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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the  Forwardworld.  Please PAY IT FORWARD by sending this newsletter to a friend.  And approach them on requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes.  It will change their life.   If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Sun's RaysColleen writes:  Is something changing in the sun's rays, light emission, causing plants, veggies, fruits, flowers not to produce abundantly as in the past?  This experience is more than the heat/drought that has been going on.  We gardeners have had this be our experience now for two, three years?   No matter how much great fertilizer, or tilling, or mulching, whether organic or hybrid, -- seeds and plants are not doing anything like as well as ten - twenty years ago??   I read data that says the sun is whiter, hotter, and fewer yellow rays??  We hope you can help us.  Thanks!

Sun, are your rays less nutritious in some way for earth’s plants and seeds than they were twenty years ago?

No Tom, they are the same as before.  Your plants and seedlings are just changing and they wish more nutrition from the soil these days.  Planting the soil with the same plants or same variety of plants can reduce the nutrition those plans and seeds receive, so as has been the case in the past, sometimes it is best to let the soil rest, or plant something completely different that will add nutrition to the soil.  But your question was, are my ray and elements less nutritious and I will say no.  Certainly at the present time the energy in the form of CME’s and solar flares as you call them may cause a plant to react badly, but that is temporary and not over a long term.


Solar FlareYes, speaking of CME’s and solar flares, I see that you released another X-Class flare.  Is it my understanding this will give earth a glancing blow, so to speak?

Yes Tom.  If I sent the CME directly at earth it would have a detrimental effect on many of your machines and electronics.  This way you will receive just the right amount Gaia ordered you see. 

Is there a particular reason you have certain points on your surface to release these flares?

Absolutely Tom.  It’s nice that you noticed.  These eruption points, if you will, are directed at times towards earth, and at other times at other planets in this solar system, and even at other times beyond this solar system for reasons you do not yet (your scientists) have a clue about.  I can assure you it is not a random event or events, as your scientists now believe. 


Randy on Facebook asked if a planet named Theia crashed into earth sometime in the past.Asteroid

Gaia, did a planet named Theia crash into you sometime in the past?

No Tom.  This is an erroneous assumption or conjecture on someone’s part.    Certainly I have had more than my share of asteroids that have struck me in the distant past, as I had to, shall we say, carve out a path for myself after I was placed in this orbit around the Sun.  There were asteroids in the vicinity, and some found their way into my atmosphere and even to my surface without completely disintegrating.  But there was no planet.


November 2012 Carell in California writes:  Would you kindly ask Gaia a California timing question. Astrologers know that major earthquakes happen when all the planets are all on one side of the chart, or at least almost all of them (9 out of 10). This is visible in the 2 earthquakes in Japan;  both days had the lop-sided layout. The next configuration like that is Nov 7, 2012,  and the biggie after that is Nov 23-25. Would you ask Gaia if Nov 24 +- is the Rim of Fire event for California or perhaps we're getting both?  Something will be happening somewhere! I think I'm one of the souls that may not have signed off on this; the word is "resistance".

Gaia, are there any major plans for the Ring of Fire around November 7 or November 23-25 of this year?

Yes, actually I do have some plans for some major and minor movements around that time period Tom.  I plan to have as many of these movements done as possible before December 21.  This will involve certainly some of my final major movements prior to that date. 

So where in the world will they be?

Again, along the Ring of Fire as you call it Tom.  I know you hesitate for me to tell you, as things seem delayed in some Ring of Fireway to you as to what I have said before, so let’s just say it will affect a number of people at this time.

Speaking of time, why such a delay on the movement of Japan and Puerto Rico, as you had originally said January?

Yes I did Tom, but I do have my reasons for the delay, as the souls there asked for the delay, but have still signed off on the movements. 

I’m asked again if our souls have signed off on California yet?

No not yet but it will be soon it seems. 

I don’t think we, on a 3rd focus level, have much say on whether an earthquake happens or not.  The decisions are made on a soul level.  Certainly we can request MBO’s to not be in an area when an earthquake occurs—now you’re cocreating with spirit!


Jen writes:  I'm also wondering what Theo's perspective is on scientology?  What is it that makes the members feel so uplifted and so dedicated?  Apparently they have a 90% success rate in getting addicts off of drugs.  It seems to be on the darker side and an organization that thrives on control, but is there any validity to it?  How long will it be able to exist in the 5th focus?

ScientologyTheo, what are the good and bad aspects of the Scientology religion?

Yes, certainly there are good aspects to any religion as it makes one question where you came from and why you are here and reminds you of a higher power—the Creator.  Like many religions, which started out with good ideas and goals, it was corrupted by those who desired power and control.  So certainly the worst aspect of the Scientology religion is the control of its worshippers.  But that can be said about any number of religions Tom on the face of the earth today. 

So yes, Scientology as was pointed out has an excellent success rate with those with addictions, and it has many ideas, which are positive, but the negative aspects far outweigh the positive.  As you noticed it tends to do what some of the other radical religions do as far as mind control and brainwashing.  The camps do a poor job of teaching their children basic school subjects, putting them at a great disadvantage later in life. 

I assume these are all soul contracts to experience this religion? Tom Cruise

Quite so.  As we have covered several times before, your soul’s goal is to sample as many religions as possible during your earth lives.  Even atheism can be considered a religion, as it is a belief system you see. 

Will Scientology slowly fade away in the 5th focus or will it remain?

Certainly you will see it greatly change in the 5th focus in the nearer term Tom, as people will not wish to be so controlled, and that can be seen as the future for many of the world’s religions.  Great understanding of where you originated is just over the horizon Tom and that will cause many people to reconsider what their churches and religious institutions have been teaching as compared to how you were created and for what reason.  Religion will be one of the things that will change the most in the fifth focus.


Brian from Austin writes (edited for length):  In my opinion, and based on history, the road to socialistic government and society, results in less and less freedom as given to us by our Creator.  Why are so many blind to this and work so strongly to bind us with these tethers? 
What is the spirit that impels so many in this direction?  Is it organized in a sense of two spirits at war with each other working through humans incarnate on this planet at this time?   What is behind this movement in the United States into two different camps of thought at war with each other?
Socialism CartoonIf each concept is carried to it's conclusion, would the lot of humanity be better off controlled by a socialist form of government or a form that is governed by the original intent of the U.S. Constitution?  Is there more growth of individual virtue in being controlled by a socialist form of government as opposed to the other?

Theo, is socialism the future for say the USA, but also the world, or is there some happy medium between democracy, free choice, and socialism?

As I have explained before Tom, there are people who believe there should be almost no assistance—fend for yourself.  And there are those that believe the government should give you everything.  Neither of those ideas is realistic in today’s world.  There will for the time being be a need to take care of those who cannot care for themselves, and it will be paid for by those that are able. 

So one can be a fiscal conservative and yet extend help to those less fortunate.  The problem for many is that those who obtain wealth do not wish to share it with anyone and work on devising ways of keeping it.  This is where the fair taxation enters the picture, without all the loopholes, which there are now. 


Tahrir SquarePhilip writes:  Will there be changes to the political system in the 5th focus and if so what?

Theo what changes to the world’s political systems will there be in the 5th focus?

Enormous changes Tom.  But as I have said before, remember that these will be gradual and not overnight, although some will seem to happen that fast.  Dictators will quite soon be out of a job.  This will occur perhaps the fastest over a shorter length of time.  What will take much longer will be the movement to first real governing by the people and not special interests, and then eventually regional governing and eventually a world government by the people, for the people and of the people. 


Angie writes:  I've noticed that in several of your newsletters, the beings/energy that you communicate with, refer to a "Creator". Would you please have one or more of those beings/energy expand on that idea, such as: What exactly is the "Creator"?; How did the "Creator" come to be?; Where does the "Creator" exist?; When and Why did the "Creator" come into existence?; What exactly does the "Creator" do?

UniverseYour newsletters have stated that there is some sort of "hierarchy" in the "Federation", and that certain information is forbidden to be given to humans. Is the "Creator" responsible for deciding what knowledge humans are allowed to have access to? And if that is the case, Why is it solely up to the "Creator"?

I believe that detailed answers to the above questions would greatly advance humans understanding of the spiritual/metaphysical realms, and allow us to evolve much more rapidly, which in my opinion, would be a very good outcome for humanity in general.

Thank you for taking the time to read my question. I'm looking forward to whatever response you deem appropriate.

Gaia, I have been asked to ask you several questions about the Creator of this universe.  How was the Creator created?

The Creator was created Tom, as we have spoken about in the past, by the Creator of Creators.  It was birthed along with billions of others with great love. 

Universal EnergyWhere does it exist?

It permeates every single cell of creation Tom and it exists in all dimensions.  This is hard to explain to you Tom in 3rd dimensional terms, so we’ll say Its main energy crosses all dimensions known and unknown. 

Why did it come into being?

Again, Tom.  It was created out of love by the Creator of Creators.

Why was the Federation forbidden to help us?

This is all part of the Earth Experiment as has been discussed many times with you.  Creator knows that new ways of doing things will be found with you veiled and It knew you would eventually be able to work with negativity and have it serve you, instead of having to put it out of your lives as the other societies in the universe have done. 


Birth Control PillsJackie writes:  I searched the archives but didn't find anything on this topic. A large number of women use birth control pills to address many different ailments. I have concerns over the long term use of them since they are preventing the body from following it's own individual cycle. Could there be dangers to using birth control pills for many years? Does it vary based on the formulation of the pills? If there is a danger, is there a safer way to manage the hormones in the body?

Theo, does taking birth control pills over a long period of time pose health dangers, and is there a better way?

Yes Tom.  There can be dangers of certain reactions by the body to any long-term drug use.  And yes there will be a better way found that will cause much fewer problems in the future, although that is somewhat farther into your future—yes more than 50 years Tom.  Certainly there will be improvements in that time for the pills themselves, but other ways are on the far horizon shall we say.  I do recommend, if possible, to have women check for alternative ways to achieve the same results. 

Again, we do not wish you to get into recommending certain things medically Tom. 

So may I suggest to anyone wants a better way for birth control to request a MBO to be led to the best methods for you. 


Higgs Boson ParticleLee writes: Tom, could you please ask Theo if this is the "top of the mountain" or is it just "the tip of the mountain?". I found this article fascinating.

Theo, isn’t the confirmation of the Higgs boson subatomic particle just the beginning step of many discoveries in this area of science?

Quite so.  For your readers it’s as if the baby took its first step.  That is how much more there is to learn, although as you can imagine it will take several hundred years of research, but we do not wish to take away the excitement of the discovery. 


Huffington Post story about 35 year veteran of CIA says he saw the records of the Roswell crash and it did happen. Roswell


Antura is one of my soul group or "cluster" members having a life on a water planet in the Sirius B Star System.  He's already lived about 800 lives on earth, so as he says, he has the "gift of gab," which enables him to be a member of a first contact team that goes to worlds to contact the inhabitants.  Earth is on their list for 2017. 

Alien PlanetAntura, you said a little over 50% of the souls on your planet have had earth lives.  So would that percentage be about the same for other Federation planets?

No Tom.  Certainly each of the Federation planets have souls having earth lives, but the percentage varies greatly from a low of say less than 10% to a high of over 70%. 

Would the high percentage be more from say the Pleiadians?

Yes, exactly Tom.  They, along with the Arcturians and Sirians would have the highest percentage of participants.

Is there one planet in the Federation that you work with more than any other planet?

No, perhaps one group of planets would be a closer answer Tom.  Naturally we would tend to work with those in our own solar system more than others due to their close location or presence.   Those relationships date back many millions of years, so there is the comfort factor shall we call it. 

Could you comment on “Beamships” attracting themselves to stars for propulsion? 

Certainly that was one way to travel in the distant past Tom, and you may go through that phase yourselves, but learning how to travel thorough those folds of space will be what we believe to be the easiest and fastest way to travel. 

MothershipAntura, on the mothership, what temperature does the ship run at in the public or common areas?

Yes an interesting question Tom.  It is kept at a mild temperature, and since there will be those on board used to much hotter and colder temperatures there suit apparatus we will call it automatically adjusts to changes.

So what is the air comprised of?

Yes, the air is much more as you will find on many other planets Tom.  I will let your scientists take those reading themselves for their own discoveries.  But I can assure you the air that you will breathe will be at exactly earth quality, perhaps just a little above.

How will that be accomplished?  We will not wear bubble suits will we?

Not at all.  Systems were developed long, long ago to give you a mini force field shall we call it where you will breath at atmosphere that is comfortable to you, along with being at a temperature again that is comfortable. 

Do the beings on board wear some type of suits with colors denoting their work or even planetary origin, or is it left up to the being to wear what it is accustomed to?

More the latter Tom.  You will find a huge variety of dress onboard the ship.  They will not look anywhere like the crews of Star Trek, but just slightly like the Star Wars presentations, but only the different forms of life—not any uniforms. 


This story and the next one were in last week’s Blog, which you can access on the Menu on my website or at

Electrical StormBrenda writes:  I have a great MBO story!  We had a horrific storm here Friday evening.  Most likely a tornado from all the large trees that have been uprooted and  almost every block was hit.  However, many of us were without electricity, phones and internet.  I said a MBO for safety of my home and for no damage right around my home.  Then the next day the internet still wasn't working so I said a MBO for it to work so I could watch some Roku free TV streaming. (need WIFI and internet to work for it)  Well 20 minutes later my internet was working, my electricity had only gone off during the last few days for a 15 minutes.  Others are still many days without power and phones. 

If your readers read this we need MBO's for the whole area where the storm hit as so many are without electricity & no sign of help yet in the heat.  Thank you again for all your help, MBO stories and the help we all get from requesting them.  Tom your work has certainly made my life easier.  I am ever so thankful for having the opportunity to read your newsletters every week.  You have gotten me into the daily habit of requesting MBO's.  I refer your work to everyone!  Bless you and all that you do.


Dog & PuppiesElizabeth on Facebook writes:  My puppy dog Molly just had her very 1st litter of puppies (an oops)...I got up on a Friday morning and noticed that she looked really awful and was clearly not herself...I called the vet and said an MBO requesting that they were able to see her right away...Despite a busy schedule, they allowed me to drop her off...I went to work and received a call very quickly, she was bleeding internally and needed a blood transfusion immediately///it was initially touch and go but her body accepted the transfusion and started to perk up. I was able to take her home the same day but was told that she would not be able to nurse her puppies after the trauma...I took her home and said daily MBO's that she would recover fully and be able to nurse her babies...By Monday, she was almost fully recovered and nursing her puppies!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


John writes:  I have an energy pendant that blocks EMF's from cell phone and wanted to ask you to ask Theo, perhaps in Rejuvenizer Pendantyour next newsletter, if this particular energy pendant will block the majority of radiation from a cell phone and protect a person from any harm.   The pendant is called a rejuvenizer, here's the link for it:
It would be nice if people had a simple solution for cell phone radiation and these pendants, or perhaps someone else's... just might do the trick.

Theo, do the “rejuvenizer” pendants block out radiation by cell phones?

Not as much as your reader wishes Tom.  It does have its limitations and cannot but partially block out these radiations.


Vogel CrystalsJohn writes on Facebook:  Tom, in your recent newsletter you asked Theo, What source did the healing lights in Atlantis emanate from? And Theo responded "Crystals, Tom. They were projected through crystals and these intensified the light source into color spectrums you see. Each spectrum has it’s own healing quality, which you will rediscover some day in the future." I found a website that already does healings like this, I wonder if this is what Theo was talking about?

Theo, how close to the Atlantian healing crystals are the ones that use the Vogel Healing unit?

Not very close Tom.  Again may I point out that the crystals used during that time period were enormous, and no one has found any of these major crystals.  So the Vogel unite does do some good, but is just not powerful enough to achieve the almost instant healing—or healing over a few hours—than the original crystals achieved.


SubmarineWere the submersible vessels for war or just explorations or for tourists?

An interesting question Tom. They did have a variety of uses, but the major reason for them was war. No they did not have contact with any undersea races or dwellers. Those were at depths that they could not achieve. That was a built-in safety factor for those who would be considered water-beings.

Did the Atlantians create clones, robots, slaves from conquests, or what to do all this work that was referenced in Edgar Cayce’s writings?

They were not clones or robots. They were humanoids, but were the result of various experiments over a long period of time.

Were they ensouled?

Yes eventually. So yes they enslaved these sub-humans we will call them, as they did have animal appendages and such, which is why they were not looked upon as humans but were called “things.” Yes the images of beings with tails and with non- human heads would be correct.

What appendages would that be—tails, horns, snouts, or what?

All those and more, Tom. You can also add multiple arms, legs, duplicate sets of organs, more than two eyes at times, extra ears and so forth. Multiple fingers and toes you could add. Some of these humanoids were almost hideous in their appearance, which gave rise to the Atlantians calling them “things.” As they gained more scientific knowledge, they were able to start altering the genetic codes of these beings—after all they were good test subjects—and slowly bring them to look like a normal human being. This took quite some time and it was not completely accomplished when Atlantis sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

MutantWas it the Atlantians that experimented with creating humanoids, other races, most races, or extra terrestrials?

Ah, a nice question Tom. These experiments dated thousands of years back as the continents were just being populated. The extra terrestrials as you call them experimented with different forms of life and some experiments went a lot better than others. They would allow these humanoids to live and would also use them in mining, which certainly dates back much, much further than Atlantis. So the various humanoids were still around and were called “things” by the Atlantians and they used them for their menial work. This went on for several thousand years before they developed enough to begin altering the genetic code of these humanoid creatures. And obviously some of these experiments just died out on their own.

Did they have the equivalent of televisions?

Oh yes. They were advanced enough to have this equipment.

What about the sizes of the apartments or houses?

Most were smaller dwellings on average. Yes there were many apartments, but with large green areas surrounding them so that people could go out and enjoy the grass and trees and yes play sports—more on the soccer end than on the rougher American football that you have today. Many more sports similar to the Olympic style games—running, jumping, and so on.

Did Atlantis have mountains and if so were they high enough for snow?

Mountains & StreamYes there were mountains and streams just as there are on most continents. And yes they were high enough in some places to have snow. Certainly that led to the normal recreations associated with that type of environment. You must remember or understand that the continent of Atlantis was much larger than say the islands of Japan, even though when the second destruction came about large islands were the result as the continent started breaking up. Hundreds of thousands of lives were lost just in the breaking up of the continent into islands.

Were there many houses?

Not so many, but a fair number. More for the upper classes.

How were the homes and buildings heated?

More from tapping into the heat of the inner earth Tom as compared to the gas and electricity, but certainly they used electrical currents, but completely in a different way.

In the Atlantian homes did they sleep on mattresses similar to what we do, or did they sleep on mats or something similar?

No, they had in the latter years mattresses, although certainly they went through the stage of sleeping on mats as you call them. As I said before, they were equal in many ways to the level of advancement you have today, although you have surpassed them in many ways, just not in the use of crystals.

You said they had TV’s. Did they also have radios and modern kitchen type appliances?

Not exactly the same here. They did have a type of radio, but they weren’t so advanced in kitchen appliances. After all, they had those humanoids that they called “things” to do the menial work, so there was no real demand to invent timesaving devices for the kitchen.

Did the people that followed the Law of One and the Sons of Belial live separately from each other?

Yes of course. It would be like the Jews and Arabs or the Sunnis and Shiites of today. They could not get along, although at one time they did, but as they sank into a quagmire of warring with each other the families on each side lived separately from one another.

Someone asked if the Atlantians have anyone described as a “Savior.”

No, not at all Tom. They had their two main religions—the Law of One and the Sons of Belial and they really had no one that stood out from the crowd so to speak and acted as a Savior for either group or religions.

Lemuria & Atlantis MapWas Atlantis at war with the Lemurian people or those of OZ?

No, actually they were not. They had internal civil wars between the two groups. Their relations with other peoples of the world were fairly quiet. They could get along with other people much better than themselves.

Were the Lemurians and Atlantians always separate or were they once together?

They were always separate Tom. They were seeded at slightly different times and by different off-worlders shall we say. They had a different makeup and mindset than did the Atlantians. They were much more spiritual and in tune with nature, as compared to the Atlantians that were of a much more scientific bent. The Lemurians allowed and accepted the Atlantians as they were, but because of their differences, they generally went their own ways and would have more diplomatic ties than a great mixing of both cultures. The Atlantians looked upon the Lemurians as rather quaint and strange people. They sort of looked down their noses at them.

What skin color was the Lemurians?

They were more brown in color, although the colony in Mt Shasta has taken on a white pale appearance as they are never in the sun.

So I’m receiving this correctly—the Lemurians were or had a brownish ski color?

That is correct Tom.


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TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011



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