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Welcome to this edition of THE GENTLE WAY Newsletter, and a special welcome to all our new subscribers this week!  Please forward this free newsletter to your friends.  It “spreads the word.”

Last week I mentioned that the Oprah show producers were asking what everyone is reading this summer, and I requested that you fill out the form and list THE GENTLE WAY, plus relate a Benevolent Outcome story in the box.  Several of you have done so, as some of the stories below will mention.  But we need a lot more, if you’re going to assist in raising everyone’s vibrational level.  So today I would request anyone who has sent me a MBO (Most Benevolent Outcome) story, which I have included in a newsletter, to go back to that newsletter and copy the story to put in the box.  That makes it much easier for you.  And don’t forget, email me and put Oprah in the subject box and let me know you filled out the SHORT form and I’ll send you a chapter from my NEW book.  Here is the link to the Oprah site: .  Please do your part to raise the consciousness of the planet!  Remember that the title of the book is “A Self-Help Guide…”  You have to put in a little effort, but what great results you’ll see!

And a reminder to all of my new readers—I’m on Facebook and Myspace, so I would love to be friends with anyone there.  So off we go on this week’s topics.


Laurie writes:  Would you please define some of the terms you use?  I'm getting a little confused.  Please clarify what you mean by "soul cluster" and "soul fragment".  Where does an "oversoul" fit in?  I wish I had a flow chart or something visual as a reference (like a genealogical chart) as to how they relate to each other.

And I want to thank both you and Theo for the information about the crystalline caves in Mexico being a fraction of what is deposited under Arkansas (July 4, 2009).  As much as I was impressed by the pictures of the Mexican cave at , even my rich imagination boggles at what must be lying dormant deep below the terrestrial surface of our own country.  I said this to you once, Tom, and I'll say it again: WOW!

Don’t feel bad.  I was confused when I started encountering terms I hadn’t heard before in the answers my Guardian Angel Theo gave me.  Here are some answers:

Soul Fragment—According to Theo, each soul has fragments of itself that have earth lives on 11 or 12 time lines.
Soul Cluster—These fragments are grouped or clustered together.  The clusters average 6 to 12 fragments.
Oversoul—Your higher self.

Here are some questions and answers I found:

Theo, So what is a higher self?  

It is simply your connection to the group of souls and onto your oversoul, which is the main part of the soul.

(Another day) Besides my line of lives are you the guardian angel for other lines of lives too?

Yes of course.  As I said before, it is easy to multi-task as it is called these days.  I am able to handle overseeing the lives of a number of other soul fragments.  

(Another day) So I wish to get this straight.  These are whole souls that you are aligned with or were chosen to work with?

That’s correct.  As we have spoken about before, each of these 19,000 odd souls has soul groups or clusters and I service all the soul fragments in these clusters.

(Another day)  Is there a better word to use than “soul cluster?”

Cluster is appropriate description Tom.  I know that my response has suggested otherwise to be sure, but soul group or cluster is an apt description to use.  It is more a 3d description, but it is sufficient for now.


Patricia writes:  I just finished reading your book that my daughter shared with me.  As we eating dinner and discussing The Gentle Way, I broke off a tooth.  I was most upset.  I had just finished having a lot of dental work done over the past 6 months and didn't want to incur more expense.
The next day I repeated to my angels several times that I would like a most benevolent outcome when I visit my dentist later that day.  My regular dentist was too busy to see me, so I saw a new dentist who informed me that he couldn't glue the broken tooth back in and that I would need a root canal and a crown to restore the tooth.  Then the office manager informed me that this would cost me $1,620.00.  As I was leaving the office the receptionist suddenly followed me out the door and asked if I could come back in one hour, just before closing, so my regular dentist could see me.  As I drove away I remember feeling very disappointed that the MBO had not worked and wondered what else I could have done or said.  
When I returned the patients were gone.  My dentist studied the broken off piece of tooth and then informed me that he couldn't see why he couldn't glue it back on and furthermore said it would probably last for a long time.  He went on to say that there was no need for a root canal either.  I was stunned!  As I left I asked how much I owed for this visit.  He replied "No charge for today".  A savings of $1,620.00 plus and office visit of $89.00 -  Unbelievable!  As a true believer in MBOs I thank you for writing this book.


Jan writes:  I ask that any and all beings assist Tom in getting on the Oprah Winfrey show and may it be better than he could ever hope or expect.

It’s time Tom, I sent in a story and know you’ll be on her show, the world will benefit from this.  I told her of the story of when I was sick this winter and out of work.   I requested an MBO for assistance on everything.  I asked an MBO for people to plow my driveway, for I could not afford the plowman.  Four or Five different men noticed my driveway needed plowing over the winter and plowed for free.  A high school friend of mine, (whom I have not seen or spoken to in a few yrs.)  happened to be doing a job nearby and he plowed quiet a few times.   A neighbor who lives down the road, that I don’t even know very well plowed for me as well.  My children (15 and 18) and many of my friends now use MBO’s, they have seen the amazing results that I have had using them.

I recently heard a spot with Michael Jackson telling a reporter that he asked for a really good song to come to him, one with a great beat, a few days later he said he was driving down Ventura Blvd. and the beat of thriller came to him.

Jan, I really do appreciate the Benevolent Prayer.   


Mitchell writes:  I have one question and I am not trying to trip you up or question your beliefs at all. I find them very interesting. My question is if we all have guardian angels, do these angels ultimately report to a higher power than themselves? The higher power that I believe in is God. Are they working for me and God? Thank you.

For Mitchell and anyone with this question, I think Theo has answered this for you before, but I’ll repeat what he said:

I know that we as humans call you Guardian Angels, but in comments that you have made to me, you don’t really call yourself that.  What do you call yourselves?
We just consider ourselves Servants of your Creator in doing a necessary service for him/her shall we say.  We are simply souls with a mission that we volunteered for and that was to assist you humans through very difficult, hard lives.   

Does the knowledge you gain also go back to your creator, or does your creator care to receive this knowledge?
Yes, my knowledge goes back to my creator so it can also grow.  I think you suspected that when you asked.  I share my knowledge with all beings that wish it, as they receive in love, Tom.
So will your creator just add to its knowledge or will it somehow use this knowledge someday in another creation?
An interesting point there.  Certainly I can’t speak for my creator, but it has not ruled out creating another universe someday, especially when it sees the success this creator has had with this universe.


Diane writes:  First of all I want to thank you for your suggestion.  No sooner that I sent you that email about my MBO's I got the answer to everything.  Sometimes you just can't rush your angels and God (smile).  I found that out!  My recent MBO was every day.......and after I relaxed and let go.........boom! My MBO was answered.

I now have a nice apartment that I just moved in and lately things have just been clicking left and right!  So I suggest to anyone you have to hang in there! (smile) don't let go and just let your Angels and GOD do the rest!  

I did write to Oprah about summer suggestions and I hope that she gets the message about how wonderful your book is and how necessary it is!  We need to get the message out there.....because I feel if we start using more MBO's we can get out of this recession.....and everyone will have jobs, money and all that they need.....I'm still working on the job but I'm not worried anymore!

Thanks always Tom!  God Speed....and thank Theo you guys!

And I love all of you too!


Linda writes:  Tom my sister forwards your newsletter to me.  I can't begin to tell you all the times as a result of your book I have requested MBO's with amazing results . It was a great pleasure to pass the word along, in hopes Oprah will hear of your mission. This was my story from yesterday that I sent to her.

Using this book has become a way of life for my sister, brother and myself.  I encourage you to read and try it to see the outcome for yourselves.  I have used this method many times since reading this book, parking at a very busy restaurant in our area.

Yesterday before leaving to go to a friend’s house I requested a MBO (Most Benevolent Outcome) for a safe return home.  While driving down the I75 Local freeway. I realized I was going 55 mph. I thought to myself that’s ridiculous and decided to speed up. At that moment as we went into a curve a black SUV with Georgia plates came into my lane and completed the whole curve half way in my lane. Had I been driving at my normal speed she would have taken me out.

As I regained my composure I dutifully thanked my guardian angel. As I watched this person take an exit off the freeway I sent love to her in her oblivion of what had almost changed our lives. Funny how we affect others with out even realizing.  Thank You

And that’s also an example of the RADIANT EFFECT, where your MBO request affects others.  The other driver was kept safe too. 


Diane writes:  Tom, in the Celestine Prophecy it was said that in the forest of Peru ancient manuscript was discovered which lead to the insights......I was just wondering if such a thing happened?  If it was real?

Theo, Is Peru a sacred place or someplace special?  What about the papers that were supposedly found there?

Yes, Peru has always been a very special place Tom, with unique energies.  That said, the papers that are referred to don’t exist, at least not on this time Line.  They are a fabrication. 


I recently read a report about how the San Andreas fault has had a lot of small earthquakes recently, so in my last meditation I asked Gaia about this.

Gaia, are you just continuing movement on the San Andreas fault or are you planning something larger in the near future?

Yes, Tom I am moving things a bit on this fault line to be sure.  These are normal adjustments for the time being.  I still must eventually move the earth greatly in the region Tom to accomplish what I need for the rain patterns, but for now, I’m doing it in small increments.  The population does not presently have to fear a large earthquake, although again it must take place in the future.  I will not say when at this time, as your time line and others have other accomplishments that you are taking care of that are benevolent you see.  

OK Gaia, thanks for the update on the quake situation.


Rick writes:  Not a fan of Oprah, Tom, but I did send her information on The Gentle Way. Also, you spoke to Dick Sutphen about Michael Jackson. Would you ask him about other musicians who died young and tragic like Jim Morrison, Jim Hendryx and Janis Joplin. All died within months of each other and at the same age (27). Is there a significance to that? I'd be curious to know why John Lennon chose to die in the manner he did as well.

Theo, Rick asks about the musicians Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Janis Joplyn who all died at age 27 within months of each other.  Any significance to that?  And why did John Lennon choose the end that he did?

Yes, we will first consider the 3 musicians Tom.  They all had soul contracts to contribute their energy and expertise to a time period of great change.  But their soul contracts were that they would make their contributions, and then pass from the scene, in order to remind everyone about the results of drug use and the frailty of the human body.  They will have a number of balancing lives where they will balance the mistakes they made in this life Tom.  They will be musicians in other lives where they will not pass from the scene so suddenly.  As you and others have noticed, many of these soul contracts run the same course.  Some are able to overcome addictions and others are not.  The rock or pop lifestyle, whatever the type of musical style of the day does have a similar path and  similar challenges.

Regarding Mr. Lennon, he had to balance out a life when he took someone else’s life in a similar fashion—a famous person at that time.  He chose to balance that life this time around, and he was quite pleased to have done so after he transitioned.  Naturally the person he had slain in a past life was the same who shot him in this life you see.  Everything balances. 


Sandy writes:  HI again - on reading this weeks newsletter - it prompts me to ask something I've wondered about .....  esp when you mentioned that the Lemurian population was oriental looking. I've wondered why Asia has such a large population density compared with other areas - is that because it is older? or did more of the Lemurian population go there when Lemuria sank?

Theo, Sandy wants to know if the large Asian population has anything to do with Lemuria?

Yes Tom, to a certain extent it does.  There were immigrants to these lands in ancient times, so there was a budding population from the beginning.  Although small in number, these small, tiny enclaves eventually grew and spread out across the continent of Asia and elsewhere.  They, the Lemurians as a whole, were the seed populations.  They are even more ancient than they realize you see. 


I received an email from one of our readers about some NASA footage that some people were claiming to be UFO’s.  Here is the link to the footage: .

Theo, STS-75 viewed on Youtube Feb 1996 has either hundreds of particles or as some claim UFO’s.  Which is it?

Yes, these are particles Tom.  Sort of dust and other particles that cling to the spacecraft as it takes off, and also they are magnetically drawn to the surface during their travels around the earth.  They do have an appearance of UFO’s until you are able to see them floating between two spacecraft to correctly get the depth perception, which you cannot get from a 2d camera.  Certainly these spacecraft are monitored by ET spacecraft we will call them for your purposes, but they keep themselves cloaked you see.


July 22, Wednesday—Angel Talk Café with Joy Barker.  6pm PDT, 7pm MDT, 8pm CDT, and 9pm EDT.

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NEW!  October 3—Reading, United Kingdom.  10:00 am to 5:00 pm.   More information as it becomes available.  

For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :


So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!


The heart and Soul
look up at night
into the starry sky,
knowing well
that this is where
they came

as they looked
up in the sky
they longed to be a part
of all the magic
that they used
to see.

as they looked
up in the sky
they knew that they
would wait
till all the Souls evolve
like you and me . . .

- Jane Adams

Tom T. MooreTom

Tom T. Moore


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