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For my international readers, my first book is out in Germany now.  One of my subscribers just ordered four from her bookstore in Switzerland and they arrived the next day.  The title in German is:  Wer richtig wünscht, hat mehr vom Leben: Wie wir das Universum zu unserem Verbündeten machen.  You can find it on

A quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation.  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested:


TokyoI’m sure you noticed that as I write this there has been no earthquakes in or around Tokyo, although there have been more offshore to the east and also off the west coast of Japan.  So naturally I’m asking why, as I was given the information that it would be a couple of days before or a couple of days after August 25.  Here’s what I’ve been receiving:

(8/27/10) Gaia, let’s begin with Tokyo.  Why haven’t you shaken the earth there yet?

Yes, Tom I assure you this will happen and quite shortly you see.  Again, the dates I give you are a framework of time in which an event will happen or occur, yes.  Yes I do know the exact minute and even second it will occur, but that’s not for you to know for some obvious reasons Tom and some perhaps not so obvious.  On a third dimensional level, if I were to give you this exact information, those that are not supposed to move, but are supposed to experience the event would simply move and then they would not be able to complete their soul contract in the manner which they signed up to do—using 3d terminology here you understand. 

So I cannot give you this information exactly.  It must be in a range of days or perhaps a week you see.  For those who follow you, if it is within the time period you say, then it will be accepted by those who will hear the message and will be compelled by their own guardian angels to leave during that period of time. 

In the case of Tokyo Japan, again it will happen quite shortly today Tom.  You will see.  Almost all the machinations of people are in place so that I and my assistants, shall we say, will be able to start the movement of the fault line. 

(8/29/10) Gaia, still nothing.  Why do you keep saying something is going to happen and it doesn’t in Tokyo?

Yes Tom.  I realize that nothing has happened and for that I’m sorry I have mislead you.   You are a good person you see, and feel it your duty I know.   But there are larger issues here you see.  As I said before, there is a perfect timing to these events, and that time for Tokyo obviously is not here yet. 

So why can’t you give me the day, hour and minute, as certainly I’m not going to tell anyone now.

Yes, I could do that Tom, but I prefer to give you the timing in general terms.  It will happen, I can assure you, and very soon.  Yes I said the same thing yesterday and before.  But the machinations needed are just about in place.  And it not only includes the population Tom, but what I have to have done to cause the earthquakes on that fault line.    So no, I will not give you a date and time today, but I will say continue to check your sources of information, as it will happen –perhaps not today or tomorrow, but certainly this week.  I’m sorry I have mislead you Tom, but there are reasons I had to say that, and that was to keep your hopes up. 

Theo, perhaps you can explain to me as my GA, why I would be continually told something like this earthquake would happen and it does not.  How can that be in my soul contract?  I don’t understand.

Yes, Tom.  If you were absolutely accurate with these predictions, then many more people than are actually supposed to relocate from the west coast would do so.  You have to be a little off in order for those people who doubt anyone can make these predictions can do so.  Therefore, when Tokyo does quake, and it will I assure you and quite soon, only those that are truly moved by your at least partial accuracy will move out of the way and the others will stay and experience what they are supposed to experience. 

So please keep your spirits up Tom.  I will send you some loving light today.  Yes some good energy. 

Again the short answer for you is that you must be off just far enough to put doubt into the minds of those who must stay.  I think that is the best explanation I can give you at this time.  But it will happen Tom; that I can assure you.  So don’t despair. Your job will become clearer after this occurs. 

(9/1/10) Gaia, what is the latest on Tokyo?  I thought you might choose September 1 since the Japanese people have disaster demonstrations this day, but still nothing.  We are going to go past one week on the prediction you gave me and my believability will be awfully low.

Yes, Tom, I assure you it will be soon.  I have given you some of the reasons – certainly all the major ones for choosing a different day for this to happen.  No it will not be today but very soon I can assure you.   Yes one of the reasons was that the disaster response people would have a major practice day in before I begin the movements.  That has been accomplished so now it is simply a matter of having everyone at the right place at the right minute. This will occur quite shortly as you’ll see.  It will only affect your believability to the extent I have said before – only those people who are not supposed to leave will stay.  We only want the people to leave California who are not supposed to experience the events to leave—and as I told you that number is around 1 million people Tom—yes slightly more but not much. 

Dog HowlingWill all the dogs in Tokyo start howling as a precursor to the earthquakes?

Quite so Tom, and the birds will be upset and the cats will be terrified and will try and run away.  So you are correct there will be precursors, but not too long before the first movement or earthquake. 

How long after the dogs begin to bark will the earthquake occur?

Not long at all Tom.  Yes less than three hours.  I will not make that known to them any earlier. 

So would it be less than two hours?

Yes, it might very well be.  You’ll see Tom. 

If you wish to watch Tokyo live with sound, again here is the link to Tokyo Cam: .

Then I received this message from one of our subscribers, who made some good points.  She asked that her real name not be used so Vanessa writes:  Before it "hits the presses", let me confess to you anonymously that spiritually, this has been a very revealing week.  We have been told for quite some time that our egos are going to have to be moving out of the way a bit between now and December 2012, coming into balance with our spirituality.  This week offered us all a big boost in that direction, from my point of view anyway.

This week let me know how much of my ego was invested in the "rightness" of Gaia's prediction re the Japanese quake. As each day passed by, I could not fail to see that, in spite of the horrendous, traumatic implications of the event, I was actually wishing for the quake to arrive as scheduled, presumably to use to convince my family that they need to NOT be in California over the Christmas holidays BECAUSE of the accuracy of Gaia's prediction of Japan's quake.

I had a big misunderstanding (and others may have also) about how to use the BP with regard to any PREDICTION of a traumatic earth event.  I realize now that this was an inappropriate wish to hold in my heart BEFORE the fact, and that perhaps the only ethical point of view before the fact would be that "I ask any and all beings that whatever happens on this planet caused by Gaia and by the outcome of our present "group vibration", may it be the most benevolent outcome". That's it; nothing else before the fact. Instead, for me at least, my ego went wild, lost any balance or centeredness, and only wanted the Japanese quake to "hurry up and happen". A spiritually eye-opening event, it would seem, and perhaps for others as well.

Many times there were thoughts running through my mind that almost seemed to be coming from Gaia, letting me know that what we all learned this week, WITHIN OUR HEARTS, was more important than that she OR our egos be "right".   I also began to realize that Gaia might have painted herself into a corner regarding dates and times, and that this needed to be rectified if all the right people would be in place for "their own assigned quakes".  I learned that this is not "our event to plan", and that the world would continue as it always has, at least for now, with earthquakes being "unknowns" until they arrive.

I don't know if this expression of my point of view will help in any way to clarify to anyone else what may have been occurring this week, but if you see fit to use any of it at any time, you're welcome to use it.

So I asked today:  Gaia, was the fact that the Tokyo earthquake did not happen this week a lesson in egos, or just as you said that it had to be not exact for the fence sitters?

Fence sitterYes Tom, There was an additional lesson in ego here, but again the main reason was to keep the fence sitters sitting to use that analogy.  Yes, people should not hope for any disaster to happen, but instead send lots of love and white light to these people who have chosen to experience these earthquakes as part of their soul contracts. 

Most of you have experienced this in the past, so it’s as if you finished a tough assignment and are sitting on the sidelines watching someone else complete their assignments this time around.  And there are a number of you who are yet to complete your assignments—another way of saying soul contracts—but will either in this life or another in the future.  These could be lives thousands of years in your past, or they could be in your future time.  It makes no difference to your souls, as they have your complete schedules of every life you will lead on earth. 

So we can say the following Benevolent Prayer together:  “I ask any and all beings to assist, comfort, and aid those souls anywhere in the world who will be experiencing earthquakes as part of their soul contract, thank you!”


Christchurch New ZealandNew Zealand had a 7.0 earthquake, 30 miles west of Christchurch, early on the morning of September 4, their time.  I looked to see if I had received anything on this before and here’s what I found from the May 29 newsletter:

Gaia, I have asked about Australia, but neglected to ask about New Zealand’s future.

Yes, Tom, they will see a tsunami or two along with Australia.  They will also see some earthquakes in the next year or two, although the destruction will not be as great as in other locations on the Ring of Fire.  Still, those who live there should have their houses on bedrock if at all possible.  Those who live on sandy dirt plains will suffer the most damage.

As you can see, there were no specific dates given, so I went on to other things.  So far, early reports are for damage, but no casualty reports in yet.  I looked at one of their webcams and it was showing traffic on a freeway.


Earl PhotoGaia, next question is about Earl.  This hurricane seems to be staying off the coast of the Carolinas.  Will there be another hurricane which will actually strike the Carolinas, or is Earl it?

No, Tom.  Earl is the one I did previously inform you about.  This hurricane will move very close to Cape Hatteras before moving up the coat.  If you recall, someone had asked you abut New York and I said that this section of the country would have some severe storms.  And they will, along with Cape Cod and Maine and a portion of Newfoundland.  That will be it for them this season.  Next as I said before will be the Gulf Coast of Texas. 

Would I and my readers be able to move Earl farther off shore, or are there soul contracts which would prevent you from moving it if we asked a Benevolent Prayer?

Good question Tom.  No, I will move it slightly if you and your readers do request or ask a Benevolent Prayer.  You are Junior Creators in Training as we have spoken about before, so yes ask the Benevolent Prayer.  Then notice the slight change of direction. 

So let’s try this Benevolent Prayer:  “I ask any and all beings to assist Gaia in moving the Hurricane Earl farther out to sea, thank you!”


Signal FrequencyKarin writes that she received this from a channel I think:  I received this message today 8/23/2010: "Effective August 31, Earth will be emitting a frequency of ka yahweh."  Yes...33Hz=Christ Consciousness, but not sure if that's what the message might have meant. 

Theo, anything to the 8/31 earth frequency of ka Yahweh or 31 mgz?

No, there are constantly changes in the frequency in which you reside Tom.  There will not be some great change in this frequency on or about August 31 of this year.  Certainly there my be a slight change higher, partially caused by the human reactions to the Tokyo earthquakes—but not to the extent of say 911 or what will occur worldwide when the west coast erupts.  Those are so major that they do cause a shift in frequency. 


ConsicousnessKevin writes:  Yesterday, I was talking to some friends and we where on  the subject of a state of conscious one gets into during a dramatic event( in which one is a part of that event and all his/her surrounding seem to be in slow motion.

As an example, I was riding a bike and during that bike ride I took a fall ; However, while falling everything seemed to be in slow motion. I am wondering, do we automatically switch to a different state of conscious and change time on a subconscious level; Also, if this is a true state of conscious, are there people who can do this consciously (which for some would require training).

Theo answers:  Good question from your reader Tom.  Yes, there is a change in consciousness when a dramatic event happens.  As people report, things seem to move in slow motion.  Your adrenalin kicks in shall we say and you have a heightened awareness which was built into your DNA millions of years ago so that you could survive.  It is something that can be learned, but not so practical in today’s times, unless you are in a very dangerous occupation.  You don’t really need to be in this mode very often in your lives these days.  It is much better to learn to meditate and achieve a heightened sense of awareness in this manner. 


Con ArtistKarin sent me this link for claims made by a “Lord Stirling.”  She asked for comments from Gaia.  Here they are:

Gaia, any truth to the claim that dispersants used on the oil leak cover the oil on the ocean floor and have affected the North Atlantic Current?

No truth to this whatsoever Tom.  Again this is pure ‘poppycock’ shall we use this word in describing what this person has claimed.  Again I refer to the fact that if the claim if so far out, there will be people who believe it.  Another fear-based propaganda claim to be sure.  The oil is dispersing and I do have methods for reducing its effect on the environment--naturally.


Indonesian VolcanoRonald sent me information on the Indonesian volcano eruption.  Here is the link:

Gaia, will the Indonesian volcano in the news continue to flow, or will it explode, or will it quieten down?

It will not explode Tom, but it will continue to flow for quite some time.  There will be times when it interferes with air traffic in the area. 


Shauniel writes:  I am considering going back to school at MUM University in Fairfield, Iowa.  But the town sits about 55 miles from the Mississippi river.
It is on the upper Mississippi...  and quite far from the New Madrid Fault Line.... will it be a safe place to be in the next few years????  Until I can finish school???

Gaia, a reader asks me if Fairfield, Iowa (55 miles from the Mississippi River) be a safe place to live?

Yes, quite so Tom.  This town is far enough away so that there will be little change in it’s topography. 


Lake ArenalLezley writes:  I am still longing to spend some real time in Ecuador but am taking what Gaia said to heart.  What about land around the city of Cuenca.  Things are so easily grown there that when our bread basket gets disrupted it seems a natural to be somewhere to grow food.  You have mentioned Costa Rica...what about the Lake Arenal area... even with the active volcano?

Gaia, is Cuenca, Ecuador safe?

No Tom.  Again this area, as I said before will continue to move. 

Gaia, is the Lake Arenal area in Costa Rica safe enough to live in, with the volcano nearby?

Yes, I don’t have any plans for causing this volcano to erupt in the near or even far future.  Therefore the area should remain a relatively safe haven.


EyesightKaren writes:  I wanted let tell you some exciting news! I've been very good at getting the parking spots most convenient on a regular basis. After learning of your MBO process, I started doing so but wanted to request something more significant than an ideal parking spot. A few weeks ago, I requested the most benevolent outcome with regard to my eyesight.

Last week I saw my eye doctor and with deep gratitude I am happy to report that my vision has drastically more astigmatisms and now soft contacts where before I was told I could not wear them. Best of all, my vision was in the -13 & -15 something, and now I can wear 8.5 and 9.5 soft contacts and am able to see clearly at a distance better than I can ever recall seeing! I believe my eyes will continue to improve. I've never dared to request something so meaningful before.

Also, when I made this request, I could almost feel those in the angelic region breathe a sigh of relief that "finally she's getting on board!" Thanks again for your amazing work I only recently became familiar with!


MechanicJanis writes:  An MBO for my vehicle - much good news.  I said an MBO for help!  The fuel pump on my 2001 Dakota conked out. My friend, Patrick came over to try and help me get Mr. Cool (my Dodge Dakota) over to his place as he was going to try to fix it for me, but it conked out a block from here and refused to go any further. So he walked back to my apartment and began talking to one of the other tenants in my building, who gave him the name of someone who did mechanic work on the side.

Patrick called him and he said he would do the labor for $150 if we towed the PU to his house and bought the fuel pump. Patrick managed to get the fuel pump for $230 and the tow driver charged $101 to tow it to Homer's house, plus I gave Patrick $20 for gas. I can get $50 back from my insurance company for the tow, so the entire repair cost only $451 . I had asked an MBO for help, especially with the cost and my GA came through big time. I am so grateful. It would have cost $900 plus at least another $200 for towing if I had gone to the Dealer. MBOs are wonderful.  It saved me at least $650.


PuppySunny writes:  I have been doing MBO's for about a year now and I have one to share with everyone. I volunteer at a dog rescue and sanctuary in Arenas Valley, NM and they were having a one year anniversary fund raiser on the 29th of August. All weather reports told of a return of the monsoon rains both Saturday and Sunday, (set-up and event day) that included flooding rains and 50 mph rains.

I requested perfect mild weather for both those days with the rain waiting until after 5pm on Sunday.  Almost to the minute the rains waited and even stayed mild while we finished getting things broken down and everyone went home. Only then
did it really pour. Everyone had a good time at the fundraiser and it was a complete success!

For all of you in the northern climates, don’t forget that this fall and winter you can request a MBO for a Sunny Saturday each week.  Even if the forecast is for no sun, just request the MBO and I think you’ll be happily surprised each week. 


Emergency roomShe asked me to change her name so Alessandra writes:  Just last week, my mother, who is 83, had a fall off of the side of a porch and hit her head on a pipe. We took her to the emergency room, and discovered her blood pressure had spiked way high in response to the trauma (she normally has no high blood pressure). I did a "any and all beings" "living prayer" for just the blood pressure to go down to normal. When she was checked the next day, it was just below the normal rate! My sister, who had accompanied her, said that the Doctor joked, "I hate it when my patients have lower blood pressure than me!"
I doesn't end there. I was on the highway heading back to Vermont from Md. where she lives, and a very huge tractor trailer was in the lane to the left, cutting off any vision in that direction. So I was sure to notice the huge letters on the side of the truck. They read: "W.E. Pray, Inc." It was a trucking company. My mother is making a good recovery though she did fracture two bones on her face, so I am continuing to pray that they mend.

Our GA’s are always giving us those little “wink” moments.  When you start requesting MBO’s and asking BP’s, you become more AWARE and start noticing them more. 



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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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