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ThinkingThere are a lot of “meaty” messages in this week’s newsletter, so be sure to read them thoroughly and perhaps return in a day or two and reread some of the ones you are most interested in.  I find that when I think of questions, a number of them are “inspired,” as I think several were in this newsletter. 

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Different PerspectiveI publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Ball of EnergyTheo, is it impossible to describe what appearance you, and say Gaia, or any of our souls have because as we are in the 3rd dimension, or can we say you are like a ball of energy with width?

Excellent question Tom.  Yes, it is almost impossible to describe any soul, whether it is yours, mine, or Gaia’s in 3rd dimensional terms, as we are not in the third dimension, but reside shall we call it more at the 12th dimension, so in that dimension we are much more expansive shall I term it for your purposes.   So to say we are 3 feet wide or 3 miles wide really has no basis in this dimension.  We are what we are. 

So I understand you would like to describe us to your readers Tom in more detail, but at this level all I can tell you is that we are quite expansive in this energy soup we exist in and radiate the colors of our level of vibration we are at.  It is quite beautiful if you were to view this Tom, with colors that are far beyond those of the 3rd dimensional earth.  So for your purposes just imagine giant balls of energy emanating different colors of light and that is about as close a description as you will be able to imagine.


You can read more information about Time Lines in the January 29, 2011 and February 5, 2011 Newsletter.  Just go to and you will find those newsletters archived along with all my others.

Theo, please explain why Time Line 12 is non-physical, and what can be learned at that level?

An excellent question Tom, which may be a little difficult to explain.  The 12th time line does have its own lessons Tom, as this time line allows a more ideal existence—where you stay right on your soul contact and experience everything that your soul would ideally wish to experience--sort of a perfect world if you will.  All the other time lines are veiled you see, but the non-physical one cannot be veiled, so naturally every possible choice is made to the highest benefit—not like the others you see.  Then this life can be compared to all the others to see the differences in each Time Line’s choices made during this one life on earth.  So again, in summary, it is like the idealized life, which sets the standard so that all others are measured or compared with this life which is non-physical.  It is tied with time line 11, which is as close to the perfect life as you will find in a physical life, but still there are small but significant differences. 

Parallel EarthsPlease explain how Time Lines are divided Theo.  Do the Time Lines have some type of energy walls, or do they just fade out and fade back in, in the next Time Line?

Yes, Tom.  There are energetic walls that divide the time lines according to the frequency or vibrational rate.  These walls are maintained by souls who split off parts of themselves to make sure the walls are maintained and repair any tears in the energy Tom.  This is very difficult to explain on a 3rd dimensional level, but you can imagine them as energetic tubes if you will, which divide each time line from the one next to it.  This is all done in the fabric of time, as you know it you see, and time is a physical entity in its own way, so these tubes are constructed within the time module shall we call it.  Again, much more complex than what most people living in the 3rd dimension can readily understand, but you will in a few hundred years have a much better grasp of how this works Tom. 

So the upper Time Lines experience the same earth movements we do?

Good question.  Yes and no Tom.  Some movements all time lines will experience, and other movements can vary in intensity from small to quite significant.  As an example, the Japanese earthquake and the tsunami which followed was even worse on the lower time lines Tom, but not on the upper time lines.  There the movements were much more gentle and the tsunami wave much less destructive.  Not as much energy was needed to achieve what Gaia needed to achieve with that movement. 


Angel WhisperingTheo, do I have a “speaking guide,” or is this handled by one of my guides that is doing double duty shall I say?

Good question Tom.  No, in this case your speaking guide has just this duty to perform.  You understand by now that a guide can be handling the duties of a guide for more than one person at a time?

Yes, but I don’t think you confirmed or mentioned that to me before have you?

No, but for the record shall we say, guides can handle s number of clients shall we call them at the same time, as it is informed when there will be work to do to whisper in your ear regarding its specialty—in this case as a public speaker.  The soul fragments learn much from these experiences Tom, which is why all of you volunteer over and over again for this thankless duty.  You learn how this information is imparted to your being as inspiration and it is quite exciting and satisfying when you are able to get through to your charge with your messages. 


LoveTheo, speaking of this inspiration, you told me recently that Creator might actually inspire us at times.  How often would this even occur in the whole world, as I would think that the GA’s and guides would handle this duty?

Yes, but there are times that Creator looks in on its creation Tom and it knows there are important points in history, so it stops in to insure the message is received.  You would naturally think, being in the 3rd dimension, that Creator has a hands off approach, allowing us – your GA’s and Guides to do the work, but the Creator loves you dearly and monitors your progress--quite often--as this experiment is his “baby” you see to use earth terms. 

And as the Creator loves all of you dearly, so It sends Its love and thoughts directly to your energetic body we will call it here for your purposes.  So to answer your question, it happens a lot more often than you may imagine, as the Creator, like us, has enormous capabilities far beyond your present knowledge.  And when I said like us, I meant to a much greater degree – hundreds of thousands of times more than we are capable of. 


BalancingI'll call her Ricki writes on Facebook:  I wondered about the Soul Contracts involved with this. If there is a Soul Contract to balance a life because of murdering someone in a previous life; when does the cycle to commit a murder start with a Soul Contract or free will?

Theo, how does the cycle of balancing begin.  Is it through free will or soul contracts?

Yes, Tom.  The chicken and egg theory shall we say.  It does begin because you do have free will and off you go, clubbing someone or raping and pillaging and such.  Then the cycle begins.  This does not always happen in your first life or lives, but eventually you take a path through free will that requires future balancing.


Jaycee DugardSpeaking of Balancing, Cynthia writes:  There is a new book by Jaycee Dugard, the girl who was kidnapped.  What was her soul contract to go through such a horrible kidnapping experience?  I assume it was a soul contract that she was balancing?

What is Jaycee Dugard’s soul contract to balance this life and I will add in her kidnapper and rapist.

Yes, on the surface a sad story tom, but in another life she did hold her rapist in captivity for many years, so she is balancing that life.  But as you notice, she is bringing awareness to how it happened to her; and through this awareness both the state and local authorities and just your everyday citizens will learn to spot this type of deviant behavior, and will stop it in the future.  Her kidnapper certainly went well past his soul contract and will have to balance in the future, beyond the lifetime prison term in this life. 

In the future deviant behavior like his will be seen in DNA scans at an early age and will be corrected, but that is quite a few years in the future, but it will take place as your scientists learn much more about the DNA strands.


Abandoned ChildBetty writes:  The question to Theo is about the little four-year-old boy thrown to the wayside in Texas. My question is deeply personal because I can (almost) totally relate to his life plan's need for that to happen. The gift of learning so early that one is NOT really a part of one's family ... before one has reached the 6-yr-old "psychological dividing line" (after which supposedly "nothing can be changed, psychologically" or something like that) ... is profound. I also received that gift at the age of 4 (but without physical pain), although you couldn't have convinced me of it being a gift during my trauma. It carved out a special future for me, and I would wish this gift for all other very young children experiencing abandonment or desolation who yet eventually become blessed by the experience.

Theo, what is the common soul contract for children abandoned by their parents before age 6.

Yes, Tom.   It was very astute to notice this by your reader.  Yes there is a template of sorts regarding abandonment at an early age.  It is balancing a prior life when they abandoned their own children, so they must have this happen to them, but after that several other potential soul contacts may be experienced.  Certainly they include being welcomed into another family and finding love there.  Or they may experience being an orphan and never having a family adopt them. 

Then the soul contracts kick in shall we say Tom if they are adopted or taken in.  Are they then abused or are they loved and nurtured.  There are many paths that their soul contract can take Tom, but certainly being abandoned balances past actions, and in many cases allows them to continue with their soul contract to experience all sorts of different possibilities. 


MediterraneanIlkun wrote and asked me if there was going to be a disaster in the Mediterranean.  I have previously posted that Gaia says Mt. Vesuvius will erupt again.

Gaia, will there be some sort of disaster in the Mediterranean, besides Mt. Vesuvius erupting again?

Yes, Tom, Mt. Vesuvius will set off a chain of events that will seem like a disaster in the Mediterranean to those who live there.  It will cause a number of earthquakes in that region, with whole cities feeling the effects of these earth movements. 

Will this be confined mostly to Italy, Gaia?

No, Certainly Greece will be affected and yes Istanbul.  The earthquakes will not do too much damage along the French Riviera.  Only smaller jolts shall we call them Tom.  The primary damage will be to those lands and cities I have mentioned.

So I assume Rome will have or will feel fairly large tremors?

Yes, Tom, certainly above the 6.0 range on your scale.  Not to the level of the ones in Japan, but certainly enough to do considerable damage.

So when will this occur Gaia?

Not for over one year Tom, but yes, sometime in 2012.

So what are the probabilities of this happening Gaia?

Yes, a good question Tom.  Certainly over 60% at this juncture.  I do await approval by the souls that live in that region, but as I have explained I do need to release pressure there, not only at Mt. Vesuvius, but elsewhere. 


UnicornGaia, when did the last unicorn die, assuming they lived on earth at one time?

Yes, Tom, this lovely animal you would call it passed away several thousand years ago you see.  But it was around long enough for the legends of its existence to be created. 

So would it be more than say 10,000 years Gaia?

Yes, a little more but not much Tom. 

What about the legends of the flying horse.  Any truth to that?

Yes, they were one of the experiments that were conducted back many thousands of years ago Tom, when man was experimenting with DNA long ago.  They were beautiful horses with attached wings.  Again, they passed from the scene quite a few years ago Tom, to live on in legend.


Marie on Facebook writes:  Theo mentioned that our cells will change from carbon to crystalline, when we enter the 5th dimension, why this change and what are the benefits?

What are the benefits of changing to crystalline cells Theo?

Yes, it is necessary when you change to the 5th focus Tom.  Your carbon based cells just do not vibrate at the level you need to vibrate at when you enter the 5th focus.  As I have mentioned before, the ET’s that visit you must have protection, as their bodies cannot take prolonged exposure to the 3rd focus without it, as their cells are crystalline.    So to answer the question, it is a necessity to exist in the 5th focus and the much higher vibration you will be at, even on the lowest level of the 5th focus.


RedheadJackie writes:  I have a fun question for you. In the future, will we still have redheads? In theory it should die out since it's a recessive trait. But I can't imagine a world without gingers. It seems like we could just tweak genetics so we keep gingers around for those who want to keep it around.

Theo, in the future will there still be redheads and blondes?

Yes Tom.  But these traits will not be as prevalent as they are today, but there will still be these two attributes.  Naturally there will still be those many ladies who wish to color their hair and men too to have a unique appearance.  But more people will have a brown to black hair appearance than other colors.


African Mine spheresDiane writes:  I came across an small article about spheres found in the mines of South Africa.  One is a solid bluish metal with flecks of white; the other is hollowed out and filled with a spongy white substance. They believe it is 2.8 billion years old.....who made them and what was there purpose?  Will we find more like this?
Another question......will this really be our last attempt going into space?  Will America have other ways of having a space program and building more ships?  It was sad to see Atlantis take off yesterday!

Theo, what are the spheres found in the mine in Africa that may be 2.8 billion years old?

Well, they are not as old as they believe Tom, but yes they are ancient and belonged to a race of beings long departed from your planet.  They were not part of the Explorer Race experiment and had a colony at one time on the planet, but conditions were much more volatile at that time and they eventually moved on.  I will leave it for the scientists to determine what these spheres were composed of and speculate as to their function. 

I asked the question about the space program before and was told that the private sector would start taking up the slack with private flights into space.  I’m waiting on Virgin Atlantic (flights for $200,000 per person) to come out with the publicity attracting line of “Be a Space Virgin!”


HackingShe asked me to call her Betty writes:  What is Theo's awareness about how ANONYMOUS' continued hacking will affect OUR government's stability, overall, and whether it will positively affect those whistle blowers presently involved with court cases and imprisonment.

Theo, will Anonymous’ continued hacking affect our government’s stability?

Not really Tom.  Certainly learning to counter his incursions or intrusions into your government’s systems will cause the systems to be stronger as these attempts and incursions will point to flaws in the systems.  The information gleaned will cause certainly some people problems, but again, any of your readers can request MBO’s to keep their identities safe and their own GA’s will make sure they are safe.  They just have to make that request. 

So if you have not done so already, please say, “ I request a Most Benevolent Outcome that my identity in all its forms be safe and secure now and forever, thank you!”  That’s all you need do.


Hospital BillRon writes:  I don't know if you remember or not Tom.  I was in the hospital back in April and I had asked you how to make an MBO to cover all of the expenses from the hospital. Well here's what happened: Everything was covered by my insurance except an amount of  $860.00, which was the total of my five-day stay.  So the hospital sent me the bill last month and I asked them if I could make a payment plan and pay a little each month.  They told me to give them information about my income so I did, and they would contact me in 30 days to let me know if it is approved.  I then made an MBO,  " I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for the full payment of the hospital bill. Thank You.” Two weeks ago I received another bill in the mail for $860.00 and on the back of the bill was attached a letter telling me that my request was approved and my balance was adjusted to 0.  I was so very happy and thanked my guardian angel.
I sent an email to my niece last month and asked her how she was getting along and she wrote back to me and told me she was not doing too good. She is a school teacher in Wisconsin and school was out and no summer school so she has to find another job. Plus her washing machine broke down and she didn't have the money to buy one or to get it fixed. I wrote back to her and said I know how you can get a washing machine and it won't cost you a cent. I told her how to make an MBO to her guardian angel.

Washing MachineThis was on a Monday and somewhere during the week--she didn't say what day-- she was at school and doing some work and she happened to go into the supply room and when she did she saw a washing machine in there. She asked what was it in there for and they told her that it was donated to the school and that nobody wanted it and they told her she could have it if she wanted it. She had made an MBO for the washing machine, just like I instructed her to do. Plus she had three friends deliver it to her house too. It didn't cost her a cent. She was very excited and thanked me for telling her about MBO's and that she will start using them for everything.
I am in charge of our bingo games at my senior apartment complex and I have already taught some of our players how to request MBO's to win a bingo game. Last week one of our new players approached me while I was setting up tables for our bingo night and said Hi. I asked her how she was enjoying the bingo games and she said ok; however it would be nice if I could win a game. She has only been playing now for three weeks.

BingoSo I said how would you lie to win a game of bingo tonight? She said that would be nice but how could that happen. I asked if she believed in angels and she said yes. I then told her that her guardian angel would help her to win a game tonight. She looked at me and I knew she was skeptical. I then said well do you want to win a game or not. She said yes. I then told her how to make an MBO for winning a bingo game tonight and had her state the MBO out loud in front of me and she did.

I said now expect to win a game of bingo tonight and you will. I already knew she was going to win because I have more confidence in trusting angels now too. So I told her you will win tonight. She smiled and said OK and I said see you at bingo. She came down to bingo that evening and came up to me to pay her fee and I asked her if she was ready to win a game tonight and she said yes. I said good and you will win. Other people at her table looked at me very strangely as if I had fixed something up for this lady. Little did they know about MBO's and how they work. Well on the 6th game we played this lady yelled out very loud “BINGO.”  And when I went to check her card I could feel the excitement in her and she was smiling. I then said, “What did I tell you.” Now she knows too how to make MBO's because I told her not to stop here; however you can use MBO's for everything. MBO's work.
So Tom feel free to post these if you want on your blog. I am spreading the word about your books and also teaching people daily about MBO's. I am getting better and better now everyday working with my angels. I want to thank you too for sharing this with the world. 

Notice how Ron has requested enough MBO's that he KNOWS they will work?  Are YOU at that point yet?


Carbon TaxHelen writes:  Hello Tom, from Australia. I was wondering if you could ask Gaia the next time you communicate this question. Our labor leader Julia Gillard has caused much unrest in Australia by introducing a Carbon Tax to lower our emissions.

Many say it will be the death economically of us, and that because India and China will increase their emissions by 300-50% it will do nothing globally but will destroy our standard of living. Others believe we should still do the right thing.

Is it best for mother Earth we do this or with Ascension does it not really matter?  If you have the time to ask this I feel it would be an important guideline for so many of us.  Many thanks for your work.

Theo, will a carbon emission tax hurt or help Australia?

The people in the government there should be commended for their attempts in cleaning up the environment Tom.  That said, it might have a small initial negative affect, but certainly there must be leaders in a movement to clean up your environment, and others will follow your lead. Certainly BP’s can be said that the results of the lessening of carbons will be better than anyone could have hoped for or expected. 

So let’s help Australia everyone with a Benevolent Prayer said out loud: 

“I ask any and all beings to assist Australia and all other countries in their efforts to lower carbon emissions, and may the results be even better than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”


TempleRadha writes:  I am  from India and have been receiving your newsletter for some time now.
I am spiritually inclined and the belief system I was raised in believes in the many things that you say, so it is not difficult for me to believe them.  However, I have a question to ask.  This happened a few days ago.  There are a lot of huge grand temples in my country.  One such is the Ananta-Padma-nabha-swamy Temple in Tiruv-Anantha-puram in the state of Kerela.  (see internet for more details)
The temple has a long history and six vaults were found below the temple.  Of these, 5 vaults were opened, and the wealth kept there - has made it the richest temple in the planet. The sixth vault is yet to be opened.  There is a cobra symbol on the door.  The temple is managed by the royal family of the State of Travancore for the last so many years.  All the wealth in the chambers are the offerings made by devotees over a long period.  The royal family does not touch the offerings.  They only administered the state as representatives of the Lord Padmanabha.
Temple 2Some say opening the sixth vault will bring in the sea and destroy the temple.  Some say it is a secret passage to the sea - an escape route - in case of invasion by some other king.  Some say, a 5 headed cobra (we call it by the name Ananta) is guarding the wealth.  He will come with his forces and destroy the city if any one touches the wealth.
For the symbolism part - anth means end.  Ananth means endless or unending or eternal.  Padma means Lotus; Nabhi means Navel; Swamy means Lord.
In Hindu belief, the Creator has 3 aspects - Creator, Sustainer, Destroyer.
The creative aspect  is called Brahma, the Sustainer aspect is called Vishnu and the Destroyer aspect - Shiva.
Vishnu is also called Padmanabha, because pictures show Brahma as being born from him, from his navel. Even in us human beings, creation is from the abdomen area only and the navel is the connection from the creator to the created.
I want to know more about the Ananta Nag (Nag means snake) - and the wealth in the temple.   Snake is a symbolism for kundalini power and / or for eternal time.
Mahmud Ghazni, an invader has looted the Somnath Temple 14 times. All through time and history Indian temples have been looted by invaders and foreign rulers. What is the truth of all this wealth.  Should the sixth vault be opened or not.  What is the connection with the snake world (Naga-lok). (naga=snake, lok=world).
Temple 3Snakes are worshipped in this part of the world.  I believe every atom is Cosmic Energy.  So you will find Hindus worshipping everything - plants, mountains, snakes.  There are people who worship the formless too.  There is freedom and space for every belief in our country and we are grateful for this freedom.
I would be grateful for your thoughts on this.

I received a partial answer.

Theo, what can you tell me about this 6th vault in the Ananta-Pharma-nabha-swamy Temple with a cobra symbol on the door?  There are legends of destruction if opened.

Yes Tom.  Again we get into mass belief systems where all or most of the population believes in certain things.  In this case, the people’s beliefs that destruction would follow the opening of the door would cause destruction to occur if the door was opened—not by anything inside the vault, but by the energy and fear that the population would generate if the vault were to be opened.  We go back to my previous comments that you humans are much more powerful than you realize, but that is why you are on earth, to learn to take this power back and use it in a benevolent way this time.    So allow those people their beliefs is my advice Tom.  And what lies behind that door must remain a mystery, as humans need mysteries.  At some point in the future, that door will be opened and what will be found inside will be interesting, to say the least, but that is for another day. 


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