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Welcome to the Gentle Way Newsletter everyone, and especially to all those who signed up for this free newsletter this week.  Please go to my website and click on ARTICLES & NEWS to read the past newsletters.  I would suggest starting with the oldest ones, as they give much basic information that will catch you up.


Tracey writes:  I was told about the MBO (Most Benevolent Outcomes) and started saying it.  I went to my son's boot camp graduation on 08/08/08.  I said I request a MBO for meeting a great guy on this trip (because I love military guys).  Plus I've been single for 16yrs.  I'm looking to get married soon.  So I went to his graduation and met my son's Master Drill SGT. And now for my birthday, which is September 26 he's sending for me to come and visit him and I'm requesting a MBO for this to be something very serious.  Thanks for this information.  I'm looking forward to the book!

As I emailed back to Tracey, certainly you can say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for this relationship to be serious and even better than I hope for or expect, thank you!”  But at the same time, I suggest that you request a MBO for the PERFECT MATE for you!  If that Drill Sgt. is not the perfect one for her, it will end fairly quickly, but the request for the PERFECT MATE allows her guardian angel to become involved, and it’s not allowed to help her unless she requests assistance.  That’s very important to remember.  Keep in mind that Webster’s Dictionary’s definition of “Benevolent” is, “A kindly disposition to promote happiness and prosperity through good works, or by generosity in and pleasure of doing good works.”  That’s exactly what your Guardian Angel wants to do for you, from mundane requests to serious ones like Tracey’s, but YOU HAVE TO REQUEST THEIR HELP!  


Kelly writes:  I wanted to share a recent experience my family and I had regarding MBO's and parking spaces.  My family is well aware of my frequent requesting of MBO's as I do so in their presence at times.  We were on a weekend vacation for Labor Day, in Madison, WI.  A "Taste of Madison" was going on and it is a college town, so, needless to say, it was quite crowded.  Students were returning to campus and a game was also taking place.  Finding a parking place was trickier than usual for us as we got to town a bit later than expected.  I immediately requested an MBO for a parking space with plenty of clearance, close to State Street and within the next 15 minutes.  We did find 2, but they didn't suit us because one had a meter that was broken--we didn't want to take the chance--and the other had a meter, only for us to realize we didn't have quarters!  I had failed to be specific enough about that element.  Our potential parking place did show up twice, but I didn't specify "not requiring coins".  I remedied my request and asked for one in a parking garage we were just about to enter (others had been filled and I hoped that wasn't the case for this one).  Sure enough, we found a nice spot with plenty of room around it and right off State Street in that garage.  I thought it was worth mentioning this topic of a generally mundane parking spot MBO because it shows that specificity is important!

Also, I wanted to mention to you that I state the living prayer you have mentioned for diminishing karma, daily.  I find myself adding to the end where it states "I ask that any and all beings come to the aid and comfort of any of the family members of anyone I've ever harmed in any way in any past, present or future life"  that the aid and comfort also go to any friends of those I've harmed.  So it would be 'family members and friends" in my rendition.  Is this something that is considered a good idea?  I find, personally, that some of my friends are really more like family to me than my actual family members, thus my adding of those words.  I was curious what you or Theo might think about this.

My 10 year-old son has now begun stating MBO requests too and he is amazed!  He asked for it to rain for a whole day and it did.  He didn't look at the weather forecast either.  He was tickled pink when it continued raining into the evening.  (It gave him a break from watering the plants--his responsibility.  The plants were happy too!)

All the best to you!  I love your weekly newsletters!

Yes, when you request Benevolent Outcomes, they do have to be specific, as Kelly found out.  Now why didn’t I think to add “…family AND FRIENDS” to the daily Living Prayer?  I’m going to add that to the sign as soon as possible, hopefully in the next week!  For the new people reading the newsletter, you can go to the website and click on “SIGNS” where you can find several signs, including “REGUEST BENEVOLENT OUTCOMES TODAY!,” “EXPECT GREAT THINGS….” and the daily LIVING PRAYER which I say each day and encourage anyone that wants to have easier lives in the future to do so too.  Thanks Kelly!


This is great advice for anyone that lives in a hurricane prone area.  I’ve already passed this along to my cousin in Houston who said several of the suggestions were ones she had not thought of before.  

Laurie writes:  It looks as if Hurricane Ike will bash a bit out of Dallas.  May this Florida girl offer some advice?  If the power goes out, I've found that a battery-powered TV and a battery-powered fan (Wal-Mart) are especially helpful.  Freeze as many liter bottles of water before the storm, then transfer them to the top shelf of the fridge when the fridge loses power.  They will act like blocks of ice, and cold air sinks.  Try not opening the fridge much -- it will keep things cold for 24 hours.  Also, I set the fridge to its coldest setting at least a day before so that it would generate as much cold air as possible.   

Also, the propane gas grill was a life-saver for heating water and cooking any meat that we had to use up.  Make sure you have lots of cash and gas, any prescriptions are filled, pets have food.  I filled gallon milk and juice jugs with water ahead of time to save on the expense of buying bottled water.  Toilets won't flush if water service fails, so reserve some water jugs for that, or fill a bathtub.  

When we lost power during Frances, Jeanne, and Wilma, I turned off the breakers on the main fuse box.  That saved my appliances from a power surge when the electricity came back on.  Avoid salty foods such as chips and cocktail nuts.  Make sure you have a manual can opener to open those canned goods!  And in terms of raw foods, the Florida Motto is: When in doubt, throw it out.

You might want to cut and paste this to a separate sheet to keep on hand as a friendly reminder. (Note:  As I write this my cousin made it through fine on the north side of Houston.  Power went out at 3:30 am.)


Val sent me the following information he received back during Hurricane Rita from Dr. Joe Vitale who signs himself “author of way too many books to mention” and “star of The Secret, The Compass, and Try It On Everything.”  I’m condensing here as needless to say he rambles on a little long.

…You have more power than you think. While you may not want to stand in the path of Rita, you don't have to cower under the bed. As odd as it may sound, I believe that if enough of us think positive, we can create a counter storm of sorts. We can protect ourselves and our loved ones with our thoughts.  I've described and proved this with the research in the back of my book, "The Attractor Factor."Nineteen studies *proved* that when a large group of people hold positive intentions, those intentions radiate out and become reality.
No, I'm not saying ignore the storm warnings. I'm saying don't get caught up in the fear that the warnings often trigger.   Look. If you think the storm will get you, then it's already gotten you. You're living in fear.  Your life is dark, gloomy and in a cage. The media is flawless at whipping us into fear.  So I suggest ignoring the media. It's not information, it's propaganda. It gets large groups of people to think negative, which of course then becomes reality.  Why can't we do the opposite?  Why can't we get large groups of people to think positive?
…What I'm asking you to do is be happy, right now. Smile. Send that loving energy out, in the direction of Texas. Intend for all to be well, for, in reality, all is well.  In fact, pretend you are the eye of the hurricane. That's the center where all is at peace. *Be* that peace and send that peace from the eye to the hurricane itself, imagining it dropping in intensity.  We can make a difference.  It begins with you.  What will you choose to think? Love, Joe

I had previously asked Gaia about lessening the energy of storms.   Here is what I received:

I asked these questions after concentrating the day before to decrease the intensity of storms in our area.  Gaia—Was I able to accomplish anything by concentrating on the clouds energy yesterday?

Yes you were.  It is something that you have done before, so this was not too big a stretch for you.  

So what is the best way to turn violent energy of the storms and clouds into gentle energy?

You do concentrate just as you did on the energy and not the clouds themselves.  Everything is energy, so just think about the energy involved in these storms and use your focus to gently dissipate the energy to a more gentle energy.  

So is there anyplace to physically focus my mind or is it just perception of the energy?

Yes, you have it.  It is your perception of the energy and not actually focusing on a physical point.  You can practice this more and it will serve you well.  

Gaia, are hurricanes also formed by the energy of the crystals in the Bermuda triangle?

Yes to an extent.  Naturally there are many other factors at work there, but the energy does tend to help create the energy and movement needed to spawn the hurricanes, mostly in or on the coast of Africa.  You can draw a line from the Bermuda triangle to the coast of Africa and you will see how they line up around that point on their way across the Atlantic to the Caribbean.  So a good question to start the day, yes.


Lynn writes:  Here is my saga--- I lost our address book.   I am not sure about everyone else, but our address book is a good part of our history.   Of course it has the names, addresses and pone numbers, as well as business cards of services we don't use a lot, but do need once in awhile, stamps... Well you know I am sure unless you are one of the more efficient kinds of person.  We keep it in one spot and both my husband and I are pretty good about returning it there when we are done with it.   So when it came up missing earlier this week, I was a bit flummoxed.  I know I was the last one to use, and remembered where I saw it last... Or thought I had.   An odd place for it to be...and it was no longer there.   So where was it?  

I began to panic....  My husband helped me search high and low.... For heaven's sake I even looked in the fridge (my mother once found her glasses in the fridge after missing them for a couple of weeks!).  We both looked and double looked and believe me I asked for MBO...   This was yesterday.  Today I even checked at the Post Office where I have taken it in the past when mailing something.  NOPE...  I had my acupuncture appointment and had to hurry there this morning.   If you have never had acupuncture treatment, after needles are inserted, she leaves me in quiet restful room for about 1/2 hour.    

Ohhh--missed a point.. On the way I had decided I would use that time to try to remember where and when I had used the address book.  During our pre-consult, I was sitting in chair and had just told her what I was going to do with my quiet time... Think about address book in a very restful manner.   Sometimes I believe when we are stressed out about something and ask for MBO, we might miss the clues or help that is offered?   So there we sat and I had told her about the missing book, when I looked down at my feet, which I was there for, and there stuck to the bottom of my Croc, was a small bright pink sticky note.  I said "what is this?", and took it off.  On it was my daughter's address.  I had it in a little notebook that I kept in my desk drawer for when I needed it if ordering something and sending it to her and grandchildren.  I kept the book there with some other things in it that I needed from time to time.... SO I WOULD NOT HAVE TO USE THE ADDRESS BOOK!

So that got me thinking about my desk....  She did my needles, and left me to relax, which I did.  So here is what came to me clearly, so much so I knew it was somewhere about my desk...  I became sure that the last time I used the address book was to find our son's new address to send to my daughter, (whose address was on the sticky note that I used ) as she did not have it yet.   I knew that was Wednesday, and I knew it just had to be there!  I had cleaned my desk Thursday, top of it...and it was really bad...hoping to find a couple of missing items.  Found neither.  I had looked in the drawer I kept the notebook in, but it was not there.  I had looked in all the other drawers also.   So I am thinking, since my desk is such a mess it must have fallen back behind the desk and computer.  I thought I had looked back there, but it was dark and there were a few papers back there I did not pull out.   

So convinced that was where it was, I rushed home--even decided to do a couple in town errands later, as I needed to get home and find it!   Rushed in, and stopped short at the desk... The desk backs up tight to the wall, it could not have fallen back there.   There was space between desk and file cabinet with lots of stuff I stored there....  But no not there either, my heart sank and I sat down on the floor and thought.  I decided to check the drawers one more time..... Opened the drawer under the one I kept the notebook, lifted up stuff that was in it, and THERE IT WAS!!!!  THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!   I hardly ever open that drawer, as stuff in it is hardly ever used, so how it ever got in there and under things, I will never know!  But right now, it does not matter, it was found!!!!!  MBO's... Thank you ever so much!

Sometimes you just have to request the benevolent outcome for the item to be found and then RELEASE IT!  Know that it will be found, so don’t let that “fear factor” creep up on you.  Let your Guardian Angel “whisper in your ear” and give you those clues to find what you lost. 


Gaia, Diane asks if the energy fields of Sedona, AZ and other places promote healing, or do they just give out energy that somehow effects us?

A good question Tom.  These energy fields can promote healing if utilized correctly.  Other work must be done you see, and this is something that is still being discovered, so I won’t spoil the fun of discovery for those that will work with crystals and such to move this energy that is available and use it for healing.  The energy is a source.  How it is used is up to you.  

She also asks who were the Mayans and where did they go?

That would take us a very long time you see, Tom and I know you are limited.  Let’s just say these Indian people were deposited there long ago and their creators or parents if you wish, assisted them with knowledge that till this day people marvel at the accuracy of their calculations.  This was knowledge that they already had and/or was given to them, as their creators knew these calculations would carry on long after the Mayans were gone and would remind everyone of what was to come—the end of an era and a new beginning.    And where did they go she asked?  Well that is an enigma that I will let those who wish to explore discover.  I cannot give you all the answers you wish.  They are available to you—you just have to seek them out. 


As I’ve mentioned before, my next earth life is supposed to be around 3,400 AD, so I keep coming up with questions about that era.  Here is the latest one:

Theo, in the 3400 AD period, will musical instruments still be played?

Oh yes, plus a number of others that will be invented over the course of time that will add much pleasure to the music of that time period.  Music naturally will be more gentle, but still lively, and almost if not hypnotic.  The music will easily put people into excellent moods.  The music will be more closely attuned to your soul resonance at that time.  It will be quite pleasant and absorbing. 


As most of you know, I had a nine part series on Atlantis in these newsletters.  If you missed it and wish to read it, start with the newsletter on May 17.  Here’s another question I “happened” to think of:

Theo, How deep were the tunnels under Atlantis that were used to travel to other continents?

Quite deep as you guessed Tom.   Normally two to three miles.  They had to be below normal earth movements, but not so deep as to make it impractical to get to the starting point of these tunnels.  

If you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one), articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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