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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers to this F.R.E.E. newsletter!  PLEASE CIRCULATE THIS NEWSLETTER. And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.  If you are new to requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s), you may also wish to SIGN UP FOR MY WEEKLY BLOG, which has nothing but GREAT MBO stories from all over the world.  I typically post this one day after the newsletter goes out.   And have you requested that I be your FRIEND ON FACEBOOK yet?  Please do so.  I do give extra information there.

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation.  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested:


Hurricane Karl(9/14/10)   Gaia, will the disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico right now become a hurricane?

Yes, it will, and will move across the Yucatan Peninsula Tom and go into Mexico itself. 

Will that be the last of the hurricanes to reach North America this year?

Not quite Tom.  There will be another, but we have time to discuss that one the next time we talk, yes?

Of course.


Karin sent me this posting from Joe DiNardo:

San Bruno FireJD: Here's a quotation from the page linked above. It documents the exact hour and minute of the San Bruno explosion.

"At 6:14 p.m., Stephanie Mullen, Associated Press news editor for photos, based in San Francisco, was attending children's soccer practice with her two children and husband at Cresmoor High School when she saw the blast.  `First, it was a low deep roar and everybody looked up, and we all knew something big was happening,' she said. `Then there was a huge explosion
with a ball of fire that went up behind the high school several thousand feet into the sky.' "

Now, pull up the following earthquake map:

San Bruno AftermathAnd move the white-glove index finger cursor onto the clay colored diagonal line just west of San Francisco. The words "San Andreas fault zone" will appear.  Now, move the index finger cursor onto the tiny yellow square lying south-by-southwest of San Francisco, and right on the San Andreas fault.

San Bruno is just a hair due east of that yellow square, which reads:   "Magnitude = 1.1  2010/09/09  18:11:12 UTC, which is
equivalent to 6:11:12 Pacific Time. So, first this earthquake occurred, and then the San Bruno explosion occurred less than three minutes later, considering the time it took for the underground shock wave to travel the fraction of a mile from its epicenter on the San Andreas fault line, due east to the San Bruno underground gas main.

Bingo! There's your reason for the San Bruno explosion. Guaranteed, the federal government, which has hijacked this investigation from the rightful jurisdiction of the State of California, will never ever tell you what I just told you.  Below is the
history of my reports on the earthquake which caused the San Bruno inferno. I posted the first report a couple of hours after the event.

My theory, posted last night, soon after the explosion, seems to be correct.  Earth rumblings DID break the gas main, causing the San Bruno inferno!  Major earthquakes may be about to erupt SOON around San Francisco!  That gas main was just yards away from the San Andreas Fault!  Please see yesterday's two postings, appended below: 
  "Gas Main Broken Due to Earth Rumblings!"    AND   "Look for San Francisco Pre-Earthquake Signs, Now!"

Boulder CO FireThen Kelley writes:  Hi Tom, I asked you about fires in the West earlier this Summer, stating I live in Boulder, Co.  Gaia answered about fires in California happening to help people move away from dangerous areas.  Here in Boulder, we are having a horrible fire. It has taken 169 homes so far, nearly all in my area.  My property burned, but my house is still standing.  I am still missing one cat.  There is no word on when we will be allowed to visit our homes.  I have always felt this is a very safe place to live through the Earth changes.  Any word on this being a different situation than the one for California?  I don’t feel we are being advised to leave this area.

Gaia wasn’t the Colorado fire a different sort of situation than the San Bruno fire?

Fire Boulder COYes, in a number of ways Tom.  It’s suffice to say, that the Colorado fire was simply one to rejuvenate the forest, clearing away the dead trees and brush so that new strands of trees and so forth can now be grown.  It was just unfortunate that the people decided to live there. 

For San Bruno, yes, the small movement I did just before this fire was enough to cause the gas main to break and then cause the explosion.  The pipeline, as has been reported, was too old to withstand even a tiny movement down below. 

So I would assume this will be repeated numerous times when all of California quakes?

Absolutely Tom.  There will be hundreds, if not thousands or more breaks in gas lines, both large and small with the severe earthquakes to come.  There will be too many fires for the fire departments to handle, so fires will rage out of control over portions of cities such as San Francisco proper.


Sandy writes:  I'm sure I am "one more" of a large number of people writing to you, regarding your comment in last week's newsletter about your accuracy in receiving information during your morning meditations.  So without further ado, I will try to briefly write my comments, because I wish you to know these things, and that you have my support & thanks for what you do.

1)  Having used my discernment, I greatly enjoy reading the newsletter you put out every week.  I thank you for that service, and want to share what happens for me when I read the questions you print, sent in by others.  It's as though I'm hearing - in my mind - the "voices" of you (though I've never met OR heard you), Theo, and Gaia.  Theo sounds a little like a "stern but friendly professor", while Gaia's information - even as dramatic as it may seem - has an extremely comforting mother tone to it - one that can, at times, be stern - because she has to "remind" her children by disciplining them.  Because I feel that I resonate so strongly with the suggestions & info. you bring us, I truly believe that I was (self) directed to find your information when I did.

2)  There is a lot written about "free will", meaning (to me) nothing has to happen the way it is "prophesied", because humans can - and do - make different choices to cause different outcomes.  Having said that, I also wish to share a point of view that I read in a book by Dick Sutphen, called The Oracle Within.  (Interestingly enough, it is an autographed copy I found at our local "half-price book store...oh yes, I'm being "directed", all right!)  I'm going to quote a few lines out of a paragraph contained in the Introduction. 

"Why isn't a psychic symbol system 100 percent accurate?  Why is it sometimes dead wrong?"  "...But free will is only a factor until you're in the stem of the funnel."  "...While you're in the mouth you have free will - you're working with the cause.  But when you enter the stem you begin to experience effect until you come out the other end.  In the stem there is no free will."

You may already have this book, or even have heard this logic (I mean, it seems logical to me!), but since the first time I read it, I've "known" it was an important part of my learning, and needed to pass it on when it seemed the right thing to do.

3) My final comment is a true-life example concerning two people I know, both living in areas that Gaia has said will experience fairly massive Earth Movements.  I wish to illustrate, if I can, a personal guideline that I have discovered - one that goes a long way in reducing my "fear factor", if you will. 

Simi ValleyMy younger sister lives in Simi Valley, CA.  Growing up together in Kansas, we were very close - both in age and as playmates.  Nothing "horrible" happened to separate us, other than growing older and thinking differently.  About 25 yrs. ago, she finished Vet school, and moved out to where she lives now.  So "fast forward" to last March, when I began reading your online newsletter - I even emailed you then and you suggested I send her the "list" for EQ preparedness.  I did that, and got no response.  Then she actually flew from CA to KS for a visit at the end of May, staying with my parents (who live only a few miles from me).  There was not one word spoken regarding what I had sent her. 

Let me tell you here that it was extremely difficult for me to do these things, as I am the one person in my "original" family of 6, and again - the only person in my own family of 4 (husband & 2 kids) who has begun to think in this "new age" way (I really dislike saying that phrase these days!).  Talk about stepping out of your comfort zone!  However, I do feel that I can talk somewhat freely with my daughter, and driving home from our "family dinner" the night my sister had flown in, I asked her, did Aunt Sherry say anything to you?  She replied "no mom, I didn't hear her say a word about it".  I was silent for a few seconds, then the following thought popped into my head and right out of my mouth - "Well, she IS a Vet, you know - maybe the animals are going to need her".

I wasn't quite willing to "give it all up" yet (and 'reasoned' that since I'd not heard from her, it was ok to keep sending her info.- and continue to be a big sister pain in the rear!), so several weeks later, I sent her another email.  No response.  Then your Aug. 14th newsletter arrived, and in it a reader asked if Camarillo, CA (east of LA) was going to be safe.  Well, I know that Simi Valley is east of LA, so I located it on the map, only to find out it's approx. 10 miles away from Camarillo.  I sent this information to her, and finally elicited the response that deep down, I knew I would get...(but I had to have it in writing, not the dream I had before she arrived in May - which was very accurate and not hugely "symbolic" at all - LOL!) ...that she didn't believe a word of what I was telling her, wanted me to "stop worrying" she loved us all very much...truly, I'm blessed  that she didn't get the rest of the family together and try to get me admitted to an "institution" somewhere!

My response was probably the single toughest email (or letter) I've ever written - because I wanted to be childish and spiteful and manipulative - and simply had to rise above all of that.  (I'm sure floating is easy, getting up there...not so much!)  However, another hurdle that I jumped successfully!

My second example is a woman I dearly love, she is incredibly open-minded and accepting and I credit her with the "start" of the  path I'm now on - she gifted me with the feeling of freedom to speak my truth around her, knowing I would not be judged - and that's a wonderful thing to do for someone.  We became good friends when I lived in Wisconsin, and have still remained very close for the last 15 years since I moved back down to KC.  She is now located in La Crosse, WI, and I spoke on the phone with her about 1 1/2 months ago. 

Mississippi RiverAfter a while, I started talking about the earth changes I had heard about and believed in, focusing on the situation with my sister living in CA. - then all of a sudden, it hit me - my friend lives on the banks of the Mississippi!  I wasn't sure how she might take the information that I believed, but something made me think, "it's now or never"...and I told her.  I couldn't remember the length of time (approx.) before Gaia starts those movements to change the course of that river, but was pretty sure it was between 1-5 yrs.  After I had imparted my news, there was silence on the other end of the line for about 2 or 3 seconds.  Then she said in a beautiful, calm, and above all accepting voice - "that makes sense to me."

And there you have it Tom.  As a result of these two recent experiences in my life, here are the thoughts I've formulated:  If experiencing any of these situations is in a person's soul contract, then nothing I can say is going to change their mind - that's how "strongly" they intend to fulfill that contract.  But if they are meant to remain a bit longer (in this lifetime)  I feel they will be quite open-minded and seriously consider whatever I pass on to them.  And whether it's said out loud or in the privacy of their own mind, I think it will sound very much like my dear friend in WI..."that makes sense to me"... I'm not saying it's a rule, but it does give me peace of mind.  And people who have peace of mind and a lot of common sense are the people who are going to be needed when this unfolds - I'm just not seeing a downside to what you're doing!

Take care, and thank you so much for taking the time to read my message.

And thank you for the thoughtful comments.


Federal Reserve CartoonMedreth writes:  "Our Fed" is not a correct or accurate statement as the FED is a private bank.   About 68% owned by the Bank of England, 8% by a bank in France, owned by the same people and 4% by the Chase Manhattan bank of the US. Only 4% is own by Americans!

This is the most illegal thing that has ever happened in the US.  The US is totally controlled through the money system and is owned by other countries.  After a little research I would like to know your spiritual take on this and how it will control the financial future of the US?

Theo, what control does the Federal Reserve Bank have over the United States?

Yes, now we do get into how you are manipulated by big business Tom.  As was noted by your reader Tom, the Federal Reserve Bank is not a government bank at all.  It is privately owned, but hugely influential over your government and all the people living in the United States, but also elsewhere.  This is where the sinister secret government has it’s tentacles, shall we call it, and is able to exert control behind the scenes.  There will be more revelations coming out about this in the coming weeks and moths, Tom, so stay tuned shall we say.

For those of you who wish to read more on this subject, type into your Browser box or search box “Who owns the Federal Reserve Bank?”  You’ll find several websites, which have detailed information about this.  I don’t have the time to research how correct these statements are, so I will let you judge. 


Shreveport LASondra writes:  I have been receiving your newsletters for some time now.  I appreciate your dedication to mankind and our Mother Earth.
There is a question I would like to ask you about Shreveport, LA.  My family and I live here and we would like to know if Shreveport will it be a safe place to be during the upcoming events.  How much damage/destruction will be felt here?

Gaia, is Shreveport, Louisiana a safe place to live?

Yes Tom, this small city will be a safe place to reside during the coming years. 


HC writes:  About Tokyo.  Maybe the period to watch is Sept. 14 - Sept. 23, as Lou Valentino predicts in his September astrological forecast: 
"As the Moon waxes towards a full Moon in Aries on the 23rd we need to take into consideration that Aries is ruled by Mars which used to rule Scorpio. So, whatever is in motion for those born under the signs of Scorpio starts to show itself on the 14th but could reach a massive volcano eruption by the 23rd if the issues surrounding this new energy are not dealt with by then."


Retainer PhotoKelly writes:  I have an MBO to share.  It's been a long time since I've submitted any, but rest assured, I use MBO's daily and never miss a day, ever since I first listened to an interview by Dick Sutphen 2 or 3 years back.....Thanks so much for sharing how to use them with the world. 

The other day, as I drove my son to his orthodontist he remarked "I hope it's good news."  I asked what that would be for him and he said "To not have to wear my retainers anymore."  I immediately told him he should state an MBO (he's used to me advising him to do this as well as witnessing me create them happens a lot).  I then immediately sent off a Benevolent prayer for him regarding the matter and he softly murmured his own MBO. 

Then, as we were about a block away, I realized I hadn't requested an MBO for a parking place close to the door (we were really cutting close regarding time).  So I quickly formed an MBO for that parking place and, wouldn't you know it, as we pulled up, one spot right by the door was vacant.  This had happened twice before, one time I stated the MBO less than a block away and as we pulled up, a car was pulling out.  That time really bought my son's faith in the value of MBO's and to trust with them, his eyes nearly popping out of socket in amazement then. 

Speech TherapistWell, as he was examined, the orthodontist noticed his old upper retainer had 2 springs missing.....I quickly mentioned that that was known for some time now and he only wears it to bed anyways (a bit concerned that if it were a big deal we'd need to pay for a replacement!) Then, the doctor said "You don't need this anymore.  Do you want to stomp on it?"  My son was grinning from ear to ear...although he declined stomping on it, preferring to save it.  Then he was told he can wear his lower retainer even less than previously. He was truly convinced the MBO and BP had worked. 

Another one I regularly state at work is:  I request the most benevolent outcome that my schedule reflects that which is in accordance with my highest good as well as my patients (I'm a speech therapist in outpatient rehab. and many times it can get stressful and rushed where I could become drained.)  Many times my schedule opens up a bit, a free spot here or there, or a last minute cancellation or an opportunity to leave early/start early.....sometimes a full day with back to back patients, but I don't end up stressed or drained those days either.  I realize these things sound like little things, but they happen constantly with use of MBO's in my life.  I just wanted to be sure to send another e-mail to extend my gratitude to you again for educating us all about them.  Thank you, thank you, Thank you!


She asked me to change her name to Tse writes:  Would like to share this with the readers:
ApartmentI have found MBOs to be a tool to teach others "how to fish." I have a long-time friend who is inept at managing money. In the past, she has called me with her money woes and I would go to her aid by gifting her with money; until I learned that I was not the only "gifter" in her life and realized I was being used.

A few months ago, she was unable to make her rent payment and I shared how to request an MBO. She called me a few days later relating how her rent money manifested after she requested the MBO. This week she again related a situation regarding lack of money and I reminded her to do an MBO for the situation.  In the past when I've been unable to help others, especially those close to me, I would sometimes feel "responsible." Now when I share with others how to do an MBO, knowing that our GAs are there to help us, I no longer feel responsible, as I've shared with them how to be a co-creator with the Creators.


TrivediSusan in Michigan writes:  I am a new subscriber and would like to ask a question of Gaia.  I am fairly certain my question is one many people have. 

Does Gaia know of Mahendra Kumar Trivedi who does blessings (transformations) backed by 4000 scientific papers and reportedly brings healthful effects on plants, animals, humans, and the Gaia?  Scientists say this is a new energy.  He is also teaching others to do this.  Is the so called, "Trivedi Effect" real, does it heal diseases,  and is it something that is brought to us so that we can resonate higher to prepare for the "New Earth" and Ascension?

Theo, can you comment on Mahendra Kumar Trivedi who does blessings and the Trivedi Effect—is this a new energy?

No Tom, but a very powerful one he is able to move and tap into.  Your readers should learn more about this before jumping in shall we say, but his intentions are honorable and correct Tom.  He has a good heart. 

Here are a couple of links for more information about this gentleman:


Catherine writes:  I am a new reader and enjoy your newsletters very much.  I hope you have not been asked this question before.

Please ask Theo if the zero point products, particularly the wand are in fact great healing tools or are they over-hyped?  I can feel energy from them, especially moving under my skin, so something seems to be happening.  What can Theo share with us at this time?  Thank you for all you do.

Theo, Catherine asks about zero point products.  Are they healing tools?

That is something for Catherine and your readers to explore and make decisions on their own Tom.  We cannot do the work for them.  We again return to where you are supposed to ask yourself if a particular healing modality is correct for you or not.  Do you feel a warm sensation or does it feel like heartburn?  What is you gut instinct?  This is all part of your learning process on earth. 

That’s all I can say on this subject at the present time Tom.  Seek and yee shall find shall we say. 


Ocean FloodingMargaret sent me this link regarding what the world will look like as ocean levels rise.  There smallest increase is 1 meter (3 feet), and Gaia says we will see a swift increase of 2 feet within the next 4 or 5 years, and then continuing to increase from there.  What this does not show will be the effect of hurricanes and tropical storms and those low lying areas which will be inundated.  Notice how much of California will go under water east of San Francisco as the oceans rise.  Here is the link:


I thought you would be amazed at the photos of Ibex on the side of an almost vertical dam in Italy.  The dam is made of stones, probably dating back to the 1940’s or earlier when dams were constructed in this manner.  Here is a video link:
Ibex on Dam  Ibex Closeup



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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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