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Hi everyone and welcome to all our new subscribers who signed up this week. You’ll find this newsletter a little different, as my computer went dead overnight during a storm. I guess I am being told to buy a new, more updated and faster machine, as mine had become really slow, even with defraging it every three or four days. My son took my hard drive, put it into an external hard drive and hooked it up to my laptop. It’s workable in the short run. So I’m backed up on emails for that reason and also my film distribution business, as Amazon wants us to deliver 80 films to them for the Christmas buying season, plus my other negotiations as part of my daily routine. So let’s see what I can offer this week.


Gail writes: I have received many benevolent outcomes since reading your book, but one the other day was unusual. I parked in a parking lot at my church - when I got back to my car, someone had pulled in two inches from my car on the driver's side. I tried to back out, but got even closer and even touched the other car. I kind of freaked out a little and started to get angry. I then decided not to get angry about it, calmed myself some, and requested a benevolent outcome. What happened next was really a miracle. I tried a second time to get out and it was as if the cars had moved - they seemed now four inches from each other and I got out with no problem. If I hadn't been there, I wouldn't have believed it!

Gail also asked: I worry a lot about the condition of the world's oceans. The great and small beings that live there are in crisis. Does Theo have anything to say about the fate of these innocent souls, many of which are probably more ancient than us? I have made benevolent outcomes for the healing of their environment. Is there anything else we should be doing?

I'm going to give you some homework. Check out Robert Shapiro's book ANIMAL SOULS SPEAK which I'm reading right now. He has channeled the souls of the elders of many animals that explain why they're on earth and what they're here for to teach humans. has it, as that's where I bought my copy. If you look in the front of my book it’s dedicated to Robert, as he was the first person to channel that you can request benevolent outcomes in your life, which I tried out, and as everyone knows that requests MBO’s, they WORK PERFECTLY!


So do you have a golden sheen to the colors you emanate—is that the reason you are called golden light beings?

Yes, our colors do radiate a golden light if you will.

You said you would continue with your service for 7,000 years in the future and that was a long time. But compared to the millions of years you said you’ve been here, that is actually a very short time. Why?

Ah Tom. The Explorer race experiment had to have a beginning and end. The beginning was far back before your records began, as your soul and others led many lives over thousands of years so that when you came to this point in time, you would have the ability and soul experience on earth to make the dimensional jump. After you do that, there will be several thousand years more where you will go to the stars and start changing the way people live in societies that have become stagnant. That will be your greatest accomplishment. But it only takes so many thousand years to accomplish this and get this universe filled with many, many diverse people we’ll call them, and then your Creator will be able to move on and you and all the other souls will all join together to become the Creator that will run the universe. That’s another reason why your souls are having so many lives across the universe. Your souls will have absolute knowledge of every society and every type of being in this universe, so that there will be no lack of knowledge when you transition. Your ability to make decisions as a Creator yourself you know, will come from these earth lives or experiences.

What will you do after your services are no longer needed on earth?

Ah, that is a grand question. I do have other choices, but I have not been attracted to them yet. Yes, there are other worlds—one in particular—that could use my services. So I do have that option. Or I might be drawn to have earth lives myself, but I doubt that. So we will see.

Do you act as my conscience?

Yes, in the way that you mean, I do. We, your guides and me, are always sending you information and feelings to take a higher road or the best road for you, the best path the best direction. As this is a free choice world, many, many times you—meaning humans in general—do not heed these messages in your ear and proceed down a path that causes you much heartache. Yet, your soul learns more when you do this, even though you many times pick up great karma in so doing, and that must be taken care of in a future life. So yes we do seemingly act as your conscience, although this is all part of the service we perform. “Conscience” is just a label that has been used for centuries.

Theo—It seems at times that you can’t give me advice directly – only as those whispers in my ears. Is that standard policy for Guardian Angels or just your instructions by my oversoul?

No, I do have my instructions from your oversoul as you call it, but we also have rules that we can’t tell you to go this way and that way in your life. Yes, when you request a Benevolent Outcome, we can work to make things happen in magical ways it seems. But for you to ask me should I take this road or that road, we can only whisper in your ear. We are not allowed to give you this information directly as I’m doing now. So it is very important to keep your ear or your senses open to what we can urge you to do. By the same token, we can give you much information that can assist you in your decisions, but we can’t decide for you. Those are instructions from all of the souls that created this world, or game as it is sometimes called, or experiment. You must remain veiled and seemingly cannot see the road ahead. We have been allowed in your case to give you more information than is typically available, as you are needed to assist others to be where they are supposed to be next year and then into the future times. You act as a human conduit for this information to be presented so that everyone has the same chance to accept it and move away from these areas or reject it and stay. It is their choice.

Regarding my development of listening to you or for you. What is our goal?

Ah Tom, our goal is just that. You, on a physical level, want to be able to instantly recognize when I speak to you no matter the time of day or not and know that it is me and not your id or mind speaking or saying things.

Will the final result be that I speak to people and instantly tune you in to give them advice?

In a way, yes. Not exactly but you will be asked your opinion many times in the coming years, and I will assist you, if you do not shut me out and use only your mind.

When you or another guardian angel sees that we heard that “whisper in your ear,” does that give you satisfaction or is that a 3d feeling that does not apply to you as a soul?

Good question Tom, actually. We do have joy that we are able to succeed in getting through to you in that muddled atmosphere where you are caught up in the dramas of the day. The more you pay attention, the easier it is for us to make known your path and make your lives easier and less stressful. We try and advise you on everything, but as we have discussed before, this is a free choice world and sometimes –actually many times--humans make choices that are not at the highest level of your purpose on earth. We do adjust when you make those decisions to veer off of the path you wanted to take before your birth.

Does your soul Theo resonate at the same vibrational rate as my soul?

Yes Tom, I resonate very closely with your soul, as it is necessary in order to advise you.

But then if you’re assisting a young soul, how is that accomplished?

They may be new souls for an earth life, but they are not necessarily new in the sense of the word meaning just birthed. As you have heard before, before they are allowed an earth life, they have to have had many lives elsewhere in the universe, because earth school would be equated with a tough university or even master program at a university. They would be lost if they had not gone through grade school all the way through high school, so that term “new soul" is a misnomer.

When someone says they are speaking to an Arch Angel, is it really their own guardian angel handling the communication?

Yes, Tom, we are asked to fill in for the Arch Angels, with day-to-day details that must be handled. They answer the call, but we are the filters to you, according to your question and your contract. But people believe what they wish to believe, so let them.

Did most of our souls have lives in other creations before coming to this universe?

Yes, of course Tom. Almost none of you were recent births shall we say. You all had been doing many different things and having lives in other creations when you heard about what this Creator was going to do. Everyone recognized how hard it would be, so everyone knew that great growth, as we have said before, would result. It would be in your terms like applying after hearing about a new job.

How do I address my oversoul?

It is very simple to address your oversoul just as you did me. You ask that your oversoul comes through and immediately it will. I assure you your oversoul keeps very close tabs on you so to speak to see what you choose next on your own and how it connects with your life plan.

Also, why couldn’t an oversoul act as my Guardian Angel? What is the difference between the two of you?

There is a great difference Tom. Your soul is involved with thousands if not millions of lives at one time across the universe. Earth is an exceptional place in comparison to any of these other worlds because it is free choice and you are veiled from your soul knowledge. It was felt that each individual on earth needs individual attention because of the great challenges you have here in comparison to these other worlds. Therefore they asked for volunteers on a soul or spirit level and I was one of those souls that volunteered to assist you and many other people in many different lives. Your oversoul is just much too busy to do what we do on a daily basis.

I was to find out in later communications that I was incorrect on my term “oversoul” as that is just really our soul. For those of you new to the newsletter, Parts 1 & 2 can be read on the website by clicking on ARTICLES & NEWS.


I thought you might like to read some information about the soul of the earth, who most people call Gaia, or Mother Earth. This is an excerpt from the book I’m writing that will have a lot more information.

Gaia--We seem to be operating under a system or set of rules where you can’t give me the information until I think to ask the questions. Who set these rules in place?

That is an excellent question Tom. You set these rules in place—you meaning all of the souls that are taking part in this great experiment. You decided that it is you that must discover these events and things, not I. Therefore I can only answer what you ask of me under this set of rules you have established for yourselves.

I read where you said to the author Pepper Lewis that you are a resource, but I don’t think people will understand that statement. Would you elaborate?

I am a great resource, but you have to ask for my assistance, just as you do for your Guardian Angels and Guides. I can provide great riches for those who wish, simply by manifesting them. I can give you knowledge about the cosmos and your origins, but you must ask. The general population does not think that they can carry on a conversation with me as you and some others do around the world. They just have to open themselves to the possibility of doing so, and then practice as you are doing. I am there always for you and wish you all to succeed in your lives.

Gaia--Is it my understanding that you were ensouled in an asteroid at one point in your existence?

Yes, that is quite true Tom. It was my training wheels in your vernacular. There was much to be learned, even though it would seem to be an easy assignment if you will. It was a large asteroid yes, that moved through the universe and I was able to communicate with planets and suns as I passed and gained great knowledge during that experience.

So why were you chosen for the earth by the Creator?

All souls have certain specialties and interests and I was unique in my interests so the Creator of this Universe felt that I was the right soul for this job, as I could have the experience with the planet for several million years of your time even before humans were ensouled here. I was ready for you by then. At least I thought I was. But having a free choice and veiled from knowing about yourselves is truly unique in this and any other universe. But it has meant growth for not only your souls but for me too.

Did another creator create you too?

Yes, yes. I was attracted to this Creator’s universe just as many, many other souls were, because it is so unique among creations. It was exciting if you wish to use that word, and we all knew great growth would be the result in taking part in this.

As a soul, do you normally reside in the earth? Do you surround it? Do you completely permeate it?

And what a good question from you this morning, Tom. I do reside if you will in the earth and my presence expands as needed to the surface and all through the earth. It’s very difficult to explain in your third dimensional thinking, but as a soul I can be everywhere at once, just as I’m speaking to you right now. I am cognizant or aware of every thing on this, and in this planet.

Gaia—How many people around the world are communicating with you at the same time as I do?

There are several thousand, but not as many as you might think, considering the world’s population. It is something I am easily able to handle, should there be thousands more that wish to communicate with me.

Are most of them in India, or are they really scattered around the world?

A majority are in India, but there is good representation in Europe, and even a few souls in the United States and a few more in Canada. It all adds up when you add all the people in and on all the continents of the world, keeping in mind the time differences as many will meditate to talk to me either in the evening or morning time as you do.

Are you Gaia a combination of souls or energies, or was there some misinterpretation since you have many souls that you allow to live on and within you?

I am basically a complete soul, but of course that means I am part of a larger mass of energy of all that is. I welcome all the many souls and fragments of souls that choose to reside here.

Your awareness is not constricted by our time is it?

No, I am aware of the earth from conception to the end of its days.

Could be sad I suppose to know of one’s ending, but then are you aware of what you will do next after you have finished here?

Somewhat, but that is a little veiled for me, as I have much to do and accomplish myself before I take the next step.

Gaia—I have a general question about your work. Please tell me about your studies and how you work with humans.

Good question about how I work, Tom. I do find time to study as I have recently worked on becoming a quantum master, and certainly the duties of keeping up with all the needs of this planet is quite challenging, because it includes the Explorer Race that will someday go to the stars and planets and educate and change them forever. There will be movement across the universe, as what your Explorer Race does will have a rippling effect across the universe; this is already happening, although you won’t be able to see or learn about that for several hundreds of years. It will seem you are progressing slower than you actually are. There are many challenges and obstacles and hurdles for the Explorer Race to overcome before you will be allowed to actually reach the stars. There will be a long period of exploration of the other planets in your solar system, which will aid you down the way or in the future to understand the makeup of other similar planets in the universe. There are so many things for you as a race of people to learn that it cannot be done in a few generations. This will happen over hundreds of years and also with the assistance of beings that are more technically advanced than you are.

(Note: For more information on the Explorer Race read Robert Shapiro’s THE EXPLORER RACE series of books.)

I know I read you have attained either material mastery or something like that. Am I correct?

Yes. That has been one of my best accomplishments since I ensouled this planet.

So you have achieved quantum mastery?

It was quantum mastery I have achieved during my inhabiting of this world. It is something that is hard to explain how it is accomplished, but I did. Now I am working on other things as you say.

Gaia, I just read a Time magazine article that says that James Lovelock, the environmentalist, coined your name. Isn’t your name older than recent times, or is it a new name?

James coined the name; although it was in existence well before the time he first used it publicly. Is that a diplomatic answer?

It’s a confusing answer to me. Did he channel the name or was it given to him as an inspiration, or did he see it in some old text?

He actually channeled the name. I gave it to him.

OK I suppose that is my first surprise for today. I thought he must have picked it up long ago.

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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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