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Good day and a Happy and Benevolent 4th of July Holiday to everyone in the United States!  And a special welcome to all those that signed up for this free email newsletter during the past week.  As you’ll read below, we have a variety of stories that are sent in from all over the world about requesting Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s I call them), and my Guardian Angel Theo answers questions during my meditations from readers on every subject you can think of.  Each week is completely different than the week before, so don’t miss a one! 

A couple of notes.  Charlene, I lost your email address and you did not put it on the letter with the symbols.  And on Wednesday, July 8, I will be the guest of Richard Sutphen on his The Metaphysical World of Dick Sutphen.  See the Appearance section below for details.  Don’t forget that I’m now on Facebook, so let’s be friends! You’ll read things there that I don’t put in the newsletter. 

I’m also behind on responding to emails, as one of my producers in my film and TV distribution business will finish a documentary on Michael Jackson next week after the funeral and we’ve been inundated with enquiries and offers from all over the world.  Naturally I said, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome that the sales will be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!”


Anna writes:  For the many Iranians who live in Dallas (and elsewhere), there are many emotions being expressed about the recent violence and protests in Iran. I realize there are some old issues surfacing and that you have probably addressed Iran in previous newsletters. For a few days it seemed that all eyes seemed to be watching this country. Please ask your readers to send love, peace, and calm energy to Iran.

I ask that any and all beings assist the people of Iran to open their hearts to love, peace and calmness, and that their relatives in the U.S. and elsewhere also experience the healing of old hurts and anger and can know that a loving world exists now, thank you.

I am sure it is heartening to our Iranian family that over one million angels are assisting this situation. Thank you for your prayers and all your work.

Please say this Benevolent Prayer out loud now everyone.  We CAN make a difference!


Sandi writes:  I just wanted to tell you what happened last night, & to thank you for your book & newsletter on MBO's.  My husband Jim got home from work about midnight.  About five minutes after he walked in the door a thunderstorm rolled through.  We heard a HUGE clap of thunder & then the alarm went off in the Aztec. 

Jim went out to shut it off, & saw that the pine tree at the end of our driveway was on fire.  This is a very large tree.  Lightening had struck it.  The tree is split from the bottom, most of the way up.  Part of the roots were uncovered where the ground was just blown off.  This went all the way over to the Aztec.  It blew the gauge panel & messed up the idle.  I don't even want to think about what may have happened if Jim had been in the car, or just stepping out of it when the lightening hit. 

In your news letter a few weeks ago, a woman had written about an MBO she says, asking to remain safe & wonderfully healthy now & into the future with the aid of all beings.  So, I changed it a bit to say, " I ask that my husband, children, & grandchildren remain safe & wonderfully healthy now & into the future with the aid of all beings.  Thank You!"  Apparently it's working, for which I am so very grateful.   Thank you Tom for all that you do, & for putting out this information about MBO's.


I’ve changed her name on request, so Patricia writes:  I am writing to you from a point of such sadness tonight. I have just spoken to my very distressed and tearful brother. He told me that the home he and his family (my sister-in-law and their little daughter who turned just one year old yesterday on 20 June) was broken into today. The thieves stole many things including jewelery, which was more of sentimental than cash value. They rifled through their home and all their personal belongings. My brother and his family are obviously terrified and filled with anger.  Their house used to be our family home.

I don’t know if this was the right thing to do but I asked for an MBO that there be a positive outcome to what happened today. That their safety never be compromised again. That money need never be a concern for my brother, and for the rest of my family and myself. That we need never look back in fear for our safety and well being again. Is it possible to ask for an MBO of this nature?

You can request MBO's, but they are supposed to be specifically for things for you.  Naturally with your relationship there is a "Radiant Effect" as I discussed in my book.

For someone else, you should say a Benevolent Prayer.  I've found an easy way to start that is something you can say virtually anytime.  You say, "I ask that any and all beings assist and protect my brother's family and house to remain safe and secure both now and into the future, thank you!"  Naturally you can change the words, as these are not written in stone. 


Frances writes:  I have struggled with being overweight all of my life and I ask for MBO's to help me with this.  Yet I feel that nothing much has happened or nothing much that I can perceive.  Could you help with a suggested MBO for healthy weight loss and good eating habits?  Thanks.  I love The Gentle Way Newsletter and I am grateful for your response.

For Frances and anyone with this challenge I'll give you some MBO's to request and then some practical suggestions.
I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for attaining the best weight for my health and happiness, thank you!
I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for choosing the healthiest foods both at home and in restaurants, thank you!
I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for being led to healthy, enjoyable exercises for me, thank you!

Now, having had a weight problem in the past, and still have to continually watch myself (thanks to my wife), we both found that Weight Watchers worked the best of any program we ever tried.  I lost 25 pounds. 

The best thing that came out of the program was Portion Control.  Most restaurants serve twice what you should consume.  We therefore either split the entree' or divide it into two halves and take the other half and have it the next day or two days.  During our Sedona trip for a week we did just that almost every dinner (and lunches too) and did not have our first desert until Tuesday evening (we arrived Friday morning) when we split a mousse. 
The Weight Watcher "Smart Ones" and Lean Cuisine both list the Weight Watcher points, although we don't count anymore.  It's best to not eat out of the container, but spread it out on a plate.  They normally take up the whole plate, so visually you feel like you're eating a full meal. 
And for exercise, start walking, if you are not already.  Either early in the morning or evening get out and walk for at least 20 minutes.  It really does boost your metabolism. 
I hope I've been of some assistance!


Trista writes:  I know this isn't exactly an MBO request that I had done.  However you gotta hear this!   Night before last, I was in a deep sleep.  Next thing I know was someone was shaking me to wake up.  I awoke and found that the power had went off.  This may not sound important but.  My kids had a very important test to take that morning.  Back to the story.  the power went out, I awoke and noticed the alarm clock had to be reset!  If it wasn't for my GA or Guide, I would have been late.  As I got up to reset the clock, I said a grateful Thank You! Twice.  Once again, I'm never alone!


I can’t find this lady’s email, but here is the question. 

Theo, Jan asks about The Journey of Souls book by Michael Newton, I think.  Was he accurate?

Up to a point Tom.  Yes you may have read this book yourself, but his book was written from his perspective, knowledge and beliefs and appeals to those with similar beliefs.  It might be considered a more simplified version of a very complicated and complex period of adjustment that your fragment of a soul experiences when you return from your earthly sojourn.  Again, others will have different stories and concepts about the same process.  I have given you some very basic information about this process before.  What I have given you can be compared to what is written in that book.


Simone writes:  I purchased your book a year or so ago and read the updates and missives you send with great interest.
Just yesterday, I found out about a monument called the Georgia Guidestones. Verrry interesting...There are a couple of questions that come to mind after reading some of the information available about the Guidestones on the web.
1. Since these were erected in Georgia to supposedly guide mankind in rebuilding civilization after a cataclysmic event, does this mean that Georgia and the land/area around it will survive a future earth disaster? If so, is this disaster imminent?
2. Is the information on the Guidestones a sort of recounting "in reverse" if you will; a litany of what humanity has done incorrectly? Is this information to be trusted and followed? Does this information come from guides or beings who have humanity's best interests at heart or is it a scam?
Thank you Tom for the helpful work that you do.

Theo, Simone wants to know if the Georgia Guidestones are a scam or is the information correct and for guidance?

You must decide this for yourselves.   Remember that I have told you in the past how to discern whether information presented to you can be judged.  What does that “gut feeling” tell you or tells Simone when she reads it?  Does she get a warm feeling in her belly, or does it feel like heartburn or a feeling of rejection?  You humans are constantly presented with new ideas and even old ones, and you must learn to discriminate what resonates for you and what does not.  If the information does not, then simply move on until you find information that feels good and resonates to your inner being.  We GA’s as you call us will assist you as much as possible, and certainly you can request Benevolent Outcomes regarding any information you are unsure about.


Karen writes:  In February, I had been on disability for awhile, and the need to see my only grandchild, a grandson, became almost unbearable. His home is about 2300 miles away.  I have a old dog, who is a wonderful traveling companion and she was welcome at my daughter's home so I loaded up my Saturn Vue and off we went.  When we got headed to connect with highway 40 I made my request of a MBO for our trip.

I am in my 68th year and love to travel, especially drive, so the trip was exciting for me.  I was confronted with ice and snow, faired that well, got snow stranded in Kingman, Arizona and I took a u turn and went through Havasu City, spied the London Bridge and saw some of the most breathtaking sites along the Colorado River!

I had been having a fuel tank thing with my car and I gassed up at intervals of 150-200 miles to be sure I wouldn't run out of gas in support of the MBOs for my car running well.  As we went along the trip, I was led to gas stations I never would have guessed of their existence.  It took me a whole day to drive across Texas, from El Paso to Shreveport and MBO's kept me alert and enjoying the drive.   I saw areas I never dreamed I would and enjoyed ever inch of them. 

While visiting my grandson, my Vue failed and I traded it in on a new car after requesting a MBO.  I had possession of the new car with all the papers signed and such and drove to Virginia and back for a one day excursion.  The deal on the new car fell through the next day so I was back with the Vue.  I got repair help to get it well enough to drive back home thanks to my MBO and my Son in law. 

I am grateful for the lesson of using MBOs.  I took this nearly 6000 mile round trip and saw new states to add to my goal of the lower 48, at least, and didn't suffer.  My Vue was having ailments and couldn't face going to Virginia, so because of my MBO I was given a new car to drive there!  And my Vue made the trip back to my home just fine!

Today I returned from an advisor's office and have been given direction to apply for corrective measures in a case that had been decided without following all the rules.  I had made a MBO request for a good news session and it is good news for my case!

I share with others the lessons of MBOs and where and from whom I learned of them.  I am so pleased to be able to do this. 

I hope I'm not too late for the MBO share for the book you are doing.  I wish you to have continued success with all you do!

And many more MBO’s for you Karen!


Laurie writes:  Here's another case of synchronicity.  Well, for me, personally, anyway.

On Sunday, June 7, I watched "Inside Planet Earth" on the Discovery Channel
and there was a brief bit of footage showing gigantic, underground
formations of crystals.  Well, I was so surprised to see, in reality, what
I've only imagined in my stories about Atlantis that I was simply left agape
-- literally.  My jaw dropped.  My mouth hung open for the entire sequence.
I was so stunned by the sight that my brain failed to register the narrator
saying where the deposit was located.

On Friday, June 12, on a website unrelated to things crystalline (or
Atlantean), I found a link to the "Crystal Caves of the Giants", discovered
in Mexico in 2000.
This was the same deposit that was shown on the Discovery Channel.  And so
now I know where it is!  Knowledge delivered. Thank you Guides and

Tom, would you please ask Theo if the crystal matrix in Mexico is the same
sort as the one in Arkansas described in the James Tyberonn channeled
information -- .
Are the crystals in Mexico of Atlantean origin like the ones in Arkansas?

Also, there is another Tyberonn article about the last days of Atlantis that
you might find interesting:
It mentions the crystal
satellite/moon.  You might say his website is a gold mine of information!

I like James’ channelings.  In my Atlantis questions to Theo I asked about the moon after reading his channeling in the Sedona Journal.

Theo, Laurie asks if the crystal matrix is the same sort in Mexico as the one described by James Tyberon?

No.  The ones in Mexico Tom pales in comparison to the truly giant ones deep beneath the surface in Arkansas.  As I have said before, these are buried deep beneath the surface and are not reachable for humans for the time being.  The ones in Mexico certainly seem large, but would be dwarfed by the ones James has written abut beneath the surface in Arkansas. 


Lynn from Oregon writes:  I wrote you back in March saying my husband and I were going to take our 30th wedding anniversary trip to Mexico....(you helped with ideas about the trip) Then the Swine Flu stuff happened, and we were advised to change that...  We had trip insurance, so it was not so bad, and we stuck with the same travel group.  We had a choice of a couple of places, but Costa Rica was recommended, and cost was close to same. 

I asked for a MBO to choose the best place, better than we can imagine, for us to go....  So it was Costa Rica!  And, Tom, it was better than we could possibly have imagined!  What a wonderfully amazing place!  The beauty of the land, the exotic plants and animals, and most of all the welcoming hospitable people!  The people were what made the trip for us over the top!  We came back feeling like we had left family behind.  They seem to have such love and pride in their country, as well as they are happy!  And it flows over into their guests! 

The resort we were at for one, but the tour group, Vargas Tours, was so incredible with all they did for you, and how close you felt to them all!  If anyone wants to know more, I am a walking advertisement and you are welcome to write and ask for more info.... Also go to Trip Advisor... Check out  Vargas Tours, which works out of the Gunacaste, Province in CR....   

Anyway... Back to MBO's.. We asked for MBO's the entire trip... For drives, airplanes and airports, luggage and in Costa Rica for many things...  I KNOW that our angels were very much watching over us.  When we went on our tours I asked that we have an amazing adventure and enjoy the trip.... And we did, but even the guide said to us..."you must be lucky"... As we saw an ocelot with his prey in the road, and even the guide said that just does not happen....  Several incidences like that...

One more very special ...  We were on the Palo Verde River trip, and one of the things we were told we would more than likely see were the white faced monkeys.  Well, our boat driver kept radioing to other boats and asking if they had come across them.  None, and he looked disappointed.  So I quietly asked for MBO to see them.... 5 minutes later he got call from another boat that had finally found them!  We got there and got to see them up close and personal... How very sweet they are! 

So many MBO's that I know helped make the trip as it was...magical!

Ok.. Home again....  They were lost and then they were found.....  So lost my watch over a month ago.... Looked everywhere , did not find it, and asked to find it....  Then lost my glasses 2 weeks ago...  My husband and I looked EVERYWHERE for them... As I do really need them for reading.. Not so much distance but they are my sun glasses too...  Found a really old pair to wear, but they just did not cut it... I love to read, and would read for about 10 minutes and my eyes would tear and blur.  I tried the cheap reading glasses... But did not like them at all....  I did go get new glasses ordered.  I had been talking about that for several months, as mine were 4 or 5 years old (turns out 5 and eye doc said at my age I should be getting exam every year and needed new glasses).  But kept putting it off of course.  So this did make me go in. 

Another MBO... I was by myself and wanted to have someone with me to help me pick out frames.  Wanted some that were more stylish, but not too young looking or too old looking...  But no one could go, so I asked for MBO to pick the best pair...  So was trying them on and girl gave me a pair that she and other woman in office liked on me... I did, but just thought them a bit too ???? For me?  I was going to say ok... Then the one woman said  "that khaki green was nice as it would go with a lot of colors"... They called it khaki, but I was thinking more of the tan color.  When she said that I went to the window and saw that they were more of a light green.  Pretty but not my color.  I said I wore a lot of blue, and she looked at my blue eyes, and said... "Oh of course, your eyes are blue, duh;"  and went and found a pair with some blue on them--just right amount.. I put them on and we all went....ohhh those are it!  I have not gotten them yet, so jury is still out... But I bet I still like them.. Will let you know!

So.....  It would be 10 days or so until I got my glasses, so I continued to wear the old ones and asked for MBO to get my new ones as soon as possible.  2 days later my husband found the ones I lost in the yard, where I had been weeding..  We had both looked over the area several times, but they were hidden... Obviously. He had gone to finish up my weeding and went to pull a weed and there they were!  So I am happily waiting for my new ones ... No longer unable to read...   I think purpose of losing them was I did need to get the new glasses...  Just pushed me forward to do so! Now once I get the new ones,  I have a decent back up pair, which I did obviously need.
Then watch... Finally went and bought a new one... I never buy costly ones as I do loose them... But found one for really good price that I liked.... I am fussy....  Came home and decided to get rid of several old ones that no longer work... Not sure why I kept them other than did not know what to do with them!  I looked in a drawer of my jewelry box that I did not use much...  And there was the old one??????   It must have fallen in that drawer?   So now I had 2 watches....  Which is fine...   But wondered why I had to do that?  Lose one and buy new one and find old one?   Guess I was perhaps thinking too much about time?  How fast it seems to be going by?   Plus Mars was retro all of May and very much in play for losing things....   All were found in June when Mars was out.  Just a thought.  Enough....   Just a big Thank you VERY MUCH!    Love , Light, Laugher!

That reminds me that after our return from Sedona, I could not find my best pair of sunglasses.  Looked high and low (naturally I requested a Benevolent Outcome for finding them, plus I said, "I manifest this!"), called the car rental company in Phoenix, then the TSA security people, then the city of Phoenix who runs the airport—and nothing.  I’m wondering if this was a MBO for me in some way I hadn’t thought of, but importantly I RELEASED IT.  Then a couple of days later I looked down next to the TV in our upstairs kitchen and there were the sunglasses, in their case, right on top of a paper towel. I have no idea how they got there, or why I might have placed them there. 


Teddy in Maryland writes:  I was having trouble with squeaking brakes that finally turned into a horrible metal scraping sound.  I'm more of a "books and theory" sort of guy and not very mechanically inclined so I had no idea what was going on just that something was wrong with the brakes. 

I brought my car to a major brake and muffler chain and asked for an MBO that repairs to the brakes cost $200 or less as that was about all I could afford at the time.  I got a call back later that day from the shop and was told it would be $700 to replace the brake pads and rotors.  I thanked them but told them I could not pay that right now. I made arrangements to pick up the car that evening.  I was disappointed that my prayer had not been answered but then remembered to have just have faith and let the spirit guides do their work as they saw fit.

I had borrowed my brother's truck to run stock to a show I was selling at and as we made plans to return the truck I told him what was going on and the amount the chain had given me for an estimate.  He agreed that it sounded a bit high and said he might be able to replace the parts in a few weeks.  He told me to call a few auto parts stores and told me what parts to ask about. I was very surprised to find out that the needed parts were readily available and all for about than $180!

I picked him up after work and he drove me over to pick up my car.  I was not looking forward to driving my car for the next two weeks with the metal-on-metal sound every time I had to stop the car but I thought waiting was better than paying $700!   When we got to where the car was my brother agreed to drive my car directly home while I picked up the parts in his truck so I'd have them when he was ready to replace them. 

When I finally got home with the parts my brother had already gathered the tools necessary and said my car was so bad he was not going to let me drive it another week with no brake pads and got to work on them right away.  He proceeded to change the pads and the rotors in my driveway in less than 20 minutes!  I was amazed at how quickly and easily he did the repair and very pleased with the cost also!  I had received my requested MBO and better than I had expected!

That’s a good story!


July 8—The Metaphysical World of Dick .  11:00 am PDT, 12:00 pm MDT, 1:00 pm CDT, and 2:00 pm EDT.  Richard and I always have a great time (this will be my 4th appearance on his show I think).  Be sure to tune in, or if you can’t, the shows are archived on the website.  His show is the most popular program on Contact Talk Radio

For the below workshops, go to

August 29—Braintree, Massachusettes—11:00 am to 6:00 pm.  Open Doors Bookstore.  A one-day workshop, where I will cover first other tools you can use to assist you in daily life, then I will cover requesting Benevolent Outcomes in depth.  In the afternoon we’ll cover Time Lines, Atlantis, and ET’s.  Then I will conduct first a visualization to prepare you for an “active meditation,” then the guided meditation for you to contact your own Guardian Angel.    If you wish to increase your vibrational level, then plan on attending!  $80 in advance until August 24 and then $95.

September 5—Andover, Massachusettes—10:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Circles of Wisdom Bookstore.  Same as the workshop above.  $80 in advance until August 30 and then $95.

NEW!  October 3—Reading, United Kingdom.  10:00 am to 5:00 pm.   More information as it becomes available. 

For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is


So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one)articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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