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Welcome to this week’s addition of The Gentle Way Newsletter.  For my new subscribers, this is a newsletter that you are able to participate in by sending in your MBO (Most Benevolent Outcome) stories and asking questions of a GENERAL nature that I’ll ask my own Guardian Angel (GA) Theo in my “active” meditations.  If you like what you read, if it causes you to think and expand your ideas, then please forward it to your friends.  If you wish to attend a workshop on the book (and much more), I’ll be in Braintree and Andover Massachusetts in a couple of weeks and in Henley-on-Thames, UK October 3.  

The crash of the helicopter into the Hudson River in New York on August 8 reminded me of the time a number of years ago when that almost happened to me.  I was coming back from Europe from one of the world film and TV markets I attend and landed at the JFK Airport.  For some reason the only fast connection I could get was to take a helicopter from JFK to the La Guardia airport.  

I took the helicopter connection and there was no problem, but on his very next flight back to JFK (going from memory here), he went into the water.  There was a fairly young Scandinavian gentleman who had a heart attach and died.  The rest of the passengers were saved, as I recall.  Obviously my Guardian Angel was looking out for me before I ever really was conscious of him.  

Onto this week’s topics!


Bonnie wrote this on the form for Oprah:  This past week we were in AZ for a week for my son's wedding. We rented a house in the area. Although we were given a key for the house, we never carried it with us. Instead we would use the keypad on the garage door and leave the door inside to the house open and enter the house this way. However, one day in my haste to get somewhere, I forgot and locked the door inside of the garage!

When we returned and went through the garage we found the door to get in the house locked. Panic set in immediately! We walked around the house, but found no other way possible to get in. We did not have the owner's name or number with us either.

I immediately asked for a MBO (Most Benevolent Outcome) to finding a way into the house. Suddenly, my husband started looking at the locked door and pulled a credit card out of his wallet. With in 10 seconds of trying to get the door to open, it did! This door was a very solid, secured door. There is no doubt my GA helped him get that door open as my husband had never done anything like this before!!

I wish to thank everyone who has filled out the “WHAT ARE YOU READING” form on the Oprah site and told a personal MBO story.  Theo says that these forms will stand out FROM ALL THE OTHERS, and I’m sure that’s due to the unique stories each of you have experienced when requesting Benevolent Outcomes.  So now it’s time to “Pass It On.”  That’s what I’ve been doing so that YOU could have an easier life.  Even if the producers never call me, some will be intrigued enough to try it themselves.  But in reality, requesting MBO’s may be about ready for “prime time.” So here is the link to the form: .  After filling out the form, send me an email with the heading “Oprah” and I’ll send you a free chapter of my new book, out this fall.   


Su writes:  Please tell people to go to the Care 2 web site and sign the petition to Congress to stop the killing of the dolphins and whales in Japan. Care 2 has an amazing success rate.  Be Blessed.

The website address is: .  They have a form letter plus a place for personal comments.  If you do write, let me know and I’ll send you a free chapter of my next book.  


We’ve covered this at some point in the past, but here is a question.

Pat in Fairfax, Virginia writes: I read with great interest Sandy in Seoul's comment (August 8 issue) about the Beautiful Dolphins being slaughtered. Animals all across the world are being slaughtered because there are too many, they poop, they are a nuisance, people don't like them, they are in people's way when they golf, etc.  
I just found out that the Beautiful Geese at a neighborhood pond were slaughtered because people were complaining of their poop.  I cannot explain to you how much this sickens me.  It hurts my very soul to even think about what mankind does to the animals.  The Beautiful Geese are being slaughtered all over this country because they allegedly brought down the plane in the Hudson.  Any excuse is used to kill our feathered friends.  Can you ask Theo if this atrocity will end any time soon?  Thank you for your time.

Theo gave answers to this at two different times and subjects.  

So Theo, do animals go through the same death process we do when they die?

That’s a good question Tom.  Yes, in a way they do, although much less complex, as keep in mind that they know who they are.  They were not veiled as you are.  So yes, there are angels that assist these souls to the next level.  And yes, there is a review of their lives, but really more of a review of their opinions on how they think humans are progressing—how they were treated and so on.  

For your readers Tom, I must remind them that animals are there to teach you and remind you of the differences in life and to help you prepare for your exploration of the stars.  I will say that you have been making great strides of late, but of course you have a long way to go; but you are moving in the right direction.  When you can treat animals – all animals with love and compassion and equality, then you will certainly be ready for the stars.   

Thank you Theo.  Please explain the torturing and abuse of animals.  What part of a contract does that play?

Again, this pertains to a life where the soul must act as a bad person.  The animal souls that volunteered to be part of the teaching process of the souls having human lives understand that this must happen.  It not only teaches the soul about animal abuse, but it also teaches other souls to have pity, revulsion, sympathy, and so on that are needed traits to learn during the human experience.    

Those that show great empathy for the plight of these animals do help to raise the vibrational rate of all humans, and the souls that volunteer to be the bad guys that do these horrible things know that they also must balance these actions out with future lives where they aid and assist such animal victims.  Everything must balance out Tom-- everything.

Any suggestions for alleviating these problems I was also asked?

No, actually.  You humans are raising your vibrations and this will become less and less of a problem for you in the coming years.  Those individuals that are inclined to do this now will not be able to make the jump to the next level, as their souls are too new to earth and will need more seasoning shall we say—more lives in a third dimensional reality before they can make the shift.

Jackie in Plano, Texas writes:  I had a dining room set for sale for over a month. Advertised on Craigs list etc. and at work on our internal newsletter. It missed the July publication and I was upset because I needed the money. Then a close friend John L. forwarded your newsletter and I thought I would try it. I only said one MBO.

My ad came in the August newsletter at work and in less than 15 minutes I got an email from a co-worker in the IT department and he came over that evening to buy it. I got to pay 4 bills that were due with my money and even bought a new purse after I noticed the night before it was beginning to tear at the zipper!  Now everyday I say the phrase about expecting great things. It really works when you get out of the way and have faith that your Angels really will do the best for you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you Tom.


Jaye writes:  I requested an MBO for my trip to Chicago and it went very well!  Had made a reservation at a hotel - couldn't stay with my daughter as she has cats and I am allergic to them.  Went to check out this a.m. and told them that the bed was a bit hard to sleep on.  They are in the process of remodeling and so they gave me the $10 discount for reserving the room on line plus another $64 as the bed was too hard!  For 3 nights - with the room taxes and everything - it was only $219 as opposed to $284!  My math may not be so good now as I am fairly tired but the upshot is I got almost an entire night's stay for free!


Patrice writes:  Thank you so very much for your great newsletter.  I look forward to seeing it every week.  I have been using MBO's and starting to see some results.  I have a question regarding doing MBO's for my son with autism.  He has some great challenges, especially in the areas of speech and language. He cannot speak.  I realize you can not request MBO"S for other people and they have to request them  themselves.  Is there a way to request MBO"s for some with autism who has trouble coping with every day life and to have a better life in general.   He obviously can not do them himself .  Is there a special way to do it for them?  I look forward to your reply.

In my book I have a whole chapter on Living Prayers, that I now call Benevolent Prayers, which I think gives more understanding to everyone.  I also came to the conclusion, since the book was written, that these Benevolent Prayers need to be said the same way requesting MBO's, so that it's easy to remember.  That information is in my second book coming this fall.  
When you want to request a MBO for someone else, you say, "I ask that any and all beings....", as you're addressing a whole different set of souls that we call "Angels."  There are a little over 1,000,000 of these "whole" souls handling all the prayer requests from all over the world, so you can imagine their amazing abilities to "multi-task," as we call it.  
Therefore for your son you could say, "I ask that any and all beings assist my son in coping with his autism and may the results be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!"
And you can request MBO's such as, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for being led to treatments for my son that will assist him in being a productive member of society and may the results be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!"
Each time you take him for therapy, request MBO's and say a Benevolent Prayer.

And have you tried having him do artwork, or perhaps playing a musical instrument?  Those with autism seem to excel in the arts.  You can buy paint and pencils and expand from there, and also a small piano or other instrument.  Perhaps take him to a music store and see what he's drawn to.
Here's what Gaia (the soul of the earth) told me a couple of years ago about Autism:
Is Autism hereditary and when will they discover the cause and when will a cure come about?
Good question for today Tom.  Autism is hereditary through a certain gene in the DNA.  They will find the cause when they are able to understand the DNA strand more completely, which scientists are working on every day.  It will take years of research, but the cause and cure will be found when they discover the difference in an autism child’s DNA Strand and a normal child’s.  In fairly fast order they will correct it.  There will be many great developments in this area over the next few years, Tom.  
So what year do you see this happening?
Not for at least ten years, Tom.  There will be a flood of cures coming at that time, as they understand the DNA strand more fully.


On the same subject of Benevolent Prayers, Diane writes:  How do you say an MBO for a person you love who suffers from depression and is stressed out?  It seems a lot of people get stressed out over "things" like bills, money, etc.
So how do we handle it ourselves to keep balanced and how do we request our Angels to help the other person?  Need a little guidance here.  Thank you---always expecting great things!!!

You can say, "I ask that any and all beings send massive amounts of loving energy and pink light to ____ who is stressed and depressed, and assist them to feel better about themselves to know they can contribute to society too, thank you!"
There are other different Benevolent Prayers you can make up yourself to say on other days that will pertain to their specific situation. 

Yvette writes:  I enjoy receiving your newsletters.  My curiosity has certainly spiked when you began to write that someone in the next few months will divulge the truth with our government, past actions, and how this person will speak the truth of what has really happened.  The veil will be lifted since we have entered this new great shift in consciousness.  Would you ask Theo if Dick Cheney, former U.S. Vice President, is one who will be the messenger of our nation by speaking the truth?

Theo, will Dick Cheney be the whistleblower, or will it be someone else, and if he is not the whistleblower, will he be implicated in the 911 super-scandal shall I call it?

Yes, Tom, he will be implicated as one of the planners of this.  He will not be the person who reveals the operation and planning that cost so many lives.  He will be disgraced, along with a number of other people.  

I do wish to put a caution on this answer.  I was told in meditation this morning that I was not receiving well enough to receive a specific date on a question I asked, so please keep this in mind here.  

Yvette also asked:  Also, if you are able to ask Theo.  I have been hearing that one other bank will collapse this fall and I was curious if you have been told the same by Theo.

Theo, will there be another bank collapse in the near future?

No, Tom.  There will not be for the near future.  There may be another, but not for some time.  The banks are starting to make money as you’ve heard—too much money you may say, so this will not occur in the immediate future.

Anita in The Netherlands writes:  I read the update from the group from Steve Rother. After that I watched a video from a conference during July where Dr. Steven Greer takes about the free energy, like the 0-point energy Nicola Tesla already showed.

It really got me exited! I have a lot of fantasies about getting this out to the world and have been pondering a lot about it. The moment I heard Steven Greer I thought, this could be the breakthrough. It will dispose all the secrets.  911 is sort of connected with all of that too.

Then I read your newsletter where you talk about this breakthrough. It is such a nice coming together of different' streams because Dr. Greer is also from the Disclosure Project about extraterrestrial life. (I live in the Netherlands so my English may be somewhat strangely spelled).  I wanted to tell you about it and give you the link of the speech of Steven Greer--  It is in Spain and starts with some Spanish before Dr. Greer comes on (about 2 or 3 minutes).  Thank you (for everything) and a big hug.

If you wish to read more about the Disclosure Project, check out their website at .  For more on Nicola Tesla see Wikipedia at .

Here’s another question I asked Theo.

Theo, was the CIA government building taken down at ground zero by the plane crash or by some other method?

Yes, Tom.  It will be discovered that there was assistance in this happening.

What would have been the reason?

There were activities going on there that needed to be covered up shall we say, Tom.    It will be discovered that much was known in advance of these plans, and situations were created for other similar events to take place in conjunction with the crashing of the planes into the towers.  Much will come out in the near future Tom that will explain why the government building was added to the list so to speak for condemnation.    This is really a big event that was staged Tom that is beyond imagination until it will be revealed.  


We had dinner with a group of friends last Saturday evening and one of my friends Bob was talking about changing our soul contracts so I asked Theo about this:

Can one change their soul contract during their life on earth?

Yes, Tom.  You do have free will to change your contract by taking another path.  Normally this is done out of ignorance of the soul contract, as keep in mind that the soul contract was laid out before birth for the maximum amount of learning and challenges and so forth.  If you take another path as we have discussed before, you alter the soul contract and other challenges are laid out, but they will not result in as high a level of learning as had the person stayed with the original soul contract.  


Ana writes:  Approximately 25 years ago, I received lessons on self -hypnosis.  During that time I did not have a clue about Akashic records or what they meant.  I did leave my body and quickly arrived at a library, which was suspended in mid –air someplace in space, and not on a planet.  I knocked at the door and a librarian answered welcoming me as if I was an old friend.  I asked if I could review my past lives -he was so pleased that I was interested.  

I quickly approached a small file with thin drawers - I automatically knew which one to pull. With the slightest touch it opened and to my amazement - an intense blinding light appeared  - At that moment I understood that words are not part of anyone's  record; it is the intensity of the light which tells you how you have progressed. All your lives are imbedded within the light.  I felt it wasn't necessary to go any further.

I closed the drawer -bid farewell to the librarian and left. Perhaps this experience will help others to understand the Akashic records.  Each episode in a lifetime is not important - it is the end result of your decisions and their effectiveness upon others  that determine the intensity of the light.  Love your newsletter!


Sally writes:  I have a question for Theo.  The following was taken from a recent Sheldan Nidle channel: "It is time for Heaven to accelerate your transformation in order to bring you all up to a minimum baseline in readiness for what is to happen, from just after the announcements to the time when you are to be moved either into your Inner-Earth residences or up to your home-world's mothership."  My questions are these:  Within our current, earthly family structures, are we, as a family unit, typically comprised from the same home-world (ex...Are Father/Mother/Daughter all from Sirius, Arcturus or the Pleaides, etc?)  Is there a way we can know today where our ET families hail from?

Theo, Sally asks if our family units on earth typically come from the same home worlds such as the Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, etc?

Yes, Tom.  I know you are a little surprised at this answer, but many souls from these worlds tend to group together in soul cluster groups to have these earth experiences.  By the same token, yes, you have many experiences with souls from other planetary systems, so that you can experience on a subliminal basis all other souls and their seasoning shall we say.  This means that you will have experiences and lives where you interact in a close family with other souls from other planetary systems.  But you also have your core group shall we say that shares these experiences whenever you can.


Sue writes:  I recently asked for an MBO with a medical procedure for a colonoscopy.  The procedure went fine but I fell along the bedside because I was allowed to stand and walk to the other side of the bed even though I wasn't completely out of anesthesia.  I broke my tailbone (coccyx) and have had a great deal of pain since.  I guess my question is why was I not protected?

Theo, Sue ____ wants to know why she did not receive a MBO in the hospital when she fell and broke her tailbone?

Yes, Tom it would seem she didn’t, but the eventual results will be benevolent, I can assure you.  She was supposed to have this happen as part of her soul contract, and it could have been worse.  But in this case, she will be able to obtain significant compensation from the hospital for her injury.  She needs to locate an attorney that specializes in the medical field.  They do have insurance themselves for just such careless lapses in judgment.   That’s all I need to tell her right now Tom.


August 20, Thursday—The Tazz & Paula Show, KKUP, San Francisco. 11am PDT, 12pm MDT, 1pm CDT and 2pm EDT.  

For the below workshops, go to

August 29—Braintree, Massachusetts—Open Doors Book Store.  11:00 am to 6:00 pm.  A one-day workshop, where I will cover first other tools you can use to assist you in daily life, then I will cover requesting Benevolent Outcomes in depth.  In the afternoon we’ll cover Time Lines, Atlantis, and ET’s.  Then I will conduct first a visualization to prepare you for an “active meditation,” then the guided meditation for you to contact your own Guardian Angel.    If you wish to increase your vibrational level, then plan on attending!  $80 in advance until August 24 and then $95.

September 5—Andover, Massachusetts— Circle of Wisdom Bookstore.  10:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Same as the workshop above.  $80 in advance until August 30 and then $95. Hotels in Andover:  

NEW!  October 3—Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom—L.A. Fitness Center.  10:00 am to 5:00 pm.   Same as the workshops in Massachusetts.  Cost is 75 GBP in advance prior to September 27 then 85 GBP.  Includes a buffet lunch and tea.

For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

CONVERSATIONS WITH A SIRIAN—DECEMBER 13, 2008—MARCH 21, 2009; APRIL 18--MAY 16, 2009; JULY 25, 2009
TIME LINES—JULY 26, 2008—AUGUST 8, 2008

So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Next week, another conversation with Antura, my soul cluster brother on another planet.  

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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