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·    2012 DATE AND TIME

Welcome to The Gentle Way Newsletter everyone, and especially to the MANY people who signed up in the past week.  I have some surprises for all of you, so please forward this newsletter to your friends, if you feel inclined to do so.


Bernadette writes:  Hello Tom, I got two of your books from Borders Book Store in Gaithersburg, Maryland. I have not put the book down. I have been saying my affirmation each morning, and I must say I am a great believer; I have received money, my hair stylish did my hair for free, and I went into J.C. Penny to get a blanket and when I got to the cashier my friend paid for it. This is the one that made me a great believer, my grand son had to give a speech for his exam; I told him to request the most benevolent outcome for a good grade and we did it together.  A few weeks later he called to say he got an "A;" I said Thank You.  Now I have to order a few more books and pass it on. So I am happy now for each day I expect great things. I want to ‘Thank You’.  Great Book.

For those of you new to this newsletter and who haven’t gotten into the HABIT of requesting Benevolent Outcomes for everything, I think Bernadette’s email demonstrates the many uses that requesting MBO’s can have to make your life more gentle and less stressful—especially during this time period.


My wife Dena has been working on the kitchen in our new house.  The pull out drawers for dishes did not have cutouts at the back as the ones in our old house did, which prevented two sets of dishes being stored.  
So she marked the cut outs for our daughter to remove with her electric saw, but marked the wrong ends--and with permanent marker!  Well, she is happy to report that she requested a Benevolent Outcome to remove the marks with Bon Ami and it worked--they came right off!  She was afraid she was going to have to live with them marked up in the front.   


Theo, perhaps I asked the wrong thing about the UFO event October 14.  I read the actual words of the channel in Australia who is saying that a spacecraft will hover either over Alabama, in the Southern United States or the Southern Hemisphere.    40 trance channels have confirmed this will happen; yet you said it would not.  Comments?

Yes, Tom the event will not happen at this time, but possibly will happen in the future, with the great focus this is bringing.  As I mentioned before, the time is not right for a craft of that magnitude to hover for 3 days in the skies.  It would just frighten people so much that there would be deaths caused by fright.  The actual contact will be much more benevolent.  Although the Light Federation has good intentions of speeding things up if you will, their actions would cause tremendous fear and negative reactions at this time.  Yes you are receiving me correctly Tom.  Therefore what they will do will be modified so that there might be a spacecraft seen such as what happened in Phoenix, or even those in Stephenville, Texas, but not for such a long time as 3 full days.  There will cone a time when this is allowed though.   You’ll see.  


Gaia, I would like to verify, since I have not asked this before, if it is all right to simply project or send white light and not verbally say it.
Yes Tom it is ok to simply project and send that white light and love directly from you to me, or wherever in the universe you wish it to be sent.  There are no limits on how far you can send white light and love.  It can travel vast distances Tom in a millisecond.  You just have to direct it.

OK, then I’ll send all the white light and love to all those people that we will soon meet from other civilizations.  And I send this white light and love now.

Very good Tom.  This will assist them and put you at a higher level.  


Kelly writes:  I couldn't resist telling you what I experienced last evening.  During a dream in which I was hurrying to get to a class I'd never been to before on time and to which I very likely would NOT make it to anywhere near on time, my dream self began requesting an MBO to help get there.  Now that's got to be testimony that I'm making it a real habit in waking life!  How the dream turned out.....I woke up before arriving to the class.  I wonder if others familiar with your work have had dreams in which they use MBO requests.

I know I have had a number of MBO dreams, but of course I would, having requested Benevolent Outcomes between 10,000 and 15,000 times.  So have any of you out there remembered a MBO dream?  Naturally I highly recommend writing your dreams down each morning when you awaken.  I do (and have since 1979), and there are many important messages I’ve received, along with the normal symbolic dreams that can be hard to interpret.  I’ve had many precognitive dreams over the years, including the first one in 1979 that caused us to change out itinerary from Manila to more days in Hong Kong and Taiwan after I had a dream about terrorists blowing up a bomb in the convention hall we would have been in, but weren’t when they did explode the bomb.  A couple of nights ago I dreamed that the Texas vs. the University of Oklahoma football game today would be close with a score like 8 to 4 (think OU).  My scores on games in the past are never correct, but are an indication.  I'll see if I interpreted the dream correctly today.

2012 DATE & TIME

Gaia—Readers keep asking if there is a specific time and date for the change of dimensions in 2012, such as the 21st at 11:11 am.  Your comments?

That may be true Tom, but that is part of the mystery and anticipation that I prefer to not make public shall we say just yet.  There are many climatic events still to come before that momentous day in the near future now.  But for those that wish, eventually all the concentration on a specific day will find that the event would or will happen very close to the time you as humans on earth are ready to create this event.  As it is not just me that will move this planet into another focus or dimension as it is called.  It will be you and all the other humans on earth that will say, “we’re ready.”  Naturally, much of this will be done on a soul level, but it will take place because you’ve already decided millions of years ago that this event would take place. 


Someone on Myspace asked me the following questions.  If you’re on Myspace, post a bulletin suggesting that your friends read my blogs (Tom3344), which are reposts of my weekly newsletter.  

Theo, are there such entities as “side souls” someone asks?

No.  This refers to what could be considered guides.  Sometimes people attract entities that are lower vibrationally and attach themselves to those who allow drugs or alcohol to rule their lives.  Then, as we have discussed before the Cosmic Cops as Mr. Sutphen calls them must be called in to rid a person of these attachments.  But for all intents and purposes there are no twin souls or such, but everyone does have their main guides present to assist the Guardian Angel as you call us in assisting you throughout your life on earth.  

How much energy does a soul have?  And I will say a whole soul compared to a fragment like I am?

Tremendous energy Tom.  Your machines that measure energy would not only peak but would break as the normal soul is extremely powerful with tremendous amounts of energy.  Now the person that asked that question was really referring to a soul fragment having a life on earth.  You do have energy, but certainly tiny in comparison to your complete soul.  More sensitive machines are being developed that will one day more accurately measure the energy of the average human being.  

The same person Theo wants to know what sort of energy machines do other societies have?

That would take too long Tom., so let’s just take one or two.  Most of these societies use a form of magnetics, to keep this as simple as possible for your readers.  These machines create great energy, as your society will discover in the near future.  Tesla was the first, and as more researchers recognize this, more magnetic machines will be developed that will have hundreds of uses. 


Theo—how long will it take the world population to drop to 2 billion people?

Certainly it will take several hundred years Tom.  This does not happen overnight, although your shift of dimensions will assist to bring the population down significantly.    But there will still be a large number of people on the planet after this event, so things will be more benevolent and people will cease to have as many children, or none at all.  But it will take some time for this to happen. 


Theo, someone asked was Lincoln a collection of souls or just a fragment?

Lincoln was not an expression per say.  He was a fragment of a soul but a very old and ancient one if you will, that knew going in naturally what his soul contract would be regarding his death.  He became this icon for freedom and religious tolerance that is still felt today.  But he was not a collection of souls wishing to express themselves. 


Theo, if people today are doing Shamanic healing and rituals today, is this considered “old energy?”

Not in the least.  These practices honor the earth and Gaia.  Old energies would be defined from my side Tom as those that are restrictive and promote separation between humans and even between you and all the animals that are on earth to teach you about respecting every living thing down to the smallest animal and insect.  This planet has the greatest variety of any planet in the universe because it is used for teaching--a schoolhouse if you will for the Explorer Race to learn how to be creators. 


For all those who wish to read it, if you go to the website , you’ll find the unpublished book that I’ve been compiling since 2006.  Just click on the tab GREAT QUAKES at the top (the book should be posted by the time you read this).I was told I would find a publisher after certain other events happened, including someone that would come forward to reveal price fixing in the oil industry.  

That never happened, so perhaps the events I wrote about in the book, which I’ve been told would occur beginning in the last week of October, 2008, will not occur either.  Perhaps they are “potential events” for this time line that will remain strictly a potential, and not actual events.  

Still, I would regret the rest of my life (and probably never forgive myself) if I did not present to you the messages I received from Gaia, the soul of the earth, these past two years, if in fact they did occur.  

There are some good chapters in the book that can be utilized now or in the future.  The chapter on the effects on the United States contains information about how animals and birds react prior to an earthquake.  The chapter on what to pack is much more complete than any preparation list you’ll see, as I drew from several sources and added many more I thought of.  Anyone living in an earthquake prone area should use this list to have all you need in case you experience an earthquake.  I also have chapters proposing an evacuation plan for the west coast, and a chapter on the Red Cross with problems I found after taking a course in running a shelter.  I also proposed solutions to these problems.  

If you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

Tom T. MooreTom

Tom T. Moore


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