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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the Free Newsletterworld.  Please PAY IT FORWARD by sending this newsletter to a friend.  And approach them on requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes.  It will change their life.   If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.

Atlantis & LemuriaI think you’ll find some really interesting information you haven’t seen before about the latitudes and longitudes of where the continents of Atlantis and Lemuria were located.  I went over these coordinates in two different sessions, so I’m getting pretty close to their location, but still have a couple of questions to ask.  Because of the length of these questions and answers, I’ve had to delay ATLANTIS—PART 8 until next week. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Crop FailuresJanet writes:  I continue to enjoy reading the weekly Gentle News bulletins.  Thank you for all that you do.

I've received a distressing newsletter regarding the effects of climate change in terms of extended very hot temperatures, resulting drought and crop failures in many parts of the world, and I wonder if you could ask Gaia if what we are dealing with ultimately is a huge lack of food supply within a very short period of time.  Is this a part of the shift into the 5th Dimension? and if it is, what is it's purpose?  I think I really want to be reassured that we will all survive through these difficult times!

Gaia, are you setting up conditions for worldwide crop failures?

No Tom, although some might perceive it this way.  Certainly I have ordered up some CME’s from Sun to assist me in preparing for the big event of bridging you over to the 5th focus, but I do not have plans for worldwide crop failures.  These will be localized and are simply cycles.  The land cannot produce crops every single year.  They must rest, so some countries will be dry and some will not Tom.  Those that are experiencing dry conditions this year will have wet ones next year.  Again they are just cycles.


Kathy writes:  First, thank you Tom for your faithfulness. Thank you Gaia for the wonderful rain.  I hate to think of winter, but I try to be ahead of the storm. Could you please ask Theo if Montana will have a bad winter?

Winter WeatherGaia, what will the region including Montana experience this winter for weather?

Yes, winter will be severe for this part of the country Tom.  It will come early and stay longer than usual.  This will allow me to accomplish some things I need to do prior to December 21 you see. 

So what about the rest of North America?

Again the same Tom.  Winter will be much more severe, so I would suggest that everyone prepare with plenty of heating oil for those parts of the country that run on this fuel, and I would suggest attempting to cut back trees around power lines if possible, to cut down on the likelihood of power outages, or at least to cut down on the time it takes to reestablish electricity. 

If you may have noticed, Sun is sending me a number of CME’s and these will continue this winter with effects not only on the weather, but also what you term “natural disasters.”  So take heed now, as even though it is extremely hot this summer the opposite will be true this winter.

I would like to mention here that I have no more special connection with Gaia than anyone else on earth.  I'm just a messenger with answers given to me.  So each of you can just express your thanks out loud just as I do when we receive rain.  She'll hear it I assure you.


Michael Moore vs NRARJ writes:  In light of the shooting last night in Aurora CO, please ask Theo if there will ever be a time when guns, specifically assault weapons, will be outlawed in the US? Moreover, will the NRA ever lose its power over Congress and/or Americans in general? Thanks.

Theo, will guns be outlawed in the USA and will the NRA lose it influence over Congress?

Eventually guns will be outlawed Tom, but certainly not for 25 to 50 years.  There will continue to be less need for them as crime goes down in the 5th focus and people do not have as much fear as they do now.  There will be reactions to the massacre in Colorado and calls for tighter gun controls and the outlawing of certain weapons.  The NRA will fight tooth and nail to obstruct any laws controlling guns.  Their power to influence Congress will continue to decrease over the next few years as new representatives are elected who do not wish to have guns easily bought and sold as they are today.


I Want You for VPKathy writes:  Is the President still going to ask Hillary to be his running mate?

Gaia, what is the percentage probability today of President Obama choosing Mrs. Clinton as his running mate?

Yes, the percentage is still quite high Tom—certainly over 80% to 90%.  As you have deduced President Obama must shake up the campaign to get everyone away from concentrating on the economy.  What better way than to surprise everyone with choosing Mrs. Clinton—a woman. 

Certainly it will create endless stories in your newspapers and magazines and will dramatically shift attention away from the economy.  It will be considered a bold political move, and certainly at this juncture a very wise one.  Mrs. Clinton is looked upon quite favorably by the majority of voters. 


Middle EastTheo, in the 9, 10, and 11 Timelines is President Obama the President or is someone else?

No, he is the President Tom as this was the most benevolent course, which it was not considered that you would be able to make that jump on your Timeline, but you did.  Certainly he has an easier road than he does on this timeline, with such stagnation of getting things accomplished because of the deep divide between the Republicans and Democrats.  In those Timelines they are much farther along than you are in this Timeline. 

What about the conflicts in the Middle East?

Quite calm in comparison Tom.  The shifts in power came with little bloodshed, where on this timeline there is a great shedding of blood and will be more before it is over. 

Am I married on those Timelines?

Yes Tom.  Again it is a much easier existence for you there.  You write full time and have written at this stage a large number of books and are recognized as an authority in the mind, body spirit area. 


Theo, before Atlantis began breaking up into islands, what latitude was the Northern tip of Atlantis—above or below 45 degrees?

AtlantisAbove Tom, but not a lot, more on the order of 47 degrees.

So is 47 degrees the number Theo or would it be as high as 50 degrees?

No Tom. Just slightly over 47 degrees would be correct.

What degree of latitude would it be for the southern tip of Atlantis – above or below 30 degrees?

Yes, certainly a little below 30 degrees Tom—again more on the order of 25 degrees.

So are we correct here Theo.  Is it more or less than 25 degrees?

Less Tom.  Twenty-six degrees.

What about the Eastern tip of Atlantis Theo, would it be more towards 30 degrees or 15 degrees in Longitude?

Much more the latter Tom—17 to 18 degrees according to the running of the coastline. 

And then what abut the western shore of Atlantis, would it be more or less than 75 degrees Longitude?

More Tom.  75 to 80 degrees again along an uneven shore. 

So to review, The northern shore of Atlantis was around 47 degrees Latitude?

Yes, quite so Tom.

The Southern shores was around 26 degrees Latitude?

Yes Tom, very close to that figure, but again it was an uneven shoreline which averaged around that degree.

And the Eastern tip was around 17 to 18 degrees Longitude?

Correct Tom

And the western shore averaged around 75 to 80 degrees Longitude?

Yes, again these are general figures Tom, as the continent was just like those of today, with coastlines that varied and somewhat followed those of North America and the African coast part of the way.

LemuriaNext is Lemuria Theo.  Was the northern shoreline closer to 45 degrees or 30 degrees of latitude?

Yes, closer to 45 but somewhat in the middle of your figures – 37 to 38 degrees latitude.

And was the southern shore of Lemuria closer to zero degrees or 15 degrees latitude?

More towards 15 degrees Tom.  It did not extend down towards the equator—more to the north of that, but fairly close to the 15 degree longitude.

What about the Eastern shoreline Theo, was it closer to 165 degrees or 180 degrees longitude?

Much more toward the 180 mark Tom, but tailing off towards the 165 degrees.

And what about the western shore Theo—was it closer to 135 degrees or 150 degrees longitude? 

Closer to the 140 degree mark Tom, but again it ranged over several degrees so it can’t be just said that the whole shoreline was at that degree, only a portion of it.

JULY 21:

AustraliaTheo, would you please compare the size of Atlantis to present day Australia.  Was it the same size, smaller, or larger?

Yes, Atlantis was a little bit larger than Australia Tom but not a lot, lets say for your purposes 10%.

OK, I studied the coordinates you gave me and wish to ask, did the northern tip of Atlantis extend as high as Newfoundland of today?

Yes, quite so Tom.  The northern shoreline was more or less parallel to that Canadian province of today.

Was the southern shore of Atlantis down as far as the tip of present day Florida?

Yes, perhaps just a little south of that but not much.

So what shape could we compare the continent to today.  More like Australia or what?

Atlantis angled more from left to right Tom.  Somewhat of a parallelogram shape. You can look up geometric shapes and will find the image.  Of course these were not straight lines as the shores were irregular. 

BahamasSo the western shoreline came very close to what is now the Bahamas?

Actually even closer Tom and a little farther down but not much. 

And the East coast of Atlantis came fairly close to the shores of what was then OZ and we know it today as Africa?

Quite so.  There were only a few miles of water between them, so there was much commerce and certainly a few dozen wars fought at one time or another with the people who inhabited OZ. 

So there must have been some migration in that direction towards the end of Atlantis?

Not so much Tom, as the people were not very friendly towards each other, so they tended to migrate in other directions. 

So, the Northern shore was around 47 degrees?


The southern shore was around 26 degrees or was I off there?

No, you were very close to that degree mark.

The Eastern shore was 17 to 18 degrees?

Again Tom, it varied as at one point it was close to Africa or OZ and then tailed down some.

And the western shore ranged from 75 degrees to 80 degrees?

Yes, again it ran along the North American coast and curved downward towards the tip of Florida.

But it did not extend as far as the Yucatan peninsula, am I correct?

That is correct Tom—just past the tip of present day Florida.

OK, next is Lemuria.  Was it the same size, smaller, or larger than Australia?

Let’s see if you can receive this Tom.  Yes it was a little larger, but not by much, less than 10%.

It seemed smaller with the coordinates you gave me.

Yes, you were a little off on those. 

What shape would you give it—anything to compare it with?

Somewhat like a small potato Tom, but that does not really accurately describe the shape. 

So it did not appear similar to Australia?

No, not at all. 

Did it have a tail like say South America?

No, again more contained than that.

So let’s go over the degrees again.


Was the northern shore 37 to 38 degrees latitude?

Yes, you have that correct Tom.

Was the Southern shore 15 degrees?

Close, but a little lower you see,  As I said before it was not down to the equator, but a little lower than 15 degrees—13 degrees would be closer.

So was it lower than 13 degrees?

Yes but barely Tom.  12.5 if you wish to say.

And the Eastern shore, it ranges from 180 degrees longitude to 165 degrees?

Yes, right around that area Tom as again the coastline was uneven and tailed from right to left.

And the Western shore was 140 degrees?

Again this was an average Tom and varied several degrees on either side.

OK, I guess that’s about as close as I can come Theo.  Lemuria was a little harder to place for me.

Yes, but you are fairly close Tom.  It’s the shape that is difficult to describe to you.

How close to present day Japan was Lemuria?

Quite close Tom, as of course there are the ruins off the coast of Japan you’ve seen photos of them underwater.

Was Japan part of Lemuria?

Yes, part of it was, but not all. 

Was the Eastern edge to the east of what is now the Hawaiian Islands?

Yes, but not by much again. 

World MapAre there descendants of Lemuria living on earth today, as I would suppose there are many descendants of the Atlantians?

Yes in both cases Tom.  The Lemurians tended to migrate to the west, populating parts of Asia.  We have already discussed where the Atlantians migrated to. 

So did many people leave Lemuria before it sank?

Not as many as did Atlantis Tom, as keep in mind Atlantis broke up into islands first, with many people perishing during that time period, and many people started to migrate away after that catastrophe.  But Lemuria had a slower migration, and therefore many more people perished when the warring countries blew themselves up. 

Did the Atlantians settle Arkansas in order to mine the crystals, or did they just visit?  And are there giant crystals beneath the surface of Arkansas that are now being activated and if so for what purpose?

Let’s begin with the settlement.  The Atlantians had a presence there Tom, but more in regards to the mining of the crystals, as you know they are quite plentiful, and yes there were some giant crystals mined there.  The Atlantians had ways of detecting these crystals buried deep within the earth to pinpoint their location. 

When the islands of Atlantis appeared to be about to sink, some of the crystals were reburied in Arkansas, and those are the ones that are being activated again to assist you in bridging over to the 5th focus.  They are carefully controlled by your ET friends so as not to have the same results as last time.  But you can still use their beneficial vibrational level to raise your level up to the 5th focus.

What about the huge ruby crystal reported in Brazil?

Again, used in activation, Tom. 

                     E. LONGITUDE 17°-18°; W. LONGITUDE 75°-80°
                     E. LONGITUDE 180°-165°; W. LONGITUDE 135°-145°


Just Say NoShawn writes:  I see so many people using alcohol and drugs as a way to distract themselves from dealing with their emotions and personal issues. I try not to judge this, as I myself am finally learning to let go of these distractions, but I am wondering when is it that people will learn to let these habits go? They seem very unhealthy and incompatible with a 5D reality and lifestyle. It sometimes amazes me as I think I expect more progress to be happening, and still I see so many who are still deeply involved in those behaviors.

Theo, how long in the 5th focus will it take for drug and alcohol additions to fade away?

Quite sometime Tom.  Yes it will fade away in time and more ways of treating these diseases are found. Certainly this will take quite a long time—well over the 100 years you are thinking, although it will be greatly reduced during that timeframe.  Keep in mind that it is not just western countries you are inquiring about but the world, so yes the western countries will respond sooner than other regions of the world.  So it will be a gradual process over a couple of centuries. 


Theo, will colonists find it better to live underground on Mars rather than above ground?  Mars

Yes, certainly they will find living in the underground caverns more protective, after the first series of exploration Tom.  They will be reluctant at first to try out this idea, but as they find the caverns safe from harm whole cities will be set up inside.  This technique will be used more than once as you explore not only the solar system but beyond.

How many centuries will it take before we are able to give Mars an atmosphere?

Several Tom.  Certainly over four centuries to be sure, but it could be less depending upon certain discoveries by scientists.  Naturally this need not concern you as this is pretty far in the future.


Rain StormThis MBO story and the next one appeared in my last week’s blog, that has nothing but MBO and BP stories.  You can find them on the MENU on my website or go to

Eleanore writes:  I wanted to share a great MBO response with you.  As you know, the country is experiencing drought conditions and Florida hasn't been an exception but certainly not to the extent of the mid-west.  Yesterday, I used the request you suggested a long time ago - "I welcome the gentle rain," three times and that's what we got!  I repeated the request this morning and we were once again blessed.  It's the wonderful kind that really soaks in because it isn't pouring down.  The thought occurred to me to do the same for the rest of the country, and so I have and perhaps you might ask others to join in as well.

My Son lives in Houston, and, as you know, they're under water!

I do this before every storm, as in Texas you never know what type of severe weather can crop up out of seemingly a normal thunderstorm.  Works every time.  For the country, you could say this Benevolent Prayer:  “I ask any and all beings to bring rain to those regions suffering drought conditions, thank you!”


Expect Great ThingsRenee writes:  I wanted to share with you that a couple of weeks ago I was anticipating my unemployment check in the mail because of a hiccup in the process it was late.  Instead, I received a check for $470 from a civil action claim that I don't even remember filing for back in 2007.  Boy!! That was really "Expecting Great Things"!  Thanks again Tom -- I really do expect great things on a daily basis.


My Guardian Angel Theo says this is a MBO request that allows your own GA to bring you things you never thought to ask for each week.  You can print out the sign on my website at and click on SIGNSIt will help you to remember to say it each day. 


Theo, what relationship do we as a population or earth humans have with balls?  Soccer

Tom, it’s in your DNA, the enjoyment of games played with balls.  Naturally it is stronger with males than females.  It’s part of your competitive makeup and will be a strong part of what you contribute to interplanetary society. 


ThyroidDavid wrote me on Facebook asking about this.

Theo, are more people experiencing thyroid problems and if so why?

The simple answer would be yes; more people are experiencing problems with their thyroids.  There are a number of factors here, and we cannot cover the subject too deeply, do to your lack of training in this area.  Part of the problem has to do with unhealthy lifestyles, which bring on a variety of diseases.  As I have mentioned before, getting people to live life with healthy lifestyles will do wonders for your bodies as you move forward.


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