him for assistance for themselves, or for another person, that prayer will be answered, just not always in the way or that the living person would wish, due to, again, these soul contracts. Jesus works within each soul’s life path.

4/25/09--Theo, was Jesus’ given name Emanuel, or Yeshua ben Yosef, or another name?

Yes, Tom, his name was Yeshua ben Yosef and not Emanuel. He was Emanuel in a preceding life.

Was there another man put in Jesus’ place to be crucified, and if so, did he drag the cross through the streets, as is Dragging of Crossnormally depicted?

Yes, Tom. There was another man—a murderer and thief, who was substituted for Jesus. Yes, Jesus was able to counsel him before then and gave him the courage, and through his blessings, the ability to endure the pain. And, yes, he did carry the cross through the streets.

Why is there a difference of opinion in what you have told me about Jesus—and others have said too—and what others have said such as the Tobias channels?

Yes, a more difficult question. Part of this is belief systems being different—what people believe to be true, Tom—and part has to do with the entity’s previous experience if they lived a life on earth. I can assure you that what I told you about Jesus was correct.

Map of Fertile CrescentSpeaking of that, I did read one report that said he and Mary Magdalene went to the East first before settling in France.

Yes, that is a true account, Tom. They did travel to the East, although not in a conventional way, shall we say, along with the children. Keep in mind he did have those powers to make things easier. They did return shortly and set out for France.

So they did go to India let’s say?

Yes, by boat and caravan. Then they left for France.

But the information you gave me implied that they left immediately for France.

Yes, but I knew you would ask this question one day Tom. Remember, I can only answer questions for you as you ask them. I answered correctly that Jesus did go with Mary Magdalene, with a simple disguise, to the East. This took place over a several-month period of time. Then they embarked for France. Look at a map, Tom and you can visualize it better.

10/17/09--Theo, wasn’t Jesus capable of all human feelings during his time on earth, or was he above this?

Yes, the man you call Jesus, or Yesuah Ben Yosef, was capable of all human feelings during his time on earth. He loved as a man, cried as a man, was sad, happy, laughed and so on, just like any human being. Your readers may not have read your previous questions and answers about his life, but, suffice it to say, he was a man with all human feelings.

12/05/09--Theo, how many Messiahs did we have before Jesus?

Tom, the word has different meanings to different people. Certainly there were—and I’m speaking about your recorded history only—several individuals who were advanced and led the way—pointed people in the right direction. More advanced souls these were. But, as I have mentioned previously, Jesus was the only soul that came as a large fragment—all the previous Holy men, shall we call them, were all part of a soul cluster. So many names would appear on the list of previous Messiahs, but they were more like a normal person—not the extraordinary person Jesus was. An ancient soul having an earth life—and, yes, he had more than one as preparation for that life.

12/12/09--Theo, you had previously told me that Jesus was the only whole fragment of a soul to have an earth life, but Mary MagdaleneSusan asks if Mary Magdalene was too, so I thought I should ask again.

No, Tom, as I stated several times in the past he was the only whole fragment of a soul who had an earth life. All the others, Mary Magdalene included, were fragments from your typical soul clusters.

Was I Salome in the life with Jesus?

Yes, Tom you were Salome, as you guessed that life would be quite active. I can assure you now that you were this person.

I did notice and was quite surprised to see women referred to as Jesus’ disciples in reading about the history.

Yes, they were called his disciples and for good reason, Tom. They were. Jesus wanted to balance and so he had 12 men and 12 women who were his disciples. Again, the Vatican has much more of this history, which it will release one day in the not too distant future.

2/05/11--Theo, did ET’s send Yeshua?

No, not in the sense the person asking the question means. Certainly they were quite aware of the Master of Love’s incarnation and followed his life closely. But his decision to have these lives on earth were made from a soul level and he was not sent to earth by ET’s. As I have mentioned before, his was the largest fragment of a soul ever to have a life on earth. It was done out of love and to teach love.

7/30/11--(On a question about the Rosicrucians) Do they date back just after the death of Jesus as one report states?

RosicrucianQuite so. That report was fairly accurate as to the year of 62 AD. So they are an ancient society that tries their best to be benevolent in their workings.

Were the original men and/or women who formed the Rosicrucians actually taught by Jesus?

Yes they were, Tom.

This was after his supposed crucifixion?

Quite so. The reports that he disappeared and someone took his place are accurate. They did not want him to become a martyr, but that’s what happened anyway.

And he did have the ability to transpose himself from one location to another?


And his disciples knew this and accepted this?

Quite so. They all knew they were in the presence of a highly evolved soul.

11/11/11--Theo, are any of Jesus’ disciples male or female incarnated today, and if so are they aware of who they were?

None are currently alive in this time period and time line, Tom. Naturally they have had their incarnations along with everyone else, but none are on earth right now.

PaulTheo, how accurately did Alexander Smyth channel St. Paul in “The True Story of Jesus,” and what was Jesus’ relations with Paul and Judas?

Yes, the channeling of Mr. Smyth was accurate up to a point, Tom. It certainly gave an account from a different point of view—Paul’s. It is an interesting read for those who wish to study the life of Jesus from a different angle, shall we say. And Jesus had excellent relationships with both Paul and Judas. We have discussed Judas’ role before, so, suffice to say, that he did as Jesus asked him to, to betray him. Jesus saw Paul’s flaws, but loved him unconditionally.

2/18/12--Theo, is Theta energy a higher vibrational energy than Reiki, and what energy frequency did Jesus use?

To answer your first question, Tom, it is all in the mind of the user. If you feel Theta energy is the best for you, then it is. If you feel that Reiki energy is the best, then it is for you. Each energy has its proponents, so we on this side are just pleased that you are trying to work with energy.

Jesus used an energy well above these two that has not been rediscovered yet. It is at a higher frequency still.

6/16/12--Theo, did Jesus have sisters as well as brothers?

Yes, families were large back then, Tom, as times were much more difficult. Jesus did have sisters—yes, two as you were thinking, Tom.

Were there more than two?

No, two is the number, Tom.

So, if you have not read Parts One and Two, plus the other questions on those newsletters, please read. Do you see any “fill in the gap” questions we have not covered?


This MBO story and the next one were in last month’s blog. You can sign up to receive these and/or read them by going to my website and clicking on BLOG on the Menu.

Business SuccessSheila writes: Wonderful things keep happening since I started using MBOs! In fact you've already shared 2 of my stories.

Here's another one. Some time back I wrote and told you that our business had been kind of slow. It seems we took in a certain amount each month and could never go past it. It was paying the bills, but just barely.

One month I did an MBO for $2,000 more that month and it happened! While I was busy using MBOs for all sorts of other things, I kind of forgot to ask again about the business. Well I did it this past month and we took in an extra $3,500! Thank you, thank you, thank you beloved GA! And, of course, thank you, thank you, thank you Tom for introducing us to MBOs! P.S. Instead of asking for more money each month, I'm going to do an MBO for a permanent raise in the business' income.


Tamara in Mexico writes: The way this worked out is rather strange. I live in Mexico Classroomsouthern Mexico. I've been unhappy with the quality of teaching at the first grade my little girl attends. The homework is way over all the kids' heads and they are assigned so much that it does not leave time for moms to do the teaching that they need in order to be able to even understand the basics.

I have been asking for an MBO so that I could have the space to do some home schooling. Here's the weird part about how the Universe works. Local people have been protesting what appears to be rampant fraud in the last election for mayor. Last Friday an angry group actually burned the mayoral office and other offices. School was canceled for this entire week as a result. I've been able to teach my little girl the basics to prepare for reading, basic math and the difference between right and left.


Joy writes from Australia: I am consistently seeing 911 everywhere and at least 2 to 3 times a week. On the clock at home, car, shops, prices, TV etc etc.

I wrote out an MBO for a money miracle after reading the latest issue and dated it and noticed the date was Sept 29 (911 again). That moved me to ask this question.

Number 11Apart from the 911 Twin Tower tragedy, what is the significance of this number, either numerology wise or any other way or is it just significant for me now.

Also my son who died was born 9/10/1972 = 9/1/1 and he just turned 29 (11) the day before 911 in NY. Or is it a sign that he is around me or is it something else.

Perhaps Gaia or Theo could help. Thank you again for the wonderful info and work you do.

Theo, does 911 have a special numerological significance or is it just more so to Joy since she lost her son on that date?

Certainly, this number is very painful to Joy, as it brings back memories of her beloved son. But he also lets her know in this way that he’s still around to give comfort and be with her the rest of her life. She can even talk to him if she desires, and I think she does. This was his soul contract to transition at an early age not only for his benefit—we’ll not get into all the reasons now—but for her benefit and the rest of the family too.

Regarding the numerological significance, yes, the numbers add up to 11 themselves, which is one of the power numbers. Those that wish to learn more, there are numerous books on numerology, or you can even read about its significance by doing a search on your browser—or Google it as Tom says.


Antura is my soul “cluster” brother on another planet Theo introduced me to. He gives me lots of information not even thought about by science fiction writers. What he explains is real for societies millions of years older than ours, as compared to theories.

Abe SapienAntura, when you prepare to communicate with me do you already know the questions I’ll ask beforehand?

Yes, for the most part, Tom, although if you recall there are questions that you add as we cover a subject in more depth, or as additional questions enter your mind as you did with this one.

So I assume Theo apprises you of the questions?

Quite so. That way I can seek out information just in case it’s not something I might not deal with on a normal basis.

Antura, would the population of your society on the planet be considered average in the Sirus B Star System, or above or below in numbers?

It would be considered a little below average, Tom. I know you have been reading other channels and those people say they have very small populations, but the reality is, Tom, that most societies, at least in our star system, have much larger populations.

So what is your population?

Yes, several million, but certainly not even 100 million, so it would still sound small comparing it to your population on earth.

Antura, do the machines that replicate the food on board the motherships simply replicate the DNA profile, or signature (whatever its called), and produce it perhaps similar to our 3D printing systems, or is it instantaneous?

Yes, it does use the DNA profile we’ll call it, Tom, but as you guessed, it is done instantly. There is no use of lasers or any such similar device to create the food. This would be considered perhaps the next step for you in the process, but when you are able to list the DNA signatures, or profiles, in a computer, you are one step closer to creating food instantly.

I assume we will have that capability by the time we take off for the stars ourselves?

Quite so, Tom. You could not carry enough provisions to be gone several years as you will.

Antura, just to have a snapshot of your life on your planet, what were you doing when suddenly Theo sounded the siren?

Not so much, Tom. I was conversing with my friends at a local bath, you see. As you know, we do like water and it gives us pleasure to enjoy our friends’ company at the same time.

PlanetHow long have the oldest societies in the Sirius B system been established—over a billion years?

Yes, even longer than that, Tom. A couple of the societies you would consider, as we do, to be very ancient--several billion years. I know this is hard to wrap your mind around (I like that saying), but they are loving people and our good friends and mentors, you could say.

How long after you started to have lives on your planet 18 million years ago or so did your neighbors start to call?

Certainly we had developed to the point where we had a society and clustered settlements, shall I call them. So to answer your question it was long before we reached the point where we wanted to see what else was out there. But that really spurred our development.


Dr. David HawkinsMike writes: Dr David R Hawkins died last month on the 19th September. I'm sure most people who read the newsletter have read his spiritual books. Such as Power Vs Force.

 He also created The Map Of Consciousness, spanning from energy levels 1 - 1000, where anyone's vibrational rate can be calibrated to. Could you ask what his soul contract was this lifetime. And how accurate the Map of Consciousness is?

Theo, what was Dr. David Hawkins’ soul contract and how accurate is his Map of Consciousness?

Yes, a good man, Tom. As you are not familiar with his Map of Consciousness, let’s just say it is not quite accurate. His soul contract was to present new ideas for people to think about.


Gaia, so back to what we began to discuss when we first began our King William IVconversation. You said that for the most part our conversations were much more simple back in the days when I was the consultant for the King of England in the 1830’s?

Quite so, Tom. Certainly there were the monumental things he accomplished with your assistance, such as outlawing slavery in the British Empire, but on a daily basis it was more about the personalities of the King’s court, which he had to focus on, as there were always threats to his rule and, yes, even to his life. So you performed a vital duty to him of keeping him abreast, shall we say, of any plots or anyone trying to tell him half-truths or outright lies. But, again, mixed in with all that were the great accomplishments he was able to make in only seven years he ruled before his death.


AstrologyGerry writes: Another question for your magnificent Theo. I would like to do an astrological chart on a great granddaughter expected this month, but I understand that astrology has changed since the new earth grid was put into place. Could you please ask Theo what the changes are and if I would be wasting my time using the old astrology. Know you are a busy man, but we readers really appreciate the time and effort you put into getting our questions answered.

Theo, has the new earth grid changed astrology and, if so, how?

Not in the least, Tom. These are two separate dynamics and one does not interfere in any way with the other. You still have the planetary influences, not to mention the sun and moon, so this will continue as long as the Explorer Race is on earth.


Stacey had asked about disability assistance before, but I answered about Disability Awarenessthe USA, so here is about her home country.

Theo, last time you said disability assistance will continue in the United States. I’m asked what about the United Kingdom?

Yes, it will continue, Tom, although they may see one or two cuts. These cuts will not affect too many people, as they are redundant services. Any of these government-sponsored services has a lot of redundancy, and that includes the USA you asked about last week.


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JESUS--SEPTEMBER 29, 2012, OCTOBER 6, 2012, OCTOBER 13, 2012 


TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011, JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 4, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012, AUGUST 18, 2012, SEPTEMBER 1, 2012,

THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—MAY 30-JUNE 13, 2009; JULY 11; JULY 21, 2012; JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012,


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