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Welcome everyone, and especially to our new subscribers! We have a lot of interesting emails and more questions and answers from my Guardian Angel Theo.


Lynn from Oregon writes: I wanted to share this part of a letter my friend Annie sent me... She had made a trip to Phoenix to take care of her 90 year-old father, who needed some dental work. She lives up in a small mountain town but used to live in Phoenix. So when she comes down she tries to get a lot of things that life in small town does not offer... I introduced her to MBO's by sending her a copy of your book... As you can see she has become a great believer...
From Annie in Arizona: The rest of my trip after taking care of Dad, was pretty good, and full of MBOs! I needed to shop since there is no place in our little town to shop for what I needed. I did get 3 bras on sale at Kohl's on Senior day, with that discount to boot, and a smoking deal on blue jeans. I needed bras and was going to buy them no matter what the price. The first Kohl's only had one in my size and it was on the bottom rack and way in the back; you know how it is when you have to have one specific brand/style. I even had to squat down to find it. Off I went to another Kohl's asking for MBO for at least 2 of them. I walked into the department And there were 2 of them on the front of the rack, chest high! I continued to ask for MBOs for all my errands and got primo parking spaces and all my stuff in no time at all. The oral surgeon was even early, the wait for Dad's return transport was faster than usual and I had a safe quick trip home. What a deal! I thanked the universe and angels profusely.

I guess that was a “BBO”!


Renee in Nevada writes: I look forward each month to your articles in the Sedona Journal of Emergence. And I have been using MBO’s ever since I read your first article. I'm very grateful and blessed with these experiences, but I just have to relate this particular one to you and your readers-if possible.

My astrologer told me in February that we should refinance our house by June this year, because he did a chart on the US economy and it was not going to be favorable to say the least, after that time. Even though we had until December to refinance, it was hard to give up our 4.25% mortgage rate and we knew we were going to pay more than that. So I put out a MBO for our refinance, and was thinking we probably would be paying at least $500 more a month at least it was looking like that and more.

Well, to make a long story shorter--we ended up with a $20 less a month payment than our original monthly mortgage payment, and we expected to get back from this refinance about $3,300. Much to our amazement, when escrow closed, we got back almost $11,000!

Now that surpassed all my expectations for a MBO! Thanks so much for enlightening your readers to MBOs. They truly work wonders and blessings.


Debrah writes: Hi Tom, from a little ole Starseed up in the Eagle's Nest of New Mexico....I have found that there is an Angel (Energy) for any and ALL REQUESTS, like if I am more tired/ackey than usual, I Ask for a healing like asprin would do from who I call "the Asprin Angel" same in any and all requests of a benevolent nature and for the greatest good of all concerned. If I need to feel the presence of Their love, I ask for and open "to Receive" that; the love from those angels around me, etc, etc....If I Am tired and I Am placed into a position of serving many people, I ask for the strength to BE my best and they all-ways MUST be open to receive (I see myself as a large satellite dish, open to cosmic higher vibrations and yes, have worked on "my stuff" with higher guidance for awhile) and trust the process totally....maybe you could cover this in one of your articles, No Fear and Trusting the Process, for the Universe only says "YES"...try it yourself, the Aspirin Angel, that is, you will Love Them!!!!

This reminds me of a book (can’t recall the title), where you asked for various “angels” to assist you in your daily life. Accounting angels, driving angels, work angels, I think were mentioned. I thought the book was a basic book that would get everyone thinking about angelic assistance, but the problem I saw is that you have to think up a different angel for each duty. In reality, all these angels are just your Guardian Angel and Guides—at least that’s what I’m told. I know it surely makes things easier only having to talk to my own Guardian Angel. But I did want to ask Theo so that I could give Debrah more information.

Theo, how does a request for an “Aspirin Angel” really work?

A good question Tom. As you might guess, energy is sent from their Guardian Angel that contains much love and gentle feelings, so that the person is wrapped in this energy field and they receive these warm feelings that is a natural pick-me-up sort of feeling that they have. We are here to answer those requests, but again, they have to ask before we can send this energy. But we are happy to do it and will joyfully do so when a person requests this energy.

I suggest that if you want this energy you say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for you to send loving, gentle healing energy to me that will be the most benevolent for me at this time, thank you!”

Diane wrote about a trip to the emergency room and this seems to tie in with the above—synchronicity again! She writes: Last night I got home and started to feel sick. I was dizzy and started feeling hot then cold. Then I started to throw up.....things were not getting any better and about three hours later I asked my husband to take me to the emergency ward. While I was sitting there waiting for my test results and feeling horrible I thought of doing a MBO.......well, I did feel a lot better....not 100% but at least I was able to walk a little better and felt that my stomach had settled. I have medication this morning and have started a MBO to get me through the day at work. So far so good (smile)!


Laurie writes: I was watching the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics this evening and was thoroughly amazed at the performance of the 2,008 Tai Chi Masters. I was wondering -- did they generate a wave of chi that might have gone out to Gaia? The energy must have gone somewhere. I just wonder where?

Theo, where did the energy go that the 2008 Tai Chi masters performed in the opening Olympics ceremony.

Actually not far. It was directed to surround the Olympic game venues with positive energy, which they did a good job of moving and directing this positive energy towards those venues.


Arthur writes: The Kryon channelings discuss the "neutral implant" as a means of voiding karma. Do you see a conflict here with the rule that all karma must be balanced out? Do those who take the neutral implant in this life simply put off until future lives the balancing out of their karma?

Arthur wants to know about the “neutral implant” Kryon talks about as a way of voiding Karma. Your thoughts.

Yes, Tom. Certainly Master Kryon means well here, but in actuality Karma is given and invented by your souls for growth purposes. If you have the “neutral implant” then there is no growth—something that might be all right for one life, but not what the doctor ordered using your vernacular. Now if someone continually says the Benevolent Prayer as you call it each morning, then karma is erased or greatly lessoned so that severe actions are much softened in those future and past lives. This is a way that you were inspired to do and those that say this prayer as I’ve said before will reap great benefits by having their karma greatly reduced. But a neutral implant simply delays the karma—it does not negate it.

For those new to the newsletter, and for those of you who haven’t started saying the Benevolent Prayer as I do each day, you can find it on the website under SIGNS.


Another question emailed in from Linda: Do vampires exist on this time line or others, or where does this story originate, other than what I’ve read. Theo’s answer:

Yes, certainly there are those humans that do drink the blood of others. This was a common practice in wars at an earlier time. But you humans have great imaginations so the story evolved into the creation of the vampire stories. There are no such creatures in any time lines now that must live in the dark and cannot come out in the daytime. There are those that have convinced themselves that they are vampires, but they are delusional, to say the least.

Linda did point out that there are people that suffer from Proferia where they cannot be in sunlight, but in this instance Theo was referring to vampire type creatures.


As I mentioned before, a small number of you have read these questions and answers before, but I'm repeating them for all the many new people that now read this newsletter. Theo says it's also good to review this material, as we "forget." And you can see "gaps" where more questions need to be asked.

Then another day--so there’s no shortage of guardian angels, or is there only a finite number?

No there is no shortage, but those of us who volunteered for this job in the beginning are allowed to oversee as many individual lives as we wish. As that word “benevolent” says in its definition, we take great joy in doing this work and we love all of you that have chosen to add more knowledge for the Creator and yourselves.

OK I know that you can multi-task taking care of 19,000 plus soul fragments in all time periods at once. Are you capable of other activities or do you do other activities in the universe at the same time, or have you just concentrated on this service?

I have just concentrated on this service. Yes I have the capability to be elsewhere, but being of service as I am is very rewarding to me personally so that is what you would call my passion.

Any other abilities that you have that matched my needs?

Only experience through several thousand years of earth experience in your linear time. Keep in mind that I am acting as a guardian angel at the same time in all those other lives, but these things as you are coming to realize are not that difficult when done from this side of the veil as you call it.

Don’t most lives occur simultaneously?

Yes they do. As I mentioned before we are multi-taskers to use your idioms and so we are able to oversee thousands of lives at the same time.

Does a Guardian Angel monitor us every minute of every hour?

In a way yes. We are on a moment’s call to assist you, so we do keep pretty close tabs on what you’re doing and if we can whisper in your ear anything that will assist you. It’s a meticulous job as you can appreciate, because you must make many decisions each day. As you have read before, a life on earth is equal to several lives on other, less demanding worlds, because you have free choice.

So how do you acquire the knowledge necessary to assist each one of the people? Do you just know it on your soul level?

Yes, a good question Tom. We have infinite knowledge that we can tap into at any time should we need to do so. Although your life may seem very complicated, we can draw upon the knowledge of billions of lives simultaneously so that the correct assistance can always be given. Keep in mind that many people deny our existence, so we are only able to assist them in subliminal ways unless they specifically request it as you do, or someone asks for the assistance in the form of a prayer, which we can then step in to help. As you must remember, this is a planet of free choice so we are not allowed to interfere unless you are in mortal danger and your life contract says that you are to continue past that point in time.

If our own souls are gaining knowledge from our earth lives, what do you gain or learn from your experience?

That’s a good question. I serve in love, but I do gain knowledge, which is added to the pot so to speak of all knowledge being gained from your lives and others. I have seen many thousands of times how difficult it is to lead a 3rd dimensional life with complete free will and seemingly no connection to any spiritual power. Just the process of you deciding to go in one direction or another is to learn a great deal. So that’s what I send back to the Creator—knowledge of the day-to-day decisions of people who have completely free choice.

Does the knowledge you gain also go back to your creator, or does your creator care to receive this knowledge?

Yes, my knowledge goes back to my creator so it can also grow. I think you suspected that when you asked. I share my knowledge with all beings that wish it, as they receive in love, Tom.

So will your creator just add to its knowledge or will it somehow use this knowledge someday in another creation?

An interesting point there. Certainly I can’t speak for my creator, but it has not ruled out creating another universe someday, especially when it sees the success this creator has had with this universe.

I know that we as humans call you Guardian Angels, but in comments that you have made to me, you don’t really call yourself that. What do you call yourselves?

We just consider ourselves Servants of your Creator in doing a necessary service for him/her shall we say. We are simply souls with a mission that we volunteered for and that was to assist you humans through very difficult, hard lives. As you read, there is much anger in the world right now, and for good reason in many cases as people commit violent crimes against each other. And yes there are contracts, but this energy must be dissipated, which is how Gaia will rid itself of much of this anger through these earthquakes that release huge amounts of energy.

Theo, are you a golden light being?

Yes, in a way I am Tom. Surprised you with that answer, yes?

Yes, so what are golden light beings. It was my understanding that you’re a whole soul along with a little over 1 million others taking care or servicing souls having these physical lives.

Yes that’s completely true Tom. This work required a little higher level of attainment or knowledge if you will, so the Guardian Angels as you call us that do this duty must be quite skilled. A newer soul that was just created would not have the knowledge or ability to multi-task the way we must in order to service every single life of all your incarnations along with all the other fragments of souls all at one time. Calling us golden light beings simply means that we have achieved a higher level of knowledge—that’s all.

Theo, I was under the assumption (which now I realize I should not have) that after you were created by another creator you were looking for something to do and were attracted to this creation. Yet now I learn you are much more knowledgeable than a “newbie” soul that would not be capable of handling the servicing of the souls having earth lives. Where and how did you gain that knowledge?

Yes Tom, I gained this knowledge over a long course of time as you would understand it by traveling to many creations of other creators and gaining knowledge of their creations and what they were doing with their creations. This sounds simple, but I assure you it becomes rather complex as these creations are beyond your understanding at the present time.

So would you consider yourself a medium or old soul?

Certainly I would fit into the category of old souls, simply from the experience and knowledge standpoint.

Then I would assume that all the other Guardian Angels as we call you—those million plus other souls are all or have all achieved golden light being status, is that correct?

Quite so. As you were thinking, only golden light beings may apply was in the job description. This immediately interested me and the other million plus souls. This work has been most interesting and challenging of our abilities, resulting in much growth for us too.

That brings me to my next question about our souls. Were we golden light beings too, or just souls that had achieved at least one life of spiritual mastery before we came here?

You were a mixture Tom, but certainly on average had not attained golden light being status if you wish to say. Basically you had not gained the experience we had already gained, so this was a chance to be on a fast track of learning a great deal of knowledge in a shorter time frame to use your nomenclature.

You can read Parts One and Two on the website under Articles and News.


I just emailed a new article to a number of regional and international magazines. The title is SO WHAT IS A GUARDIAN ANGEL? You can read it on the website under ARTICLES & NEWS.

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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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