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 Hi everyone and welcome to this week's newsletter, and especially to all the new people who signed up this past week!


Last Tuesday was my birthday and OK as birthdays go.  Something I haven’t mentioned before is that when someone asks me how old I am, I always say, “I’m ageless.”  I say that for both a psychological reason and a metaphysical reason.  I think that virtually everyone has a concept of what someone is supposed to look and act like at ages 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, and 80 years.  By saying you’re ageless you remove that concept from your subconscious mind.  The metaphysical reason I say this is that I believe that some day scientists will prove that our cells are cognizant and actually communicate with each other.  I believe you slow down the aging process by telling your cells that you are ageless.  If you get in the habit of doing this as I have done over the years, it will be really difficult at times to remember your age when you need to fill out some form.  You’ll have to count up from your birth date.  Think about this and perhaps make it your own “habit.”


Back in December of so of 2006 the soul of the earth Gaia told me that there was going to be another hurricane that would strike New Orleans. I thought it would be in 2007 and put it in my predictions on my January blog on under the title of my book. Well it didn’t happen then and when I asked why, first she said she had her reasons, which irritated me, as I thought I should have received a better explanation.  Perhaps I was not receiving well that day and she didn’t want to elaborate—I don’t know. Later she explained that she wanted to have the hurricane be timed so that few people would have returned when the New Madrid fault line goes and a 50 foot wave of water travels down the Mississippi inundating New Orleans, and especially when the level of the Mississippi River will be about 27 feet higher than it is today.  I had over the past 2 years been told that there would be huge earthquakes in the United States beginning the last week of October in 2008 and the first week of November, and had even written a book, yet to be published.  Don’t forget that New Orleans is at and below sea level.  So you could call the hurricane a “gift” from Gaia to save many lives before the truly destructive events.  Here is what I asked Gaia last Tuesday, the 26th:

Gaia, will Gustav strike New Orleans or will you have another hurricane do so later?

Yes Tom, this is the one that I will send to New Orleans.  It is time to move these people away from the city and the coast so that they will not return before the earthquakes I will begin.  Yes, thousands of people will leave and this is good, as the hurricane will strike very near the city center, and will carry on up into the interior along the Mississippi River.  The storm intensity will be quite sufficient to weaken and burst the levee system around New Orleans and the flooding will prevent anyone from returning until after the Mississippi Valley earthquakes.  Is that a sufficient answer for you Tom?

Quite so Gaia.  I thank you for your words of wisdom shall I say, since time is not the same for you. 

You’re welcome Tom.  It is almost time though for your needed work you know, even though you think you will not have an impact you will my dear.

Yes, I am rather frustrated, as the oil lady never arrived, preventing me from getting the book published.

Yes, but she will Tom. 

And here’s what I received in meditation this morning, August 30:

Gaia, the hurricane forecasters think that Gustav may slip farther to the went into western Louisiana.  Do you still say Gustav will pass almost directly over New Orleans or just the eastern half?

Yes a good question Tom.  I still plan for this hurricane to go almost directly over New Orleans and on up the Mississippi River a ways as I previously told you.  I want the levee system to fail so that hundreds of thousands of people will be forced to evacuate and not return prior to the great earthquakes coming for that region in late October.  All the major levees will fail Tom, so that the maximum number of people will be away from this area.

OK Gaia. Can you tell me what category hurricane it will be-- a 3, 4, or 5?

Much closer to a five, Tom.  It will be right on the edge of a category 5 hurricane, which I need for the purposes I previously mentioned.

Gaia, what about the cruise ship that you previously said would collide with another ship—possibly a tanker?  Will this happen during Gustav or at another time?

No Tom, it will happen during this time period.  As I said before, it would occur in the Gulf of Mexico during a storm and this is the one that I mean.    You will inform your readers why this occurred when it does.  It is a teaching lesson for everyone.

There is the tropical storm Hannah out in the Atlantic.  Will this turn into a hurricane and will it strike Miami, or where?

Good question Tom.  Yes, this maverick hurricane will eventually strike Florida very close to Miami, more to the south than to the north you see.  Yes you are receiving me correctly Tom.  Watch its erratic movement, as the forecasters are having a difficult time with this one.  It will follow a certain path that they will study and learn from and about.

Anything else you wish to tell me about Gustav at this time?

No, you have the basic information and concepts down Tom.  You will be able to explain why this seemingly calamity is happening to these good people again.  It is out of my love for them that I am giving them a chance to be gone before the city is completely flooded in late October.  They will “thank their lucky stars” as the saying goes once they see what could have happened to them.

So, if the hurricane does strike New Orleans as I have received, then next week I’m going to have to go into much more detail about the coming “Great Quakes.”


Len from Hawaii writes:  Just got back from Lee Carroll and Kryon's land cruise on the Big Island. It was a great event and was very well received. On 8-8-08 the event was opened up to the local residents and there was a good response from them and it made the day even more special.
Mary Ellen & I were the hosts for this event. The thing that I noticed that I wish to pass on was that on at least a half a dozen instances I heard people request a most benevolent outcome for something during this week. I found this very encouraging. Keep your messages coming people are hearing them, and I was also impressed that they were saying it out loud as you state we should do.
I am curious as to how you record your messages that you receive from Theo and Gaia. Do you commit them to memory and then record them or are you transcribing them as you ask the questions? I do notice that sometimes you will state that you have a correction to make from a previous message received. Why is this? I am confused by the lack of clarity and the need to make corrections.

I have covered this before in a previous newsletter, but for all the new subscribers the way I receive the messages is how I'm telling everyone that you can do the same.  This is not full trance channeling as Lee Carroll does.  I simply put myself into a meditative state, then I ask to speak to whomever I wish to speak to.  Anyone can do this with PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.  It's like learning a foreign language, playing chess, or riding a bike.  The more you practice the better you get.
I write down all my questions in a notebook and then I type the first one on my computer before I meditate.  Then when I ask the question I'll wait for the "thought packets" that my GA Theo calls them to come through.  It seems as if you're thinking the answers, but you will know you're not when the answers are different than you thought they would be or different from your previous beliefs.  These thought packets are filtered according to your education, cultural background, beliefs, etc.  So as an example, if I and 10 other people asked the same question of Gaia, we would get 10 different answers.  Lee Carroll said almost exactly the same thing in Sedona about the German channels of Kryon that he invited to join him on stage at a Kryon Conference.
I have to use a computer, as I couldn't read my writing.  Some may wish to write or even record the answers verbally.  If you don’t record them you will quickly forget the messages, just as a dream will fade from your memory upon awakening.  The point is though that I'm supposed to encourage everyone to try this out.  It will be like a "dam bursting" one day I think the words were as more and more of you discover that you can do this too! 
I make corrections because sometimes I let my mind get in the way.  That's why I ask some things several times if I feel it's important.  Theo has told me even trance channels are not 100% accurate.  I strive for 80% to 90%.  When I first started 3 years ago I was down around 15% to a high of 60%.  That's what the PRACTICE is all about.  Supposedly it will become much easier after 2012. 


Gaia.  Do the mountains have separate spirits, or are they all fragments of your soul?

They are separate fragments of other souls that I welcome to inhabit my mountains.  They learn from their lives as a mountain certain things, so they are separate souls.

What do they learn?

How to be a mountain and all the things that mountains must do to exist on my world.  They in turn may have trees, animals, birds and so on that inhabit either on the mountain or inside it, and sometimes people that may live in caves or in structures on the mountain, so they have busy lives for them, although you don’t see that in your 3rd dimensional reality.  They are more 2nd dimensional.

Will a soul take care of one type of tree or all the trees in a forest, including all species, or does a soul handle one species worldwide or all trees worldwide?

Ah, a very good question Tom.  These souls take care of one species of tree on a worldwide basis, so there are yes, a number of souls involved with the many different types of trees.  So it is simple, but complicated in a way, as they must respect each other’s territory or space, which is not always the case as you know, as some trees overpower lesser ones as they fight for sun and water and nutrients. 


Gaia.  Have the four seasons shifted a little later, or is that just a cycle we are in?

I have shifted the seasons a little.  A few weeks.  Your springtime will be here soon, but winter is hanging on a little.

Is there a reason for this?

Yes.  It has to do with my whole shift of consciousness from the third to the fourth dimension for you.  It will be more this way in the fourth dimension when you reach that point in vibration.    You are all vibrating at a higher level, although it does not seem that way to you now.  I am happy with your progress, although I realize millions of people will not be able to make the jump when it comes.    It is all free choice.  What you are doing with the book is admirable, and will be well received by a small part of the population, but the results will be much wider than you can perceive.  That’s one reason I am happy to talk to you and offer my encouragement.


Gaia—souls who inhabit planets and suns—are they the same as my soul?  Are they there forever or do they have “walk-ins”?

Yes, we originated from the same place—the creator of creators.    We all have just chosen different experiences and different things that we learn.

So has the soul of our sun been there forever since the sun was created?

Yes.  His soul has been there and burning brightly in your sky and the skies of all the planets in your solar system along with the moons and so on.

Gaia, what would you say your relationship with our sun would be?

We are colleagues and partners of a sort.  I work with the sun in all matters pertaining to space and time and heat that I need and the solar flares that it can project when I need them, in cooperation with the other planets in this solar system.  It is a symbiotic relationship, although of course the sun is enshrined in spirit too, just as I am the spirit of the earth and there are spirits or souls for all the planets. 

Yes the immaculate second of creation for all of the universe.

Yes it was.

OK.  So why do we not hear more from the soul of our sun?  Is he not interested in communicating with us as you do?

He can communicate, but normally he is not asked to.  Would you like me to ask him?

Perhaps.  Maybe not today, but at another time.  Is he a quantum master like you are now?

Yes he is.  He was actually before me.  We all are evolving at different rates on different paths.  It is quite complex for you to understand on a 3rd dimensional level, especially when you have veiled yourself. 

There are stories of the earth having two moons.  Are these stories correct?

Yes.  Many millions of years ago there was a second moon.  It was destroyed. 

By man or natural events?

By man.  One of the lower times for humanity.  One of the earlier experiments that failed.  You will not fail though this time.  It makes the whole universe ecstatic with happiness, as it will have an effect throughout this creator’s creation.

Speaking of planets.  You mentioned perhaps being in touch with Venus, your sister planet.  What do planets talk about?

A wide variety of things and issues.  It is so complex that it would be mostly beyond your understanding right now, but we share experiences, feelings, we discuss what would be your past and your future of the Explorer Race, , and then there are those very esoteric discussions that I will not try and explain now.  Keep in mind that we do have a great awareness of the universe itself, so our discussions can be about even a planet or star system at the other or far end of the universe.

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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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Tom T. Moore


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