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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Cleveland VolcanoGaia, is the Cleveland volcano in Alaska about to erupt?

No Tom, its time is not yet here for it to erupt.  It is just rumbling as I move magma below the surface.  It will in the future, but not in the near term, you see.

What abut the volcano in Iceland I previously asked you about.  Is it still going to erupt or not?

Yes, Tom.  You could call this the calm before the storm, as it will erupt very soon. 


Compressing TimeRandy writes:  I hope all is well in your world.  I was thinking about compressions of time and was wondering how far out can you go with compression of time?  Let's say somebody was in jail and they wanted it to go by quickly, could they do a compression of time?  If so, would they have to not look at the clock or calendar during that entire period of time?
Also I would like to ask you if you could ask your newsletter readers to do a BP for me?  I have some legal issues and would like a BP said for me for all my legal charges to be dismissed for lack of evidence.  I'm not sure how to word it and I ask that you help me with that and I hope I gave you enough information.
Thank you so much for what you do and your time since I and anybody that knows of you knows you’re busy.

How long can we compress time Theo—a few minutes, a few hours, a few days or longer?

Court SymbolGood question Tom and I understand why it is being asked, but practically speaking compressing time can only be accomplished for a few hours at a time.  There are too many reminders in your daily lives of time passing for this to be for days or weeks at a time. 

I suggested to Randy (or anyone with a court case pending) that he say:  "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my court case, and may the results be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!"  Say that with a LOT of emotion.

And I think the best Benevolent Prayer we can say (out loud) for Randy would be:  “I ask any and all beings to assist Randy for the most benevolent outcome for his court case, per his soul contract, thank you!”


Bipolar I have included all of this email, as I think it gives insight to what people with Bi-Polar Disorder experience.  I hope it will help each of you to have more compassion.

Sean writes:  I heard your interview on darkness radio a few weeks ago, and was enthralled. I ordered The Gentle Way shortly thereafter, and after finishing it I ordered the second one. I've been waiting for this knowledge, and it is bringing my awareness to the next level. MBOs work amazingly, and I've learned a great deal already. I've always had strong 'intuition'; I trust the way by body feels and act accordingly. This has been especially apparent with major decisions and life events. Anyway, it's 3:30 AM, and after tossing in bed for a while I was suddenly inspired to write you. I have a few concerns/questions, and I'll try to be concise. I think you might find some of this useful.
First, in the radio interview, as you were describing soul fragments, you, or perhaps the host, touched on schizophrenia. You mentioned that the barriers that keep us grounded in our current plane of existence, and separate our soul fragments from others, are down, or not fully functional for those affected by the disorder. I have severe bi-polar disorder, or manic depression, and have had experiences very similar to this. If you don't know, bi-polar is characterized by a person having heightened, more intense cycles of being manic (high) and depressed (low) alternatively. Scientifically it is accredited to an imbalance of certain chemicals in the brain. Mania is essentially an energy overload. It's as if a floodgate in the brain is opened, and a million frequencies that are usually filtered out or blocked run rampant. I will attempt to give a glimpse into the thoughts and experiences I've had during manic episodes.

I was a Brahman, a sage. The second coming of Christ, a reincarnation of Buddha, the anointed one, one who was to unite the world religions in preparation for Armageddon. I was a constant channel of massive amounts of spirit and energy. In me existed all of the cosmos, but at the same time I was infinitely small, bound in an infinite chain of cause and effect and relationship with all things around me. I was beyond all physical and temporal realms, immortal, untouchable. I saw energy emanating from every thing and every space. I had a permanent rush of elation, all senses incredibly heightened, a high similar to that of a meth addict. Listening to or playing music was infinitely more intense and enjoyable than any orgasm could be. I existed in a realm of pure energy. In comparison to how these actual experiences feel, words are practically meaningless.

Bipolar SucksNow, although some of these things are absolutely true, with all of that going on at once in one body, one cannot function in any normal sense. The result of all this physically, and in the experience of others, looked like this: I hardly slept, I shirked my responsibilities, drew and painted on everything, was dangerously reckless, arrogant, and came close to arrest several times. I couldn't distinguish alternate realities or dimensions from the present one, which in the eyes of others were endless lies.

On the other side lies depression, the polar opposite. The floodgates which were previously wide open are now locked shut. I was void of energy, of spirit. Everything was horribly tragic. I couldn't get out of bed. I was an empty shell, my soul was dead. I could hardly think. In both the highs and the lows, my effect on those close to me was torturous; regardless if I had control over it or not, which I did not. Fortunately, the metal lithium and a few other medications are very effective in restoring balance to a brain in such a state. Lithium is also the chief medication used in treating schizophrenia. Luckily, I was 17 when all this happened (2003). I lived in my parents home, and had health insurance. After two very long, hard years of my shrink tinkering with the levels of my meds, I was relatively stable. Every year since it has gotten better. I still rely on these drugs, and I can't afford my health insurance. Through having this disorder I have learned invaluable volumes about myself, the earth and the universe. I experienced more in the first 6 months of being bi-polar than some people do in 60 years. I still have mood swings - relatively normal ones - but I remain very energetically sensitive, which is to my benefit. However, I live in Minnesota, and the change of the seasons affects me terrifically.

I am wondering, if you would, to ask Theo this:

What is his definition of bi-polar disorder, or perhaps better said, what does it look like to someone not under our earthly veil?

On a similar note, I am wondering if you could help me word an MBO request. I still from time to time get into what I call 'black hole moods'. I become filled with negative energy, very bad energy. It is not pleasant by any means, and can really cause me to mess things up. I have learned that being patient, waiting it out and not getting upset leads invariably to better moods, but sometimes it's really beyond my ability to do this. At these times there's nothing more I want than to calm down, breathe and clear my head. Is there some kind of obstruction I am putting up when I'm angry or negative that cuts the communication lines to my angel? I know I am always accompanied by him, and always being cared for, but as I request very sincere MBOs in such mental states I feel that they are being lost. Maybe you could ask Theo about this as well.

Theo, can you explain more about Bi-Polar Disorders – how it appears to you and why would it appear on a soul contract.

Yes, Tom.  Certainly we can see into a person’s brain and tell if he has this disorder, although it is much easier for us to view his plan for this life.  Bi-polar disorders are a teaching tool in this life Tom.  It can be born out of a karmic situation in a past life where the individual made fun of someone with a mental condition, so this person needs to experience this condition to see how it feels to have other people talk about you.  You must also experience everything this earth school can offer you, as this can.
I suggested to Sean or for anyone with this problem to say:  "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for massive amounts of calming and healing energy be sent to me at this time, and may the results be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!"


CatSean also writes:  On a lighter note, I am wondering if you could ask Theo about the nature of cats. They are without a doubt mystical, mysterious animals...two paws in this world and two in the next, as it is said. I've had cats my entire life, and feel very connected to them, and know that they are up to more than just laying in the sun and running around the house.

In time, I know I'll be able to receive information from my angel myself, but I've got a ways to go before that. Thank you very much for sharing what you've learned through these books. This is very important work you are doing!! My wife is grateful to you as well. Good life to you Tom, I wish you the best.

Theo, can you give some information about cats and why they were asked to be part of our world?

Yes, cats do have two paws in this world at times Tom and two in another.  As there is a large feline community out there Tom it was felt that you should get to know them well in advance.  Creator had asked them to participate, and as I have said before, when Creator asks something certainly you have the choice to say no but no one does. 

They have been in families for thousands of years Tom and will be with you certainly many more years, as you will find they have much more to teach you.  And you will find whole feline worlds out when you visit other solar systems.  These beings are very wise and have some abilities yet to be discovered.  You can even request a MBO to learn more from your cat, or cats in general if you do not have one or more in your family unit. 


DogsAdrienne writes:  Our two dogs have always been terrified of thunderstorms--panting, shaking, trying to hide; this behavior goes on for several hours and is stressful and exhausting for all of us. It begins as soon as they hear the first thunder in the distance and lasts long after the bad weather has passed. Recently, a thunderstorm was approaching and the dogs were showing signs of anxiety; I said an MBO to give us all the strength to cope.

The storm was an especially violent one with lots of lightning, thunder and damaging winds--yet both dogs curled up next to me and slept through it. The following night when we had another equally bad storm, exactly the same thing happened. Because of their fear of storms, they were even afraid of gentle rain with no pyrotechnics, but recently we had a shower and, instead of cowering in fear, they even went outside to 'do their business' in the rain. It may not sound like much, but this has vastly improved the quality of all our lives. Thank you so much!


TunnelSandy writes:  Thanks for your newsletters - I always look forward to them.
I have a question about the underground tunnel network that has been described in numerous esoteric writings - sometimes associated with Agarthi - is it still being used today?   I think you mentioned it in one of your letters but I can't seem to find it.

Are there tunnels today Theo still in operation which were reported to be miles underground?

Yes and no Tom.  There are some tunnels in existence, which still require their use in areas where it would be dangerous or difficult to move around for some off-world beings.  But the majority are no longer in use.  It is too easy to simply dial a portal, or move a spacecraft through the surface to an underground facility.  So to answer the question, yes a few tunnels are being used, but by ET’s, not so much by earth people. 


Norwegian MassacreTheo, please explain the soul contracts in play for the 76+ people who were massacred in Norway of all places.

Yes, a very savage act Tom, and one which will require a number of balancing lives.  Yes it was on his soul contract to kill, just not in the numbers he did.  And please note the number of people affected by this, and you begin to see a pattern develop that corresponds to other similar events.  There is a great deal of compassion shown throughout the world and this does raise vibrational levels.  And there are soul contracts in play here from the families of the victims to the police, journalists and governmental officials.  A large event such as this touches many lives.  On a soul level it was done out of love, although this concept is really hard for most people to accept. 


Forever 27With the death of Amy Winehouse this past week, I thought you might like to read these questions I asked quite some time ago.

Theo, the musicians Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin all died at age 27 within months of each other.  Any significance to that?  And why did John Lennon choose the end that he did?

Yes, we will first consider the 3 musicians Tom.  They all had soul contracts to contribute their energy and expertise to a time period of great change.  But their soul contracts were that they would make their contributions, and then pass from the scene, in order to remind everyone about the results of drug use and the frailty of the human body.  They will have a number of balancing lives where they will balance the mistakes they made in this life Tom.  They will be musicians in other lives where they will not pass from the scene so suddenly. 

As you and others have noticed, many of these soul contracts run the same course.  Some are able to overcome addictions and others are not.  The rock or pop lifestyle, whatever the type of musical style of the day does have a similar path and similar challenges.

Regarding Mr. Lennon, he had to balance out a life when he took someone else’s life in a similar fashion—a famous person at that time.  He chose to balance that life this time around, and he was quite pleased to have done so after he transitioned.  Naturally the person he had slain in a past life was the same who shot him in this life you see.  Everything balances. 


Rosicrucian OrderThis will probably be in the book I’m slowly working on now, so here is an excerpt.

Theo, when was the origin of the Rosicrucians –1607 or so or earlier, and what influence did they have and still do today?

Ah an interesting question Tom.  The Rosicrucians were just noticed at that 1600 time period but were much older.  It was a group or society that came together at a very early time and made their mark on history shall we say and still do today.  They do not like me speaking about them, but I will answer more questions as you pose them.

Just the fact that you say they don’t care for you speaking about them tells me that someone or more than one of them can tune into our conversations?

In a way yes, but only when it concerns them. 

Rosicrucian SymbolDid the Rosicrucians that tuned into us were in physical lives or between?

No, no, they are in physical lives right now Tom.

How many tuned in?

Only a couple.

Do they have my soul’s permission?

Yes, in a way.  They understand what you’re doing, but they also like to keep what they are doing pretty quiet.  The fact that you have suddenly taken an interest in them makes them uneasy shall we say.

Are they a benevolent group?

Oh yes, their goals are similar to yours, but certainly in a different way.  They are more involved in the politics of today shall we say, and attempt to influence leaders and so forth through spiritual means.

Do they date back just after the death of Jesus as one report states?

Quite so.  That report was fairly accurate as to the year of 62 AD.  So they are an ancient society that tries their best to be benevolent in their workings. 

Were the original men and/or women who formed the Rosicrucians actually taught by Jesus?

Yes they were Tom. 

This was after his supposed crucifixion?

Quite so.  The reports that he disappeared and someone took his place are accurate.  They did not want him to become a martyr, but that’s what happened anyway.

JesusAnd he did have the ability to transpose himself from one location to another?


And his disciples knew this and accepted this?

Quite so.  They all knew they were in the presence of a highly evolved soul. 

How many Rosicrucians are there at this time?

Not so many—a few hundred, but as their concentration is more in one area, they are influential. 

How successful are the Rosicrucians in influencing world leaders?

More so than you might think Tom.  As I said, this is their specialty, so when they put their minds to it, so to speak, they can be very effective in pushing along a leader to make the right, most humane decisions. 

Are there any Rosicrucians in world leadership positions at the present time?

Yes, a few, but they are mostly advisors to the leaders – sort of the power behind the throne if you will. 

They used to advertise on the backs of the Astrology magazines.  I’m surprised their numbers aren’t higher.  Your comments, please.  

Yes they have advertised quite often in the past, but they have a filtering process they use, so only those of the highest ideals are let into the inner sanctuary shall we call it—to be taken into their confidences. 


HumanoidsAntura, I thought I had asked or was given this information before, but can’t find it.  Can you tell me what percentage of the universe is made up of humanoids?

Yes, certainly a good percentage Tom.

Is it above 35%?

Yes, a little higher.  Forty percent would be fairly accurate Tom. 

Were humanoids created by one society?

This is a little like the chicken and the egg theory Tom.  When Creator created this Universe, calls went out and several humanoid societies you might say responded.  Naturally from them grew the large percentage of the universe you have now you see.  So to answer your question, it was not just one society but a few. 

Nile RiverThe following questions are regarding Antura’s and my lives when we emigrated from Atlantis to Egypt around 12,000 or so years ago. 

When we arrived in Egypt from Atlantis, were the Sirian water people mentioned in Lois J. Wetzel’s book (Akashic Records) there already, or did they not arrive until later?

Good question Tom.  Yes, they had recently arrived, knowing you and I would be arriving ourselves you see.  So there was an immediate connection.

So it was not you and I that returned to Egypt, am I correct after our Atlantean/Egyptian lives?

Quite correct Tom.  These were Sirian beings who were contact people, not too far different than what I do, but yet they were more a contact people for governments. 

Was Egypt a tropical environment when we arrived?

Quite so.  The desert took over gradually over several thousand years Tom. 



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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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