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Dakota BlizzardIt has just come to my attention that the early blizzard in the Dakotas killed thousands of cattle and left many areas without power.  Please say the following Benevolent Prayer out loud:  “I ask any and all beings to assist the ranchers and others affected by the early blizzard to fully recover economically and personally and may this happen even faster than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Nairobi Mall AttackAnita writes:  Please could you ask Gaia why was there was a terror attack in Nairobi that took many innocent lives?

Also please ask Gaia is there a likelihood of more attacks like this in Nairobi, and would the terrorists target the malls again, and if possible when will the next attack happen?  Will the government of Kenya catch any of the terrorists?

Theo, will terrorists attack anymore malls in Nairobi, Kenya?

No, Tom.  Security around these malls will be beefed up and the police will study how it took place.

Did the authorities apprehend or kill all the terrorists who took part in the attack?

No.  A couple terrorists escaped and are hiding out.  They will eventually be found.


Chicago trainMJ writes:  Question regarding Chicago train collision.

Could you ask Theo what was behind the train collision in Chicago?  The train had no one on it as it collided with a train containing passengers.  The “ghost train” required two keys to start, and there were switches in the track to prevent it from moving toward the other train that were supposed to stop it from moving.

Question regarding the life of (ex Beatle) the late George Harrison.

I have seen Martin Scorsese’s documentary on the life of George Harrison and have viewed the youtube video of the impromptu last George Harrisoninterview of George Harrison on MTV.  He was clearly ahead of his time regarding spirituality and leading a benevolent life.  For the benefit of those who were not yet born in 1971:  George organized the first ever concert to raise funds for charity when he held his “Concert for Bangladesh” with Ravi Shankar.  He was involved in Indian culture and mysticism nearly all of his adult life.  At the very end of the documentary, his wife spoke about witnessing his transition as he passed on.  She said that the room was as bright as you could possibly imagine, but there weren’t any lights on.  Just hearing her talk about it made me want to dive deeper into spiritual experiences.

Theo, explain the train crash in Chicago, which injured a number of people.  It was obviously soul contracts involved, but why then and there?

Yes, they will find the perfect storm of malfunctions, as this was not the work of terrorists or a lone wolf shall we call it.  There was mechanical failure, which allowed the train to collide with the passenger train and injure those on board.

Theo, was George Harrison a mystic in another life and what was his soul contract?

He certainly followed his soul contract, Tom, first as a musician and then for his benevolent work to bring aid and comfort to those in need.  His concert for Bangladesh was the first one to benefit those in need and many others have followed, raising millions of dollars to aid those in need.

He had been a philanthropist in a past life, while continuing to be interested in the arts and music.  When his work was finished, he opted out rather fast by having a brain tumor take his life.  He was a seasoned soul, Tom, with many previous lives.  He had previously been a Hindu and was quite comfortable with that religion.  He was not a mystic as was asked.


Mexico CitySandra writes:  I wanted to thank you first of all for all the wonderful teachings and how much information you share with everyone and all you do!

I have a question, and I think you have not touched on that subject before, but could be mistaken.  If you have, I apologize.  My question is regarding a possible earthquake in Mexico—Mexico City specifically.  Someone has presented a theory that there will be a devastating earthquake in Mexico sometime from now to the end of the year, but no idea when.  I was wondering if this information could be correct and if there is anything else that we should know about it.  Thank you so much!

Gaia, any large earthquakes coming for Mexico City in the near future, or can you not tell me?

Yes, I can tell you, Tom, and no, there will not be any large earthquakes for Mexico City for the time being.  That may very well occur in the future, you see, as the city sits near fault lines.  But it is not on my schedule per se for the near future.

I have previously received that IF California were to quake, it would extend all the way down the coast past Tijuana to the Baja California Peninsula.


AustraliaGaia, is Australia sinking as some people claim because of plate action?

Again, Tom, another theory put out there to scare people into thinking there will have to be a mass migration to Africa or some other less inhabited place.  The only thing that will occur in your near future is the rising of the ocean levels two feet as I have spoken about many times before.  Australia and New Zealand are safe for thousands more years in the future.  I might add, follow the money—who stands to gain from people leaving that continent?


Jeff asked me about this on Facebook.

Theo, will the Iraqi dinar and the Vietnamese dong be revalued in the near future?

I’m afraid a number of people have been led astray shall we say with these Vietnamese Dongrumors, Tom, and naturally you have to look at who benefits.  We had a discussion quite some time ago about the dinar, and I said at that time any restructuring or revaluing of the dinar will not prove to be as great a difference as the person asking at that time had thought or been informed.  It is still the same and also the same for the Vietnamese dong.  But who benefits from these rumors?  Banks who are holding literally billions of dollars in these currencies and do not wish to see their investments or holdings decline in value.  What better way than to spread these rumors so that thousands of people buy the currencies and prop up their value.  As I have said numerous times, follow the money and see who benefits the most.

Big banks at work again, friends.


Mega PattimandamA friend of mine in the international TV distribution business living in Chennai, India has invited my wife and I to the filming of a popular TV program in Dallas October 26.  They are shooting six episodes in the United States.  Over the years the program has matched over 200,000 people in arranged marriages.

That started me thinking about how soul contracts are arranged in societies where marriages are still arranged.  So, naturally, I asked Theo.

Theo, regarding arranged Hindu marriages, or for that matter any religion where the marriages are arranged, I would think that in a way it would work the same regarding the Guardian Angel arranging for two western society people to meet where you put both at the right place at the right time, am I correct?

Yes, Tom.  We are able to work within the confines shall we say, or the beliefs, of any religion to put two people together who are supposed to become man and wife according to their soul contracts.

Are more mistakes made with this form of putting two people together or does it work equally well?

It works equally well for us, Tom, as we work through the families of the two individuals—and keep in mind it is the mother who has the big say in the matter, so she is advised through her prayers and intuition to choose the correct person for her son or daughter.

This may seem archaic to many people, Tom, but, again, we work within the confines of any religion so that two people are joined together for their soul learning purposes.  Even if it seems later on that it was a mistake, let’s say number two was chosen instead of number one, that probability was taken into account before birth when the souls are laying out their soul contracts, so that there is still much to learn.  You will find matchmaking is taken seriously by all parties, which allows us to guide them in their decisions.


Diana writes:  I'd like to ask about animals and the new world we're creating here on earth.

I know we live with, love, and trust our animal companions, such as dogs and cats.

However, I've noticed that when guides appear, they sometimes bring the larger, exotic animals with them, and they are all gentle beings, even the gorillas, tigers, lions, etc., ones that we would normally be fearful of.

RhinosIf we are all one, we should be able to interact without fear.  Is this the new earth we're creating?

Are we moving in a direction where we will be able to walk with, love, trust and share the earth amicably with these exotic animals?  How far are we away from this?  Or will there always be a fear, danger and distance between us?  Thank you very much.

Gaia, will there be a time when humans walk in harmony with “wild animals,” or will we just see them enclosed in fenced-in lands?

An interesting question to begin the day, Tom.  No you will never “walk in harmony” with wild beasts.  Certainly people have learned to, more or less, control them, but that’s not their purpose on earth you see.  Their purpose is to show you different kinds of beings you will encounter someday in the stars—and, yes, there is an enormous variety of intelligent beings in the universe, so when you begin to openly contact them you will say “oh yes, this being is similar to such and such being on earth.”  They will not be the same, but will have distinctive characteristics of various animals, birds, reptiles, insects, and so on that you are able to view on earth.

They all volunteered to come here for the Earth Experiment, Tom, and as their mission comes close to fruition you will see a number of them go extinct, as they slowly migrate back to their home planets.  You just have not learned yet, but you will, about how to communicate with all these beings on your planet.  Again, that will come one day in the future.

So to answer the person’s question, no, these wild animals are not meant to become your friends here on earth, but to say, “this is a portion of who I am and this is my personality.”


First Contact Front CoverFor my new readers Antura is a member of my soul group or “cluster,” an amphibian having a life on a water planet in the Sirius B Star System.  He’s lived 800 lives on earth, so he knows us well.  He’s part of a “first contact” team headed to earth in 2017 on one of those big, mile-wide motherships with a crew of 850 beings from all over their solar system and beyond.  My family and I are supposed to film the first documentary on board the mothership.  To see a presentation about my book, FIRST CONTACT: Conversations With An ET, go to as it will answer many of your questions.

As I have had several thousand lives on the water planet, I asked him this question:

Antura, did you start having lives on the water planet and earth about the same time as me?

Quite so, Tom.  I was just a little behind you on both planets, although my early lives were on different continents with hugely different challenges.  I’m naturally referring to our earth lives.  On our home planet I started out living in the caves as you did and trying to stay out of the way of the large creatures who were intent on devouring us, and did a couple of times.  There were many more challenges we had to overcome besides the creatures though.  But over 18 million years we had thousands of lives to handle and master our lives on this planet.

Dennis writes:  Can you ask Antura if Nicola Tesla was really in touch with an alien race and if so who?

TeslaAntura, was Nicola Tesla ever in touch with ETs?

Yes, Tom, once.  It was a brief meeting and came at a time towards the end of his life.

Kathy writes:  I enjoy your newsletter every week and look forward to it.  I have a question.  After WWII, I was fortunate to go to Switzerland for three months.  I was nine years.  old.  A bunch of neighborhood kids and  I were asked to pick wild flowers up in the mountains for the hotel I stayed at, for a big celebration.  I have a faint recollection that something occurred and there was a truck involved.  I can't remember what it was, but it haunts me.  Was I abducted?  Thank you for all you do.

Antura, was Kathy abducted in Switzerland at age nine, or was this another memory?

No, she was abducted, Tom, but did not have the DNA signature they were looking for.  One of her friends did though.

Susan writes:  Way back in 1998, at Copper Mountain, I was attending a teacher training for Educational Kinesiology; I slept by an open window, full moonlight on the mountains.  I had a dream that I floated up and right out the window to a spaceship, where they placed electrodes of some sort at my hair line/forehead.
My fellow classmates reported that there were two red spots showing.  They would fade and return through the years.

I recently had lunch with a medical intuitive, dowser, paranormal investigator.  She said that it was indeed true and that I had been given an implant that went from my hairline, down my back and down to my feel.  She said that she would be able to remove it, but that we would have to work together.

Alien AbductionI am asking you, what might the side effects be?  The implant has been there well over 20 years.  I cannot say that I had been bothered by the implant.  Don't know what they were after.  Do you think I should have it removed?  It is energetic in nature.  My friend advised me to contact you for advice.

Antura, was an implant placed in Susan’s body in 1998, and if so by whom and for what purpose, and can it be removed?

Yes it was implanted by the Grays towards the end when they were prevented from more abductions.  And we would not recommend trying to have it removed at this time.  It would require a high level of expertise not available in this time period yet.  It was to keep track of her.

These questions were from Mantej in the UK:

Antura, have either Medvedev or Putin actually met with any ETs yet?

No, not yet.  The meetings are being done by their scientific group.

It is my understanding that only a portion of the Pleiadians look the very same as we do.  Am I correct in that assumption?

Yes, Tom.  They have a number of worlds inhabited by a large variety of beings, just as we do, but they will not be brought out for display shall we say as that would cause panic in the streets.  Again, we must spoon feed this information in order to not put fear into the population, although there will be a larger variety to be seen by those who meet with us, as we have no group that looks identical to you.

Was Eisenhower the only U.S.  President to meet with the aliens?

Yes, as of this time period—modern—he is the only one.

Did Churchill ever meet with the ETs?

No, he did not.  He was a little afraid of them.


These questions came from Audrey from something she read.

Theo, how long was the average life span of the Atlanteans?

Tom, it was about the same as nowadays.  Perhaps a little longer towards the last thousand years or so as they had the healing centers and people were not seduced into bad food choices as they are today.

AtlantisSo they did not live 200 to 300 years?

No, that would have been more towards the beginning, Tom, not towards the latter part of Atlantean history.  There was one exception to this and that was a portion of the priest class, who had the ability to rejuvenate their bodies more than did the general population.  This was good and bad as they stayed in power for longer periods of time.  So they did live to be much older on average—yes the 200 to 300 years would be more attainable for them.

Then what was the average life span—125 to 150 years let’s say?

Yes, Tom.  Closer to the lower number.  Again, they had these healing centers which were more developed than any you have today, and they did not damage their bodies with foods that made them grossly overweight as your population—especially in the United States—does today.  They ate much more healthy foods at that time.

Were the left and right sides of the brain more connected than they are today for the Atlanteans?

Yes, at one time they were, Tom, but this was modified over many thousands of years to where they were separated the same as your brains are today.  This was by design from your souls as it was seen as connecting you too much to your souls and there had to be a disconnect for your learning.  It was one of several adjustments to your body over many thousands of years.


This MBO story and the next one appeared originally in my weekly blog last Saturday, which you can read in its entirety at

I'll call him Robert writes:  Hope you are well.  As you know I said I was going to test MBOs at full.

I have decided to use it daily for the rest of my life.

Comic Book ArtistI will tell you something.  First my neighbors started to make less and less noise everyday, and the most noisy person has gone--Very happy!


I am an aspiring comic book artist (a very, very difficult job to get an expertise in because it’s as realistic as it gets; you must be able to draw anything in any pose).

Well, I asked my GA for having enough will and be strong enough to be able to keep and improve my drawing skills (in more than 25 years drawing).

I was not bad drawer, but not very good either.  After asking to improve my skills I can draw now like it’s a miracle.  I can, for example, draw well and fast something I was never able to achieve before.

I am so happy to say that MBOs work for me...  I am sorry to have doubted you and I will keep using this for sure.

Thanks for your work and helping out people like me.


Prize DrawingLee writes:  So excited today!  I was notified that I won a prize in a giveaway.  The company was awarding only 25 prizes from thousands of entries.  Of course, I said an MBO before filling out my entry form and sending it in!  Thank you, Tom, for sharing this wonderful tool that produces fabulous results in all ways!


Janet writes:  Your MBOs definitely work.  It’s just still really unbelievable--the ability to communicate with angels.  I talk to my angels using my iTunes, since I have about fifteen thousand songs with very eccentric titles.  The songs they pick makes me laugh and usually answers my questions.  But on some occasions I realize when I'm upset, agitated or antsy, any negative emotion, my MBOS do not seem to work.  I know one reason may be a soul contract, but for smaller requests, can one’s mood affect the MBOs?

MeditationOne more thing:  A summer ago, before I discovered your book/blog, I started practicing mediation with audio CDs.  A couple nights later, I looked out my window at the sky and I said, “I wonder if they can see me.”  I'm not sure why I would say that.  It was a really random thought and I just said it out loud.  Well, I fell asleep, and woke up with a sound in my right ear.  You know the noise you hear when you are trying to tune into a radio, all the static, etc.  I heard a murmur and mentally said, “I couldn't hear you,” and this deep manly voice said, “I can see you.” I automatically woke up.

I was bit freaked out and automatically stopped meditating, but after discovering your blog and reading your articles about your conversations with your guardian angel and other beings, I'm just wondering if you can tell me was it a benevolent being contacting me or something else?  It’s been bothering me for quite some time and your articles makes me want to take up meditation although I am still scared.  So I decided to email you since you are the closest to having an idea of what it may be.

Theo, can moods affect MBO requests?  And Janet asked about the voice she heard, was it Benevolent?

Second question first, Tom.  Yes it was benevolent in this case, but not always so; therefore we recommend that she surrounds herself in white light.

Moods can affect MBO requests, almost canceling them out, although there is still benefit to requesting them; if done every day it will overcome the moods unless there is a medical problem associated with the mood.  Then MBOs should be said to be led to the best treatment for the condition.


Heather writes:  I just read the newsletter (9/28) and it brought up something I have had trouble understanding.  Theo just stated that the Earth has "too many young souls" when referring to raising our vibrational level, and I thought that for us to be part of the Explorer Race our souls had to have mastered certain things and been advanced to a certain point to even be a part of this.  Can Theo explain this more?

Old SoulHeather, and everyone else that has this question, Theo was referring to soul fragments having their first lives on earth.  My first lives were living in jungle type situations, but some soul fragments start with a modern life and jump around to different time periods after that.  They truly struggle and are taken advantage of as they have no experience, even in a rural life.

In order to qualify to begin having earth lives, the soul must have reached a certain vibrational level.  When I first started asking and receiving answers, this was described as the souls having reached a certain spiritual mastery, which was the best way to describe it to me at that time.

Philip writes:  Question for Theo:  What are the characteristics of an old soul?

Theo, what are the characteristics of an old soul?

Seasoning, Tom.  They are more able to understand how and why things work as they do.  They are more accepting and less judgmental.  They are more understanding of others and don’t fly off the handle, to use an expression, when little things go wrong.  There is more calmness about them.  They also have the ability to get through challenges with more ease, as they can subconsciously draw on previous lives to find a solution.


Cynthia writes:  I am more and more horrified by the reports of torture Sharia Lawand absolute repression of women with the Muslim "Sharia Law" that I hear about.  Is this law ever going to be toned down and will the extreme Muslims ever begin seeing the equality of women?  Or will this continue for many more years to come?  It's also equally frightening that Muslims with this belief system are moving into this country.  (I'm not talking about the ones that do not believe this way, I know there is a difference).  Will they actually try and change the system in THIS country?  Could that ever happen?

Thanks so much for all you do!!!

Theo, when will the Muslim Sharia Law be moderated?

Yes, it will be sometime before Clerics call for updating the Law, Tom.  It will happen, but not for a number of years.  It is too ingrained, although the ET visits will result in slow but sure changes.  Education will bring moderation.


Jet ContrailsSomeone emailed me asking about this again and I forgot to note their email.

Gaia, I’m asked again about chem trails after a Snowden comment.

Yes, this subject keeps floating overhead shall we use that term, Tom, but there are NO active spraying of any pollutants whatsoever in my atmosphere at the present time, nor have there been any in the past year—no need to go further back than that.  You will find an on-going attempt to frighten people—but that’s the extent of it.  You can take what I’m saying to the bank to use a 3d term.  I know this will not end the discussion for all those who wish to buy into this conspiracy theory, but it is just that and nothing more.


King William IVGaia, in my life with King William IV of England in the 1800s, how did I first start to communicate with you and at what age?

Yes, an interesting story there, Tom.  As you guessed it was at a fairly early age.  It started as you would sit by a stream near your house—which was quite large as keep in mind you were from a royal house we will term it.  I was allowed to come into your mind as you would be daydreaming, asking yourself about some person or event and I would give you the answer.  You happily reported these messages back to your parents, who were afraid you might be possessed, but I continually came through with loving messages for you and explained I was there to assist you in your life’s work and not to lead you down some dark path.

You began advising your father in his dealings with other members of the royalty.  As it so happened, naturally this was planned, you began going to the same school as the future King of England and became close friends.  But that was the beginning.


The Gentle Way IIISometimes I ask these questions when it doesn't seem as if I'm getting the word out about MBO's and BP's.

Theo, will most of my work be viewed and/or studied after my transition, or will it be noticed more after the events of 2017?

Good question, Tom.  Both I will say.  Certainly you will gain notoriety with your work in 2017 with Antura.  This will bring a large number of people who have yet to hear about you to begin reading your books—and yes you will be publishing another two or three before then —and your body of work.

But after your transition many more people will continue to discover you and your work will spread to all corners of the earth.  From a tiny spark grows a large flame we will say.


Mantej asked the first question.

Theo, will President Obama ever be told he was Lincoln in a past life?

Yes, he will, Tom.  It might even be you one day, but certainly he will learn that President Obamainformation.  Whether he will accept it depends upon other factors including meetings with the ETs who will give some explanation of why the earth is so important to the Federation.  Again, he will have to be spoon fed as most of the population, Tom, who have not studied or read your work, or the work of others in this metaphysical spiritual field.

Is President Obama still on his soul contract to be one of the best presidents the United States has had?

Absolutely, Tom.  We never said it was going to be easy for him, but his body of work will be viewed in the years following his Presidency as one of the best ever.  This is hard for those who have different views than him to accept, but that’s what the end result will be.


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

GUARDIAN ANGEL 101—MARCH 7, 2009, MARCH 28, 2009-APRIL 4, 2009, MAY 23, 2009-JUNE 6, 2009, SEPTEMBER 12, 2009, SEPTEMBER 27, 2009, JANUARY 8, 2011, JANUARY 30, 2010, JUNE 5, 2010, JULY 3, 2010, JULY 17 2010, OCTOBER 15, 2010, FEBRUARY 12, 2011, MARCH 5, 2011, MARCH 12, 2011, MARCH 19, 2011, MARCH 26, 2011, APRIL 2, 2011, APRIL9, 2011, APRIL 16, 2011, APRIL 23, 2011, APRIL 30, 2011, MAY 7, 2011, MAY 14, 2011, AUGUST 6, 2011, AUGUST 27, 2011, APRIL 21, 2012,  AUGUST 18, 2012, SEPTEMBER 8, 2012, SEPTEMBER 15, 2012, SEPTEMBER 22, 2012, SEPTEMBER 29, 2012, OCTOBER 6, 2012, OCTOBER 27, 2012, NOVEMBER 3, 2012, NOVEMBER 10, 2012, DECEMBER 1, 2012, MARCH 9, 2013, MARCH 23, 2013,  APRIL 13, 2013, APRIL 20, 2013, APRIL 27, 2013, MAY 4, 2013, MAY 11, 2013, MAY 18, 2013, MAY 25, 2013, JUNE 1, 2013, JUNE 8, 2013, JUNE 22, 2013, JUNE 29, 2013, JULY 6, 2013, AUGUST 10, 2013, AUGUST 17, 2013, AUGUST 24, 2013, AUGUST 31, 2013, SEPTEMBER 14, 2013, OCTOBER 5, 2013, OCTOBER 12, 2013,                    

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