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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter and a special welcome to all those who subscribed to this F.R.E.E. newsletter in the past week!  For our new subscribers, if you haven’t done so already please go back to my website and roam around.  I have articles I’ve written for regional, national and international magazines there, signs you can print out to remind yourself to request Benevolent Outcomes each day, and much more!  If you’ve never requested a MBO (as I call them) a simple one is to say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my drive to ________, thank you!”  You can read two sample chapters of my first book on the website .   You will also read in this newsletter communications I have with my own Guardian Angel Theo and today a couple of messages from Gaia, the Soul of the Earth in my meditations, which anyone can do.

Speaking of books, my publisher Light Technology is now accepting pre-orders at a special price of $16.95 for my new book THE GENTLE WAY II: The Story Continues.  We still don’t know the price yet, as they have to count pages, but it will not be any lower and could be as much as $19.95 usd.  Go to or telephone toll free (in the USA) 800-450-0985 or regular 928-526-1345.  This book has twice as many words as the first book and it listed at $14.95.  This is a GREAT CHRISTMAS OR HANUKKAH PRESENT!  

I’m departing on Monday for London, Henley-on-Thames, then Cannes, France and finally the Frankfurt Book Fair.  I hope to continue these newsletters while there, but they may be abbreviated depending upon how much time I have to prepare them.  I’ll return late on October 17, so that one may be delayed.  Keep those stories coming in as that will help me fill the newsletters with stories that will inspire and remind others to keep requesting Benevolent Outcomes.  Now for this week’s many topics.  


Kathy writes:  The great results from using MBOs just keep rolling in! Here's the latest:

My husband's commute to work and back takes him over the Hood Canal Floating Bridge. This bridge opens and closes to let marine traffic through, which causes quite a backup in traffic and usually a delay of half an hour to forty-five minutes. Yesterday my husband called me on his cell phone to let me know he was stuck in "bridge traffic" and would be delayed. He called again a few minutes later to tell me that he'd found out the bridge was stuck open and no one knew when it would be open again. He was considering driving around Hood Canal, which would take him about two hours.

I told him to wait about half an hour. As soon as we hung up I requested a Most Benevolent Outcome that the bridge become unstuck and close within 15 minutes. He called me again about ten minutes later and said the bridge had closed and traffic was moving. Fast results! Thank you Tom and thank you Guardian Angels.


Lynn on the Oregon Coast writes:  Hi Tom..I just came home from having a great experience I thought might not be so great... I had an appointment for physical therapy at local hospital here.  This is a very low populated area on the Oregon coast.  The hospital serves its purpose as a first stop for most. You hear good and not so great things about it.  I have to get PT for my knee, and had heard various things about PT dept at the hospital.  Several not so good things.  So I was concerned.  But need to get this done close to home as possible.  Other options mean trip to Portland an hour plus away...

So I went this morning and said an MBO for the best possible outcome for therapist and outcome for my knee.  When I got there it was national Physical Therapy week, so they had all their PT"s posted on nice bulletin board.  As I waited I looked at all 15 of them and thought...surely there are some good ones for me.  Then I got called in, and met Amber...wonderful young woman and despite her age, she knew just what she was talking about and listened to me, and answered every question I had very well and gave me more.  I left feeling hopeful for a good recovery and relaxed about it all....  Thank you very much (angels and Tom for showing me about MBO's).

I’ve previously described the same situation when I was in the hospital.  I requested my Benevolent Outcomes and then didn’t worry.  That story, along with others in the same vein (little pun there) will be in a chapter titled HOSPITALS in my new book which I mentioned above.     


Theo, a reader wants to know about forced vaccinations. Your comments.

Yes Tom, I have commented on this before and yes I would not advise these vaccinations due to the side effects.  They should be resisted claiming religious beliefs.  Then request a MBO for continued good health.  


Diane writes:  Is the Kensington Runestone fake or real?  Did it come from the Knights Templar?

And can you tell me who came to America long before Columbus?  I never did think that Columbus "discovered" America....he got the map from someone else and just got lucky....but folks where coming here long, long before he did!!!!

Theo is the Kensignton Runestone fake or real, and I’ll stand out of the way of the answer.

Yes Tom, it does have some truth to it you see.  It is not a hoax.  It was found as the farmer described.  But now you must ask how it happened to be there?  The Norsemen moved through the great lakes exploring and this stone with runes was left behind.  Better tests need to be run on this slab.

Who came to North America before Columbus?

An easy answer Tom.  The same men that left the Kensignton Stone you see.


Now here’s a MBO I never thought of requesting.  Mark writes:  I have been enjoying your newsletter very much and have been using requests for benevolent outcomes for a couple of months now. In one of your past newsletters you mentioned the importance of asking for MBO's for anything, especially the small stuff so we remember to ask for MBO's for the big stuff. Less than an hour ago I really wanted a cup of coffee but I am providing phone coverage and could not leave my desk.

I whispered my request to my GA,  “I request a most benevolent outcome for someone to buy and bring me a cup of coffee, thank you!” Well, a coworker sent me an email offering to get coffee and another coworker offering to buy mine.
Another MBO I asked for was in regards for a friend whose beloved cat had escaped the house and was missing. I asked for a most benevolent outcome for her safe return. Three days later when he was about to give up hope, Ginger timidly came up to him in his front yard allowing him to pet her, calm her and get her back inside where she belonged. Thanks for this teaching. I was skeptical at first but am convinced now.


Anupa writes from Kenya:  Thanks once again for your guidance about my friend in Zambia.  One more now.  My niece in the U.K. is almost 30 years and is getting quite agitated with the fact that she's unable to get the right man to be her wedded husband. How should she go about with the MBO's? Also her parents are getting worried as in our culture the girls usually get married by 28/29yrs of age.  Any MBO'S her parents can use? Please help Tom.

She can say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for the PERFECT husband for me to present himself soon, thank you!"
You and her family can say a Benevolent Prayer, "I ask that any and all beings assist my niece to connect with the PERFECT husband for her as soon as possible, thank you!"

Keep in mind everyone that when you request Benevolent Outcomes for these larger events in your life, YOU HAVE TO ALLOW TIME for your GA to put things in place for a connection to take place.  


Rebecca in Charleston, South Carolina writes:  On the subject of portals....  My son has always seen spirits in our home, especially in his room on the second floor. When he was only 6 years old, he told me that there was a portal in his room where they come in and go out. He describes them as looking just like everyday people.  Men, women, boys and girls and they are always coming and going and never really bother him or try to interact with him.   What surprised me is that I didn't even know he knew that word!  My husband and I don't use it.  It's not a common everyday word and yet there he mentioned it and now you are discussing it.
Is my son accurate?  What is he sensing?  Are there different types of portals?  What do you think is going on in our home?

Gaia—Rebecca asks who are the people that seem to go in and out of her young son’s room?  Is this some sort of portal, or somehow connected to another time line?

Yes Tom, let’s see if you can receive this.  This is not a portal per say.  Yes it is more a thinning between time lines.  He can see them, and yes this is a busy location on the other time line so there are many people passing by.  Again he can see them but they cannot see him.  It would be like a television screen where he can watch these people pass.  He is much more sensitive or tuned into this vibrational level than say his parents are and he will actually outgrow this ability to tune into them, but for now it is an interesting experience for him to view these people as they go abut their daily duties.  

Is this the 5th time line he’s observing or perhaps the seventh, or another?

No, it is the 5th time line Tom that he sees.  

But the 5th time line is almost identical to ours, so why would he view people passing in his room, instead of seeing himself or his parents passing?

This is one of these enigmas for your scientists to ponder Tom and one day they will understand much more about time lines.  But a simple answer would be that his view into that time line is not tied geographically to where he is, but is actually a different place entirely.  There are many other people that are able to see or glimpse these other time lines, but avoid saying anything about them, as they are afraid someone would think they are shall we nicely say “off their rocks” a little.  

So was this designed to happen in this manner, or are they just holes in the space time continuom?

Good question Tom.  They are not mistakes, but teaching tools for your scientists to eventually take readings in these places where people see comings and goings and their instruments will see these holes in the fabric of the time lines.  

If you wish to read more about Tim Lines, here is the link to the start of a series on Time Lines I did:


Annette writes:  Hello Tom, And Theo.  I like the way Theo explained psychics and what those of us who do readings do.
I liken it to reading a road map; this is the road you are currently on, these are the road conditions up ahead that you should look out for, these are the exits that you will come up on...etc.
I've been Blessed to be able to see these things and help people, now I've been given the gift of finding my path, or as my Hopi Elder Spiritual Teacher calls it; my Medicine - Reiki Healing and Teaching.
Now that I have been doing Reiki regularly I've been able to "see" more - literally. I have seen spirits and "angels" around people as well as animal spirits in the woods and near sacred grounds (like the wooded area around the Catholic retreat I spent a few days at with our Hopi Elder). I do believe that the more I am open to and channeling the Reiki energy from Spirit, the more I am connected.
Thanks for all you have done to help me (and thank Theo too) and thank you for helping me learn how to connect with my GA; Alice (at least Alice is the closet I will come to pronouncing their name - LOL).

(Added later)  I start each Reiki session with requesting a MBO from my Reiki Guides, followed by a Living Prayer for the client and I close each healing by thanking my RGs and All Benevolent Beings that attended and assisted in the healing.
I also request a most Benevolent outcome for my day each morning and then throughout the day for more specific outcomes like safe drive to my destination, etc. I also find I do a lot more Living Prayer and I Hope Requests during the day. The more I do, the more naturally the doing becomes.

As I have said before, requesting Benevolent Outcomes in life expands your awareness, your perception, and raises your vibrational rate.  Not bad for a simple little spiritual tool—so simple on the surface, but so powerful in use.  


For those of you interested in the efforts to keep dolphins and whales from being slaughtered in Japan as depicted in the documentary THE COVE (in theatres now), here is the latest as of September 22:


I asked these questions some time ago after concentrating the day before to decrease the intensity of storms in our area.  Gaia—Was I able to accomplish anything by concentrating on the clouds energy yesterday?

Yes you were.  It is something that you have done before, so this was not too big a stretch for you.  

So what is the best way to turn violent energy of the storms and clouds into gentle energy?

You do concentrate just as you did on the energy and not the clouds themselves.  Everything is energy, so just think about the energy involved in these storms and use your focus to gently dissipate the energy to a more gentle energy.  

So is there anyplace to physically focus my mind or is it just perception of the energy?

Yes, you have it.  It is your perception of the energy and not actually focusing on a physical point.  You can practice this more and it will serve you well.  

Gaia, are hurricanes also formed by the energy of the crystals in the Bermuda triangle?

Yes to an extent.  Naturally there are many other factors at work there, but the energy does tend to help create the energy and movement needed to spawn the hurricanes, mostly in or on the coast of Africa.  You can draw a line from the Bermuda triangle to the coast of Africa and you will see how they line up around that point on their way across the Atlantic to the Caribbean.  So a good question to start the day, yes.

(Months later) Tell me more about the Bermuda Triangle.  

As we have discussed before Tom, it is an area with odd magnetic qualities due to the Atlantian crystals in the ocean there, plus other formations that man has yet to discover.  Your instruments will soon be able to measure the differences in the magnetic grid and your scientists will be able to see or view figures to compare with the rest of the world.  

What benefits are there to you for having hurricanes.   

Yes Tom.   The benefits are many.  As with tornadoes, they do allow me to release a great deal of negative energy built up by humans on my planet surface.  It is a cleansing mechanism not only in that way, but also it cleanses first the oceans by stirring up pollutants and I am able to convert these to benign substances in this manner.  That’s something your scientists have not discovered yet.  When the hurricanes reach land, it does the same thing in a way as pollutants are washed away from my landmasses.  Naturally there are the well know benefits that hurricanes bring of more fresh water to in many cases are lands that have suffered drought conditions before.  And also hurricanes assist me in driving people away from the coasts where I really do not wish them to live.  Just in this hurricane season are you seeing people say that they are moving to some other area, as they do not wish to risk not only their lives, but also their possessions to these high winds and momentous rain that accompanies these storms.  

After Hurricane Gustav struck the Louisiana Coast and Ike devastated the Texas Coast including Galveston and left 2.5 million people without power in Houston, I asked what the purpose of those hurricanes was.

My intention always was to send this hurricane into that populated area so as to help convince a number of people to move away from the coastline.  There are far too many people on the coast near Houston than I want and they will soon be gone.  This is just the first salvo if you wish to convince them to move away from the coast.  I will continue to do this in the coming years until the population cannot obtain flood or hurricane insurance and will be forced to move away when their houses are destroyed.  I want the coastlines, as I have said before, to regenerate Tom, and that will happen.  


My friend Richard Sutphen puts out a short weekly newsletter.  This week's edition was especially good as he covers how you can program yourself for good and not so good experiences.  Here is the link:


For the below workshop, go to

October 3, Saturday—Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom—L.A. Fitness Center.  10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Cost is 75 GBP in advance prior to September 27 then 85 GBP.  Includes a buffet lunch and tea.

A one-day workshop, where I will cover first other tools you can use to assist you in daily life, then I will cover requesting Benevolent Outcomes in depth.  In the afternoon we’ll cover Time Lines, Atlantis, and ET’s.  Then I will conduct first a visualization to prepare you for an “active meditation,” then the guided meditation for you to contact your own Guardian Angel.    If you wish to increase your vibrational level, then plan on attending!  For more information contact Cherie at 44 07904 010932.

For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

CONVERSATIONS WITH A SIRIAN—DECEMBER 13, 2008—MARCH 21, 2009; APRIL 18--MAY 16, 2009; JULY 25, 2009; AUGUST 22, 2009
TIME LINES—JULY 26, 2008—AUGUST 8, 2008

So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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Tom T. Moore


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