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Good day everyone and welcome to The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to everyone that signed up this past week!  We have a lot of stories this week, so enjoy!  Please forward this newsletter to your friends.  

Jeanne writes:  I had decided, after reading your articles a few times in the Sedona Journal, to finally check out your Web site.  It was at this time we were preparing to go on an Alaskan cruise this past July.  I had ordered and received your book, but did not have a chance to start reading it before the trip, nor did I remember to even pack it!  I was just beginning to get used to requesting most benevolent outcomes and did them a little sporadically.  Anyway, while on our trip, my sister, who loves to play bingo, invited me to join her.  Past experience for me in any bingo games was always losing and she would invariably win something.  Our first day and game, she won $100.00.  At some point, but I can’t remember the exact day, I requested a MBO (Most Benevolent Outcome) to win at bingo while on the trip.  Well, I went to each game each day.  The third day, my husband joined us and in the jackpot game he won $250.00. 

The final day came and the jackpot had not been won.  The fact that I had not won at all was not surprising to me, but I still enjoyed the game.  The jackpot game came, and of course the number of people had multiplied since the money had to be given away!  As I sat there numbers were being called and none of my cards looked promising.  All of a sudden though one card started to gain in the numbers called, and lo and behold I was down to one number left with about 3 other people.  And then it happened,  # 71 was called, and that was mine!!  I won $2,000.00.  Now here comes the most amazing synchronicity to all of this!  Upon returning home, I started reading your book.  Your chapter on bingo was very similar to my experience on my Alaskan cruise, and the page that this story was printed on …. # 71 !!!!!!!  My winning number!  I sat and laughed and thanked the angels over and over for all that they did.  I now request MBO’s on a regular basis and know that everything works out for the best.
Thank you for your book, your newsletter, and all the wonder information you give us.  I have forwarded your newsletter to my friends.  This wonderful circle of MBO’s must be growing very large!

What great synchronicity!  And as a reminder, as I wrote in the book I won half of an $8,400 Bingo pot on the last day, just as Jeanne did. 


Thelma writes:  Greetings, I must tell you that I am so grateful that I was introduced to your book. I have not veered from using the MBO daily. I must share this great experience with you and the team.
I was requested to do some routine medical tests and to be candid that even though I know I needed to do them. I was still nervous. Well I did do them, with the request of the MBO and most of them came back good with exception of a small cyst in the kidney, which is not a threat. Well I had to do a mammogram which I had not done since 1999 - shame on me, but I was not ready for any disturbing news. The report came back reporting calcifications in both breasts. This I had known before and that had me concerned. The lab then requested my return as they did not have any record of my last visit in 1999. My daughter, who is a very meticulous Doctor, was able to produce the written report of 1999 and demanded that they find the Xray films. At this time I am now due to do a more in depth mammogram for comparison. This had me more shaken although I had my daughter's full support.

I must however joyfully report that I repeated my MBO's for them to find their records and not find any change in 9 years, while on my way to repeat the mammogram yesterday. I got to the lab, with the staff fully alerted by my daughter. I dressed down ready to go, when a technician came out and apologized for my having to return and told me to dress and go as they had found the films and the Doctors had gone over it and there was no change since 1999.
I will be forever grateful to you for sharing the MBO’s.


Karin in Ontario writes:  I would like to share my recent experience with a MBO. ----Two weeks ago I wanted to trim tree branches in my garden. These were very low but of different sizes. Being alone at the time, I mustered the courage to sever a branch approx. l" in diameter by myself. Well, I just did not have the strength in my arms, so I paused and requested a MBO for help cutting this branch. I waited about 2 minutes or so, then tried again. This time my shears were like cutting through butter. I was pleased and amazed at this.  Thank you for your help and I really do enjoy reading your weekly newsletters.

Karin also asked about what benevolent outcomes to request to lose weight.  I think there are various Benevolent Outcomes to request.  You can request a MBO for the PERFECT WEIGHT for you; you can request MBO's to find the best diet plan for your body; you can request a MBO to be filled without gorging.  I'm sure there are others that you will think of—requesting MBO’s to eat reasonably when you go out for dinner and to choose the right foods in the grocery store.
For me, Weight Watchers was the best.  I learned portion control.  Earlier this week my wife and I went to lunch at the Olive Garden restaurant with a couple of friends that were in town.  We both had learned long ago to split the serving in half BEFORE starting to eat.  Then you know how much you're going to eat, and that's all, as the rest will become dinner that night or the next night.  You know you can't shorten the next serving, so you just eat the half.  Then I also discovered that peppermint candies only have about 1/3 a Weight Watcher's point, so I could have 3 for desert and that took so long to suck on and chew that if felt like a whole regular desert.  Weight starts dropping fast when you portion control and count points. 


Both in the book and in the newsletter I’ve discussed how we can manipulate time to a certain extent.  For those of you new to the newsletter, as an example you’re running late for an appointment at 2:00 pm and it’s already 1:30 pm, and it takes 40 minutes or so to get there, you can say, “I request a compression of time until 2:00 pm, thank you!”  You’ll normally arrive a couple of minutes early.  

So Kelly writes:  I wanted to share a compression of time request incident I experienced yesterday morning.  I was headed to work and noticed that I was running a bit later than usual as there was road construction every possible route I could have taken.  I decided to request a compression of time and decided on the specific time when I would arrive at work to be by 8:07 am.  That essentially meant I'd make it to my office by 8:10 with 20 minutes to prepare for the day..thus the seemingly strange time I chose, in case you were wondering.  Well, I intentionally avoided looking at the clock and noticed a last minute switch of route that seemed "right" and took it.  I arrived at the building I work in but for some reason, I turned into the wrong parking lot.  I hadn't parked in that one in 2-3 years.  Why I turned in there, I couldn't imagine.  Then I looked at the clock and realized why.  It was 8:06 am and the time it took me to pull out of that lot and go around the building to my usual lot was precisely the time it took for my clock to read 8:07am sharp!  I chuckled aloud as I realized specifics are honored!  I could have stated "by 8:07 or earlier" Maybe next time!


Linda asked about crystal skulls.

Theo, will any more crystal skulls be found and what are their significance?

No other crystal skulls will be found in your lifetime Tom, nor for quite a long time.  Yes eventually one or two more will turn up so to speak.  But that is the full contingent shall we say for the time being.  They were of course used in religious ceremonies of that time period.  They did of course symbolize man and their belief in their creator.  These skulls do have memories which will be tapped one day in the future that will give an amazing, interesting account of life back thousands of years and they do record all that goes on around them even up to this day.  But their primary use was as religious symbols used by the priest caste of that day. 


Val writes:  I have just returned from Slovenia.  To start, 4 of us were traveling together. I was the only one that had Speedy Boarding on this cheap airline flight. My friends said that the extra I had to pay was useless as they had traveled many times with this airline and loads of people pay for the privilege of getting on first.  I did the usual requesting the MBO and surprise, surprise, there were only 5 of us boarding first and guess what--I was able to get the front row seats, and one friend sat next to me and the other two got seats behind.  

Coming back I did the same procedure, as there were 5 of us traveling together and this time there were many more people with Speedy Boarding!  I was again allowed to board first, and sat in the front row, and unbelievably none of the seats around me got taken, and so even though my friends were well down in the queue, we all sat together.  Thank you so much for telling me about requesting MBO’s.


On Monday I received a call from a friend who said a guy running a $125 billion fund had told him Joe Biden would withdraw on October 4 due to health reasons in order for Mrs. Clinton to take his place. He asked me to check it out with my Guardian Angel Theo in meditation. I did and here was what I received:

Theo, there is a report that Joe Biden will withdraw from the Presidential race October 4 or thereabouts and Mrs. Clinton will be chosen to replace him. Is there any truth to that report, and I’ll try and step aside for your answer?

Yes Tom there is some truth to that report. Yes you are receiving me correctly. Yes it will be quite an interesting October –nothing like this has ever been seen before, as you can imagine. But certainly if he decides to withdraw, and remember this is free will, she will be chosen to replace him. There are much machinations behind the scenes as you can imagine, so there are potentials as you like to say, but nothing that is written in stone yet—at least regarding Mr. Biden.

I was surprised at that answer, as I had expected to hear that it was just a rumor.  Later Tuesday, I was negotiating a contract for a Junior Brown concert (he invented the dual neck guitar) with a guy at a DVD company and mentioned the rumor. He Googled "Joe Biden withdrawl" and came up with a story in the Los Angeles Times that was posted a few hours before, saying it was a persistent rumor on the internet and even included a short video of him lauding Mrs. Clinton. If you wish to read the story the link is:

What’s interesting is that I keep being told Mrs. Clinton will be President and I absolutely could not see how that could ever happen.

Then I asked this Friday morning:

Theo, I don’t “feel” that Joe Biden is going to withdraw.  Your comments?

Yes he has made the decision to stay.  That will be unfortunate for him, but that is the way these events happen.    So other events will take place that are less benevolent.

Theo, if somehow Mrs. Clinton suddenly becomes the Presidential Candidate, will she choose her husband as her running mate VP?

Not necessarily Tom, but that has not been ruled out.  You’ll see.


Gaia, we’ve been told that the Lemurian people, who live at a slightly different “focus” in Mt. Shasta will soon be visible—that goes back even to our trip to Mt. Shasta a couple of years ago.  When will that happen, as it sounded eminent then, and also are they already visible to the upper 4 time lines?

They are not yet quite visible to the upper time lines as you call them.  They will, as you have guessed, see them first, but it has not been deemed the time for them to make their appearance known, at least not publicly.  They will, as was the case during your trip, will come in ones and twos and explore the world and allow themselves to be seen by a few people to continually keep everyone talking about them, at least in the Mt. Shasta area.  

So how long will it be?  

Perhaps another 2 to 3 years.


This week I read a really interesting story in the National Geographic magazine about a group of Neanderthal skeletons found in a Spanish cave.  They had been eaten, but the bones were well preserved when the floor collapsed.  It intrigued me enough to ask more questions, as the archeologists estimated the population of Neanderthals at only 15,000.

Theo, What was the world population of the Neanderthals?

Well over one million Tom.  Much more than the archeologists have estimated.  It had to be that large a group as part of the experiment with that type of humanoid body you see.

So who created them?

Yes, your friendly Arcturians, Tom.  They wanted to see how a muscular humanoid would adapt to primitive conditions.  Remember they were a warrior race at one time.

So did they wear garments of any kind?

Yes, they kept themselves warm with furs and such.  There ski was a little thicker, so they did not need much insulation.

Were they cannibalistic?

Quite so.  This is something that is not unheard of even with homosapiens with numerous instances over thousands of years Tom.  It did also contribute to their demise, as the population could not flourish when so many were being killed by their own kind.

Did the Atlantians encounter the Neanderthals, since they seemed to be alive at the same time?

Yes and no, Tom.  They were alive at the same time, but the Atlantians left them alone, as they were a more primitive native people and quite rough around the edges shall we say.  They would just as soon tried to murder and eat the Atlantians, so they were left to their own devices.

Was there any interbreeding with the homosapiens?

Not too much.  They looked on them as a food source.

What else did they eat?

Almost anything that you could put in your stomach Tom.  They were hungry most of the time, as they required a lot more food to satisfy or to feed that bulky, stocky body—as the anthropologists and archeologists have deduced, they had to eat twice as much each day as compared to a homosapien.  

Will we encounter a version of these people in our travels to the stars?

A little different version Tom, and not violent at all. 


A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that The Gentle Way is a great book to give your friends and family for Christmas (or birthdays and other religious holidays).  The book changes lives!  I said I would remind you every two weeks or so up to mid-December.  

JJ Winston wrote the following review of my book on
This book delivers more than promised. I love the suggestions and to prove it I have purchased and given away 10 copies. I ask for MBOs for everything I do and it works every time. It's not just for getting good parking spaces, use it on any situation that might be difficult or when you want to be sure a situation will be resolved in your favor. Of course, you need to be open to the outcome, the angels don't always see things the way you do and your request may turn out a little different than you expected. Upon reflection, you realize that the outcome really is the best that could have happened.

So to order from Amazon USA, the link is: click here.
To order from Amazon UK, the link is:  click here.
To order from my publisher, Light Technology, the link is:  click here.
Or order from your local bookstore.  The more people that order, the better chance the stores will start stocking them. 

If you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

Tom T. MooreTom

Tom T. Moore


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