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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the Newsletterworld. Please PAY IT FORWARD by sending this newsletter to a friend. And approach them on requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes. It will change their life. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.

Have you sent in a question to me that I never responded to? Sometimes I’m flooded with up to 400 emails in one day, so some questions get lost “between the cracks.” So feel free to “rattle my cage” if I don’t respond in, say, three weeks. I Minnesota Snowused that slang expression recently with one of my Russian clients in my film distribution business and they loved it. I wonder how it sounds in Russian?

Gaia, not too long ago, said for us to prepare for a harsh winter. It’s already snowing in places that don’t normally receive snow until early November, according to the National Weather Service. Winter-proof your house and buy fuel and heaters if you need them.

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others). This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


ChakrasAlan writes: Greetings Tom. I was told by my guide that we were going to a single chakra, and that all of the body chakras were to be joined together in the Heart Center. I was told that the energy was a Golden colour. This chakra was to be a swirling Galaxy of this Golden Light and that there was of no need of protection, as protection was fear based. This Sacred Heart Center was an energy that uplifted all energies that came into it. It is a Jesus said to exalt all to a higher vibration. My question is did I hear this correctly. Continuous Benevolent Outcomes. Love and Gratitude.

Theo, did you say one day we would have more chakras, the same, or combined into one?

They will never be combined into one during your earth lives, Tom. Certainly you will learn to align them and remove blockages so that the Kundalini energy freely moves up and down your spine. They will discover other chakras, which are not necessarily contained in the interior of your bodies. You are, after all, energy, and have no need to just have energy centers contained within.


CarvingDavid writes: Will you ask Theo for the newsletter, about the mysterious Buddhist statue apparently chiseled from a remnant of a meteorite from 15,000 years ago.

Gaia, how old is the statue or sculpture of the man carved from a meteorite, and what else can you tell me?

Certainly over the 1,000 years attributed to it, Tom. But it is not ancient, shall we say, either. It was just a unique carving using a piece of a large meteorite that fell. When the man who carved it saw the stone, he immediately knew it would have possibilities for his carving. Naturally the man is symbolized as having a beautiful aura. People, at that time, in some cases, had more of an ability to see auras than today, as there was not such a negative connotation as there was in later times.

So, to answer your question, it is older than 1,000 years, but not too much older than was estimated.


King SolomonIsabel writes: It is a blessing and a wonder that you are here. I wish to thank you for all your work and guidance. I wanted to contact you and Theo for a while but found that I was not sure what to ask.

I have been recalling lifetimes and I think fragments. I have not read all of your articles but in the past years whenever I do, they are right in sync. That is not a surprise, but it is.

I have a few questions:
1. Has King Solomon reincarnated on this earth or fragment of his soul for this time period.
2. The question of Jesus being an archangel soul begs me to ask, do archangels souls come to experience earth life? Then there is a certain purpose.
3. Jesus had a love, Mary, were they soul companions from the same place? Did they reunite?
4. Are there more from the celestial world that come to experienced earth life in form and take part of this time?
5. Was Alexander the Great's father really Zeus?
6. I find myself in a low vibration, sadness, in a financial conundrum and in a country where I know I do not belong and this urgency to reclaim things for my soul. Yet, there is this hope that someone, something is going to come and I will be free. For the past few months, I paved a path. Would it be too much for me to ask for a benevolent outcome? I say it out loud often.

Theo, is King Solomon incarnated at this time?

Definitely not, Tom. He chose not to be incarnated during this time period.

Do Arch Angels experience lives on earth?

In a way yes, Tom. Their fragments of themselves form clusters and they in turn have the normal cycle of 600 to 800 lives, with a few exceptions such as yourself that have a larger number of lives.

But, as we have discussed before, Jesus was the only whole soul to have a life on earth. All others are fragments of souls.

Alexander the GreatHow did the soul of Jesus choose Mary’s soul?

It was quite easy from this side, Tom. Her soul’s interest lies in religion and spirituality and her soul was quite compatible with the soul of Jesus. Naturally this was decided in an instant—no tryouts, shall we say, or great debate.

Theo, was Alexander the Great’s father Zeus?

No, Tom. That was a story to build up his image—a public relations job at that time. It helped create an aura that he was invincible.

Why wouldn’t you ask for MBO’s? You are worthy everyone!


Barbara writes: Really like the follow-ups on Jesus. Has Theo ever mentioned with why and what occurred with/to Jesus during the 40 days in the dessert? Have wondered about that since childhood. Thanks for sharing.

Jesus in the DesertTheo, what happened to Jesus during the 40 days in the desert?

Yes, you do not remember the story so much, Tom, but certainly he was tested by the dark forces and he sent them packing, shall we say. His training in the East served him well during these trials.

Tomas writes: Thank you for the additional information on Jesus. Would like to ask for the next newsletter what is the main teaching of Jesus specially the part that is most relevant at this time?

Theo, what is the main teaching of Jesus relevant to this time period?

Tom, this is an easy one to answer, as this was the theme of all his teaching—unconditional love. It was not just love your family, or those that have the same beliefs as you do. It is to love everyone, respect them, and know they are different for a reason—to experience life on earth in as many forms, or to have as many beliefs as possible, as your souls are all brothers and sisters. There is great love on the other side, I can assure you, between all these souls. There is no divisiveness. These are only man-made creations so as to experience these lives in all possibilities.

So, do your best to love one another—not just your friend, or those in your church or synagogue, or temple, or what have you. And someday you will achieve that, as you are raising your vibrational levels. Jesus was the Master of Love, and those who hate others for their skin colors, religion, political beliefs, etc. are not following his teachings. So, love unconditionally, and you’ll find your vibrational level will increase exponentially.

Now those are words to live by!

Cynthia writes: If Jesus was a whole soul and could time travel, did he ever travel to this time in our present time?

Theo, as you pointed out before, Jesus could time travel, so I’m asked if he ever time-traveled to modern times during the time he was alive on earth?

No, he did not, Tom.

Lee writes: Now, Tom, why did I think I would see something like this? Please ask Theo or Gaia if this is a fake or a cover-up. The answer will be interesting especially after your last newsletters concerning this very topic. Thank you

Dr. Karen King & PapyrusTheo is the papyrus fake that mentioned Jesus’ wife?

No, Tom. It is not a fake. Naturally the Vatican would come out with this statement, even though they have not examined it. It’s the proverbial knee-jerk reaction. They can’t put down this story, no matter how hard they try.

Charlene writes: Please ask about the Huguenots. I am descended from them and was told as a child they hid out for ages in caves with original Biblical writings while being hunted down by the Pope. It never made sense to me that they had original writings/teachings until learning through you that Jesus traveled to that area. Also history placed them in the 1500's associated with Luther and Calvin which again would not indicate original teachings either.

Theo, what if anything is the connection between the Huguenots and Jesus?

None, Tom. Other than their religious beliefs.

Marina writes: Could you please ask Theo if Marion Rosen (The inventor of the Rosen Method Of Body work) is a descendent of Jesus?

Theo, was Marion Rosen (inventor of the Rosen Method of body work) a descendant of Jesus?

No, Marion was not, Tom. A good person nonetheless.


AnnMarie writes: My questions to Theo:

Smiley Face OrbAre there any special areas where orbs seem to appear more, such as Sedona, Mt. Shasta, etc? If so, why?

Is there a reason that some orbs appear with vivid images or details, such as these smiling faces? [Photos were not clear enough.] Would these be more advanced souls that are able to show themselves?

Are Orbs wanting us to notice them and communicate with them?

I have always felt that the Orbs are who we are—energy--that can then take shape or form?

When we cross over then we all become these Orbs? Is that correct?

Jim writes: In all the pictures I have seen of orbs they appear to be flat like a disk. Are they round or three-dimensional?

Theo, are there separate staging areas for birds, insects, animals, or are they all mixed together?

Orbs over PeopleNo, they are not grouped together, Tom. As you guessed, each species has its own staging areas, although there are human souls that work with them as I previously mentioned.

So, are dogs and cats grouped together, or are there separate staging areas for them too?

Yes, there are separate staging areas even for these groups of souls, Tom. It is just so much easier to keep things straight as they are assigned birth mothers. This is a very hectic process, as you might imagine, but these souls volunteered to do this, and there are souls that volunteer to assist them, so it works.

How are the staging areas chosen—by an energy level or just by their locations geographically?

Good question, Tom. Certainly there has to be compatible energies in the area, but the choices are made somewhat geographically too. It really has to be a combination you see. Yes, it’s a little like a large company’s distribution centers spread out over North America. One staging area might cover a wide territory due to the lack of population of a certain species, where in other places there would be staging areas closer together as there would be many more of that species located in that region.

Smiley Face OrbWhy are some orbs photographed with smiley faces? Are they more advanced?

Again, Tom. They are just playing with the camera—you could say they’re being funny, as they do have the ability to make faces. They know people will really ponder about them if they appear to be smiley faces.

Do we all become orbs when we transition?

No, Tom. These orbs, of soul fragments having human lives, are acting as guides and therefore are in close contact with their charges. This is a specific service they are performing and this should not be confused or combined with what you experience when you transition.

Theo, are orbs round in appearance (3 dimensional)? They appear flat in photos.

They are round, Tom, but in the photos they do have a flat appearances, as their structure gives them that appearance. If you were to look at photos of hundreds or thousands of orbs you’ll see they do take on a ball appearance.

Do any of the rings on a more intricate orb signify how many lives they’ve lived on earth?

Not in that context, Tom. Certainly it does show the vibrational level they are working from, but this will take many, many years for your scientists to figure this out. Someone will come along that will study photos of orbs –blowing them up and will start seeing what is the same and what is different. Then you will begin unlocking the secrets of the orbs. Nice question, Tom.

Now there’s a project for someone!


ClockAntura is my soul “cluster” brother on another planet. Theo introduced him to me one day. You may wish to read all the newsletters listed in the SERIES below regarding him. I hope to make it a book one day. A word of explanation: Normally I’ll arise at 5:30 am in order to meditate at 6:00 am until 7:00-7:15 am. But I awoke at 6:03 am and wasn’t sure I would have time. I almost decided to cancel, but as I did not have too many questions, I decided to use what I term a "short version" of dropping into an alpha state.

Now I wish to speak to Antura, Theo.

Antura here, Tom. Arriving in a rush shall we say?

I didn’t think you rushed at all Antura, as you are always relaxed it seems when we talk. I’m the uptight one pushing to get in all my questions in limited time.

True, but on this occasion you decided to meditate even though you awakened late. It’s one of those free choice decisions that was not totally expected.

Sorry to throw everyone off today.

That’s perfectly fine, Tom. It is my job to be available when you wish to speak to me.

ET SpacecraftAntura, were you provided with spaceships when you began to travel as a people?

Yes, Tom, but that was a stage a little farther along, shall we say. First came our eventual friends from the other planets in our star system. They came in peace and we were quite impressed with their advancement, as we were the “new kids on the block,” I believe you say. We came to the Sirius B system after almost all the others had been long established—and I mean LONG, Tom.

So, when we developed to the point where, say, a couple of thousand years earlier than you are, in comparison, then they began to visit and offer us any assistance in moving forward at a much faster rate. Naturally we accepted their assistance and that led to them picking up some of our representatives and taking them to the other planets in our star system to study and learn. This was, not counting some “joy rides,” as you call them, around the planet, our first foray into space.

Then certainly as we grew in understand and knowledge, eventually they were teaching us how to handle a spacecraft, albeit small ones similar to the scout craft we have today.

Then, yes, we were loaned these craft for our trips to the nearby planets, so they would not have to come and pick us up each time.

Antura, is this common? Did they portal hop or just travel at whatever normal speed the craft were capable of?

No, already at that time everyone had the knowledge of portal hopping, Tom, and the craft were capable of doing this. So, unless we were taking some of our people on those “joy rides” around the planet, we used the portal hops ourselves.

MothershipAntura, on a long voyage on a mother ship, does the ship carry provisions for everyone stored in the bowels of the ship, or are they manufactured by certain machines, I’ll call them, on board?

A very good question, Tom. We do have machines capable of producing any food item you can imagine or not imagine on the menu for each species of travelers. And, I will add, you cannot really tell the difference, as these machines or devices are perfect reproducers of the foodstuff.

OK, that’s all the questions I have today. Now you can get back to whatever activity you were doing.

Thank you, Tom.

So readers, can you think of the “fill-in-the-gap” questions I’ve already thought of for my next session?


Naturally being the curious sort, I tried to obtain more information from Gaia, but as you’ll see, she’s tough on giving me any information on my soul contract.

Next PhaseGaia, I really think you like to tease me when you give me just a peek at my future, knowing I will ponder over it. So, what would be considered my “second phase” of my work? I didn’t know there were phases—only a less than stellar accomplishment of what I set out to do regarding MBO’s.

Actually, Tom, you have accomplished exactly what we knew you would accomplish when you began. You may not be able to see your work, but we can from this side and it has made a difference in many people’s lives and has helped raise their vibrational levels. Regarding the second phase it will be quite different, yet in a way the same. You would not wish me to give you all the answers, would you?


But as you have been told before, Tom, then you have no surprises. I can tell you this: you will be quite pleased at the turn of events which will assist you in converting many more people to using and requesting MBO’s. You will reach a much greater audience than you have in the past. It will seem as if this happens overnight, but as you know in your entertainment business, stardom shall we say, takes a lot of work.

So, will it be after earth events?

Yes, Tom. I will say that it will be somewhat tied to these coming events, which I realize you are a little skeptical regarding them actually occurring. But they will.

OK, anymore hints?

No, what I am telling you is to just be patient. There is nothing you specifically have to do to cause the 2nd phase to begin. It will begin or make its appearance on its own.


Keshe FoundationCindy writes: Question: Is this the kind of technology I believe Gaia (or Theo) has talked about that we need to move toward? I found it very interesting.

Theo, is the Keshe Foundation making progress on what they claim?

Yes, Tom. There are good-hearted people involved here and their plans to share their inventions and patents with the world are genuine. They will make a great difference in the world.


Lee writes: I have a beautiful MBO to share. My husband and I took our Bongo Antelopegrandson to Busch Gardens for the day. The day before we left I asked for an MBO for a fun-filled day and for an unforgettable experience with the animals. Well, we stopped at the Animal Care Center just in time for them to bring in a pregnant female bongo (a type of antelope) in distress. They had her sedated and needed to remove a mass in the birth canal so she could deliver her baby. After removing the mass the doctor delivered the baby himself. It was amazing to watch. Unfortunately the baby did not survive but the mother will be fine. It was an unforgettable moment and my grandson was able to understand the life process in a way that wasn't frightening to him. He asked a few questions during and after and we said a little prayer for the baby's guardian angel to keep her safe. It truly was an unforgettable experience.


Rick writes: I have a couple of MBOs for you. As you know, I have written a screenplay that is in development. The producer is putting together a crowd funding video for the website, in order to raise seed money, which in turn will give us financing to pursue fundraising through venture capital, private investors, etc., as well as allow us to attend conventions to pitch to studios and distributors.

Video ProductionLast week, I needed to record two interviews from broadcasting professionals that I worked with over the course of my career. One is a recognizable sportscaster on network television. The other is a state legislator here in NJ who has done battle with our very controversial governor. The sportscaster lives within 2 miles of a state university with a baseball stadium that they share with a minor league baseball team. The professional and courteous thing to do is to contact the athletic director and ask permission to use the facility. She refused to let us in the ballpark, even went so far as to say the team was practicing on the date and time we needed the park. Keep in mind we only needed it for 20 minutes.

I was not deterred. I set the date and time anyway. The broadcaster and I had a back up plan in case the campus police kicked us off the campus. Prior to my trip (it's 90 miles for me), I said an MBO, requesting that we be able to shoot the interview freely and willfully. While we did not enter the stadium, we found a nice spot outside the main gate. It took the sportscaster 20 minutes to get his interview to the point where he was comfortable with it, but we got it. The shot was nice (I must pat myself on the back!) and the best part was that nobody bothered us. No campus police, no curiosity seekers. Nothing. What we both noticed though was that we never heard any indication that a practice was taking place in the ballpark. The AD simply didn't want to bother with us. Sigh.

The latter case, the legislator, took 5 months to get to sit down. He owns a sound stage in NJ near Philadelphia. I said an MBO for a great interview in an ideal location. Since the sound stage was available, we did the interview there, even using some of the lighting that he rents out to production companies...for free! A great interview!

I've had problems with my video camera in the past, so I always say an MBO for it to function properly, and it does so impeccably. The producer is pleased with my work as a videographer/field producer.


People with DisabilitiesCrystal River writes: I would like to know more about the negative rhetoric and the benefit changes that are facing the disabled and the chronically sick right now. A lot of people are feeling scared. Are there any signs that things are going to improve, and what can we do in the disability community to turn things around?

Thank you for sharing what you learn with us.

Theo, what is the future for assistance from the U.S. government for those with disabilities?

Much better than these people think, Tom, at this time. No one is going to take their assistance away. There may be some changes in how it is administered, but the actual assistance will be continued.


Theo, weren’t there pyramids already when my “flock” and I migrated from Atlantis to Egypt back 12,000 plus years ago?

Yes, Tom, there were. But there was also knowledge of what their actual use was, not only as beacons out to the universe, but also for healing.


BabylonCynthia writes: Is this the God of the Muslims? Is he a really violent god of the ancient Babylonians? Is this why the Middle East is still so violent, because they worship a violent, jealous God that is not the same God of the Christians?

Theo, does Allah derive from the Babylonian god, Alla?

No, Tom. Names were simpler back in that time period, so that was a fairly common name—Alla. It did not morph, shall we say, into Allah—at least not in the connection it was asked.

I think this is just another story put out there to divide people.


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THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—MAY 30-JUNE 13, 2009; JULY 11; JULY 21, 2012; JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012,


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