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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter and a special welcome to all those who subscribed this week from around the world!  The response to last week’s newsletter included “WOW,” “GREAT NEWSLETTER,” “Best Newsletter Around,” and more, so if you missed last week’s you may wish to go to the website and read it.  Here is the link: . If you like these newsletters, forward them to your friends.  We have so many different topics that can be subjects for discussions, so just scan the past newsletters, which are archived under Articles & News.   Now for more interesting stories and questions.


Lynda writes:  Happy 9-09-09 to you and yours--these energies have been wonderful!!  A comment or 2 about the exceptionally terrific Newsletter of this date (9/12/09).
(1)  Regarding the 'first Diane's' inquiry about 'kick-starting' our Angles and then forgetting to request MBOs--I found Theo's reply very interesting.  I know I feel a real shift in energy when I am practicing MBOs and when I am not.  It was good to get clarification on that point.
I'm wondering if an MBO request "in retrospect" works?
i.e:  I just made a phone call to someone who could further my opportunity for work.  In my excitement, I didn't offer an MBO until a few minutes after I made the call.  Any insight as to how/if the MBO could still work?
(2) I think it's great that you published Jafra's letter and honored his opinion, although it is probably very unique among your readers.  Thank you, Tom & Theo!

Theo has said that they (our GA’s) have a little leeway, but not much, so it is always better to request a MBO in advance.  So I think your GA used that leeway in this case.  


A note on this next one.  Jean is referring to the reported activation on 9-9-9 of the huge monster crystals that lie underneath the surface of Arkansas to the southeast of Hot Springs.  In the Sedona Journal of Enlightenment ( where I write a monthly column, James Tyberonn channeled Metatron who stated the crystals would be activated on this date.  I recommend reading the article.

I reported before that my family and I have dug for crystals a couple of times near Hot Springs and have brought back some really large crystals.  Even these small ones have great energy.  And it's a great, fun, inexpensive family outing!

Jean writes:  I have a double MBO for you!

I was part of a group going to Arkansas for the crystal activation on 9-9-9.  This necessitated two pieces of luggage, plus a Koolatron cooler.  I live on the third floor, and was not looking forward to three trips down the stairs.  As I was asking for an MBO, I heard another door being locked, so opened mine and saw a new tenant in the hall.  I asked him if he'd have time to help me with my luggage, and he very graciously carried down two pieces for me -- each a separate trip!  (Then he told me to breathe!)  

When I returned I had the same three pieces to carry up three flights, so started asking for a MBO as I left Windsor, where I'd left my vehicle so I could car-pool with two other women.  As I approached the driveway to the apartment complex, three people were walking across the street, but not in the pedestrian crosswalk, yet cars were stopping for them.  They turned into the driveway for my building, and I passed them as I pulled into a parking spot.  Two of them were young men, the other was a young woman.  Again, I figured that's why they were there, asked for help, and the two men carried everything up for me in one trip.  Oddly enough, the earlier helper's name was Ryan, and so was one of the second helpers.  Bless them all!  And thank you times six!

By the way, the owner of the other car in our "caravan" signs a lot of her emails "Believe in Benevolent Outcomes," after she read the Sedona Journal article with my Seattle bus experience and I told her it was me.  I'm sure there were a lot of MBO's traveling to Arkansas!

I'm looking forward to your new book so I can see if my Seattle bus experience will be in it!

You’ll just have to read the book to see if Jean’s story was included!

In the meantime, I asked Jean to write a report on her trip to Arkansas to activate the crystals and here it is:

Doing this report for you is much more fun than anything else on my list!

Actually, most of the information about the activations can be found in the current (September) Sedona Journal of Emergence! on page 38.

A friend asked me in November if I'd like to accompany her to the event.  At that time, I wasn't sure what my summer plans would be, but thought I would like to attend.  I registered in late March, and she booked a room in the lodge -- our group took over the place for the event.  She added another friend, so there were three of us.  I can't speak for them, but I know I did MBO every day, and it was a smooth trip there and back.

The sessions, with various speakers, were a very informative lead-in to the activation itself.  Two Hopi elders also attended, and did several dances, one of which was for rain, another a corn dance.  The weather was perfect for our outside ceremony, and everyone who participated was deeply moved.

There were several reports that I personally can't confirm:  Just after we finished, all the computers in the Lodge, both desk and business room, went down.  And there was a report that someone in Colorado had heard on the news that the people living in the valley below the activation site had seen green fog around the top of Mt. Magazine.

There was (white!) fog that evening, and it later started to rain, continuing all night, and intensifying in the morning.  The fog also became very dense.  We were told that a heavy rain after a rain dance signified acceptance of the ceremony by the Spirits, and that it had also rained at our dancers' homes.

The rain eased off and didn't interfere with our plans for Thursday.

With a world population of 6 billion plus, to be part of a group of only 300 that participated in this ceremony truly aroused a deep sense of gratitude in me.  We were told that we had been in Atlantis; that many of us worked with the crystals then, and some of us were responsible for moving as many of the 18 master crystals as possible before the destruction of our home.  Nine were lost but the other 9 were moved to various places and an interdimensional lock was placed around them.  We activated 4 of the 9; the 5th had already been activated and was launched into greater power.

Metatron says that we are now in the crystalline age.


Charles writes:  I was listening to Charlie's Sheens clip about 9/11 (see last week’s newsletter on the website) and I was asking my pendulum some questions. The person is from the CIA, a well-known person, but not a high up official. He will come forward in November. I enjoy your newsletters each week. Thank You.

As I wrote back to Charles, I have another friend that is very good with a pendulum.  My wife and I took Joey Korn’s dowsing class ( /) -- who’s about the best in the business-- but I could never become really proficient.  


Daphnee writes:  I traveled back home and requested an MBO and although the plane took off 1 hour later and could not catch up with the time, I managed to catch my connecting flight, without running and dragging a 3 year old behind me. I was the last person to board but I made it. I did encounter some difficulties as there was a line to re-enter the gate but I calmed down and trusted that all would be well.

Also during the transit, there was a big staircase I had to take and that very moment a nice man took my heavy cabin luggage for me and I was able to hold Ninna's hand to go down the stairs. And my suitcases arrived with me in Vienna and they were among the first ones, besides I passed customs without being stopped even though I had 3 large suitcases. So I considered that me asking for a safe and smooth trip all the way to my final destination worked perfectly and I was even given the opportunity to learn to trust even if there had seemed to be small difficulties.


Marie writes on Facebook:  One of my friends had another friend trying to help her find a craft book, so I said my MBO, and walked straight to where it was. They had already looked through that box so I doubt they would have looked again. Funny thing is that when I lost something else that was a gift from my son, I went straight to it and wasn`t an area that I kept it. I always say thank you angels after.  Thank you Angels and thank you Tom.

If you wish, add me as a friend on Facebook.  



Cheryl writes: Tom, could you ask Gaia about areas in woods where we feel a "doorway"? Are they small portals or openings to fairy realms or what?

Gaia, when people are in the woods, and feel a difference in energy, are there portals or what?

No Tom they are normally not portals per say.  There certainly energy centers in the woods, but these are typically used by devas and the little people we shall call them that inhabit the woods on a slightly different focus shall we say than do humans.  When one encounters one of these energy centers one is passing by a doorway shall we say used quite frequently by these people.  They have their own lives as you know and have read, and only rarely will they interact with humans.  They are quite content to lead their own lives and enjoy their work with the flora or fauna of the forest.  

Gaia, you said that dozens of ships utilize our portals everyday, but I and I think a number of other people have been told or we read that earth is at the edge of the galaxy for a reason to be remote and to be around only one sun when most inhabited planets have binary suns.  That this was for out protection.  Your comments please.

Yes Tom, it would seem to be a contradiction, but not really.  Yes you are at the edge of the galaxy, but you are also protected by your friendly ET’s as you call them.  You could consider or imagine that there is a sign on the portal doorways saying you can use this portal, just don’t linger or stay.  

Wouldn’t that put up a red flag if there were those instructions?

Yes in a way, but there are other portals where the inhabitants do not wish to have a welcome mat out, so it is not unique your situation.  These spacecraft on typically on a specific mission and don’t have time to stop and smell the roses you see.  They want to get where they are going as fast as possible.

Can the portals be used by individuals as well as space craft—sort of like the TV show Stargate?

Not really Tom.  There is required a certain type of magnetic propulsion which is needed to navigate these portals.  An individual must be in a craft that is powered by these machines or devices.

Let’s see if I can receive this.  How many portals are on the surface of the earth and how many below it?

Good question Tom.  Certainly there are thirty on the surface and as many below to give you a round number.  

So are there more than 30 on the surface?

Yes a few more but not many.  

Are there more than 30 below the surface?

Yes but just a fraction more.

Sixty plus sounds like a lot of portals.  How could we have so many for just one planet?

It’s because I allow them Tom.  They operate with my consent.  

Thirty sounds like a lot and 60 plus sounds like even more.  I thought there might be 5 or 10.

No.  Those numbers I gave you are generally how many there are.  They won’t be really discovered in your lifetime, but by the time you return in the 3,400 era they will be in constant use by your space travelers.  

Why then, speaking of that time period, if it is so easy to portal hop anywhere, why would we be sent on such long missions that a great deal of time would elapse on earth?  Did I perhaps misreceive this?

No, what you received is correct.  These exploratory missions will be critical to adding to your knowledge about other planets, stars, solar systems, galaxies and so forth—even other universes.  You will not have time to come back say for a weekend with the family.  Your work will be too important and time consuming—even on universal time we will call it.  


Anupa writes:  Greetings from Kenya! Please guide as I have a friend who has now moved to Zambia and she doesn't seem to have settled in at all. First of all the country is very new and she does find it rather laidback compared to Kenya.

Secondly the people there don't seem to be as friendly as expected.  Her in-laws are not as warm and receptive as she thought they would be.  Her Husband is very nice and is in a very demanding job that leaves her with little time to talk in the evenings as he does get tired once home.

With these uproots she has recently started a severe hairfall that she's worried she may get bald soon.  She finds herself in a low depressed state, lonely and nothing much to look forward too.. I would wish her to use her MBO's and maybe try and get her husband and herself to settle in Kenya. Again what future is there for her. and should we expect any growth/developments in Zambia.  How soon will we see these changes if at all?

Certainly she should be requesting Benevolent Outcomes for her relations with her family each time she visits with them to be better than she can hope for or expect.  And she can request a MBO for finding a cure for her hair condition.  I asked Theo about Zambia.

What is the future for Zambia?

They will certainly continue to have a contentious future for the near period of time.  There is much work to be done there.  Corruption and danger will continue until the people decide they have had enough.


Diane writes:  Nostradamus predicted a lot of things and one that I find  interesting....the Anti-Christ who has been born and will soon appear and of course cause confusion and start a lot of things like World War III, etc.  Does Theo see this happening?  

Theo, a reader wants to know if the anti-Christ will ever be born, or has he or she?

No Tom there has not been an anti-Christ born, although some individuals would almost fit the description.  But since you have raised your vibrational level, that will not happen.  This does not mean you won’t have some very bad characters to deal with, but they will not be at the anti-Christ level.


Diane also asked:  When certain people do predict the future is it true do they really see the future?

Theo, how do psychics tell the future?

Very simply put Tom, they are able to view potentials and whatever potential seems to be the most significant they report that potential.  But there are other potentials and since there is free choice, the potential predicted does not always occur.


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

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