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Welcome to this edition of THE GENTLE WAY newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers from all over the world!  If you enjoy this newsletter, be sure to widely circulate it, and if this is your first time to read it, you can sign up to receive it each week by going to .

I have several important announcements and points to make before going into this week’s topics.  I’ve become concerned, as I’ve noticed in the last four weeks a real drop in my book sales, although the number of subscribers has dramatically increased.  This newsletter was started to introduce everyone to how you could greatly increase your quality of life through requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) in your life on a daily basis.  This puts you on an easier path.  The predictions that are given to me in meditation by my Guardian Angel Theo and Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, were in response to YOUR questionsI would never have been able to do this had I not started out 14 years ago requesting MBO’s daily from the mundane requests for a parking spot to the really big requests such as going in the hospital for an operation.

So, if you have not started experimenting with requesting MBO’s in your life, you need to go to the website where you can read two sample chapters of my first book, plus my weekly Blogs which contain story after story of what requests my subscribers are having success with.  These range from the mundane to the very unique ones I’ve never seen before.  Keep in mind that purchasing these books for not only yourself but for your family and friends does help support this website. 

This week MAY see the major earthquakes occurring in and around Tokyo, Japan.  I will wait to see if this happens with the rest of you, as keep in mind I can only pass along what I’m told in meditation.  I did send an email to all my film distribution clients in Japan (none of whom knew about this work before the email), and three responded saying they and their families would not be in Tokyo from August 23 to August 27.  As I explained to them, if nothing happens at least they had a good vacation, and if the earthquakes do occur, they’ll be happy they were out of the city.  This is the kind of logic you can use on your friends and family living in California for the upcoming major quakes which are supposed to occur the last week of December. 

If you are on Facebook, request to be my friend.  I do have special announcements and news during the week, and I am on Twitter


Log in up to 10 minutes prior to the broadcast at (CORRECTION) . Click on "Join a Live Event". Enter your FULL name, Meeting ID: 271-620-369 (including dashes) and your email address. Then JOIN. I’ll talk about MBO’s and Predictions.  Hosted by Cindy Belmonte, , 805-520-3733 for your video conferences.  Ask me questions LIVE! Major Earth and Storm events coming. Hope to see you there—and please invite your friends!  (PS You can click on the link above and if you see a video, then you should be fine to view the webcast.)


Pakistan FloodingGaia, why is there so much flooding in Pakistan?

This is an easy one to answer Tom.  These several million souls have a flooding disaster on their soul contract, so I am working with their souls to provide this experience and event for them.  There will be many more deaths in this region Tom due to a lack of food and clean drinking water.  Many of these people will die from lack of food and disease.    The waters will go down soon, but many will pass from their earth lives, as their souls need this experience—just as many souls need the earthquake experience on the California coastline. 

As I have said before, millions will transition from the earth during those movements.  There are many young souls in Pakistan, just as there are on the west coast who need these experiences.  As I told you before, the souls knew this millions of years in advance and scheduled lives during this time period to take advantage of the earth changes. 

Folks, this doesn’t mean we can say a Benevolent Prayer for these people.  Please say this now, out loud now:
“I ask any and all being to aid and assist the flood victims in Pakistan in any way possible, thank you!”


Power OutageMolly on Facebook asked if there would be power outages in Arizona due to the California earthquakes in late December.

Gaia, will there be a power outage in Arizona when the California earthquakes occur?

Good question from your reader Tom.   Yes, there will be portions of Arizona which will experience power outages, although they will be fairly brief in nature, as there are grids which will supply power to these areas when the power goes down.  So there will be brief periods of time during which some portions—mostly to the western part of the state, will have these power outages. 

Certainly some businesses should consider purchasing a generator if they have critical equipment that requires constant power. 


Fresno, CACarmen writes:  I live in the Central San Joaquin Valley  (Fresno).  Will we suffer much damage in the December earthquake?  Is there a safer place to move to nearby?

Gaia, is Fresno, California and the surrounding area in the quake zone?

Yes they are Tom.  This is not a safe area, even though they are not on the coast.  They will experience several waves of earthquakes and although they might not be as strong as the ones on the coast, these will be highly damaging to their infrastructure, along with they homes and office buildings.  These people must move if they wish to remain safe, I assure you.

For anyone contemplating moving, request a Most Benevolent Outcome for the PERFECT place to live. 


Lezley writes:  I’ve been looking all over your sites to see how I could request some info...and
Ecuadordidn’t even think to just respond in an email.  I’m wondering about South America in the upcoming changes, specifically Cotacachi, Ecuador which is in the Andes.  We are planning to split time between Boulder, CO and Cotacachi.

Gaia, Ecuador is quaking (7.1 August 12).  Will Cotacachie be a safe place to live?

Not really Tom.  This area will experience more movements in the future, so this city will also experience these movements and will not be a very safe place unfortunately.  Ecuador lies on one of my main fault lines and will continue to move as I said. 


Donna writes:  Hi Tom, enjoyed today's newsletter.   A few months back I asked you if Kelowna
KelownaBritish Columbia in the Okanagan Valley would be safe and at that time you said yes. I explained there was a mountain range between Vancouver B.C. and us.  A person wrote in today's newsletter about Kelowna and Gaia said "no we were not safe."   Now I'm confused.

Has Gaia changed her mind.   If the quake is as significant as she says its going to be, I can see where we may certainly feel it to some degree, but is the mountain range now not enough protection.   We are about a 4 hour drive from Vancouver over the mountain range.  We live on a large lake running the length of our valley.

Gaia, I received conflicting information about Kelowna, British Columbia and the surrounding area.  Is it safe or not to stay there?

Yes, it is relatively safe, but will feel the quaking of the ground, but not as severe as farther towards the coast.  Yes they are behind the Cascades, Tom, but will still feel movement.  There is much loose dirt and material in this valley, so there will be some liquefaction, which we have spoken of before. 

Yes, we probably need to speak more about this in the future I would suppose.

Absolutely Tom.  Many people think that the earth will just move once or twice and that’s it.  But you know from your studies that violent movement causes the soil to liquefy and buildings will sink and roll over and certainly will not be habitable after that.  As you get a little closer to December you will need to remind your readers and those who hear you speak about this, as there will be great liquefaction in many of the locations, especially in the California quake zones we’ll call them. 


Prince GeorgeMichelle writes on Facebook:  I really enjoy your newsletters and love MBO's - have most of the family following suit - the story's are endless. - I saw in this week’s newsletter that Kelowna is not a safe place to be - how about Prince George, BC - Will we be ok here?  thanks and looking forward to your reply.

Gaia, what about Prince George, BC in the second round of earthquakes?

Yes, Tom this area is fairly well protected, as it’s off the coast far enough to be buffered, so they will not feel the large movements. 


Virginia BeachLinda writes:  Before I begin, I would like to thank you for your insightful newsletters. 

It has been reported that Edgar Casey chose Virginia Beach, VA for his home and the A.R.E. because the area would be safe.  Has this changed?

Will Virginia Beach, VA continue to be a safe place to live, Gaia?

Yes, relatively regarding the earth movements Tom, but of course they have the ocean to be concerned about, and as I have mentioned time and again—and will continue to remind everyone through the coming months and years, I will be dramatically raising the ocean levels starting with two feet and then continuing from there, so all coastal cities and towns will have great problems, which they will be unable to withstand or will not be able to place barriers to keep the seas out.  This will be a losing proposition Tom, so it is better to move farther inland as the water levels rise—and if possible certainly well in advance. 


AngelJafra writes:  First is a question about whether angels were actually involved in the story below. 
Also, I'm wondering if it's standard procedure for angels to ALWAYS be involved with ALL mysterious and miraculous saving of lives, as this was.  Did they observe the danger and then actually cause the rupture of the dam, for there was NO sign of tampering or foul play?

How do they work in such a case as this? It would be valuable to understand what actually was involved, because I just don't think it was a "coincidence". Obviously, though, the birth contracts of all involved did not have anyone die in this potentially horrendous situation.

This is the story. Here in Tempe, AZ, we have had a man-made, much used recreational lake created within the Salt River. It had been developed a few years ago using massive inflatable rubber bladders to create a dam. Each of the 16-foot tall pieces of dam weighed 40 tons. One of these  massive pieces of the dam burst the night of July 20, allowing almost 1 billion gallons of water to pour into the Salt River bed.

Opinions were:  It was fortunate that nobody was killed when the dam burst. It had been deteriorating for years. Everyone at the site was acutely aware that the timing of the dam rupture, which failed at 9:46 p.m. on July 20, saved lives. When the dam burst, an explosion of rubber could be heard, emergency-warning sirens sounded and water hurled west down the Salt River bed.

Had it ruptured the next morning, when Arizona's state water agency had approved Tempe sending teams of workers to the west wall of the dam to begin replacing the deteriorating rubber dams, someone likely would have been killed, officials have agreed. “I think the timing was fortunate ... it could have been a whole different situation,” said Don Darden, a Bridgestone spokesman. (Bridgestone had produced the rubber bladders.)

Thank you SO much, Tom, for the enormous amount of work you're obviously putting into helping save our sanity and the lives of our loved ones. MBOs are one of the most ethical tools for change and spiritual evolution that I've ever experienced, and they give me a semblance of peace of mind.

Theo, from a GA perspective, how was the bursting of the dam near Tempe, Arizona handled?

We make sure Tom, that the dam burst at the perfect time, so that no one was injured or killed.  It was not on their soul contracts, and so we made sure it burst at just the right time. 


Theo, do most people have more than one time that their higher self can choose to die?

Yes, Tom.  In quite a number – a majority let’s say—the higher self has two or three potential exit points, depending upon the soul fragment’s progress.  If the fragment is keeping on its soul contract or path, then there is no reason to go home early shall we say.  If the soul fragment went well off course, then the higher self can decide that it’s time to finish off the life in that Time Line.


MoundMichael writes on Faceback:  Have been lucky enough to visit several of the worlds enigmas, such as Avebury, Stonehenge, Pyramids of Giza.  Here in the US we also have mysteries left from long ago such as the animal mounds(Dancing Bears) at Effigy Mounds National Park in north west Iowa and the Great Serpent Mound in Ohio.  What purpose did they serve and who made them?"

Theo, what was the purpose of the animal mounds at Effigy National Park in North West Iowa and the Great Serpent mound in Ohio?  Who made them?

The indigenous peoples of that day constructed them, Tom, with a little assistance—advisory only you understand—by friendly ET’s.  Their purpose was religious rituals, but they had no idea they would last thousands of years.  They did not worry about such things. 


Anyone that has subscribed to this newsletter a long time have seen Theo comment about how Matthew sometimes “leaves the reservation” with some really far out, incorrect comments.  Here he was close to what Gaia has stated previously. 

Isabelle writes:  Tom, it's always uplifting to see confirmation to Gaia's and Theo's messages. Here's one from "Messages From Matthew", dated August 13, 2010.
"Now we shall address questions about situations of current interest. By Earth’s invitation, other civilizations lessened to the extent possible the damage to marine life and coastlines caused by the oil in the Gulf of Mexico; and by Earth’s desire, there will be no explosion of methane gas that could cause widespread sickness and loss of life. Your planet’s healing ability and other worlds’ technology can remedy or prevent these and other types of manmade destructiveness, whether intentional or by negligence or ignorance. 

“The oil spill was a major turning point in Earth’s favor. The oil companies’ dominance in energy production has been drastically reduced as demands for alternate sources have soared.  Soon you will see long-suppressed technologies coming into use for many purposes, from curing diseases and eradicating pollution to providing light and heat and transportation fuel."


VolvoBeth writes:  They kind of seem to simple to work but I've gotten greater results with your MBO's than with anything I've ever tried - and I've tried a lot of things.
I decided to step things up and request something big and seemingly impossible this time.  My car was 9 years old and in great working order, but the repairs were starting to get costly so I requested an MBO for a new car. I had no money whatsoever (zero) in my budget to buy a new car. I actually got specific and requested a Volvo S40 and asked for a result that could be even greater than I could expect or imagine.
The following week my brother in law got a gigantic commission for the sale of a business that he brokered and so he decided to buy his son a new car. His son was driving a 2005 Volvo S40 that he'd only driven to school and back and things like that, so the car had barely 5000 miles on it and looks like brand new.
He told me he woke up in the night with the idea to give me that car!
I couldn't believe it Tom. I sold my car quickly for a very fair price and my brother in law told me to keep that money because the car was a gift. So here I am driving my Volvo S40 thanks to you for sharing your MBO process.

This is incredible Tom.  I am stunned by the results I'm getting.  There seems to be pretty much nothing that can't be arranged in the heavenly realms.  My Guardian Angels are awesome.  Now I have to decide what I want to request next. :-)


Winston ChurchillOne of my producers is researching a UFO documentary and sent me an article about British PrimeUFO Minister Winston Churchill ordering a coverup about UFO’s back in the 1950’s, according to just released archives.  If you wish to read the article, here is the link:

And here’s another story in the same UFO category.  It’s a TV news story in Spanish subtitled in English. 



Isabelle writes:  Tom, thank you so much for today's Newsletter. Adding the pictures is a nice touch!  Tom, Theo only confirmed what I have believed about NESARA/GESARA for quite some time now. Closely related to it is all the talk about Prosperity Programs and the delivery of prosperity packets. Would you kindly ask Theo if all this is real, or is it just more conspiracy theories? Many people pin their hopes on these, and I feel it is time to lay it all to rest, one way or the other. Thank you!

Theo, is there any substance to the prosperity programs and the delivery of the prosperity packets?

Yes, Tom, there is no substance to these Prosperity Programs as they are called and the delivery of these prosperity packets.  That is all part of this Nesara operation shall we call it for your purposes and this will never happen in the manner described.  It appeals to desperate people that they are going to be somehow saved through these programs, and no help will ever arrive.  They must not give their power away to these people, as they will see nothing in return. 


Time LineTheo, the Hathors through Tom Kenyon says that we can latch on or jump to a higher time line.  As my understanding is that we are on time line 6, are there multiple time lines contained in time Line 6, or are they talking about jumping to Time Line 7?

Yes Tom, the Hathors mean well, and their concept of a Time Line is a little different than I have explained for you.  Basically, you have the ability to raise your vibrational rate through these exercises we’ll call them, but few will be able to accomplish this, as it is very complex and not easily accomplished by the average metaphysician shall we call them.  You do not raise your vibrations to the next Time Line, but raise them to a higher level within this Time Line. 

You do have the ability to view these other time lines in the future Tom, but for most people they will find it very difficult to do this at this time and in the 3rd dimension.  It will become much easier in the future to accomplish this as you move into the higher focus, although you will remain in this Time Line 6. 

So the short answer is, yes it is possible to raise your vibrations to this higher level through deep concentration, but it is so much easier to use the MBO tool which immediately starts raising your vibrations and over time you will achieve the same results, much more easily than with the Hathors’ method. 


FuturisticRenee writes: Something happened in the middle of the night this week that has me really puzzled and was hoping you could ask Theo what it was and meant.  Both my husband (Pete) and myself heard a male voice briefly in the middle of the night that was not speaking a language of this world.  I asked Pete "What was that?," and after a long pause, he said he did not know. 
I would like to know:  1) who he was, 2) what was he telling us, 3) where was he from, 4) and if we knew him.
Thank you so much for helping me figure this out.  It has been a mystery.

Theo, Renee and her husband heard strange noises and a strange language in the middle of the night.  What was that?

Yes, Tom.  These were not ET’s, but were people on another wavelength or focus if you will.  The wall thinned for just a short period of time and they were able to hear them. 

So am I receiving this correctly?  They were not ET’s?

That’s correct Tom.  Yes, they were speaking in a foreign language but from not only another time line, but from a different time period altogether—yes in the future you see. 

Will this be the earth language at that time, or just one of them?

Yes, it will not be so far in the future that there will be a common earth language, but simply far enough ahead where they are not able to recognize the language. 


I'm ImportantEleanore writes:  Thank you for reiterating the MBO for the President.  I am so into his protection and success everyday and am glad you have encouraged others to do the same.  He has an unbelievably difficult row to hoe.  It's his choice, I know, but difficult, none the less.

Something has kind of gotten my bloomers in a bunch - a section in the 8/7 Newsletter page 8 top of the page.  Gaia has made the statement that some people's lives are not considered "significant".  My belief is there is no such thing as an insignificant life.  The fact that we agreed to this experience is, in itself, significant.  I have learned that.  We don't need to discover radium or anything else that might be considered extraordinary to be in that category.  Just being nice, empathetic or caring for one another, especially these days, has a tremendous amount of significance.  Therefore, there is not one human being on this planet whose life fits in the "non-significant" category.

In so many of the seminars I have attended over the years the question of "why am I here" has come up and my answer has been, "When I see a little, crabby, old lady in the super market, I make it a point of speaking with her and managing to get a smile on her face."  I do that to everyone I meet - that's why I'm here and how my life possesses SIGNIFICANCE.

Theo, I receive an email that all lives are significant.  Your response.

Yes, I can see you reader’s point of view Tom.  But remember, I defined a Significant Life as being one where there was a major contribution to society—either positive or negative.  Certainly any life you lead is significant to your soul and its learning, but we were not speaking about that, we were speaking about what defines a truly significant life where you leave a legacy of some sort—be it good or bad. 

All souls will have lives where you make significant contributions to society in one form or another.  But you also need lives as just normal human beings experiencing as much as you possibly can in that life.  But I was using a much more narrow definition in this case and explained the parameters of what I was defining. 


Cat MountainI lost the email but you can tell the question I received:

Does everything mysterious in our lives that happens, have a Guardian Angel or angel presence? 

Yes, I can say emphatically Tom that all these mysterious events do have the hand of an angel shall we say for your purposes involved.  This is to remind you that you are not alone, which many of you forget until these reminders come along to make you think why and where and ask yourself questions which very probably you will not be able to answer.  They are beyond the normal physical world. 


Prison WatchtowerKathy writes:  I work in a prison and work on the outside pickets, which are elevated and exposed to the elements. We have to be physically on the catwalk of the pickets for a certain amount of time and the weather here is extremely hot. On one particular day, there was no breeze and I simply asked Gaia to send a breeze and I thanked her. Almost immediately, the most lovely breeze came and lasted for quite some time.

One other day, I asked Gaia to keep it cool, as the previous day it was horrendously hot and I became a little ill from it. She did! She kept it cool and others on the outside picket called and remarked how cool it was even though the heat index was higher than the previous day. One day as I pulled into my drive at home from work, I asked Gaia for rain and before I stepped inside the most gentle shower came. Now I know what it means when the Creator gave us dominion over the earth - it's simply, in my opinion, establishing a relationship with Mother Earth and asking for Her assistance and of course, giving Her gratitude abundantly! It also means, taking care of Her as well.
In your August 8, 2010 newsletter, a reader asked about her low tolerance of noise. I can relate to it. Since moving to the rural last year, whenever I visit the city, I am anxious to return to the "quiet." Though I miss the conveniences and the diversity of the city, when I'm away, I long for the peacefulness of the rural. We are in an amazing time, and since I've discovered MBOs and BPs, it has made this transition more gentle.


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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TIME LINES—JULY 26, 2008—AUGUST 8, 2008, JULY 3, 2010.

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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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