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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter and a special welcome to all my new subscribers across the world.  I suppose that everyone thought they would wait until my return from Europe to send me their Benevolent Outcome stories, as you will notice there are few in this issue, so I’ll guess I’ll go into detail about this portion of my trip to mostly sunny Cannes, France for the world TV market.

I’ll start at the first, with my flight from London’s Heathrow Airport on KLM with a change of planes in Amsterdam.  I made the mistake of forgetting to ask for a Benevolent Outcome for going through security and was stopped by a security guy and asked to put my roller bag in the metal form to see if it fit.  The wheels made it too long by about one inch or less and he made me run back to check the bag in at KLM, and I knew I had a problem because of the combined weight of the two checked bags, even though I was traveling business class. 

They said I was at my limit and were going to charge me 130 GBP (about $200) overage.  My only option was to run downstairs (along with my roller bag and briefcase) to a store at the far end of the terminal and buy a cloth bag to throw everything into.  Naturally by now I was requesting a Benevolent Outcome for the problem.  I bought the cheapest bag they had which was 15 GBP (about $24) and ran back upstairs and started transferring virtually everything in the bag over to the cloth bag.  I then attempted to check the small roller bag and it weighed a total of 4 kilos (8.8 pounds).  The supervisor said that they would have given me 2 kilos, but since it was 4 they were going to charge me 50 GBP ($80) for the overage.  I started taking literally everything out of the bag including tissues and putting it on the floor next to the bag.  The two supervisors were called away and the lady at the counter told me to quickly give her the bag before they returned and she checked it.

Next back to the security line and of course I requested a MBO.  The guy who had made me return to the airline counter let me up to the front of the line, even though he said KLM had not paid for “fast track.”  I made the flight with time to spare and had a pleasant chat with a lady to Amsterdam (naturally I requested a MBO for someone interesting to talk to).  I had a long layover in Amsterdam before taking the flight to Nice.

I had requested a MBO for my bags to come out quickly in Nice and they did come out in plenty of time to make the bus to Cannes, which was filled with people going to the TV market.  I had requested a MBO to sit next to someone interesting, and I wound up sitting next to the British chap I had sat next to on the plane from London to Nice last March!  We still may do some business.  He even dragged one of my bags to my hotel, as he was traveling very light.  I showed him where to pick up his badge on our way, as he did not have his yet, and I was able to pick up my Guide with everyone listed who was attending the market, so I did not have to return back to pick it up, a very nice MBO!

One problem I had before commencing my trip was that when the head of the New York Reed Midem office had left in May or June, the new people denied giving me a “Platinum” card which allowed me to have meetings in the VIP Club.  After 2006 my doctor said he didn’t want me to have the stress of having a booth or “stand” as they’re called in Europe.  I decided I could use the Buyers Club if needed, but requested a MBO when I twice emailed the head of the TV department at Reed Midem requesting the Platinum card.  I never received a response from her, so as I TRUST MBO’s to work PERFECTLY, I knew the Buyers Club would be best, and it was.  I met several buyers there that were not on my list of 60 appointments I had for the 4 days of the market and we had meetings either when there were no-shows for appointments, or in the few remaining times I had left.  Needless to say I was exhausted each night, as I didn’t leave until about 7:00 pm.  I did reconnect with the two young ladies from Canada I mentioned in a newsletter last year at the Buyers Club and they’re still requesting MBO’s. 

Monday night I was invited to a buffet dinner at the Majestic Hotel Beach and requested an MBO for someone to talk to.  I met an interesting gentleman by the name of Julius who does the PR for the World Music Awards each year in Monaco.   He says I should be drinking a glass of water each day with cayenne pepper, so I’ll have to investigate that.

I shipped a box weighing 17 kilos to Frankfurt, so I would not have to pay 10 Euros ($14.70) per kilo overage on Lufthansa.  Only problem is that UPS is not very cheap over here and I’m not saving a lot, even though I shipped Standard, which is supposed to be their ground. 

I’ve been doing a 45 minute walk the last two mornings all the way from my hotel to the end of the sea wall at the “new port” as they call it and back.  I walk along the Croisette before the sun is up, but still daylight.  It’s interesting to see all the big hotels that line the Cannes beach, but also the cruise ships that lie off shore and all the people preparing the restaurants that sit directly on the beach for the day. 

Much work and deliveries goes on, with the sidewalk is being washed each morning by the “city jet” crew with a small water truck that goes down the sidewalk with them, the garbage men picking up the trash in the bins that line the sidewalk, the crew building a large temporary structure on the beach, probably for a large party for the upcoming Duty Free Market in one week, walkers, joggers, and even a homeless man that sleeps against the seawall I walk on top of heading for the huge yachts at the end of the wall.  He’s a real character that feeds the birds and somehow fixes what appears to be tea, in a glass cup and saucer.  I say “bonjour” to him each day and he cackles a “bonjour” back to me.  He has clothes and lots of other things spread out on the huge boulders that lie against the walkway below the sea wall. 

I’ll be taking an early flight on Lufthansa to Frankfurt from Nice on Tuesday.  My main problem with next week’s newsletter is that I will still be attending the Frankfurt Book Fair in the morning and then hopefully jumping on a train for Munich that afternoon to catch a KLM flight from Munich to Amsterdam (the next day) and then all the way direct back to the DFW airport.  I hope to work on the newsletter on the train, but you may receive next week’s a day later.  Send me stories to make it easier, please!


This should be of interest to a lot of people.

Lynn from Oregon writes:  Hi Tom....  A couple of things...  One a fun MBO... 
I had to go in town, 6 mile drive, to get a flu shot before 1:30.  I am traveling to Iowa soon and wanted to make sure I got it and a week ahead of the trip.  So I also had to order something on line before I left... I had gotten home at 12:30 from apartment, so had to eat lunch and order before 1 pm, time I wanted to leave to make sure I was there before they closed.

It was through my husband's work, so free, and in the county courthouse.  So had problems with my ordering... Did not leave until 1:05 pm. I asked for a MBO to be there by 1:30 or earlier...Which should have been ok....but we live out of town and road can we slow and windy and you can behind some old fart...LOL, as I am one of those old farts... Or tourist coming from the beach with big trailer..or fisherman with boat...

So I am making great time, and then there it is...some  old fart..ha ha...driving 35 to 40 in 50 to 55 zone.. Behind them is a SUV dragging a boat, AND a big utility truck.... Oh well, I told myself, perhaps I was not supposed to get a flu shot...   So I just relaxed and went with the flow.  Lost the big truck at a turn off, but still had the other 2 ahead of me.  They did speed up a bit on the straight-away. 

So I pull up to the courthouse, jump out. It is 1:25 by my watch.  I still have my bum knee so can not run...  But could walk.  I knew just where to go and it was on the 2nd floor, lots of steps..  I got up there, and thinking in my mind how I know people who have been working for awhile like this and ready for a break would not like to see a me coming running up at last second.  There was a big ole clock, one of those classroom type, just has I walked in door...and it said 1:30 EXACTLY!  Time must have slowed down for me... And the 3 women nurses giving the shots, well they were happy to see me.  I told them I was so sorry and about getting stuck in traffic etc..  And how I had procrastinated also.  They had not started to put stuff away, and they told me... They were happy I came as they were all playing a numbers game, and I made 80, they wanted an even number!  Thank you GA's!!!!!!
Ok Next issue....  I sigh. This is not MBO but question for Theo or???  
I was in the doctor's office and it was quite crowded and longgg wait of course.  I was trying to read but lots of people and talking loudly so I had to listen to some anyway.   This one I really wish I had not heard... One older woman, probably in her 70's, leaned over to woman next to her, in her 50's I would say, and asked if she had heard about the possible tsunami that warnings were out about.   Lady answered yes, wasn't that scary.  And it was from the Earthquake in the Samoans.  First woman said, yes, but she was right, she did not think there would be one here because........are you ready..... Too many Christians live here.   And horrifying enough as that statement was, the other woman (I try to be patient with the older generation and their beliefs, but the 50 something lady??)  said, (both were talking softly, but by then I was tuned in, and they sat next to me so I heard the next part)  "Well, you know all these people dying like that in these natural disasters, seem to all be in those non Christian nations.  I think we are pretty safe because there are so many of us in the USA that are Christians." 

Both ladies gave each other knowing looks and then one noticed me staring at them... I have a hard time keeping my expressions neutral, has been known to get me in trouble, and I was probably looking a bit horrified and mad as a hornet.  I quickly looked the other way before my mouth, in a crowded room, took over.  I have learned that it would do not good what so ever to give them shit...  They would be very pious and pity me.   I wish I were a little more assertive, but ...  Am now venting.. I did vent to my husband and he was shocked and sickened.  

So that is my story, and my question is...  It does seem like when a great many souls leave it is in countries in the other hemispheres.    Yes, we have had our big disasters, as I wanted to tell them...but not the big losses some of these places are seeing...  Is there a good argument for these people who think we are blessed?  When the last big one hit... A couple years ago, one of the networks showed a preacher preaching that it was the will of God-- see how hypocritical they are... .   Any thoughts to ease my mind?   PS... My husband and I were in the parking lot of local store and walked by a car with fish on back and he says pointing it out to me, " oh look, it is a good thing they live here so we are protected from a tsunami!"

Well, both Theo and Gaia have been pretty expressive on this subject in the past.  Gaia says our time is coming for giant quakes—just not for a while.  And both have said that the Christian Bible had many things deleted in it when the Council of Nicaea wrangeled over what would and would not be included.  But I think, if he were alive today, Jesus would be saddened that his message of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FOR EVERY BEING had been interpreted that it was just supposed to be for those in your denomination. 

This discussion could go on for the rest of the newsletter, but suffice to say that there are still many people with these beliefs (ie. My religion is the only one and everyone else is going to hell or be destroyed) in EVERY religion.  Even the Christian religion has over 3,000 different sects all claiming that their interpretation of the Bible is the correct one.  As I have stated many times, my book was written for ALL FAITHS AND BELIEFS

In the future if you hear people talking like that whisper a Benevolent Prayer for them and/or send them light.  Lighten their being.  Those ladies are just ignorant, or perhaps repeating what some preacher said to them in a sermon. 


Jerry in New Mexico writes:  Thanks for all that you do for us. My question is:  Some channeled sources  talk of those that ascend to another dimension of Earthlife on a New Earth that is being prepared, leaving those not ready or wanting to ascend behind in this current reality. Others talk of this Earth being changed and cleared to become the New Reality for those ascending and the ones not participating will be moved elsewhere. Can Theo elaborate on this
Also, how do our family pets figure into our ascension? Do we continue a connection with them as in 3d or will we meet again later in the new dimension as an animal soul we've known and loved before?

Theo, Some channelers have said there is another earth being created for those ascending.  Your comments and how will our pets figure into this.

Yes, Tom.   Your pets will go through any ascension just as you will.  They will not be suddenly left behind wondering where their families disappeared.  Please understand that yes there is another world being prepared to have negativity, but that’s not for those ascending to the next focus.  You as a whole people are not going anywhere.  You will cross over into the next focus right here on earth.  It’s that ladder Tom I have described before.  You lightworkers shall we call you will lift the whole ladder.  You will bring all those that wish to come with you. 

That hasn’t ever been done before.  It is quite exciting for everyone to watch this take place, I can assure you.  As I have said before, parking is at a premium around this planet.  The anticipation is there, just as it is for your souls Tom.  Exactly how it will happen we will leave the details for another time as you approach that transition.  There has been wild speculation and some that are close to what will happen, but life must have some surprises Tom as I have said before. 


As I explained in the book, I started experimenting with requesting Benevolent Outcomes after reading an article channeled by Robert Shapiro about 14 years ago.  In this month’s Sedona Journal of Emergence! he channels Isis who says that people could say, “Things could be better for me.”  Now I’ve read this before from Robert and I think that my EXPECT GREAT THINGS TODAY mantra works better (go to the website and click on signs to print out the whole mantra).  I say that each day and it really works great, including on this trip with great surprises each day.

But I started thinking about using it for people with less than great memory like myself, so I’ve started saying each day, “My memory could be better, my memory is getting better, and my memory is better.”  I have noticed a little difference, so if you wish to experiment with this, let me know if you see any difference. 


OCTOBER 14-17—FRANKFURT BOOK FAIR—Promoting my two books and selling the foreign rights to my TWO books!

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So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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