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·    3600 ERA

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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


New YorkValerie writes:  Hello, Everybody! Love from New York City. I've been at a second channeling session where massive change for NYC was predicted, that NY would experience a natural disaster within 30 days. Now, we all know that predictions of this kind are not an exact science what with shifting probabilities. However, let's assume it is. I was made to understand that this is an opportunity for us to work WITH Gaia, for us to learn and deepen our connection with her. So, if ya'll don't mind, would you please offer a Benevolent Prayer for the well being and healing of NYC and her peoples, and may the changes produce powerful spiritual results as intended. THANK YOU!"

Gaia, will any disaster happen in the near future in New York City?

No Tom, there will not be any disasters in New York or the surrounding area during the next 30 days or 30 months in fact.  New York City will have all the typical problems and violence that big cities do, but these will be normal occurrences and certainly not something of the 911 variety. 

But again I must warn those in New York and anyone living on the coastline that I have now started to raise the water levels of the world, and it will soon be noticed by your scientists.  It will rise two feet during this five-year period.  Mark my words and prepare to move inland to a high place.  Those that hang on will suffer severe financial problems, as you will not be able to sell your homes.

African Drought MapI still think that Valerie has the right idea in requesting a Benevolent Prayer for New York City and surrounding areas.  So let’s say out loud:
“I ask any and all beings to bring love and healing and safety to all the residents of New York City, the five boroughs, and surrounding cities, thank you!” 

And while we are saying Benevolent Prayers, let's say one for the 11 million people starving for food and water in Africa right now.  "I ask any and all beings to come to the aid and comfort of the starving people of Africa to bring them food and water, thank you!"


Lorraine in Hawaii writes:  I am new to your newsletter and enjoying them very much. As far as your MBO's go do you just say what you want to happen or is there something additionally you must do?

Hawaii RainAlso was wondering if you could ask Gaia what is happening to our weather in Hawaii. It has been very windy and rainy since about Nov. I can see that in winter but our summer is not our "norm" either. I listen to a radio show called Coast to Coast and a guy was on who says it is the DOD manipulating the weather. He said they are doing it especially in Hawaii and Northern California. Is this the reason or just Gaia doing what she needs to do?  Thank you for answering my questions.  Aloha.

First the weather question.  Gaia, why so much wind and rain in Hawaii.  Is this a normal cycle or is the DOD involved in some way, such as HAARP?

No, Tom.  Please assure your readers in Hawaii that this is a normal cycle, as we are entering a water cycle, as Mr. Kryon calls it and I concur.  The weather systems will be changing and Hawaii will see changes just as the rest of the world will.  Winters will be more harsh at times because of this change in cycles, just as this summer has been more harsh in the southern United States.

Regarding MBO’s, you request them for SPECIFIC things for you.  If you’re about to drive to work, you request a MBO for a safe drive to work.  Then you drive and find the drive is easier than before, or perhaps there is a wreck that you pass by and you think how “lucky” you were not to have been five minutes earlier.  Or you see the police have just pulled over someone before you passed.  You learn to TRUST in requesting MBO’s for the mundane things in life and you slowly expand to all the important requests, which typically take much longer, so you have to remain PATIENT


Canada FallCarolle in Quebec writes on Facebook:  Hello Tom, from Québec City, Canada.  I have two questions for mother Gaia. What kind of weather should we expect in the coming year across Canada, especially in Québec City.  Are we still going to have 4 seasons?  

Gaia, what will the weather be for Canada and Quebec the rest of this summer and fall and winter?

Yes, they will have a shorter summer this year in Canada Tom, as I slowly change the weather patterns for the northern Hemisphere.  Then there will be a blustery fall, with a pretty severe winter ahead for them this coming year.   They should prepare their homes and dwellings as best they can. 

Gaia, what about the United States?

It too will have a blustery fall for at least the northern half shall we say Tom.  Relief will finally come for the southern states as they will see storms coming off the gulf—some severe at hurricane strength or just below, but will bring rain to these parched regions.  Winter will again be pretty severe, something on the order of this past winter.  Again, this is a water cycle and you can expect extremes. 

Gaia, you said the cycle of heat was about to change, but it has gotten worse.  When will this change—a week, month, or when?

Yes, Tom I understand that on a human or 3D level this seems to be worse and not changing, but there re some changes that have happened.  I am bringing the monsoon rains to Arizona and parts of New Mexico.  This will increase soon—quite soon in your scenario.  Yes I am baking the USA right now.  The Northern latitudes will see change quite soon, but the southern sector will have to wait until later in August and then poof, a Gulf weather system will be created and will arrive on shore.    So do be patient I would advise everyone and know that these extremes do happen both in the summer and winter.


JellyfishCarolle’s second question:  According to some news, there seems to be an explosion in the number of jellyfish in certain parts of the world.  Can Gaia explain why?  Best wishes to all of you.

Gaia, are there a lot more jellyfish in the world today?

Not to the extent that the person asking the question imagines, but certainly there has been an increase in numbers Tom.  These jellyfish are great adaptors to changes in climate, as they are very hardy species.  So a 10% increase will not be unexpected. 


UnicornMichelle in Washington, DC writes:  You mentioned that the unicorns and flying horses no longer exist in 3D. Do they still exist in 5D and if so will we see them in the future?

Gaia, so Unicorns and flying horses exist in the 5th dimensional focus?

No Tom, they do not.  They will not appear again on earth.


Heather writes:  I have been reading the new newsletter today and I have a question about soul
Jack the Rippercontracts. All this made me think about the unsolved case of Jack the Ripper. I recently read a book by Patricia Cornwell and she claims to have solved the case.  She apparently has DNA matches between the artist Walter Sickert and the Ripper letters. So I would like to know what the soul contract was for this serial killer, and is this the correct person as she is claiming?

Theo, was Walter Sickert the Jack the Ripper?

No, Tom he was not.  That was a good theory brought out by the author, but he was not the culprit shall we say.

What was Jack the Ripper’s soul contract.

An interesting question Tom.  Yes, his was a complex contract, as by day he appeared the decent hard-working man, and by night brought terror to the streets of London.  He did have a soul contract to balance and kill, but went much to far, greatly enjoying the slaughter of the women, and has already had a number of balancing lives were he was the victim of sadistic killers himself—or herself too we might add.  When these killers seem bigger than life, then there are other soul contracts at work here—from the police and detectives to the many people who have written about him, to the movies made about these exploits, as you can see he made a greater impact than say your run of the mill murderer. 

But again, it was not the person this lady author has put forth.  There are some things that must remain a mystery.

3600 ERA

Far FutureRenee writes:  I have been following closely as always to your conversations with Antura and Theo in the weekly newsletters.  And I have also been working with a pendulum for the last couple of years (presently with an accuracy of about 85%).  I always say an MBO for receiving answers from the highest guidance realm of light before working with it. 

This is some info I have gleaned:  Since we both knew each other in Atlantis (I being a friend and follower of your teachings) and in this present lifetime, I understand my next life will also be on my original planet Arcturius, (as like you on your home planet Sirius) until my last life on Earth in the 3600’s as a female.  I will even meet you in that lifetime or we will know of each other then.  I would like to know more about our connection with each other.  By then you should be at least 250 yrs young.

I would like to know if this information I received can be confirmed, and what the average age of humans will be at that time? Also how does this affect your aging process when you, Tom, are doing all that space exploration for I assume years at a time?

Theo, what will be the average age that people will live to in 3600 AD?

Yes, you will be up to that 250 mark and even higher Tom.  There will have been great advances by that time and life will be easier for everyone.

So why will I have a life which lays almost on top of the other life?  Will I be in contact with me on the spaceship?

No, Tom.  You will have completely different work ahead of you at that time.  Much more people oriented shall we say.  You will make a great contribution to society at that time.  But again, this will be after the 2600 era life. 

What is the connection between Renee and me?

She was a good friend back in the days of Atlantis Tom, along with one of your flock or students we can call them.  She will be a good friend again, as she will want to continue her studies at that time.  It will be one of her last lives on earth.

I’ve been told that several hundred earth years will pass while we’re in space, as earth time is much faster than universal time.


Fork in the RoadElizabeth writes:  My question is this: Is it possible to ask for an amended version of one's soul contract if that contract proves to no longer facilitate optimal growth and evolution for the soul? In other words, can I ask my angels to view my contract from an inner perspective and ask for new amendments? Perhaps the soul contracts are not, after all, written in stone, and are subject to revision.

Theo, can a person request a MBO that their soul contract be reversed or changed if they do not feel they are evolving or growing, or is it “the soul knows best.”

Certainly if a person feels they are not evolving, they can ask for more challenges in their life, but watch what you ask for.  It is better to request a MBO to stay on your soul contract, as there are times when your life feels quite mundane before events conspire to give you great challenges shall we say.  But again, this is up to the individual, so I do recommend requesting a MBO for your soul contract to give you the most growth and learning, and if your soul feels you can handle more, it will be given. 


8 year old boyAnnMarie writes from Ft. Worth:  I have a question for Theo, regarding the recent little 8-year old boy that was killed.  He was very insistent to his parent that they allow him to walk home by himself from camp.  The parents were hesitant, yet he was very persistent and the parents agreed to meet him half way.
On some "level" did he know that it was his "time?”  Was this a karma contract connected to the person who took his life?  It seems that some actually know that it is their time to leave the planet?  Was this the case with this boy?

Thank you for all you do and the awesome being you are. Thanking Theo for all he is as well.

Theo, did the 8 year old boy killed while walking home from camp for the first time know on a subliminal level that it was time to leave?

Quite so Tom. His guardian angel was urging him to request to walk home by himself as it was his time to go. This was his soul contract prior to this life. It was a balancing life to be sure; but to reiterate, he knew on a subconscious level that it was his time to depart.



ShoppingBarbara writes:  Tom, I have a wonderful MBO outcome for you!  I had made a purchase on a well-known TV shopping channel and when it arrived, it was too large.  I packed it up and put it out in the foyer of my condo for the mailman to pick it up for return today.  Well, it was stolen before the mailman even arrived.  There was no one else at home in our building at the time.  I reported the theft to the Postmaster and the local police department, obtaining case numbers in each instance. 

I decided to call the shopping channel and report the incident to them, just so it would be on record should it turn up there (who knows??).  I said my MBO and spoke with a very nice lady who took all my information and placed me on hold.  When she returned she stated that they were returning my money and there would be no further charges on the order (I had spread out the payments)!!!  Absolutely blew me away!  MBO's are the best!  Thank you so much for bringing light and ease into our lives.   


I’m including this one in case anyone else has a similar experience.

Man in TogaAnna writes:  Would you please ask Theo the difference between imagination and the truth concerning those who appear from another dimension?

I was in an attorney's office speaking with two attorneys, I had the urge to turn in a particular direction away from them.  A 3 dimensional figure of a man wearing a white toga lined in gold trim appeared. I don't know how much time passed - a minute or five minutes and then he disappeared.  I turned back to face one of the attorneys his mouth was moving  but I heard nothing.  I felt paralyzed- not able to move or speak.  Was I hallucinating? If not, why did the stranger appear in the attorney's office?  Thank you so very much for Theo's input.

Theo, what occurred when Anna saw an image of a man in a white toga with gold trim in the attorney’s office?

Yes, she momentarily saw through a time line Tom into another era, which is quite obvious from the dress.  He was as real to her as the attorneys she was meeting with.  This may or may not happen again, depending upon her receptivity and willingness to see these images.  She knows the person in the white toga, so that was another reason for the image to be so real to her.  That’s the best I can describe on a 3D level.  She suddenly peeked through a window of time.


Renee writes:  How will the 12 time lines be affected by the ascension coming up?  Will we be on a different timeline then the one we are on now and how will that affect us, if any?
As always, I am so grateful for your time in this and your great teachings to the world. 

Theo, will we still be on the same Timeline in the 5th focus?

Yes, nothing will change there Tom.  But of course all time lines will be on the 5th focus.  None will “retire” shall we say.

Angela asked me to ask the following questions:

Influencing OthersTheo, do we influence other Time Lines and do they us?

Good question Tom.  Yes other Time Lines can definitely influence you and you them in both benevolent and non-benevolent ways.  When you send white light to these other time lines in your meditation Tom, it certainly acts like a prayer for them.  Naturally you are influenced more by the time line you are coupled with, but the other two time lines in your group we will call it can influence you too. 

Do we look basically the same in all time lines or radically different?

Yes Tom, you can look radically different from one time line to another.  You can be slim and trim on say a higher time and
Laurel & Hardymorbidly obese on a lower time line.  You can also have altered appearances if you choose say plastic surgery to improve your appearance on one time line and do not choose to do the same on another.  There are all sorts of possibilities, which is why you have these separate Time Lines—to explore everything that can be explored from a soul point of view. 

Do we create alternate realities when we visualize or fantasize with our minds?

Yes, in a way you do Tom, but these realities are just probabilities your soul is exploring.  You do this not only by daydreaming but also in a quantum dream state.

Are there Time Lines within Time Lines?

Not the way the person asked.  Certainly you can be on a higher vibrational level within a time line than someone else, especially if you are requesting MBO’s and saying BP’s in your life.  And the reverse can happen if you were to be a murderer where your vibrational level would sink to the bottom of the time line. 

Do we already exist in the 5th focus or other higher dimensions?

Certainly a part of you exists, but again it is not say a solid body as you have now.  It is a potential, but very difficult to explain on a 3D level.  It is like a dream in a way where you explore—you meaning your soul—a higher concept of what you are learning on the lower 3D level.

Will there be no Karma in the 5th focus?

No, you will still have lives that are balanced shall we say.  It’s just that the lives will be much easier—not without challenges, but certainly much easier than a 3D life.  This will go on Tom for several thousand more years. 


Antura is my "brother on another planet" that I communicate with telepathically.  Theo introduced me to him, as I had no idea he was tuning into my communications with Theo and Gaia, with my soul's permission.  He is part of my soul "cluster" and has had over 800 lives on earth.


Space CraftAntura, when (at what age) were you taught to pilot any sort of spacecraft, or is this something simply downloaded into a child’s brain?

Good question Tom.  No, after the information is learned—downloaded and this is not so early, as there is no pressure to do this.  The child must want to learn and many have no interest in learning.  So after it is downloaded, they then take a short course in piloting the craft—hands on experience if you will.  But this can come at any young age—say from 10 or 20 years on up to 50ish say we say.  Again many are quite content to simply live and eventually work in the sea, and have no interest in going to a nearby planet. 

How long each day do children study, or is everything given to them mentally?

Another good question Tom.  No they do have these emersions shall we call them where a great deal of information is downloaded through those skullcaps we have spoken about before.  This is done in a fairly rapid manner, so plenty of time is left to discuss the information with their classmates and instructor-facilitators shall we call them.  They simply are there to clarify the information they have received and expound on it if necessary. 

Ancient EgyptcQuick question that popped up last night.  Were the Sirians described in Lois J. Wetzel’s (Akashic Records) book back in ancient Egypt from your planet or another in your star system?

Good question Tom.  No, they were some of our forefathers I shall call them. 

But their appearance was described as looking like men from the waist up and fish from the waist down.

Yes, they took on that appearance Tom for various reasons.  But I can assure you the description of what I and my counterparts look like is very close to what you have already asked. 

Why were they there at that time?

Yes, they were there to assist the many refugees from Atlantis Tom, along with the folk who were the original inhabitants of Egypt.  But then the Federation directive came down and they had to abandon their small colony.  As you read, they were already causing a problem where people from another country were trying to infiltrate the caretakers so that they could either undermine our efforts or use whatever information was being passed on to their own advantage. 

Antura, will we be able to download information about the Sirius planets through those skull caps you have mentioned before, or must we ask each individual being on the mothership about their world the old fashioned way?

MothershipYes, you may consider it old fashioned and certainly we do from our perspective, but we cannot just give you the information in an emersion session.  You must explore and ask your own questions, and yes you will not learn many things about the planets in our star system, but you will ask questions that we would not think to have information included about.  We want to give you a taste of these planets Tom—not their whole recorded histories.  That will be for not only you, but the many people who will come behind you to discover and learn about.  You will be the first on this time line to learn the information about us generally.  Your writing and speaking will then cause many others to wish to learn more.  You will be the catalyst Tom. 

Will we be able to see the other motherships in orbit around the earth from your mothership?

Yes, although they will be small images that would need to be enlarged, as they are not that close together.  There are many satellites around the earth you humans have put up, but they are not too visible to the naked eye unless one passes by, you see.   It’s the same even with mile long motherships. 

So will we just visit your mothership or will we go calling on any other?

No, at this time Tom you are only scheduled to explore this mothership and ask questions and learn about the planets in my solar system.  And since there are so many, it will be just an initial introduction to these societies. 

Will I be able to take pictures Antura?

Yes you may and no we will not limit where you can take them with a couple of exceptions. 



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