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ProbabilitiesOf special note:  I have a new article on my website, which I wrote for The Sedona Journal of Emergence’s January Prediction issue (and several other magazines).  Here is the link to the story titled PROBABILITIES & PREDICTIONS:
Feel free to share it with your friends—it’s perfect for some discussions with your friends and groups. 

New Telecast:  If you missed my telecast for the Hilton Johnson Organization and would like to listen to it, go to , click on APPEARANCES in the menu bar, then
Choicesscroll down to September 22 and click on the link.  I began by discussing how Hollywood portrays soul contracts and guardian angels in the motion picture THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU, compared to how it really is, as I’ve been told.  The subject of the talk was CHOICES, so you’ll see how it all ties in.  This was the first time I made this presentation.  There were also some technical glitches in the recording the company made, so you may miss part of a line or two. 

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Kennedy Space CenterLast Saturday I posted the story of my family’s vacation trip to Orlando and St. Augustine, Florida.  It is much too long for the newsletter, but I thought you might like to read an excerpt from it where there was an Benevolent Outcome when at first it did not seem that way.  To read the whole story go to .  If you read this after Saturday you will need to scroll down past the October 1 blog to September 24.  You can also sign up for the blogs on the right column under "Register."

Saturday our friends, my wife and son and I went to the Kennedy Space Center.  As they were driving, both my wife and I said a quiet MBO for the drive, as they don’t understand MBO’s.   We had planned to arrive at around 9:30 am, as the tours start at 10:00 am.  We were talking and my friend missed the exit to Kennedy.  His attempt to get back resulted in getting lost a couple more times, but finally we arrived at the Center at 9:55 am. 

There was an introductory program you watch before heading out on one of the tour buses.  The first buses had already left when we boarded one at 10:15 am or so.  They took us over to a platform, four stories tall, where you could view the whole space center.  Again we went into a theatre for a short presentation.  Close to the end of it, suddenly all the electricity shut off in the building.  After a short wait, we decided to leave and went to the platform, where we had to climb the four stories of stairs to the top, looked around and descended back down and were the last people to load on a bus back to the space center, so there was no wait.  On the way back I saw a fire truck headed towards the platform and realized there were people trapped in the elevators there.  Had we arrived early we would have been one of the first groups to take the tour, and very well could have been stuck in one of those elevators—a very Benevolent Outcome!


American IndianI recently wondered why my “soul cluster brother” Reveals the Mysteries (who my long-time readers know was a Shaman living in the 1600’s I first communicated with) gave me more information about my soul contract than Theo says he can give to those who write me, so I asked:

Theo, when Reveals the Mysteries contacted me he actually seemed to give me more information than I’m told I can give to those people who read my books and read my newsletter.  Should that not have come from inspiration?

Yes, Tom, but it was agreed that there was no way you would make that jump—that conclusion—with your background, or if you did it would be past the time you could make a real impact as you are starting to do and have already done up to this point.  You would have arrived at the same point, but it would be several years down the way, and that as you can guess would not give you enough time to impart all of what you have done and will do in the coming years.  So there was a little compromise shall we call it, according to your soul’s wishes. 


Texas WinterGaia, will Texas and the Southern states have the same winter and summer as this past year?

Yes Tom, for the most part although next summer will not be quite as hot as this last summer I’m sure you will be happy to know.  I do not need to target this area shall we say as much as last year with the searing heat for you, but it will be hotter than say a normal summer. 

This coming winter will be about the same as last winter—certainly a little harsh at time and being humans you will wish to complain about it, quickly forgetting this past summer until it arrives again. 

So to summarize, both winter and summer will be about the same, but with the summer being slightly milder.


Antonia writes:  Thank you for your work! I did a search but could not find anything specific on what will happen to the Columbia River when the earthquakes hit. I live in
Columbia River Valleyeastern Washington where the Columbia comes down from Canada,  curves around and heads west. We are in the Tri-Cities right in the curve. What will happen in this area?

I was surprised at this answer, so I’ll probably check in the future for verification, as they are pretty far to the east in Washington State.

Gaia, when the earthquakes come to the Pacific Northwest as you say they will, what will happen to the Columbia River and the Tri Cities area?

They will experience some severe damage Tom, as they are not far enough to the east to escape the tremors, much less the mud flows and yes, liquefaction.  Their cities are built on layers of silt you see, as compared to rock.  The area will shake like a bowl full of jelly shall we say.


Aids Virus CellSalomie in South Africa writes:  Is the Aids virus (44 million  people affected) a man made virus and if it is designed to remove all Africans from this continent , and if Dr Gallo is indeed  the designer of the aid virus. Also, the plant which is mentioned that can cure aids is in the possession of Mr Mutwa?

Credo Mutwa is a black shaman Zulu man with very little education, yet he speaks with much knowledge about the world, entities end being amongst others the reptilian people.

He seems to have teachings that astound a lot of the people that read his books. He is humble and a shy man, rarely ever seen.  Mr Mutwa claims that Dr Galo created the Aids virus and that there is 44 million people in Africa that suffer from the Aids virus.

Gaia, was the aids virus natural or perhaps created by Dr. Gallo?  And does a Mr. Mutura have a plant that cures it?

We’ll answer the first question.  Dr. Gallo had nothing to do with creating the aids virus.  This virus was present in humans already, but was activated as part of soul contracts Tom.  There were millions of people affected by this virus, both directly and indirectly on many levels—from caretakers and scientists to those families who had to come to grips with the fact that their sons and daughters were and are homosexuals.  This was a great learning experience that continues today, although treatments have been developed, both medical and alternative to treat the disease.

Now Mr. Mutura does believe he has found a plant that treats the disease and even cures it, but that is not quite accurate.  He is a good-hearted man and there are properties in the plant that do treat the symptoms, but is not the cure.  That will come later in gene therapy.


PutinTheo, what is the future for Russia with the possibility of Putin coming back as President?  What percentage probability is that?

Good question Tom.  Putin will return as President, but the landscape around him is changing at a very fast pace.  His previous methods will not work the same as before, as keep in mind we will move to the 5th focus late next year.  Therefore, he will either change, or he will be ousted by the people.  They will not wish the controls he had in the past, especially as the “old guard” fades away and younger, more educated people come on the scene.  The percentage probability of him coming back is quite high as you can imagine—over 80% to 90%, but his days as President will be numbered if he is not able to adjust.  This will be a learning experience for him too you see.


Erica writes:  Many good wishes to you all.  Here is my question....There is lots of info out there now about food allergies/intolerances/sensitivities and lectin/anti-nutrients in foods like
Veggie Dietgrains, legumes, ect.  The info is saying that we humans never had the enzyme to break down and consume certain foods that are rampant in the stores.  People also want to stop eating meat but find that the plant proteins cause problems and go back to meat.  As we go into the 5th focus will we develop the needed enzymes to consume these foods?  Will we need to do what older cultures did with legumes and use a special preparation process to get the protein these foods contain safely?  As we enter the 5th focus along with the plants will the plants reduce or reconfigure their protective lectin molecules to be more friendly for human consumption?  Will a combination of these things happen?  What Combination?

Theo, how will we make legumes safe for human consumption and contain needed nutrients and protein for non-meat diets?

Yes Tom.  There is much work to do so that a vegetarian diet will be healthy for all.  Obviously this is not an overnight fix shall we say, but a long-term development.  Again, as I said previously, there will be a time where fish and fowl will be the interim solution as you move away from red meat, and this will allow sufficient time to develop safe legumes to consume which will give you the proteins needed to sustain you.  But this will not be overnight as I said. This will take years.


FacesLinda writes:  I was watching The View and one of the ladies showed a picture of Nicholas Cage alongside an old dauggerotype of a union soldier who looked exactly like mr. Cage!! Then Whoopi said she had sent bill clinton a birthday card when he was president of a young ella fitzgerald singing in a club and in the audience was someone who looked exactly like bill clinton. Whoopi said she put in the card just how old are you?? These two pictures looked exactly like the live people! So here is my question- what is going on? I find this an interesting topic!!

Theo, how many human face templates are there?

Certainly there are well over one hundred Tom as you were thinking, but higher shall we say.

Are there over 200?

Yes Tom—There are actually around 350 template you see- more than you thought, but still not so many when you consider there are billions of people in the world, which is why people keep seeing someone who looks like old uncle Joe or aunt Mary, or someone who resembles a famous person. 


Valerie PlameSaw a really interesting movie this week on DVD (courtesy Netflix). FAIR GAME tells the true story of Valerie Plame, the CIA operative outed by Scooter Libby (convicted and sentenced to 2.5 years and commuted by Bush) when her ambassador husband contradicted the Bush Administration's claim of uranium being shipped from Niger to Iraq.  You can read more about her at .


Eleanore writes:  In the 9/24 newsletter, Lynda and Sandy have voiced the concerns of many of us regarding the current political climate in the USA.  We, as individuals, do have the
White Lightpower of positive thought and can now add MBO's for humane solutions.  If I may, I'll share with you my handling of it.  First, I surround the current President everyday with white light.  Second, I send white light and ask that it be sent to everyone and everywhere it is needed. Third, I do MBO's by the bucket load for the same locations.

Whether you agree with this man or not, he IS our President and has given of himself to help teach the lessons that we all need to learn.  Albert Einstein is quoted as saying:  "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."  Knowing that, we can all be thankful that Mr. Obama has taken up this thankless and hurtful task. 

Finally, the people who have chosen to create such incredible difficulties for him need prayer and white light as well. Hopefully, they will be filled with enlightenment and humanity and use their gift of mind.

Everything is occurring as it is currently set to but know that we can ask for "assistance" to restructure this a bit.  Theo has said that the negativity will continue through 2012.  We do have the power to change that so I ask that everyone use that advantage to enable all of us to relearn how to return to being good humans and that it doesn't take another year to teach us that!

Please join me, in whatever way you do your thing toward positivity and relearning what we seem to have lost, and we will succeed.  Remember, there is strength  in numbers.


TitanicAntonia sent me this link regarding the possibility that a ship’s officer on the Titanic made a steering mistake:

Theo, did the Titanic’s ship’s officer make a steering mistake?

Yes Tom.  His relative was correct about that.  He kept quiet about it naturally to protect his livelihood.  Otherwise he would never have worked again, but the thoughts of all those people who perished lived with him daily for the rest of his life, and he will have some balancing lives now.


Tammy on Facebook writes:  I just read an article in the newspaper about Serbian cousins who are human magnets. I'd love to hear what Gaia has to say about it. Thanks!
Human Magnets

Theo, why are the Serbian cousins magnets, or is this a hoax?

It is no hoax Tom.  The children have an electrical current flowing through their bodies that causes them to magnetize and attract metal.  This will continue for some time, but will eventually fade.  It would be wise if someone would study them from an electrical basis shall we call it to see how their bodies are electrically charged.


FriendsDiane on Facebook writes:  Tom, I'm curious--can you ask Theo if the human race will ever get over being prejudiced towards each other on race and color? America still has that problem and I was wondering if we will ever make peace with ourselves and like each other and stop the HATE? Or as humans if we do get over race would we find something else to dislike another human being about like country, religion or something else?

Theo, how many years will it be before racial prejudice fades away?

Yes, it will fade Tom and it is coming none too soon shall we say.  It could be less than 25 years, as the 5th focus will make you more accepting of other races.  The arrival of the ET’s will push this along, so there will be a mellowing of people’s belief systems.  But 25 years to a maximum of 50 years using probabilities Tom. 


Kelly writes:  I just received a forward on an email link that is quite interesting.  David Wilcox is apparently making a claim that the earthquakes in Colorado and Virginia were actually apparently nuclear strikes
Underground Baseagainst underground military facilities.  Here is the link if you'd like to read this: .  I wonder if you could ask Theo if there is any truth to this, or if this is more conspiracy theory at work?  Thank you Tom...always love your newsletter!!

Theo, were there underground strikes against military facilities as David Wilcox claims?

Yes and no Tom.  There have been some underground catastrophes but not attacks.  There will be more information coming soon on this.  But the ET’s had nothing to do with the problems with these facilities. 


Area 51Michael writes: Tried searching your archives for information about Area 51,  It kept ignoring the 51.  I must believe you've had inquiries about this subject, and didn't want to retrace old ground.  Would like to know what they have hidden there and the item’s relationship to any members of the Galactic Federation and whether any of the secrets there will ever be made public? Thank you, Tom and many blessings.

Theo, were there any ET spacecraft at Area 51, and if not were there at any other facilities?

Yes Tom.  Area 51 did house more than one spacecraft, but they have not been able to back engineer them, as the craft are too far advanced.  They are not there any longer, as there was too much publicity.  They are now housed in a facility in New Mexico as you heard.  Area 51 continues though as a facility to develop new space weapons and aircraft. 


Tosca writes:  Would you please ask Theo about Marilyn Monroe.  Her life was so tragic and she definitely did not commit suicide.  It’s believed that Robert Kennedy either killed herMonroe & Kennedy or had her killed with the agreement of the Kennedy family.  Thank you so much for all you do.

Theo, was Marilyn Monroe either killed on the orders of Robert Kennedy or someone else?

No, Tom.  Hers was a natural death, although many breathed a sigh of relief when they heard the news.  Had she lived certainly there would have been tell all books and interviews, which would have been damaging to the Kennedy clan.  But she overdosed as was reported.


SumatraGaia, what happened to the quake near Sumatra and the hurricane in the Gulf you said would happen around September 25 and was “in the bank” to use your words?

Yes Tom.  They still are but the timing you see was a little off of my timing, yet you wanted to know if there was something happening significantly in the world during this particular time period and I gave you those two events, which will happen, but for you they are somewhat delayed.  For me they will happen, as they have been signed off by all parties involved shall we say—meaning all the souls who will experience this event and it’s aftermath. 

So can you say exactly when these events will happen?

I will just say soon, Tom.  Certainly in the next two weeks or so. 

I would have thought you would have used the planetary alignment a couple of days ago of the sun squaring Uranus to help you move the fault line near Sumatra. 

Certainly that alignment still has power Tom, but there will be other events and things to assist me in the shift of plates there.


PollutionShe asked me to change her name so Meranda writes:  Please ask Gaia just how she cleanses her self of man-made pollution. 

You will note that there are some ugly messes being left by the inhabitants on Gaia's person.  The atomic disaster in Japan is but one messy case in point contaminating the oceans, air, and land around the globe.  There are metal, chemical, and other spills pouring forth into water too. 

Some of us humans are beginning to understand we live in a closed system and need to clean up after ourselves.  We recycle what we can.  We toss out less than we did.

Gaia, do you clean yourself of any of the pollution left by humans or do you wait for us to clean up the environment and leave it only to us?

Good question actually Tom.  Yes, there are some things I do to lighten the severity of what the human population does to me.  These steps that I take are not known to you yet—and I am speaking of your geologists and scientists.  If the human population were to suddenly abandon earth one day never to return, certainly I would correct all the pollution and other things such as mining and drilling within a few years—some very fast and others over several hundred to several thousand years.  But I know you are making progress and are throwing into the trash heap much less than you used to.  One day your governments will even make it a crime, although not a severe one, to not recycle.  Everyone will be doing this—not just the small percentage that are now. 

So the summarize, yes I do take some steps to lessen the damage done by humans, but in the end, being able to see thousands of years in the future may I remind your readers, humanity will leave me in almost pristine condition when you move on to other planets and star systems in the universe.  At that time only visitors will be allowed to experience this world as sort of a vacation spot to enjoy the wide variety of plants and animals as you call them. 


WhaleMeranda also asked:  Gaia, are whales and dolphins sentient as we are and will they forgive our transgressions?

Tom, I realize you know most of the answer here, but let me put a little different spin on it.  Yes they are sentient and have abilities far beyond what you know now.  Among other things previously pointed out, whales keep the history of the world.  They know what has gone on here since the literal beginning of time.  Dolphins have great knowledge too.  You will learn to communicate with them one day and you will learn of many events and changes in the earth, you as a population know nothing about today.  So your attempts to treat them with respect and care for them has not gone unnoticed.  They appreciate these efforts and know the efforts will even be better in the future.


Theo, there are calls for a world currency and they seem to think this will take place sooner than later.  What is your opinion? 
World Currency

Yes, they are moving towards this Tom, but it will be several years before this can be implemented.  Currencies will need to be more stable than they are today.  And to get everyone on board with the program will take extensive diplomatic work, as the Europeans would want their currency to be used, as would the United State and other major countries of the world—such as Japan and its yen and China. 

So what are the probabilities of this happening with the next 5 years?

Very slim Tom—less than 10%, but if you go farther out to say 10 or 15 years, the probabilities begin to rise.  Yes it will rise to above the 25% and at 20 years to 40%.  So you see, it will take years of negotiations to finally implement this change.


AwareNancy writes:  That we are the only beings "veiled" in the universe--even among those on earth--was an amazing revelation to me. I am aware that some people take much joy and comfort in the awareness of their connection to their spiritual nature via meditation.  Are they thus seeing through the "veil"?

One benefit of MBO's increased awareness.  Is it part of our evolutionary path as humans, and part of the Earth “experiment,” that we learn to consciously and intentionally use our native co-creative faculty, via our awareness of our divine nature?    Or will most humans always be “veiled” on Earth—by design, as part of the process/challenge of "working with negativity?"  Or, perhaps, is becoming conscious of our spiritual nature and learning to live from it one of the actual methods (ways, paths) for "working with negativity?" 

Theo, a couple of questions.  Are we supposed to consciously learn to co-create through awareness?

Yes, learning to co-create through awareness certainly should be a goal Tom, and as I have state many time requesting Benevolent Outcomes does just that.  It does make you more aware as you see at time miracles being performed through these simple requests.  And you are aware of them occurring as they happen, so that makes you aware—it raises your ability to see.

Will humans always be veiled?

Yes, for several thousand more years Tom, as even with becoming more aware, the Creator wants you to re-create and relearn everything the other societies know, but the Creator wants you to invent new ways of doing things that they have no idea you can do. 


BooksLinda writes:  Do you have any type of predictions regarding the changing field of employment. What will people be doing to support themselves in the future? What types of jobs are going to be in demand? And in regards to bookstores- what will happen to all those wonderful books? And will authors continue to make a living if there are no paper books? Out of all the predictions I am saddened by the loss of bookstores, as I mourn the loss of Borders Books!!

Theo, what will happen to books?  Will they be destroyed?

Eventually many will be Tom, as the population grows and no longer reads them, they will not have the same attachment to them as do you now.  Many people will inherit books and will have no space to store them, or will store them for a limited time and then try and sell, but there will be no market for the majority of books—only the very rare editions and such.  So they will be recycled.

Theo, what will be the “hot” jobs in the next 5, 10 and 20 years?

Certainly there will always be a need for technical personnel Tom.  Computers as you have seen are becoming more sophisticated and need people that can repair and are able to do work with them.  Science, engineering, geologists, plus people who can find answers to pollution and how to recycle will become much more important.  These are general categories.  There will be many jobs that you have no idea about yet that will be created in the next 20 years. 


Thin WallsCarell writes:  Right at the solstice, I heard what sounded like a cell phone ring tone. It wasn't my cell. My old phone in the drawer, with no service for over a year, seemed to be "sounding".  Is it possible that these "calls" are from other realms or beings, much like one of your recent questions about hearing sounds out of  nowhere. I heard this on the 21st and 22nd, nothing since. Maybe Theo knows what that came from or why and if anything is needed from me at some higher level.

Theo, what did Carell hear on the 21st and 22nd of this month that sounded like a cell ring tone?
Yes, there was a bleed through from a parallel time line Tom.  This sometimes happens more than you realize, as there are thin walls at certain points.  There are some people that have even viewed people coming and going on other time lines. 


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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GUARDIAN ANGEL 101—MARCH 28, 2009-APRIL 4, 2009, MAY 23, 2009-JUNE 6, 2009, JANUARY 8, 2011, FEBRUARY 12, 2011, MARCH 5, 2011, MARCH 12, 2011, MARCH 19, 2011, MARCH 26, 2011, APRIL 2, 2011, APRIL9, 2011, APRIL 16, 2011, APRIL 23, 2011, APRIL 30, 2011, MAY 7, 2011, MAY 14, 2011
TIME LINES—JANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011


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