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Good day everyone, and welcome to this week’s newsletter, and a special hello to all our new subscribers.  I notice that we’re starting to add people in the Far East.  Although I did cover the financial crisis in the last newsletter, may I remind you that part of taking this more gentle path allows you to NOT BE CAUGHT UP IN THE DRAMAS OF THE DAY!  If you are requesting Benevolent Outcomes for all the events in your life, then it will seem as if you’re in the eye of the hurricane.  It’s calm all around you, while the winds of change roar not far away.  

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Recently I highly recommended Robert Shapiro’s new book, ANIMAL SOULS SPEAK, and said that you will never look at those beings we call “animals” again the same way.  One of the interesting things pointed out by more than one of these souls that channel through Robert is that all the huge variety of animal and plant life we have here on earth is to prepare us for the enormous variety of intelligent life we will find when we start traveling to the stars.  If you’ve ever read any of the other 12 books in his EXPLORER RACE series you know that our “mission” will be to stir things up with many civilizations that may be far ahead of us technologically, but are stagnated in their spiritual growth.  Anyone that has lived on earth for any length of time certainly knows we know how to make life interesting!

One of the things that seemed inconsistent with what Theo had told me (and I put in one of the past newsletters) is that Robert was channeling individual souls it seemed and not the “group souls” Theo had previously explained.  So I asked:

Why is it that all the animal souls in Robert’s book are individual souls and not group souls as you have described?

Ah, one of those quandaries Tom.  They are group souls but the fragments are allowed, if you will, to communicate with Robert to give much heartfelt information to him and on to his readers.  As you have noticed, it greatly changes your perception of those you call animals.  But the root soul is a group soul, if you will, although certainly this group soul can be all the way in another universe.  And yes, these fragments as I have said can return, although they are not required to if you ask for them again.


Theo, a reader recently asked if some people come in with a less defined soul contract and if so why?

Yes, some people that are on earth may have had very difficult lives so they choose a very mundane normal life with just a few challenges.  And it is open-ended so that if they so choose, they can have more challenges during the life if they feel up to it.  Again, it is up to the soul as to whether they wish to finish everything as we have talked about before in 600 or the longer 800 lives average. 


I’ve covered dreamtime in previous newsletters, but here was a question I received from BG:

Theo, what and where are the people and places we see each night (not always but many times) as we are just starting to drift off to sleep?

Yes, Tom, your mind opens up and you start seeing other parallel existences that you normally shut out during full waking consciousness.  It would confuse you to see these all the time, but your mind allows them to bleed through when you are going into your sleep mode.  

So are these parallel or past life or both?

Mostly parallel Tom, although certainly there is no limit to what you can see in this relaxed state. 


Theo, Jeanette asked if back in the days of Atlantis if someone could be imprisoned in a crystal?

No, not imprisoned per say, Tom, but they could be incapacitated very easily by a crystal.  The crystals were used as sort of a stun gun at times.  There are many uses of crystals, as they were studied quite heavily, and many experiments were tried to see what all a crystal could do.  No, they were not like a light saber from star Wars.  These crystals did have a lot of energy though that could be directed to or at someone to incapacitate them, you see.   But to answer the lady’s question, no one was ever imprisoned inside one like the superman movie you saw of the three criminals.  

So were criminals imprisoned as they are today.

Quite so.  But their prisons were perhaps much more humane than yours, as they had healing crystals to alter their mind patters so that they could return to society and be a useful citizen.   Needless to say they required many fewer prisons than you do today, as the population never swelled, except in war.

I thought you had said at one time that there was much violence between the two factions?

There was, but not too many committing this violence went to jail or prison Tom.


Gaia, how many different types of humanoids are there living beneath the surface of earth?

Actually several hundred.  Many more than have been reported in your metaphysical magazines.  A number do not wish to be known at all by earth surface dwellers, so I respect their wishes and do not allow information to be given out about their existence.  They each have their own desires and experiences and what they wish to do with their lives in the interior.  There are great varieties of humanoids beneath my surface with some so strange that you would have a time conceiving that they are earthlings like yourself.  You would think they must be alien, but they would not be.  And certainly to answer you next question there are several hundred alien species that are here to study also.  It is a very crowded place although you are not allowed to see it yet.  Some will be revealed to you in the next few years, so enjoy the experiences.


Gaia, are you attracting new forms of life to come to this planet, or are you in a neutral period?  I ask that because I understand a number of life forms are withdrawing.

Yes, Tom.  You will see over the next few years and certainly the earth population will see over the next 50 to 100 years a steady increase in life forms to this planet.  I welcome these new forms of life and thank profusely you could say those that have decided to withdraw for whatever reasons they may have—and there are many, not just because of the human population growing so large, but many other factors as well.  

Of course, this human population has swelled to the point that there are not enough resources on the planet to take care of everyone sufficiently you see.  If I allow all my forests and plant life to be destroyed by humans, then I will have to take drastic action.  I am taking action now to see that this does not happen.  And of course you as humans must come up with ways to reduce your population over the coming years too.  

Eventually this planet will have billions less people on it and they will live in harmony with the environment.  I do see you trying, but I must step in soon and move things along, just as I have done with the hurricanes on your coast and soon the earthquakes.  

Naturally a couple of days after I asked this there was a story on AOL News about how many new species of animals, plants, and so on that scientists are discovering. 


Here is more that Gaia communicated to me about her purpose for having Hurricane Ike strike the Galveston-Houston area and not either farther south towards Brownsville or farther north towards New Orleans (although it did clip that area again).

My intention always was to send this hurricane into that populated area so as to help convince a number of people to move away from the coastline.  There are far too many people on the coast near Houston than I want and they will soon be gone.  This is just the first salvo if you wish to convince them to move away from the coast.  I will continue to do this in the coming years until the population cannot obtain flood or hurricane insurance and will be forced to move away when their houses are destroyed.  I want the coastlines, as I have said before, to regenerate Tom, and that will happen.  

So did I receive correctly Gaia that you are sending another storm into the Gulf in the next two or three weeks?

Yes exactly Tom.  You did receive that portion correctly of my message.  

And is that the one that will head for Mississippi –was that the state, or did you mean the river again?

Yes it will be the state of Mississippi plus the New Orleans area again Tom.  Again they must move or perish.  

Do you remain in more or less the center of the planet, or do you expand yourself to cover the whole planet, or do you move around?

An excellent question Tom.  Let’s see if you can receive this.  I tend to move around in my body.  I am not like the fragment of your soul that remains basically in place during your waking hours.  I have the ability to move around the planet in milliseconds of course, plus I can send out parts of myself to keep tabs so to speak on developments on or within my physical body.  Naturally I have the ability to be in thousands of place all at the same time.  I am not limited.  As your Theo says, we’re multi-taskers.


In previous newsletters I’ve mentioned that when I go into meditation, I always breathe in all the white light and love my fragment of a soul can and send it to Gaia.   So I asked:

Gaia—did the Creator of this galaxy create all the galaxies in the universe?

Yes he did.  He created all that you can see and not see in this universe.

If so, why have you seemed to specifically refer to our galaxy as our universe?

Because in a way, it is your universe and mine, Tom.  We revolve around a wonderful sun Alcyone and you will find there is a tremendous connection between you and I and this soul.  Yes there are millions of other galaxies in the universe, but none so important as this galaxy, which is why it draws visitors even to this planet from all over the universe as they hear about the wondrous experiment that is finally succeeding.  We have become a center point for the universe.  This may be beyond many people’s understanding at this time, but as the years go by you will have a little more understanding of the importance of what you’re accomplishing; and why the Explorer Race will one day join together to be caretakers, if you will, of the whole universe when this creator graduates, so to speak, and moves to a different level of existence.

Gaia, you said there was a wonderful connection between you and I and the soul of Alcyone.  What did you mean by that?

Yes Tom there is this beautiful, wonderful connection.  It is on a soul level where Alcyone radiates out to us all this wonderful energy that it has and bathes the whole galaxy as you call it in this beautiful light.  It connects us all on a soul level to Alcyone.  You may not notice this on a physical level, but certainly on a soul level this beautiful energy is felt and absorbed as much love is sent our way Tom.  And when you invite this loving energy from Alcyone to go through you to me, even though you may not feel it yet on a physical level, on a soul level you light up too as you invite this energy to pass through you.  

I have also learned in read the Animal Souls Speak book that other souls refer to a Galaxy as a “Universe” so that’s where we have a difference in terms. 


I was reminded this week about a trip my wife and I took years ago to Paris in between two film markets that were a week apart, so there was a perfect time for a break.

We had rented an apartment not far from the Arc de Triumphe. It was a combination hotel too, so we asked the concierge to reserve us a table at a nice restaurant.  He called back and said there were 3 large conventions in town and that all the best restaurants were fully booked.  He asked if we would be interested in a dinner cruise on the River Seine. That was already on our list of things to do, so we readily agreed.  

We had this delightful dinner on the Bateaux Mouches, enjoying beautiful Paris at night as we floated down the river. We were about the begin eating our desserts, when behind me someone said, "Tommy Moore!" No one has called me that since high school, and sure enough, there was one of my best high school friends behind me with his wife. It was their last night in Paris before returning home.

You can’t imagine the odds of this happening in a city as large as Paris, as we don’t live in the same city and only by "chance" did we wind up on the dinner cruise. We had a great time the rest of the night; we went to a small restaurant on the Champs Elysees and sat outside with cups of coffee and viewed the people passing by.

Great synchronicity!


As I promised in the September 13 newsletter, I have updated the DAILY LIVING PRAYER sign to include “friends” in the prayer.  You can find it on the website by clicking on SIGNS.  

For those of you new to the newsletter, I have a number of signs you can print out to assist you in not only having a more Gentle life this time around, but also for all those lives in the future and strangely enough in the past.  Theo says this is a very important prayer to say each day, as it lessons or softens the “balancing” we have to do not only in future lives, but this life too.  

If you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

Tom T. MooreTom

Tom T. Moore


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