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EnlightenmentWelcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Jim in Florida writes:  Tom, are most of the orbs non-human, but from other species, i.e., animals, etc?Orb Staging Area

Gaia, are most orbs non-human?

Certainly, Tom, that is an easy one to start the day.  Your questioner is quite correct in making that supposition.  Typically there are one or two guide orbs around most people, but that pales in comparison to the large number of soul fragments you term ‘Orbs’ which are headed for staging areas each day. 

Krista on Facebook sent me this Orb photo.


Mantej in the UK writes:  Questions for the newsletter.  It is about "Foreign Accent Syndrome."

Foreign Language"Foreign Accent Syndrome" is a condition where people one day just start speaking with a "foreign accent," rather than their normal accent and enunciation, and they can’t seem to go back to their normal accent.

Here is Link to a story about a British woman who started speaking with a "Chinese accent."

Gaia, why do some people wake up one day speaking with a foreign accent?

This is part physical and mental, Tom.  I have to be a little vague on this as keep in mind there are scientists studying this phenomenon and we would not want to take away their pleasure of discovery, now would we?

Still, when I say it is a combination that should be a big hint that something has short-circuited in their brains resulting in the accents to appear.  As your questioner is wondering if this is connected to a past life, yes a little, but there can be also other influences.  Enough said.


Body HairAngie writes:  Several months ago, in one of your newsletters, a comment was made by one of the Beings you communicate with (I don't recall which one it was), which stated that “Humans do not even know why they have hair on their bodies.” So, my question is: why do humans have hair on their bodies? What purpose does it serve? And, is having more or less body hair indicative of something in humans?
The Being's comment has made me curious about this subject, and I hope that you will address it in one of your upcoming newsletters.

I thank you very much for your time and effort on my behalf. I truly do appreciate it.

Theo, why do we have hair on our bodies?  It really seems of no use.

Ah but it is, Tom.  The hair acts like sensors—very subliminally.  Again we return to the point where scientists must make these discoveries, but you have hair on your bodies for a reason, not just decoration we’ll call it.

Can the hair also release toxins in the body?

Yes, a very good guess, Tom.


For my new readers Time Lines  are the same as parallel worlds, but I use the terminology Theo and Gaia use.  There are 12 Time Lines and you can read much more about them by going to the previous newsletters listed down in the SERIES section below.

Parallel WorldsGaia, I have a fill-in-the-blank type question on time lines.  Are there actually 12 different earths, or is there one earth and 12 different frequencies of people on earth?

A good follow up question, Tom.  No, there are multiple earths.  I realize this is quite difficult for you or, for that matter, anyone living at this time, including your most knowledgeable quantum physics scientists, but this had to be done in order for your souls to gain the most experience in the shortest amount of time.  Keep in mind that I exist differently on the seventh, ninth, and eleventh dimensions or focuses, so it is really not too difficult to have different earths in fractions of those dimensions too.

If you recall, we have previously talked about the group of souls from the planet that blew themselves up coming to earth and inhabiting a low third dimensional frequency.  They have thousands of years to go before they are able to reach where the Explorer Race has reached in such a short time, as they have only one earth, and not multiples.


Abe SapienFor my new readers, Antura is a member of my soul “cluster,” but he was not born on earth, nor in fact lives here.  He’s an amphibian living on a water world in the Sirius B Star System in a city 5,000 feet below the surface.  He has a mate and two boys—his “tadpoles” as he affectionately calls them.  I’m supposed to film the first documentary on board his mothership arriving in 2017.  Should be a lot of fun! In case you missed seeing the listings for the presentation I made, here is the link to the first segment:  Here are more questions I asked, along with other readers.  Send in your questions. Book title again is FIRST CONTACT: Conversations With An ET.

Antura, you have stated in the past that your age is about 450 years, correct?

Yes, in that area, Tom.

So are those Universal Years or earth years, as I don’t think I clarified that before?

Yes, they are universal years, Tom.  So you could say I’ve been studying the Explorer Race, not continually, but certainly off and on for the past 3 or 4 thousand earth years.  Looking at it from my perspective, the Explorer Race has made giant strides in a very short amount of time.

How early in your life did you decide you wanted to be part of a first contact team?

Oh quite early as, keep in mind, we are not veiled as you are.  That interest was easily recognized by first my parents and then I started my studies in that direction.  Being veiled, earth humans tend to wander around the forest shall we say not knowing what to do with your lives, but eventually settling on a path; sometimes that involves more than one career, as you learn all there is to know about one and then move on to the next.  We are much more focused on one interest and pursue that our whole lives.

The Explorer Race, don’t forget, Tom, is trying to gain knowledge in great heaps as you prepare for your primary missions of assisting the universe to get back on track of raising our vibrational levels.  For the most part humans only understand this on a very subliminal or subconscious level.

Bob LazarMike writes:  (1) If the Illuminati controls the politicians, then are they trying to stop the Government from releasing their ET files?

(2) When the Pleiadians arrive, will they help reveal the secret societies and the Illuminati?

(3) Bob Lazar claims he worked with "extra terrestrial technology" while working near Area 51.

(a) If true, what did Bob Lazar do/create/decipher while working with "extra terrestrial technology”?

(4) Philip Schneider,  (April 23, 1947 - January 1996) claimed he was involved in building underground military bases around the United States. He also claimed to be one of only three people to have survived a battle in 1979 in Dulce NM,  in which 66 American soldiers were killed while fighting Grey aliens.

YouTube Link  -

IlluminatiAntura, has the Illuminati tried to stop the release of the ET files?

Yes, Tom, they have hindered in the release.  They fear their past will come back to haunt them as, keep in mind, they had a whole underground base with a race of ETs until the Federation put a stop to it.  There are many secrets hidden in archives of governments and corporations.

Will the Pleiadians release information about the Illuminati?

Definitely not, Tom.  The Illuminati still has great influence with governments, so you will not see anything but nice gentle visits.

Antura, did Bob Lazar work with alien technology at Area 51, and if so what did he do?

Mr. Lazar did work at Area 51, but shall we say he expanded upon his job description and duties there, again for financial gain.  So truth mixed with some fiction shall we kindly say.

What is the real story about supposedly a battle being fought at the Dulce AFB where 66 soldiers were killed?

There is just no truth to that particular story, Tom.  Can you imagine how difficult it would be to cover up 66 soldiers being killed, even if their families were told the deaths occurred on some secret mission overseas?  Their families would want to honor their service and sacrifice.

Earth TunnelerSo was there any uprising or any form of violence connected to Dulce?

No.  There was not.

Was Philip Schneider killed?

No, he was not, Tom.

Mantej writes:  (1) What is going on currently behind the scenes, as we are now only around the corner from the Russian disclosure?

(2) Antura said that the probability is 70% to 80% of the Russian disclosure in November .So could we see what the probability is for the it being released in the first half or second half of November?

(3) Is the disclosure just written files, or will the disclosure contain pictures and videos of what the Pleiadians or UFOs look like?

(4) Will Dmitry Medvedev (the Russian Prime Minister), or any other Russian official, appear on TV to do interviews to talk about the disclosure?

UFO Mothership(5) When will it be revealed that the Pleiadians are actually coming in 2015 ? Will it be with the first disclosure by Russia in 2013 or will the "The First Contact" details be released later on?

(6) Which Eastern European country will be next to release the their files after Russia does, and will it be released by the end of this year, or will it be at the beginning of 2014?

(7) What month are the Pleiadians coming in 2015?

(8) Will your documentary that you will be making in 2017 on a Sirian ship be shown in cinemas around the world or on TV?

(9) Will you become globally famous for making the first documentary ever on alien spacecraft, and how will that affect your life?

Dmitry MedvedevAntura, what is the latest probability of the Russians disclosure this year?

Certainly a little higher, Tom—now in the 80 percentile range, but still not a slam dunk as you say.  But we’re working on it.

Will the Pleiadians produce photos and videos?

More of a video variety, Tom, to demonstrate your past history.  That will have everyone glued to their television sets.

How will the Russians handle disclosure?  Will Putin or Medvedev speak?

That has not been decided.  That will come after they commit to being the first to disclose the truth.

What country will be second to disclose?

Another Eastern European country, Tom.  Poland perhaps, but we’re working on several now.

Antura, is there a specific month already chosen in 2015 for the Pleiadian arrival?

Yes, Tom, but they are not ready to release that news yet, and the date may change due to several factors.  So the year of 2015 is correct, but the date for arrival must not be released until it is agreed to by the Russians, as they must feel they have input and are not told, “This is the date we’re coming.  Get ready for it.”  It is done much more smoothly shall we say, as these are quite experienced first-contact people on the part of the Pleiadians, who know not to demand, but to ask in a gentle way.

Movie TheatreDo you anticipate the documentary we will film will be in theatres first, or simply broadcast on TV?

We would prefer that it be played in theatres first, Tom, as that will generate many more people wishing to view it on DVDs and all types of broadcasting.  Keep in mind that the theatrical distribution company will spend millions promoting the documentary, raising the level of awareness of the public.  We want as many eyes watching the documentary as possible.

I don’t particularly like to ask this, but I’m asked as to whether this will make me a well-known person.

Certainly that goes hand-in-hand with the publicity needed to encourage people to see the film.  But we also know you will try and take a back seat shall we say to your children who will assist in the production of the documentary.

Monique on Facebook asked:

Will there be children of any species on board the mothership with you?

No, only adults, Tom, at this time.


Laurie writes:  Approximately what number of developed cultures co-existed on the continent of Atlantis at any one time? Will Theo name a few? (I know we're talking thousands of years, but I'm trying to be analogous to, say, Europe. There were Goths and Romans and Druids, et al. I'm hoping Theo can give us a sort of "overview" of certain periods of time. I'm leaving the question vague on purpose, hoping to catch a "snapshot" if you will.)

Atlantis LettersThroughout the history of Atlantis, what number of cultures reached a high point of technology as we understand it today?

What species of dinosaurs existed on the Atlantean continent (or in the seas), and during what time periods? Were any dinosaur species still living on Atlantis just before the final destruction?

Did the Atlanteans ever face a "shift" like we did in 2012?

Gaia, when did dinosaurs roam the continent of Atlantis if they did?

Yes, this was certainly well before the First Destruction, Tom.  When you have a continent inhabited for over 60,000 years, they did have this problem as was reported to you before.  So this was fairly early and was resolved after the Atlanteans advanced to crystal power.  Still very early in their time line.

How many cultures existed on the continent?

Everyone is quite aware of the two major ones—The Law of One and the Sons of Belial.  We also mentioned your group who practiced the Gentle Way.  As the people of Atlantis were all one race, it did tend to split down into those two major groups—more political, but certainly also a religious difference between the two.  There were a couple of minor cults you could call them, as there can be in any society, but had no influence.

Did the Atlanteans ever have a shift as we did in 2012?

No, Tom, they actually were sinking deeper into the third dimension--but that was the plan.  Remember they started out almost non-physical and then they had lives where they adjusted to the third focus.


This MBO story and the next two originally appeared last Saturday in my weekly blog, which you can read in its entirety at

NikaThis was a series of communications with Nika, a new MBOer.

Nika writes:  I so enjoy your newsletters and of course I am concerned about Japan and the end result....MBOs for sure...I need a good one too for winning this jazz competition and for also having a court case thrown out!

Nika, say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome to perform at my highest capability in the jazz competition and may the results be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!" And "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my court case and may the results be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!"

Nika writes:  So, Tom, MBOs, the ones you told me to say, I did; and I won the flute contest in NYC, and 2) my charge was reduced in court, and 3) I met a very nice man, and am now dating him. Not online, in person we met...yeah!


Standby ListMarta writes:  Hi ,Tom  I've got a good one for you this week.  Our family was overseas this past week (ending Labor Day weekend) for my oldest son's wedding.  My sister works for the airline industry, flew standby and was stressing herself out over getting a seat for the return flight on a holiday weekend (single mom and had to get back).  I told her she'd be fine and we should do an MBO for it. She knows about them, but doesn't put it to practice as best she could so she asked me to help her say one - she was requesting so many specifics it would have taken an army of angels a month to sort through it.  I laughed and asked her, “but what if you're SUPPOSED to experience sitting in a window seat next to a large, snoring person that won't wake up, as part of your soul contract? At least you're still on the plane."

So I helped her formulate a good one naming the aircraft/flight and requesting that she get on with no problems and have the most benevolent seat possible.  We played with the wording about 4 times before we were satisfied.  Well here's the result in her words, "By accident there were 4 seats open in business class due to a freak write-up in the log book saying that the crew bunk beds were broken so they blocked 4 seats in business class to be used for the crew breaks; but there was nothing wrong with the real crew bunks, the aircraft door closed so the agent never knew of the incorrect write-up and I then got to sit in business class. Yay. Love how that worked out, MBO."

So not only did she get her MBO that we repeated 4 times, there were 4 seats for her to choose from!  Don't ya just love it when a plan comes together?  Pretty slick - thanks, GAs!!!

Thanks for all the tireless work you are doing for us, Tom. You are lightening hearts and souls all over the globe and I daily send you energy of the highest intent for your use (as per your soul contract, of course!  Grin)

And I really love to see how a MBO is granted in such a unique way!


I'll call her Maureen writes:  An MBO story for you.

I had a very difficult court appointment on sole custody today. I have been at war with my ex-husband for a year almost now and things were really going ugly. I remembered you telling me about asking for an MBO well in advance, so I started asking for an MBO a few days before. I must admit I was tempted to ask for things to go well for me so it also has been a bit of a challenge to trust and just say an MBO without conditions.

Divorce CourtI was a nervous wreck and this afternoon, and I went into court ready for the battle. As things were getting really bad. I suddenly asked the judge to be heard and I started talking about peace. I stood up towards my ex-husband and offered him my hand in sign of peace, Believe me I had never had the intention of making peace; I was out there to win my case against him and instead, I found myself talking for 2 hours with my ex, both of us crying, clearing things about all that went wrong and how we should change things, talking about the fears that made us both do stupid things and also situations wrongly taken by each of us. We picked-up our daughter after school and she was glowing with happiness and told her friend that the two of us were on good terms again. That glow on her face made her father get very emotional and he had tears in his eyes again.

We promised each other to talk things out instead of assuming and getting it all wrong. For the benefit of not only our child, but also for us and others involved like his partner or any other future partner I may have. He wanted shared custody and I asked him to give it some time for the wounds to heal and trust to be established.

So you see the MBO worked wonders, and the outcome was wayyyy better that I could ever anticipate. It was a full win/win situation for all.

Ok now I am going to bed as it is passed 23h and I am drained out of my energies.

Great outcome!  Great MBO!


JesusVirgil writes:  You often talk about karmic things happening to fulfill soul contracts.  It seems almost impossible for anyone to avoid running afoul of something here, and having to balance things out.  It made me wonder about Jesus.  Did he incur any karma or problems with working within his soul contract while here, or was his mission so critical that he was somehow protected or absolved from it?  Also wondered if Antura or Theo had ever met Jesus.  Just curious.

Theo, did Jesus incur any karma from his life on earth?

No, Tom.  You could say he stuck to his soul contract to the letter, and his accomplishments would far out weigh any tiny imperfections as a human, so there was, and is, no need to incarnate again, unless HE chooses to do so, and that will not happen again, I can assure you from my view of the Explorer Race till the time you leave earth.

Did Antura ever meet him during one of his lives on earth or in his present life?

Certainly you could ask Antura, but no he did not meet the Master of Love during any of his incarnations on earth, and no he did not meet him during this life, although technically he could have, as his 400 plus years would translate to 4000 earth years.

As both Theo and Jesus are in spirit, you could use the earth term "just around the corner from each other."


Tony AbbottFlo writes:  Hi, Tom - I have a question about the true intentions of Australia's new PM, Tony Abbott, since apparently Rupert Murdoch had all his newspapers and media outlets support him. So, what kind of PM will he be? Will he really listen to the people, or will he support the wishes of the wealthy and start cutting services to the people?

Thanks for all you and your "team" do for us.

Theo, what is the highest probability of the new Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, guiding Australia in the best interests of its citizens or in the best interests of his wealthy backers?

At this time, Tom, the highest probability would be for him to work both sides of the fence you could say.  There will be many times when he acts in the best interests of those who elected him, and there will be times when “favors” are called and he makes decisions on what would be the best for those who helped bring him to power.

He is more beholden to such interests than say President Obama is, as Obama’s campaign chest was filled with donations from many average people.  The special interests had to jump on the bandwagon a little late, so he welcomed the money, but he did not have to promise very much in return.  That is not exactly the same case for Mr. Abbott.  He will have to pay the piper every so often.  Again, this is the highest probability at this time.  He will find a more vocal public than before, who will keep his nose to the grindstone than he would otherwise expect.


Jim writes:  With healing by alternative methods becoming more the norm, but with constant harassment by the AMA and big Pharma, will you inquire about this Rife machine questioned by my brother.

Rife MachineThere are numerous stories about Dr. Royal Rife curing cancer, as well as other diseases in the 1960's.  He accomplished this by exposing his patient to high frequency energy, tuned to kill the microbes of any specific disease -- much like the opera singer breaking glass with a tone of the proper frequency.  A different type of glass would break with a different frequency.  Dr. Rife successfully proved he could cure many serious diseases with no side effects. However, Big Pharma and the AMA, backed by the US government, immediately squelched his invention.  Doctors using the Rife technology were stripped of their medical licenses, and some were actually imprisoned.  Please comment on the accomplishments of Dr. Rife and the success of modern day "Rife Machines."  What does the future hold for this technology?

He is now a follower of the Gentle Way and MBOs too.

Theo, does the Rife high frequency machine work?

To a certain extent, Tom, yes, but there are some side problems with its use.  It is good that they are testing this concept though.  It will lead to other discoveries.


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