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Hello everyone and welcome to our new subscribers! I'm sending this out early, as tomorrow morning I'm going to a press screening of the Star Wars Clone Wars movie with my son, daughter and her husband.


Julie writes: Tom, I have had trouble falling asleep most of my life. One night a divinely inspired thought occurred--request a MBO for a good night's sleep. I fell asleep almost immediately and slept though the night. I repeated the experiment with the same results. Thank you for the inspiration.

Thanks Julie. That’s a Benevolent Outcome request I hadn’t thought of.


Kelly writes: I wanted to let you know that I employed a variant of the technique you had mentioned in your book about communicating with animals with good success. I am now in the Northwoods of Wisconsin where there is much wildlife. Each morning I have been running and biking very early....between 5-6:00 AM and always encounter 3-7 deer (so far). In the past, the deer would run off quickly after noticing my approach. I tried sending pictures of positive energy flowing out of me....not the photos of what I do during the day as you had suggested with pets/animals. I just imagined love, love, love, admiration and only peaceful intent. I noticed the deer wouldn't move away. One even walked in my direction closer after noticing me. One mother deer and 2 fawn stood unflinching looking at me. Several of these deer were even on the edge of the black top I ran on and didn't move. I suppose the communication came through and they sensed my intent was free of danger.

Another incident occurred yesterday as I was nearing my completion of my run. I had about 1/2 mile to go when I noticed ahead of me a mother black bear with a cub following her across the road about 70-80 feet ahead of me. I grew nervous. I had never encountered a bear while solo and on foot in the 34 years I have been coming here. I do recall that on the outset of my run I had requested an MBO for a safe and comfortable journey, however. I stopped and ran in place saying under my breath, "Help me please, help me please...." over and over wondering if a car may come up and pass me, sending them off running further away so I could pass comfortably. My concern was that no car would come since I was out so early and other mornings sometimes not a single car passed me. About 2 minutes later, 2 cars came by from different directions and I was then clear to run past (they had since rambled off, but I don't know how far off the road they were. Of course I said a big "Thank You!".

Now, since my son missed the bear sighting, he is attempting to use a technique via sending visual images and positive loving intention for a bear to make an appearance for him. We'll see how this goes! From what I understand, animals can sense our intent and, as you said, they communicate via pictures. I'll keep you posted.

In a recent Sedona Journal of Emergence article Robert Shapiro was channeling an ET that discussed this very subject of sending animals loving energy. The ET said that an animal will stop and pause and look back at you. So for the past couple of days when I encountered a rabbit that likes our front yard, I did just that. It works well. The only problem was this morning when we walked the dogs and he was out by the sidewalk and didn’t want to move. I had to take my smallest dog (on a leash) and move up the sidewalk towards him to finally get him to move to the next yard and away from our other dog that would have made short work of the rabbit.


Theo, Kelly says that her ancestor is John Wilkes Booth I believe, and her boss’ ancestor is Abraham Lincoln. She wants to know if there is a reason that they are together in this life?

Yes, Tom. It is for comparison purposes in a way. She told you they both get along, and that is part of the long range healing process that goes on generations after a terrible war or event. The relatives of people that have been killed in wars and such must be able to forgive and forget, or be able to love and work with those that were relatives of the ones that brought pain and suffering to those families. This is a process that must be repeated millions of times over the years so that any animosity is wiped out between families that might lie under the surface. Tell Kelly to keep doing what she’s doing. She’s bringing healing to the family of her boss.


These questions were emailed to me this week:

Theo, was Jesus the only whole fragment of a soul who incarnated?

Yes, Tom, he was. The other great prophets of the world were simply advanced souls but they came from soul groups. Jesus was unique in that he came as one fragment—a very large one—from a very ancient soul that wished to contribute to this earth experiment to give everyone something to aspire to regarding loving each other and accepting all the races and people different from each other. You must be able to do that in order to accept the huge differences in people that you meet as you start your travels to the stars in the not too distant future. You see there are subliminal messages in his teachings that he was giving the population. But again, his words were twisted and corrupted by the church for their own uses. Man does have a tendency to do that.

So were there twelve time lines during his time on earth?

Yes there were. A very good question. He appeared in all 12 time lines you see, so that his message would be heard by all on the 12 time lines. These time lines were set up at the beginning of time Tom. This wasn’t something that was just invented or created recently. From the very start your souls wanted the maximum experiences available in any incarnation and having these 12 separate time lines allowed them to do just that, as we have discussed that lives are harder on the lower time lines and much easier on the upper 3 or 4.


Regarding the time lines crossing, do the personalities of both aspects just merge?

Yes, in this case with these two time lines they do merge. There are common experiences both will have during this time period of months –several months. These two time lines are similar, but after experiencing these events and such, their reaction to them will be slightly different, after they part again.

Is there a time in the next few years when multiple time lines will merge?

Yes, that is coming in the not too distant future for you now—more around the 2012 year as you have guessed. Then it will be quite interesting for you as you see great differences in people. That will be fun, yet disconcerting for many, as you see how different you are on different time lines. A very broadening experience!

How many of the time lines will merge?

Almost all of them. It will confuse many, but these things must happen.

Were any of the time lines merged during 911?

No, but the same event took place in several of the time lines.

Gaia, anything about Time Lines that I have not asked you?

Time Lines are a natural part of creation for your lives there on earth here. You set up the time lines for your soul’s knowledge. Those points you already know. I just wanted to reiterate them before proceeding. Time lines are not straight. They weave in and out and that’s why they cross sometimes. Each time line is focused on a certain element or a certain focus on a mass response, a mass mind set –here you’re not receiving well—a mass consciousness—yes that is correct so that decisions by the individual soul fragments fit in with that mass consciousness. So you have an overall setting that each soul fragment works in conjunction with—sort of the rules of that particular time line. It is a structure that the soul fragments work within. A big house you would say.

What about the degrees of difference between the time lines?

Very minute, but very large when you think of existences being separate. But there are those who can move back and forth between time lines.

Are these people able to move between all time lines or just a couple?

Some can move through all of them, but not many. More can move between just a couple or three. It takes great training and perseverance to do this. Yes, yogis are some of the people that can accomplish this through their training, and different Shamans in different countries. One must learn how to tune ones self to a different channel so to speak.

How can we pick up ideas and concepts from these time lines or dimensions?

This is done through conscious concentration on those time lines and tuning into them. You will learn the processes in the coming years as you learn more about them. You will be able to access those ideas and concepts through a form of meditation that is not unknown even today mostly by yogis in India. They have crossed those thresholds many times as they discovered how to move their bodies from one place to another. It is simply tuning one’s body to another vibration.

How soon will normal people (meaning not yogis) be able to move in and out of these time lines?

Soon. Within the next five years. Not too long to wait to hear the wondrous stories the first travelers will bring back.

Gaia, will all 12 time lines have the same earthquakes in 2008?

No they will not. Some will have more severe and a couple will not have any.

Why will a couple of the time lines have none?

They are not ready for the changes yet. Their changes will come at a later time. But they will have changes, perhaps not as severe as you will have and certainly not as severe as some of the other time lines will experience.

Gaia—I’ve been told there are 12 aspects or fragments of my soul on 12 time lines. When each transitions, do they become aware of the others?

No not immediately. Each is treated as a whole separate entity as far as they are concerned. It is only a little later do they become aware that their soul has had other experiences –other parallel lives as some people call them—on earth at the same time. Then they are able to meld and study together to understand where or how each handled certain situations differently and are reacquainted with the complexity of life on earth. You set up a wonderful game for yourselves with each soul having 12 game pieces as it were. Each goes around the board of life and stops different places and has different experiences and makes different decisions and draws different experiences to them so that your souls can truly understand how that person reacts to all situations during its time on earth. It’s a wonderful game of experience that results in the Creator or All That Is learning more about itself so that it can move on to the next level of its experience. It’s just a far more complicated game of experience when you reach the level of knowledge that your Creator has.

In the future, will we continue to have 12 separate time lines?

Yes and no. For the foreseeable future yes, but as you get far in the future the time lines will tend to combine as there will not be such a divergence in beliefs and separate actions as there is at the present time. This will not happen for a very long time, but will happen as you become a more loving, less violent society in general.

See the past two newsletters for more on Time Lines, if you missed it, or are new to the newsletters.


As there are so many people that have signed up for this newsletter since I started it last year, I’m giving you another excerpt from a book I’m working on about my communications with my Guardian Angel Theo. Some of you have read these questions before, but it’s good to revisit them, I’m told by Theo.

When was my first life on earth?

As you guessed Tom, several million years ago. You were one of my first clients you see, so we have been working together for a very long time.

You would have thought I would have learned more, as it seems this would be almost a normal progressive life.

As I explained before, you did not wish to stay on the sidelines, as you like to get in there and push people along that are lagging behind.

Besides my line of lives are you the guardian angel for other lines of lives too?

Yes of course. As I said before, it is easy to multi-task as it is called these days. I am able to handle overseeing the lives of a number of other soul fragments.

How many people in my time period are you overseeing?

Several thousand, Tom, especially some of the older souls along with a number of younger ones that will transition next year (2008).

So how many guardian angels are there for the present world population?

Yes there are quite a few Tom. Let’s see if you can receive this today? Over one million souls take care of a population of over 6 billion souls. As you can see, we have much work on a daily basis.

I wanted to verify this number so a few days later I asked if there more than 2 million souls acting as Guardian Angels today in this time period.

No as I said before there are more than 1 million, and not so far above that figure. As you did your arithmetic this morning you saw that the average is about 6,000 souls or fragments that we take care of, which is easily in our capability. And that is an average. Some souls take care of much fewer clients, shall we say, and others like myself take care of more than that since we volunteered at an early stage – several million years ago using your time.

Since you said you handle higher than the average number of 6,000 souls, how many do you take care of counting all the souls even those not in this time period or incarnated at this time?

Let’s see if you can receive this number Tom. Yes, more on the order of 19,000 souls I service to take care of them and “whisper in their ear” you see.

Several weeks later I thought to ask--are the 19,000 clients you take care of whole souls or fragments?

Ah, they are whole souls Tom, so yes there are many thousand more fragments that I take care of you see?

So I wish to get this straight. These are whole souls that you are aligned with or were chosen to work with?

That’s correct. As we have spoken about before, each of these 19,000 odd souls has soul groups or clusters and I service all the soul fragments in these clusters.

I’m having a hard time believing that I’m receiving this correctly, given the magnitude of what you just told me, as I assume then we must multiply that number by the 12 time lines each fragment has a life on?

That is correct Tom. I did not mean to mislead you if I did. Your original question was how many souls or clients do I service and I responded . I just did not break it down any farther than that.

That day I signed off by saying-- I guess that’s all for today Theo. I know you’re a busy bee with those other 100,000 soul fragments, yes?

Yes, but I will always have time for our talks Tom. Don’t take the normal thought of worrying that you are taking up too much of Theo’s time. I am a whole soul and I have repeatedly told you that we are capable of much more than your realize or understand. Today you learned a little more about our capabilities, yes?

Yes, I suppose. It’s still a little hard to believe as I did think the 19,000 figure was the complete number and not just whole souls.

As I have said before Tom, even we are amazed at the furious rate of activity. Yes your thought about the "one-armed paperhanger" would not even approach how fast the work is done here, but we love it you see.

Yes, I understand that.

Theo—of the 19,0000 clients or souls that you service, how many of those have communicated with you in our past time, and how many in our future time?

Yes, as you have guessed Tom, the numbers will rise considerably from this time on, as the work you’re doing and others combine to encourage people to meditate and then get in touch with me. So I would have to say that the vast majority—almost everyone, will someday communicate with me and with many, many other beings in the universe. This will not be so strange as it is now as you show how easy it is to communicate. Keep pushing them to try this and there will be a few and then a few more and so on. Yes, like a crack in the dam when it bursts and all the water flows.

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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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