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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all our new subscribers to this free newsletter around the world.  I’m in merry ole’ England right now, and will be headed tomorrow to Cannes, France for the twice per year world TV market.  After that I’ll head for Frankfurt, Germany on October 13 for the Frankfurt Book Fair—the largest one in the world.  Besides having recently already sold the German publishing rights to my first book, I have strong interest already from France, Italy and Greece.  Requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) are going to spread much faster around the world. 

I requested a MBO for an interesting person to sit next to on the plane, and lo and behold I sat next to a gentleman from Henley-on-Thames who works in Houston and was returning for a vacation there.  He was astonished!  I also requested a MBO for my luggage to be out first and one bag was in the top 5 and the other in the first 20.  The lady at the B&B I’m staying at in Henley also picked me up at the airport, so I didn’t have to lug 3 pieces of luggage to a bus or train. 

Amanda, a psychic healer in Henley, tracked me down in the middle of Henley as I was walking around exploring the town.  We had lunch together and she and another gentleman from Australia (living in the UK now) are planning a 6 program series on psychic healing for broadcast.  I’ll have lunch with him on Monday in Cannes.  Not sure if that will go anywhere, but “stay tuned.”

Now for this week’s many topics.  Enjoy, and forward this newsletter to your friends!


Medreth, who translated my book into Spanish writes:  About 3 weeks ago I requested a MBO on getting an iMac 24 computer.

There is now an iMac 20 setting on my desk. My wife's nephew bought a new iMac and sent his old one to me (2 years old and just like new). It's a 20" but a 24" would have been too large. Go figure!  GAs are smarter than I.


Penny writes:  I am writing to tell you of a benevolent outcome we experienced.
Our minivan was acting up terribly when we drove it one rainy day last week.  After we got past a few blocks, the trouble stopped.  My husband was on vacation, so he had the time to get the car checked out.  He then told me it had been acting up for several months but not that badly.  We left it at the shop the night before it was to be worked on,
and I asked for a Benevolent Outcome "for the mechanic to be able to know exactly what was wrong with it, and for us to be able to fix it within our means." 

The shop had a new mechanic who was very good.  As soon as my husband told him "It acts up when the weather is wet", he said "I know what it is!" and went right to the distributor cap and spark plug wires and then couldn't believe his eyes.  He said he did not know how our car could have even been running at all, the pieces were so worn and melted.  I know why it was still running - because they had to keep our car running until he was on vacation and he had time to fix it.  And the bill?  We had figured we didn't have more than $250.00 to spend, and the bill was $256.00.
Our car runs very much better now, and I told my husband what I had requested.


Jan in Vermont writes:  A few weeks ago I requeted and MBO for the perfect wood to burn in my wood stove, may it be better than I could hope for or expect.

It’s starting to get cold here in Vermont and I was thinking how nice it would be to have a cozy fire.
Yesterday I was doing the dishes and heard a car door shut out in my driveway.  I looked out the window and a neighbor of mine, Barb, had pulled her truck up to my garage and she had a load of dry, beautiful firewood, cut to the perfect size for me.  I now have enough wood to burn for at least a month.  I appreciate the wood that I have and I’m already feeling appreciation for the wood that will be coming!

I have now put in a request for the perfect new wood stove.  I’ll keep you posted!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And thank Barb’s Guardian Angel for assisting your GA with the MBO request. 


Laurie writes:  Recently I had two MBOs that can be described as "star sightings".
Number one was being able to see the International Space Station zip by overhead like a very fast-moving star. I wasn't certain I was going to be able to see its transit because of hazy local cloud cover and the low angle of passage in the night sky, so I asked for an MBO to catch even a glimpse.  I watched diligently for the few minutes the space station was supposed to be visible.  Nothing.  But then, my glance strayed to a whole other quarter of the sky, and there it was! I had been looking for it in the wrong place.  I never would have seen it if not for the MBO.

Number two was a star sighting of the celebrity kind.  I recently attended a major sci-fi convention in Atlanta, and one of the guests was a famous Star Trek actor.  I knew he was going to be there, so before I left for the convention I asked for a little MBO that maybe I could meet him in passing--maybe at a restaurant or other casual setting. 

Well, at the awards banquet, I ended up sitting (at random, no reserved or assigned seating) two tables away from said celebrity (the "restaurant" setting).  Plus, as he was escorted to his table he turned his head and looked straight at me.  There was no reason for him to do that except for my little MBO.  I met his gaze and gave him a thumbs up gesture of thanks and approval.  And then he winked at me in acknowledgement.  As soon as it happened I knew that was the "meeting in passing" part of my MBO.  That small encounter meant a lot to me.  So thank you guides and guardians!

MBOs happen all the time.  All you have to do is ask.

Laurie has been requesting MBO’s for some time, so she has had many Benevolent Outcomes.  I think one or two are in the NEW book—THE GENTLE WAY II, available for pre-orders now by calling Light Technology on their toll free number 800-450-0985. 


Erika in Australia writes:  Hi Tom.  We keep using MBO's and find them to be very wonderful. In my readings I tell people about them when I feel guided to so that they can change their outcomes. I also ask for MBO's for each reading too. Do you have a MBO I could use for doing readings--just wondering?  I share all of this as much as I can on the internet so others can benefit too. It’s definitely working with the Law of Attraction and aligning you with the universe, being a cocreator with the Divine.
The other Saturday when the footy grand final was on here In Melbourne we were thinking of going to a large shopping centre to do a few things but we still weren't motivated. So I said a few MBO's for going to Knox City centre or not and we finally got going. Well we got so many benevolent outcomes from going despite the awful weather -cold windy rainy- too many to mention. One was we went to the library there and on the shelf was An Abraham - Hicks DVD called Abraham The Secret Behind The Secret so we got it even though we weren't aware what a find it was; we watched it that night and it was the best DVD and really made a great evening of sharing and enlightenment. Listening to Abraham got me thinking about you and Theo as she described her journey with Abraham and the information that comes thru.

We also found a mobile phone stand at the centre that had all the carriers and phone deals so we could get the magazine and peruse all of the mobiles and company offers saving us a lot of time and effort . So thank you to all my guardian angels, spiritual masters who assist me for all my wonderful outcomes and to everyone who shares about MBO's and thank you Tom.

Before a reading you could say,  “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for receiving the information for this person that will be the best guidance for them, and may the results be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!”  You can insert the person’s name there if you wish. 


Gerry writes:  Enjoy your newsletter and look forward to it every week.  Perhaps you saw on the news the extensive flood damage in the counties around the Atlanta area.  It was so quick and unexpected.  I live in a basement apartment in my daughter and son-in-law's house.  The night before the flood (it had been raining for several days) I noticed a squishy feeling in the carpet at the entrance to my bedroom.  I walked out into the foyer and the floor was squishy there too.  I opened the door to the garage and saw the entire garage floor covered with several inches of water that was seeping into my area.  I shut the door and put towels and blankets at the door and also the entrance to my bedroom to soak up the water.  I immediately requested an MBO to get rid of the water and also asked for a circle of protection around the house. 

It continued to rain extremely hard all that night, but the next morning when I walked into the foyer there was no squishy feeling.  When I opened the door to the garage, the floor was dry.  Don't know where the water went, but I was very grateful it was gone, especially when I saw on the news, the extensive damage that was done to homes and streets in our county and neighboring counties (40% of all homes in a neighboring town were destroyed or damaged). 

I would ask that your readers ask any and all beings for assistance for all those who lost their homes, jobs and businesses in this flood.   Also would appreciate your asking Theo or the earth soul if there was any particular reason this happened at this time.

For everyone, here are two Benevolent Prayers—one for the flood victims on the East Coast and one for the Tsunami and earthquake victims in Indonesia:

“I ask that any and all beings assist the flood victims on the East Coast of the United States in the most Benevolent way possible, thank you!”

“I ask that any and all beings assist the victims of the earthquakes and Tsunamis to receive assistance and aid that they need in the most Benevolent way possible, thank you!

I decided to ask Gaia several questions about the weather.

Gaia, you haven’t changed the weather patterns for the southern part of the United States yet, have you?

Yes Tom, I have changed the weather patterns somewhat this year and you will find this to be a permanent change.  I want this portion of my world to be more lush and tropical.  Naturally it cannot happen completely until I take the mountains down on the west coast as I have described before to you,  but these changes will be permanent, yes. 

Gerry wants to know why there was such a deluge in Georgia and the east coast and I’ll add in Texas and the Gulf States.

There was a need in many of those places for rain, as there were drought conditions—some even severe, as you know Tom.  As I was able to change the weather patterns I was able to combine systems in the Gulf of Mexico as you call it and the weather patterns from the north so that there were copious amounts of rain.  Yes there was flooding, but keep in mind that I also serve you humans who have soul contracts to experience floods and other natural disasters as you call them, so I work hand in hand with your souls.  This is all part of your learning process you see that your souls require, as you are junior creators in training. 

So the weather patterns for the southern part of the United States will stay as they are now, but perhaps with not the same enormous amounts as recently happened?

Quite so.  Still there will be occasionally flooding Tom, as again your souls require it.


Gaia, you said the last earthquake that struck Indonesia was the one that you had said would happen, yet this latest earthquake that spawned a smaller tsunami seemed more destructive and you did not mention that one.  Will there be other large earthquakes in that region in the next three months and any with tsunamis?

Yes there will be one or more large earthquakes in that region Tom that will occur in the next 3 months that will be over the 7.8 level as reported on your instruments.  Your reception at the time I mentioned the first earthquake was such that I felt you could handle me mentioning one, but possibly not two.  I must move the crust --the mantle of the earth and there will come a time Tom when it will be very difficult for humans to live in that area. 

Now a question about the fires in California.  There was the very large fire in the Los Angeles area recently.  Will there be larger fires in this area during the upcoming fire season or was this the largest one they will see?

Good question Tom.  No this will be the largest one, but there will be others that in combination will be as destructive if not more so to the residents in this region.  I want these people off the coast and out of this area before I cause the mountains to lower in that region as you may have guessed.  This is my form of warning that it is not safe to live in this area.

Will you give any or cause any smaller earthquakes in this area or region as a warning Gaia?

No, only the fires Tom.  I must build up pressure over time so that I can lower these mountains in one action shall we say—one event.  The fires assist me in causing people that are supposed to leave to leave.  Those that don’t may I remind you, may have soul contracts to experience these upcoming earthquakes, just as those people did to experience flooding on the east coast.  I work with your souls obviously well in advance of these events so that they can plan lives for these people to experience these destructive events as part of the soul’s gathering of knowledge and experience.


Theo, Galimir in Prague asks about Tesla’s energy box—the one that’s about 24 inch long or so, which powered a car.  Will those plans be found and if so when?

This is a little complicated Tom.  Yes those plans exist, but the people that have them do not wish to make them public anytime soon.  It would destroy or rather radically change the need for engines, naturally oil, and there are many who have great wealth that do not wish to see this device be used. 

But on the bright side shall we say, those days are rapidly fading and you are entering the time period where so secrets can be kept.  This will certainly be kept secret as long as possible, but the handwriting is on the wall shall we say.  Tesla’s inventions will see the light of day again Tom in the not too distant future.  And it will quite interesting to see who held this information back from the general public for so long.  So stay tuned shall we say. 

Well Galimir wasn’t satisfied with that answer, so here are more questions:

Theo, Galimir wants to know when will the Tesla device or plans become public—1, 2, 5, 10 years or when, and also where.  Plus he asks why can’t someone access these plans in the Akash or even speak to the soul fragment that was Tesla and get the plans that way.  Your comments.

Yes, first I will address the Akash question and the soul fragment.  Yes the information is in the Akash, but at this time there is no engineer that meditates who would be able to glean the information.  Remind Mr. Galimir that it takes a person well versed not only in this type of engineering, but also one that is able to channel this information, as it is very technical, although it seems very simple on the surface.  If it were that simple, other inventors would have been given the same knowledge. 

Mr Tesla was well ahead of his time—a genius that will be honored more in the future than at the present time.  In the future many more people will meditate and contact spirit as you and others do Tom and it will not seem so weird to the general population as it is now.  Galimir should began practicing what he preaches and should begin to meditate himself.  He will find it very beneficial to his work and interests.

Now when will this information surface again?  Certainly in the next 10 years or less, but no exact date has been set.  It does depend upon your vibrational level and it could be longer or shorter, depending upon you as a population.  Remember that a few hundred thousand people can move the whole ladder Tom, so the more people that request MBO’s the faster the ladder will move. 


I keep thinking of more questions to ask about portals (I know Theo is whispering in my ear).

Gaia, back to the subject of portals, does every planet in our solar system have one or more portals?

Yes Tom, exactly.  They all have portals just as the earth does.

Does each planet have as many as earth does?

No.  They are not a main hub shall we call it as earth is.  Some only have one or two and others have a number, but not 60 plus as earth does.

So a planet like Mars—how many portals would it have?

A few—less than 10 but more than the one or two you thought it might have.

So when someone wishes to visit Mars they don’t really have to come through an earth portal do they?

Yes and no Tom.  It depends upon where they originate from, as again portals are like highways.  You sometimes have to take a highway to one city and then connect with another to a different city you see?

Yes, I can visualize that.

So in turn, there are some people that would have to go through a mars portal in order to visit us—or for that matter one of the other planet’s portals?

Yes exactly.  Again these are like a maze of highways Tom—each with it’s own destinations. 

So speaking in 3d terms, the database that would hold all this information must be massive, or are all the portals in the universe known, or do they have to be known.  That’s a little confusing.

Yes, there are databases as you call them that hold all this information that can be tapped into at any time.  A spacecraft traveling from one point to another does not have to have or carry this information with them.  It is available for anyone to tap into to give them directions you see from one point to another.

Is this information kept by one society, or is it kept by say the central sun Alcyone, or where?

Good question Tom.  No it is kept in several places and by several different societies,  or works or star systems.  Each shares its knowledge with all who wish it.

That brings me to another question, do the reptilians have access to this knowledge and are they able to travel at will through any of the Federation portals or must they request permission, or is it free and clear?

Another excellent question Tom.  Naturally during the space war they were prevented from having this information, although that did not stop them.  They found ways around this blockade if you will, as they had planned this in advance.  They knew where most of the portals were from the beginning.  After peace was achieved, they were allowed and are allowed to utilize these portals without supervision shall we say.  That was part of the peace process.  But again, they don’t tend to travel extensively through the Federation portals, but can do so at any time. 

Does each planet in the universe have at least one portal?

In my experience and understanding Tom yes, every planet has a portal.  Sometimes many as we have discussed, but certainly a minimum of one is given by the Creator.

I wasn’t sure what you would answer on that one Gaia, as I thought with all the trillions of possibilities there might be some that did not have a portal.

Yes, it would seem that way Tom, but again, in you voyages across the universe when earthlings begin to explore the stars, you will find not only great variety, but yes, some similarities too, and portals are one of those similarities you will find.


Angela writes:  I am so fascinated by the information you write about timelines. As I understand it, we are on timeline 6 of about parallel 12 timelines.  I remember you had mentioned some things that have happened on some of the lower timelines (you died already in one, Hillary won in some, for example). What does Theo say is going on in the other higher timelines? What kind of world/county do we live in?

(One of my best friends and I are both certified hypnotists from Dick Sutphen's class. For my birthday we had a session where she directed me to check out my life on a higher timeline. It was very interesting to explore, but we didn't really check out things on a larger scale.)

Also, along the topic of MBOs, I would like to share a pattern I see at work that may be interesting to you. I lease apartments and I've noticed that the people who come in and generally have a friendly, benevolent demeanor always end up leasing the apartments in the nicer conditions (new carpet, new appliances, the view they want, nice neighbors, etc). The folks who come in and complain, argue and are generally difficult to work with always end up with the apartments that are *almost* due to have the carpets replaced, the refrigerator that is *almost* ready to replace, the view of the parking lot (ugh), or the noisy neighbors. I find this interesting because at the time we rent the apartments they are often still occupied so there's no way I or anyone else really knows what condition the apartment will be when they move in. It's like some people live the MBO lifestyle, and it works for them!!!

Interesting observation about apartment renters—they’re creating their own reality!  Just think if they had just requested a little old MBO, what a difference that would have made and how much nicer their life would be. 

Theo, what type of world in general is there for time lines 7 and 8?  How different are they from this time line?

Some similarities Tom, and some great differences.  Remember that these time lines are at a higher vibrational rate, so life certainly is a little easier, but because they are part of the grouping of 4 (5-8), there are many things that are the same for them.    As an example, the same president of thee United States –Mr. Obama, but the confrontations between lawmakers is much less than on Timelines 6 and 5. 

There is less animosity and more a spirit of working together to achieve goals that are appropriate and in the best interests of the population.  There is less fraud in those two timelines as there are fewer secrets that can be kept, although you are reaching that level of vibration yourself.  Keep in mind that your vibrational rate was what Time line 7 was at not too long ago, but as your level rises so does theirs too.  There will be many revelations of wrongdoing that will be exposed for you just as happened for those timelines as they increased their vibrational rate.

For the Time lines 9 to 12, they are much different, as they passed your markers long ago and life is much easier for your soul fragments on those time lines than for the lower ones.  As I have mentioned before, there are large differences in who people are married to or living with, children, and much, much more.  Yet your souls needed these different experiences even as they need not only the ones of your 4 time lines grouped together, but of time lines 1 to 4 that are grouped together you see.  We have previously discussed how much harder those time lines were.  By the same token, the time lines 9 to 12 are exponentially that much easier.


OCTOBER 14-17—FRANKFURT BOOK FAIR—Promoting my two books and selling the foreign rights to my TWO books!

For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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