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ForwardingI’m back from vacation in Florida and need a vacation from my vacation.  I had lots of MBO’s that hopefully I’ll have time to write about next week in the blog.  I did not send the blog out last week as I had no time to prepare it, but it will go out tomorrow.  My daughter, who was housesitting for us, sent out last week’s newsletter.  Naturally I requested a MBO for that to go smoothly and it did.  I am WAY BEHIND in catching up with emails, but if you sent me a question to ask say in July or August and have not had a response, please email to remind me.  At times I’ll receive 100 emails in a day and some fall through the cracks.  

Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you enjoy this newsletter, PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR FRIENDS—it’s F.R.E.E! And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.  


TelecastSeptember 22—GLOBAL TELECAST—9 pm EDT, 8 pm CDT, 7 pm MDT, 6 pm PDT—Class will be about CHOICES.  I will begin by comparing how Hollywood portrays guardian angels and soul contracts in THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU to how it really is, according to what I’ve been told.  Register for the f.r.e.e class at .   

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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use.  

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Last week I asked about the September 25 date someone was receiving that was supposed to be catastrophic.  Gaia said there would be two events—a hurricane for the United States around that time and an earthquake in the “Southern Hemisphere.”  First the hurricane.

Texas HurricaneGaia, will the hurricane you said would strike the USA around September 25 make land in Florida, Texas, or up the East Coast, and there seems to be no mention of one out in the Atlantic yet?

Yes Tom.  It will come soon you see.  It will be created in the Gulf and will move ashore on the Gulf Coast you see.  There is energy gathering in the Gulf and it will form into a definable system soon.  

What will be the strength of this hurricane Gaia?

Not so large Tom.  It will be a Category 1 to possibly a 2, but not likely.  

Will it strike towards Texas, the rest of the Gulf Coast or move eastward towards Florida?

No Tom, its direction will take it more towards Texas this time you see.  

So I want to make sure I am receiving correctly this morning, this will be a smaller hurricane that will strike the Texas coast somewhere close to September 25?

Yes, There you have it.


Sumatra EarthquakeGaia, your earth movements have been very strong lately.  Will the earthquake you mentioned to be around September 25 in the Southern Hemisphere be above 8.0?

Yes, Tom.  This will be a very strong earthquake.  Yes, as you have noticed, I’m already having upwards of 7.0 and higher quakes and a number around the 6.0 range already.  This one will be larger and more violent.

Will it be a shallow quake or deeper down?

No, a much shallower earthquake Tom.  You will see.

So this will not be out in an uninhabited location in the Pacific?

No, Tom this one will be very close to land, so there will be loss of life you see.

Will its location be New Zealand?

No, Tom.  It will be Indonesia again.  Very near the coast of Sumatra.  

Will there be a tsunami?

Yes, Tom.  There will be a tsunami generated.  


CometI keep receiving information about people claiming that the Comet Elenin is a brown dwarf star and such.  I asked for more information.

Gaia, is Elenin a brown dwarf and has it assisted you with your current movements?

It is not a brown dwarf Tom.  It is just your garden-variety comet, and yes it has assisted me with movements as it has magnetic properties, which assist me in moving land.  


DroughtMary writes:  I have a question for Gaia. I have noticed that within a one to two mile radius where I live in Enid, Oklahoma that rain has not fallen for about two and half months. The area outside of the radius has received rain several times. You have mentioned before that my area has an anomaly, but it seems such a small area.  What is causing this and is there anything that can be done to change this creation?

Gaia, why does Enid, Oklahoma not receive rain like the rest of the region?

There are soul contract reasons why this is not happening at the moment Tom.  They requested to experience the drought conditions and I allowed.


Billie in Iowa writes:  I love getting your letters every week and now I have a question for you if could please find out the answer. 
Great Lakes
I have heard for several years and now again last night that it has been predicated that in another year to three years, the great lakes are going to be opening up and taking most of Illinois and in Iowa from the Mississippi over to Des Moines. Is there any truth in this?

Gaia, what is the probability of the Great Lakes emptying into the Mississippi River in the next three years?

A very high probability Tom—certainly over 50% to 60% you see.

What about two years?

Again the same probability.

One year?

A little less Tom—40% to 50%.

You can verify these figures again in the coming months to see if they increase, which I am certain that they will.  Still, your souls have to sign off on this.

As I have gone into detail before, major earth changes for North America have been delayed at our souls’ request, but not completely cancelled.  Chapter 4 in my earthquakes e-book describes what will happen if the Great Lakes connect with the Mississippi River to empty into the Gulf of Mexico.  Here is the link:

Pacific NorthwestShe asked me to change her name so Jamie writes:  Hello again Tom, and thank you for your loving work on our behalf.

I am feeling strongly compelled to move to the upper Northwest.  On the coast specifically.  Can you tell me what the future holds for that intensely beautiful part of our planet?  

Susan writes:  I appreciate all your energy expenditures in keeping us informed by your sharing.  I have read your responses to persons inquiring about locations on the North American continent and was hoping that you would be able to tell me what your understanding about the Pacific Northwest west specifically Washington state is west of Seattle.  I am contemplating moving my family out there and have some ideas from research I have done but would also like to know understating of how Gaia's changes will affect the Pacific Northwest.  If you have references to previous email publications or can take a moment to answer, I am thankful.

Gaia, what is the probability of the Northwest Pacific Coast having an earthquake in the next year?

Actually fairly high Tom—50% to 60% at this time.  

Are we talking about a 6.0 range quake or 7.0?

Yes, a 7.0 quake—right around that level Tom.  

Is the probability higher when we go out to two years?  

Yes, even a little higher but not too much Tom—add 5% to those figures.


Forest DyingRose writes:  I live in Colorado and have witnessed thousands of trees dying from beetle kill. I now have heard there is another beetle killing oak trees by the thousands. On top of the earthquakes, drought, flooding and all, is this part of Gaia's cleansing? I would appreciate it if you asked.

I love your newsletter and because I no longer watch TV or listen to the radio, I feel as informed as I need to be. Thank you.

Gaia, what purpose does it serve to have beetles kill thousands of trees?

Tom, this is a cycle—part of one.  The trees will fall back into the forest and allow others to grow where they once stood.  


Diane Leslie writes on Facebook:  Tom, I realize that this topic was discussed before but the way things are looking I'm sure that things have changed....the energy, the outcome but can you ask Theo if we will get out of this slump of no jobs? Will President Obama get back into the White House? And one other thing that I would like Theo to address....isn't it true that all of this fighting with the President is because he is a BLACK President and they really don't want him to succeed? Lets face it, racism has not died!!!!!!! And it’s a shame!!!!!

Theo, we seem to be sliding back in a recession again.  You said we would have a slow recovery, so how long will this last?

Yes, Tom, there are many lessons still to be learned in how to cope with a recession, so this will continue until Congress learns to work together, and the world population learns how to cope with this too.  So to answer your question, this will go on for almost another year, but will not be quite as deep as the last time.  

Will this change the probability of Obama’s reelection?

Not really Tom.  As you have noted, the list of viable candidates on the Republican side does not include anyone dynamic enough to wrestle the presidency away from Mr. Obama.  Some Republicans will say then that he was elected by default, which to a certain extent will be true.  But it is in his soul contract to be the President of the United States for a full eight years.

Would you say a large percentage of the opposition to Obama is racist in nature?

Yes, you can definitely conclude that Tom.  Certainly over 25% to 30% or more have a deep-seated racial basis for their opposition to him.  


WM3Mike writes:  I'm not sure if you're aware of the big story about the three teens who were found guilty of murder in a small backwards/religious town in Arkansas in 1993 afer three 8 year old boys were brutally murdered.  The teens, dubbed the West Memphis 3 (WM3), were essentially charged and convicted based on no physical evidence linking them to the crime, and a coerced confession (which was immediately recanted) by one of the teens who is nearly mentally retarded (IQ of 72).  They were basically convicted because the teens didn't fit into the community, because they wore black clothing and listened to heavy metal music.  The prosecution tried to say they were devil worshippers (not true) and the crime was a satanic ritual killing (something the FBI says doesn't even exist).
Anyway, after 18 years in prison, and one on death row (and in solitary confinement for the past decade), they all were released a couple of weeks ago thanks to new DNA evidence that eliminated them from the crime, and support by millions of people in a worldwide campaign, including financial support by celebrities such as Johnny Depp and Eddie Vedder (which helped pay for DNA testing, which the state of Arkansas refused to pay for).
Even most of the families of the victims now believe the WM3 are innocent, and the real murderers are still out there somewhere.
DNA tests have hit a possible match on one of the little boys' stepfather, Terry Hobbes and his friend (who was with him the night of the murder), but as yet they haven't been accused or indicted formally.
If possible, I would be curious to hear what Theo has to say about the Soul contracts of the WM3, and if the real murderers will ever be caught.
Info: simply Google "West Memphis 3" or "WM3".  There have been several books and documentaries about this case over the years.
Thanks for your amazing newsletters!

What are the soul contracts of the West Memphis 3 Theo?

Yes, just as it has happened Tom.  They had to balance unjustly imprisoning others in their past lives, so they had to experience this in this life—they chose to do so on a soul level.  Still there is much for others to learn about how and why it happened.  

Will the real perpetrators ever be caught?

No.  Again this was a soul contract and it has been too many years for the police to mount enough evidence for a conviction.


RomanceJei writes:  One thing I keep meaning to ask that has always been mysterious to me is the origin of romantic chemistry.  How is it that some people can seem to be perfected suited for a romantic relationship, yet that spark isn't there?  What is that spark?  What is that sort of magnetic chemistry that prompts people to be more than friends?  And it seems to be particularly strong with maybe a handful of people we encounter in this lifetime and to lesser degrees with others.  Can Theo unravel that topic for us a bit?

Theo, what is the romantic “spark” that brings people together and for others it does not seem to work?

Tom, on a soul level you must remember that you have had many lives with the same group of souls—not necessarily from your soul cluster, but with those in adjoining or clusters your soul works with.  Therefore, when you meet someone you are supposed to fall in love with, there is this great recognition factor and there are endorphins released to help get you excited about meeting this person.  

At other times you will have the recognition, but not the excitement factor.  At those times it is meant for you to slowly get to know the person and to fall in love the slow and steady way shall we say.  There is no set way this happens.  There are multiple templates you could call it as to how two people wind up loving each other.  


NegativityLaurel in New York writes:  Tom, I saw you via the EPIC (TX) presentation a couple of months ago.

When you (or others) say that those here on Earth “conquered negativity” – what exactly does that mean? I have searched your website for “negativity” and read all the items I found there.  I have studied metaphysics for many years (since 1974 that I remember) and I well understand [at least what I think is] negativity. I can certainly see that this lovely world we call home has witnessed eons of negativity, much of which few people alive today realize.

To say that “we” have “handled” or “worked with” negativity successfully – what does that mean? And the association of that with the suggestion we will go to other worlds and introduce “small amounts” of negativity via “games”  

Can you please provide more detail?  Thanks for your commitment and insight!

Theo, can you expound on humans handling negativity?

Yes, Tom.  This is very important information you see.  Humans have been able to live and work with high levels of negativity, which no other beings in this universe nor in other universes had been able to do.  It is very difficult to work in a negative energy environment, but you have achieved this ability, and will teach others across this universe how to do so, although the percentages they will work with will be considered miniscule compared to the high levels you have been able to handle.  

Obviously it has not been easy and you have tried and failed before, but finally you did achieve this mastery we will call it and sailed by the point where all the ancient astrologers and those who made predictions said the world would be destroyed.  It will not be, and when you move to the 5th focus it will continue to lessen in intensity—this negativity—and life will slowly but surely get better and better Tom.  

Our hats are off to you and your great accomplishment.  That’s why you have so many visitors to this planet from not only other parts of this Galaxy and even this universe, but yes from other universes too who wish to study how this was accomplished.  You are the center of attention, although you go on with your lives not being able to see this.  You would otherwise feel as if you are in a giant fishbowl, and we do not wish that, as you have much more to accomplish in the coming years.  


Stephen HawkingMarie writes on Facebook:  Hello Tom. I was watching the show called “Curiosity” and it showed Stephen Hawking talking about the universe and God. He says that there is no afterlife and no god on other side. My question is what is his next life purpose and if he will change in the future?

Theo, what will Stephen Hawking’s next life be, and why did he choose the physical limitations he chose in this life?

Good question Tom.  Yes, this genius wanted to concentrate on his work this life and at the same time balance a past life when he caused someone to be in a vegetative state.  He has accomplished both and his soul is pleased with all he has accomplished.

His next life will be much more normal, although he will carry over into that life much knowledge gained from this life.  That life will not be quite as significant as this life.  You might say he is being given a little vacation after such a strenuous life this time around.  


Randy sent me an email pointing out a possible “rule of thumb” for predicting earthquakes.  I’ll let him explain:

Randy writes:  I don't know if you ever noticed it but have found that when the number of earthquakes on the map with California and Nevada on it at  is lower than 350 it is not long before an earthquake of say 6.0 or greater happens soon.
The last one was when a 6.4 quake that hit here:   and the details here:
Most of the big quakes that hit had the same type senerio, the number on the CA/NV was below 350 when the big ones hit.

Then I received another email not too long afterwards:

This morning I wrote you that I found when the CA/NV map at the USGS website had less than 350 small earthquakes usually I'll see an earthquake 6.0 magnitude or above.  Well it didn't take long to show you my predicition came true again today off Alaska with a 6.1 mag. earthquake.  See below:
I know that is a rough way to predict an earthquake and rather usless since I can't narrow it down to a certain location.  Unless of course Gaia wants to let us in on a secret way of knowing ahead of time when a greater size earthquake will occur.

Check if out if you wish and see if this theory holds up over a period of time.  


Car overheatingLaurie writes:  I use MBOs and BPs all the time, and there was a point last week (Sept. 5-8) when I was saying them even more than usual!  My GA worked overtime for me during a recent bout of unexpected car trouble. So did the GA of my friend with whom I was travelling.  Both of us had our cars break down in extremely inconvenient places. I said MBOs for my car problems, and BPs for hers.

Here's what happened.  The two of us were driving in her car back from Atlanta to her home in Florida when, not 5 minutes after we left downtown Atlanta, her car overheated.  We got off the Interstate immediately, but were in unknown territory. We didn't know the area at all!  Plus, it was the Labor Day holiday.  No car repair shops were open.  I said an MBO and a BP for help and for a resolution for the problem.

Instantly, we found an open car parts store (Auto Zone) where we were able to look through a phone book and locate a local Firestone Auto Repair shop that was open and could accommodate an emergency appointment. (I'm the one who found the listing for the Firestone shop, not my friend.  That's got to be the result of ME asking for an MBO.  Even though it was my friend's car, I was a passenger and the problem affected me as much as it did her.)  We spent 4 hours at the Firestone shop in a little town just south of Atlanta.

During that time, Tropical Storm Irene was dropping multiple tornadoes a few miles northwest of our location!  Strangely enough, I didn't ask for an MBO for safety or protection.  I literally didn't FEEL the need.  My friend and I eventually made it back to her home -- not without further car complications, but nothing a simple appeal to our GAs couldn't handle!

Then came the time for me to leave my friend's home and travel to Orlando.  I stopped at a gas station to fill up.  I filled the tank -- and gas started leaking out of the tank! A very heavy leak at that.  There was no way I was going anywhere!  I requested an MBO for help, and within 30 seconds a woman came up to me and asked if I needed help (those were her exact words). She worked for a local car dealership with the biggest garage in the county, and she had the phone number for a reputable towing company on hand.  She even called the towing company for me.  What an angel (and I use that word on
purpose).  My car was towed on a snazzy flatbed truck by the nicest fellow a person could ever meet.  We talked about Mustang cars (my car is a Mustang) and other things we had in common!  Once at the car dealership, I requested an MBO for everything to go smoothly, and everything went smoothly. They were able to diagnose the (obvious) problem and give me an estimate. The only glitch was that the car had to be kept overnight. Um, I was on my way out of town...! Another MBO later and I called my friend who JUST HAPPENED to be about 1/2 mile away and driving in my direction. She picked me up at the car dealership/garage and I spent the night at her home.

The next day, I requested an MBO for my car to be repaired before my friend had to leave on another trip.  After 2 pm, I would be stranded in a small town in central Florida.  Well, actually it was 3:30 pm, and my GA knew it! After a couple of tense calls to the dealership, my car was pronounced ready for pickup at 3:20 pm!  That time coordinated SEAMLESSLY with the time my friend had to be at the Honda dealership 100 yards down the road from where my car was.  She was able to drop me off at my car's location, hug goodbye, and zip over to where she needed to be. (I requested many MBOs for a specific time for my car to be ready, but my GA knew better!!)  I drove another 200 miles straight home with multiple MBOs in the air asking for the car to operate perfectly until I got into my parking spot and turned off the ignition. I got home okay.

This story, like all the others Tom includes, simply validates and reinforces how MBOs and BPs work for all of us.  No one needs to be "psychic" or have a special "power".  Our GAs are our partners.


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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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