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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers to this F.R.E.E. newsletter!  PLEASE CIRCULATE THIS NEWSLETTER. And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.  If you are new to requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s), you may also wish to SIGN UP FOR MY WEEKLY BLOG, which has nothing but GREAT MBO stories from all over the world.  I typically post this one day after the newsletter goes out.   And have you requested that I be your FRIEND ON FACEBOOK yet?  Please do so.  I do give extra information and updates there.

A quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation.  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested:


Oil Leak WorkersThe containment of the oil leak has been reported this week to be the “beginning of the end” in national news.  Although certainly a disaster, it obviously could have been a lot worse.  What I found unsettling was the large number of predictions that were put out in what I can only describe as insidious fear-based propaganda designed to put people living not only on the Gulf Coast, but even world wide, in abject fear.  Here is just a sample of the many questions I received in the newsletters:

6/12-- Tom - word about the internet is that there is a possibility that they are entertaining using a nuclear blast to seal the oil leak.

6/26-- Would you please ask Theo if the Gulf oil spill was a man-made (corporate) creation in order to accomplish more subversive ends?

6/26-- Do you think this was just a horrible accident or possibly sabotage?  There are so many theories floating around.

7/10--… will the leakage create the kind of devastation  (due to toxic fumes or tsunamis, etc.) that will cause, at best, citizen evacuations, and/or at worst,  widespread death in any of the Gulf States?


So here are Gaia’s responses, which I trust alleviated your concerns. 

5/15-- Yes, it was naturally known to me long in advance that this would happen Tom, as naturally there were soul contracts of many who both died on the oil rig, and all those who are affected by the oil spill—not only the residents of the Gulf Coast, but all those who are taking part in the oil recovery shall we call it. 

These are lessons to humans, which I allowed, as you must learn to clean up your messes—sort of like children cleaning up their play area.  Yes, there are terrible consequences to this, but much will be learned and implemented, as the results will be seen when a catastrophe of this nature happens.  Much good will come out of this, although it may not seem like this way right now.  Again, I allow these things to happen to be teaching tools for humans.  I could immediately stop the oil flow if I wished, but you created the problem, and you must solve it.

6/12-- This will not happen Tom.  Their other efforts will soon bring this terrible problem to an end, and as has been told you before, great good will come out of this as people see the real dangers in offshore drilling.  This will speed the development of other forms of energy.  You will not see this ever happen again certainly in your lifetime Tom.

6/26-- Will a Tsunami be caused by the ocean floor rising?

No, that is preposterous shall we say at this juncture.  These are fear-based predictions to bring concern and worry and fear to the population.  It is shall we say, a little psychological warfare by those who enjoy putting people in misery and raising their fear levels.   As I have said before, this will soon be fixed and it will cause a great leap forward in the development of alternative forms of energy.  You have to look at the “Big Picture” as you call it.

7/17--These are just wild speculations, often to get someone’s name in the news, or to spread fear based propaganda.  This methane bubble will not happen.  Yes, there will be methane gases that will rise to the surface and yes it will cause problems, but these will be localized and not a worldwide event, nor even a Gulf of Mexico complete event. 

There will be problems for many months to come as this area is slowly cleaned up and the oil skimmed up and the water purified.  This will happen and again I remind your readers that it will cause the development of alternative forms of energy to happen much faster than it would have if not for this disaster.  The oil companies will never have their complete way again, as the politicians will see that getting in bed with the oil companies is not good for their careers in public service.

So I do wish to point out, especially for my new subscribers, that many of the predictions you read in these newsletters are not “gloom and doom,” but simply explanations of what is coming.  These are given so that you can ACT, and not be surprised, shocked, or caught off-guard or worse—suffer injury or death. 


Sun CMEPerhaps a number of you have heard that there was a new Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) our Sun produced this past Sunday.  This one was reported as the first in some time aimed directly at the earth, so I thought I better ask Gaia about this.

Gaia, there was a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) sent our way on Sunday.  I assume you ordered that, so what purpose or purposes it is for?

Yes, a good question to start the day Tom.  The CME will be quite useful to me.  It will allow me to move my crust you see, plus it will have other uses, as it helps me tune the planet shall we say.  Your scientists will see someday that this is a high vibrational tone that is included so you might say it acts as a tuning fork for me. 

So have you not told me of some other movements that will result in the CME hitting us?

Certainly there will be movements in less populated areas that will be significant, but it will assist me in bring pressure to the Japan island as I have certainly mentioned to you before.  This is something that assists in the build up of pressure in that area, which will help me move that fault line near Tokyo Tom. 

I have said before that I cannot just say, “poof” and things move.  This requires quite a bit of planning and sometimes assistance from your friendly Sun to achieve my goals and needs. 

Will it assist you in creating hurricanes?

No, not as much Tom.  Yes there is a little assistance there, but not so much.  It does create quite a show for people living in the northern part of the hemisphere and this one will be especially beautiful.

What else does a CME assist you in doing?

There are many things Tom, but I understand your time is limited, so let’s just end this question as saying you have covered the main points.


Tokyo NightGaia, you seem to use holiday periods to coincide with your earth movements (the tsunamis in Indonesia and the Christmas Holidays this year).  Why not with the August 25th date for Tokyo and Japan, as I could find no holidays listed during that time period.

Yes, I do not always utilize these holiday time periods Tom.  It is only when there is a great mixture of souls who must either be drawn to the area, or who are not supposed to have this calamity or disaster on their soul contract for this life are involved. 

In the case of Tokyo, the souls who are not supposed to be part of that event have already been urged by their own Guardian Angels to take a trip somewhere, or there will be suddenly events with their families or business, or even a decision to have a quick trip away from this metropolitan area.  But these numbers will be considered miniscule if they are someday analyzed or reported.  Most of the souls living in that area have this as part of their soul contract.  Many will survive with no injuries, but as I have told you before there will be massive casualties, from minor cuts and bruises to crushed limbs and torsos, to deaths by collapsing buildings and fires and such. 

How many significant earthquakes will they experience?

Certainly as many as 10 Tom.  You will have two or three epicenters along the fault lines and then major aftershocks.  Then of course more minor aftershocks after that lasting for weeks and months.  It will be a wake-up call to those living on the North American west coast about being prepared for large monster earthquakes in their future.  It will make your job a little easier in convincing those who are supposed to leave to depart before the end of December—yes, Christmas or earlier Tom.


California Earthquake DamageShe asked me to change her name so Delores asks:  I’ve been reading your newsletters for about 6 months now, and more and more I'm getting a strong urge not to read them because when I read about the earthquakes I move from a place to love to a definite place of fear. I know from my spiritual path that there is only love and fear. How can I read the information you’re getting from Gaia and not move into fear?

I have a lot of family living in CA and, as most everyone that lives in CA knows, or has heard, that a major earthquake could happen there at anytime, so I don’t feel led to broadcast this info to them. I feel that if they are there, it’s their choice… warning others out of fear doesn’t seem right to me.

Would you please ask Gaia about this?  How do we learn of upcoming events and not move into fear?

Gaia, I’m asked how to keep from moving into fear, with all these forecasts of earthquakes coming up?

Yes, Tom.  The human’s natural tendency is to feel fear.  Which is why you teach requesting MBO’s to lessen this fear.  Some fear is good, as it causes a person to take action, where if there was no fear they would not feel compelled to act.  There has to be an impetus for them taking action—in this case to leave.  But if they request benevolent outcomes they will be able to act but not out of abject, almost paralyzing, fear Tom, but out of knowledge and will be much more calm in the face of the storm shall we say. 

So again to answer the question, control the fear through MBO’s, but at the same time, make a plan of action and carry it out—most important.  Do not sit idly by, or you will find yourself in dire circumstances and you will rightfully blame yourself for not taking action when you were informed in advance.  It will be much better to say you wished you had done more in preparation than to be in the middle of it.

Gaia, you have not yet addressed the feelings that will be generated by these mass earthquakes.  Will this be the same or even higher than the 911, and will this raise our vibrational level?

Yes, Tom, the compassion and level of feeling for your fellow man and even the animals will be beyond any mass feeling the world has ever experienced.  There will be a flood of emotions and compassion, which will certainly raise your vibrational level to a new high.  This is one of the purposes for these earthquakes along with the many other purposes I have previously mentioned, such as soul contracts. 

The result will be a bonding of humanity, as old enemies will assist out of humanitarian feelings.  There will a uniting of people never seen before.  That I can assure you, yes, as naturally I can see your future. 


San Andreas FaultGaia, you said the epicenter of one of the earthquakes will be a little to the south of Monterey, California.  Will that be Carmel, or further south?

Yes a little further to the south Tom, but not too much—less than say 5 miles or so, but very close you see.

Speaking of miles, will these earthquakes for San Diego, LA, and San Francisco regions be shallow and not deep?

Quite so Tom.  Very shallow—certainly less than the 25 miles (40 kilometers) you were going to ask me—even shallower—less than 10 miles—more on the order of 6 to 7 miles (10 to 11 kilometers) deep—so you see—very close to the surface.

Will there be an epicenter near Santa Cruz, or farther to the north or south?

Yes, a little farther to the north Tom, but again not much—very close by.

What about Cupertino that my son and I have visited—north, south, east or west?

Again very close Tom.  That whole area will shake to its foundation shall we say.  There will not be a structure left standing in a wide area all along this coastline, as I have said before.  Besides the main fault lines of the San Andreas and Hayward, there are other faults in the area even unknown at this time.  There will be a jumping from one fault line to the next that your scientists have described. 


Bear LakeKimberly writes on Facebook:  Tom, I received a message loud and clear today that I should look at Moon Lake - I Googled it and it turns out Moon Lake Lodge is at Big Bear Lake, CA. - which is just to the east of LA. Can you ask Gina if this is where an epicenter is, or is this a safe place someone would go to?

Gaia, will Bear Lake, California a safe place to live or go, as it is near Los Angeles?

Yes, Tom, but as you suspected it does have a fairly stable granite base.  They will still feel the shaking but it will be less than the low lands.  Perhaps not the safest place but safer than below in the valleys. 


Missoula MontanaShe asked me to change her name so Rhianan writes:  Tom:  We are making plans to move to Montana.  Could you ask Gaia if central Montana, around Missoula (specifically Hamilton area) is a good place to move to – considering future geologic events over the next 5 - 50 years.  Thank you.

Gaia, will Missoula, Montana be a good place to move to?

Yes, for the most part all of Montana will be a good place to resettle.  Just not the area anywhere close to Yellowstone, as they would have significant problems in the future Tom.  But this area will have its temperatures moderate in the future, so that it will have a climate more similar to say southern Colorado or Northern New Mexico as far as temperatures are concerned.  It will be a very pleasant part of North America to live in.


Denmark StreetBrit writes:  Thank you Tom. It is good to hear Norway will be safe, but I wonder about all those small islands along the coast where lots of people have lived for generations. Will they have to move due to rising ocean levels? My grandfather's house is on one of those islands. And, Denmark is as flat as a pancake. What about them?

Gaia, a reader reports that Denmark is “flat as a pancake.”  How will Denmark fare with the rising seas?

Yes, they will have a great problem for anyone living close to the coast due to their typography.  I may change this a little, but the people living on the coast certainly will have to move inland to places that are say a minimum of 30 to 50 feet above sea level.  That should be sufficient for them to remain safe. 


Bermuda(August 4)  Gaia, is Colin the big hurricane for Puerto Rico, as it does not seem to be headed directly there but off to the north?

Yes, Tom, that is correct. This particular storm will veer a little more to the north and will miss Puerto Rico and yes will only brush the Atlantic coast.  It will then veer out towards Bermuda. 

So I wish to verify this as I feel there was a little interjection on my part here.

Yes Tom.  You may need to ask this again in a few days, but you are correct about Puerto Rico.  Their big one is coming but not yet shall we say. 


ThermometerGaia, why the extreme heat in many parts of the world this summer?  What is achieved?

Yes, this heat does assist me Tom in cleansing many areas, including those where fires ravage the land, yet it allows me to reforest and take the land to first a dormant time and then slowly bring back the fauna.  Naturally there are side benefits as humans must learn to live in extreme conditions, plus all the services for people are used and there is much growth for all the people affected by the heat.  But its purpose is to cleanse and prepare yes for storms created and attracted by the heat for my atmosphere. 


This is one of those little gems you need to add to your knowledge bank.  Perhaps you remember last week’s story about my wife Dena’s and my past lives together.  Theo said our first life together was not “significant” for either of us.  I wondered what would be considered “significant” so I naturally asked:

Theo, you have said before that a life can be “significant” or not.  What do you define as significant?

Yes, this would be a life where your soul growth took a leap, and where you greatly contributed to the society around you.  For some people this would be in science making discoveries, for others in politics, others the clergy or spiritual matters, and for others to be the bad guy we shall say, which causes people to turn in another direction or to react and grow as they fought against the actions of this person. 

So a significant life can be positive or negative.  But the general definition would be what you contributed to society in a particular life.  And there are so many variations of this it would take us hours to explore this concept in its entirety. 

I also wondered why Theo said twice that Dena assisted me, but nothing about me assisting her.  I thought that a little strange or one-sided, so I asked:

Theo, why did you mention only when Dena was assisting me.  Didn’t I assist her in some lives?

Yes, Tom, but in comparison very few, and they were not significant lives.  She –Dena’s soul—was attracted to your work, and therefore volunteered to have lives to assist you in your work, as it was understood what large tasks, shall we call them, you were prepared to take on.    There are other souls who have also volunteered to assist you.  And yes you have assisted them too, but again they were, with only an exception or two, not significant lives.  This can obviously be seen much easier from this side Tom and souls are attracted to each other just as Guardian Angels are attracted to do this work and all the souls in the universe are attracted to not only this universe but where their particular interest lies.


President ObamaDiane writes:  The way the numbers are going and November is getting close word is out that between the Tea Party and the Republicans that they may win the majority of seats.  It is also reported almost every day on the numbers for President Obama and how he has fallen in the category of doing things.  Americans are not HAPPY!

I know a few months back it looked like President Obama would do good......does Theo still see this happening?  Will Obama be able to accomplish what is needed for this country like Employment and the economy getting out of the toilet?  Or will he fail and the Republicans win in November?  Maybe we should say an MBO for the President?

Theo, does it still appear President Obama will achieve reforms, or will he be bogged down by politics and earth changes?

Certainly Tom the earth changes will define his time in office, but he will achieve much more, although his dealings with the other side of the aisle will continue to be cantankerous, except during periods of national emergency.  The Republicans will make gains in November, but any attempts to pass legislation will be met with vetoes if he does not like what they have passed.  But all that will be swept under the rug, shall we say due to the tremendous demands, which will be made due to the upcoming crisis with the beginnings of the earth movements for your country. 

Certainly, as I wrote in my first book, there are a number of Benevolent Prayers you can say for the leader of your country, wherever you live.  Here’s one for everyone:

“I ask any and all beings to assist the leader of my country to make decisions which will be the most benevolent for the citizens of this country and the world, thank you!”


Aids VictimPenny writes:  Hi Tom, You answered a reader's question about the Aids disease last week, but dropped the second part of the question.  Are they putting microchips in vaccines?

Theo, regarding the AIDS disease, someone is claiming that they’re putting microchips in the vaccines.

Obviously this is a ludicrous claim Tom—again one of those claims designed to scare and put fear in the hearts of those who must take these medications and vaccines.  It is very low-level propaganda Tom, but there are those who will believe this and take this as “gospel,” shall we say, and blame it on the Illuminati or whomever.  So to answer the question, there are not any microchip devices contained in the vaccines.


Renee writes:  You know I have been using MBO's now for over 2 1/2 yrs with much success and even contributing some of my experiences in your second book.  But now I have to share with you a Expect Great Things experience that I had this week.  I start everyday with that mantra and have had some delightful experiences, but this one takes the cake!
Monday morning I checked my email and noticed that I got one from Pay Pal, which I have not used in years and almost deleted it thinking it was spam.  When I read it - I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  They told me I had an available balance of $250 since November 2006 and if I didn't claim it the state of Nevada would.  Needless to say I jumped on it and transferred it into my bank account that very moment.  BOY--now that really was a Great Expectation out of the blue.  Thanks again for all the tools you, Theo, and Gaia give us to make life easier!  Expect Great Things!

You can find the EXPECT GREAT THINGS "mantra" to say each morning on the website .  Click on SIGNS


Noise in the CityDonna writes:  I'm finding more and more that "noise" is bothering me a great deal.   I work at shutting it out but live in a high noise area.   I'm journaling on this and putting out the intent to move to a quieter area and looking around.   Even noise at work is bothering me.   I have heard this is part of the vibrational shift that we are going through?  I know noise is part of life but am craving quiet at least in my living space.   Hopefully this will lessen with time.
On the upside.  We have been having it terribly hot where I live.   I put out an MBO for the weather to cool.   We had an electrical storm the other night, didn't cool down much, but some clouds moved in the next day, and it has cooled things down a little.  I continue the MBO's and also the BP's.   It is fun.

Theo, why would people be more sensitive to noise?  Is this personal or are many people affected by this sensitivity?

Good question Tom.  Yes, part of the raising of your vibrational rate comes with an increased sensitivity to sounds of all kinds.  You are opening yourself up to these sounds and becoming more aware of them. 

Noise on the other hand –that created in cities especially, is not good for you, and more people will choose to live outside of cities where the din of noise created by cars, buses and I could go on and on are greatly lessened.  Anyone experiencing this sensitivity might in the short run buy noise reducing head phones, with perhaps music capability to take the noise away and substitute soothing music instead, or complete silence as they wish. 


AlienPam writes:  I sent you a link to Stan Romanek newsletter. In the newsletter he said was a letter he received from an Alien.  Could you please ask Theo if this letter was indeed written by an Alien.

Theo, what is your opinion about the letter from the Alien?

Yes, this is a legitimate letter Tom, although the channel and the Alien shall we say do have an agenda, as you can see from asking everyone to vote for their arrival. 

Needless to say, this will not happen the way the letter says, with all the ships surrounding earth suddenly showing themselves.  It would cause a world wide panic, as everyone would think it was an alien invasion. 

Again, the way it will occur will be as it has been described before, with the Pleiadians making contact and landing in Europe and allowing the news services to be present, so that the word will be spread around the world—but only one ship—not dozens as the channel wishes.

That date is supposed to be in 2015.  Here is the link if you wish to read the letter:


And finally, thanks to Pam, who brought it to my attention, you have to watch this video of dolphins blowing bubble rings and then manipulating and playing with them.  Enjoy!



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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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