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Happy July 4 long holiday to everyone in the United States!

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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Arizona FireGaia, a lot of people in several states have been praying for rain and for the fires to let up.  Why have you not responded?

Certainly Tom.  I do need to cleanse the forests, as we have spoken about before.  These are natural cycles for me, but the fact that humans have encroached on these areas, and I understand why as they do enjoy the beauty of their surroundings, they must understand that at times I will cleanse these areas with fire.  Again, this is a natural cycle for me.  It’s just that humans are there to experience this, when before there was no one around and the fires would burn themselves out and the process of growth of the forests would begin all over again. 

Therefore, I do notice and pay attention to the thousands, if not millions of prayers, but besides cleansing the forests, which I might add is a lesson to humans about natural cycles, they did have soul contracts to experience these events; or they would have been urged by their own GA’s to move away from the area, or would have been gone in some way, as you will find stories of this that will crop up after this is all over.  And you will see amazing photos of a house here and there where the house was untouched by the fires, while their neighbor’s houses went up in flames.  Again, these are all soul contracts; although I will respond as best I can to heartfelt prayers. 

As I said a couple of weeks ago Tom, the cycle will be soon changing and the monsoonal rains will come again to these parched areas.  The land needed to be baked by the sun for reasons that your scientists will discover in the future, but now that cycle is almost over and the next cycle will begin.

FloodingAnd I assume that the flooding on the rivers in the northern part of the United States again are part of a different cycle?

Absolutely Tom.  Much sediment will be deposited in the fields near these waterways, replenishing the soil and changing the topography of these areas.  Again, humans are living in areas where it is prone to flood, even in historic proportions, so when you live in a flood prone area, you have to accept the fact that every few years your property will flood.  Plus, again there are soul contracts for these people to experience the flood devastation.

OK, thank you for the explanations, whether people will like to read this or not.

Yes, a bitter pill I believe it’s called Tom.  This is just part of life on this planet that your souls volunteered to experience may I remind them. 


Giant CrackGisel on Facebook writes:  Tom, did you hear about this? Any thoughts? 

Scientists are sounding the alarm: the mysterious cracks appear across the planet.  Scientists do not know what to think about: South America is bursting at the seams. In southern Peru, suddenly appeared a huge crack length of 3 km and a width of about 100 meters. Anomaly occurred in the district Huakullani Chukuito province near the famous Lake Titicaca.

Gaia, please explain why the earth is cracking, with no earthquakes, up to 3 km long and 100 mm wide?

Yes, Tom, this is a living entity you understand, and at times I stretch and move—sometime moving my plates, which results in the earth tremors, and at other times my surface with no seemingly reason and not accompanied by any earth tremors.  Although it may not seem as if these cracks are connected to anything else in general, I can assure your audience that everything on this planet is connected, so if there is a plate movement 1,000 miles or kilometers away that movement can cause the land to rupture elsewhere.  Again, it is all connected, and your scientists and geologists will learn this connectedness shall we call it one day.  For now, it may remain a mystery, but I have given you a hint to look elsewhere for the cause of these movements.


HAARPSandy on Facebook writes:  Just out today-stories that claim H.A.A.R.P. 'rings' are responsible for the many tornadoes in Nebraska Mon. night, 6/20? Insights from Gaia or Theo would be welcomed. Thanks, Tom.

Gaia, HAARP has not had a hand in causing any tornadoes lately has it?

Again, this is one of those hogwash theories put up by some well-meaning person trying to guess why there have been so many tornadoes this year.  They have still not figured out Tom that I am releasing all this pent up negativity, not just in the normal places that have a number of tornadoes each year, but in other places where I must release this energy, or there would be catastrophic results.  As I said to you before, these tornadoes suck up this energy from miles around.  HAARP has caused some minor changes in the weather, and I allow this, as you must explore how sound waves and such can affect the planet, but in this case there is no basis of fact.


HummingJackie on Facebook writes:  Did you hear about this on the radio today? It's an interesting mystery. Any idea? Theo or Gaia? 

In A Tiny English Town, A 'Hum' Pierces Each Night : NPR Melissa Block talks to Kevin Fail — resident of Woodland, a small village in County Durham, England — about the mysterious noise many of the residents have heard. It's a hum that comes every day sometime between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. The town's residents do not know where it's coming from.

Gaia, what is the hum heard by the residents in Woodland England each night?

Yes, this is a perplexing sound for them to hear each evening, and at different times.  So it is the sound of machinery yes, but amplified from far away you see Tom.  Yes you’re receiving this correctly.  When the conditions are just right, they can hear and in some cases feel this hum located far away. 

So it is not say ET visitors or some underground operation by the SSG or any other nefarious group?

Not at all Tom.  They will be able to one day penetrate the soil with beams of energy we’ll call it and see the underground topography of the area, which will explain much as to why this sound occurs.  Until then it will remain somewhat a mystery, but other than being annoying, it is not dangerous to their health—only to having a good night’s sleep.


IllustrationTheo, please explain in more detail about the state of consciousness I’m in when I communicate with you, so that I can more accurately describe it for my readers and the people in my workshops.

Certainly Tom.  Yes I will agree with your explanation that you remain generally in an Alpha state during our talks we’ll call them.  But yes, there are parts of you that dip down into the Theta level and even slightly into the Delta level, although this is imperceptible to you.  But for the purposes of explanation to your readers and workshop attendees, I do think the explanation of generally being in the Alpha state would be best, as only scientists who wish to measure such things would truly be interested in what parts of the brain are affected at what level during these “active” meditations as you call them.  Too much information will make it more confusing than it really is.  And your explanation of “tripping out” is rather accurate, as when your whole mind or brain receptors dip too far down into the Theta and Delta levels, you are unable to function at receiving these “thought packets.” 

So my advice is to keep explaining this as you have done before, although you can lightly mention that some parts of your brain does drop down lower if you wish, but I would leave it at that for brevity’s sake.  Use the “KISS” principle and you won’t go wrong, Tom. 


Races of WorldPam wrote to ask me about the difference between races and countries.

Theo, what is the significance of the different races and perhaps different countries?

Yes, this could take a book to answer this fully Tom as you can understand.  Each of the races does represent the DNA given to it by your various grand parents or parents we will call them.  But there is much, much more to this too.  Creator wanted variety and diversity, so each race has its assets we will call it and its liabilities.  This way the separation would remain for hundreds of thousands of years up to this point when during the next few hundred years you will all meld into the earth human with all of the assets and few liabilities.  This will be very important for your exploration of the stars to have each race’s finest attributes you see. 

But to answer the person’s question or summarize, the races were created with certain attributes, which allowed the races to flourish in the particular conditions where they lived.  The Caucasian races as an example are better suited for cold climates than are the brown and black skinned races, but again that will change in the future.  Each will make its contribution to the earth human.


KundaliniLinda writes on Facebook:  I love MBOs! I cannot go through the day without them. I am curious about kundalini. If it is any fact on it? Also are there any symptoms when kundalini awakens? How does it affect our chakras? Thanks again Tom. You are doing a great service to this world.

Theo, can you tell us more about the Kundalini energy and how it affects us?  And how it affects the chakras?

Yes, this is one in the same Tom.  The Kundalini energy, as most have read before has been studied for thousands of years by yogis and such.  This energy is a life force energy that does travel up and down the spine.  It can be blocked if a chakra is not open and there are methods for unlocking or opening the chakras so that this energy flows freely.  Again, much has been written about this energy, most of it fairly accurate, so I encourage those who wish to read more about this to seek answers that are much more detailed than we have time to discuss in these meditations of yours Tom. 


John writes:  Can you ask Theo, about WHEN we'll actually enter into 5D... is this Dec. 2012, or maybe a little bit after that, can he give us a month?    Also, I've read channeled material that has said when we finally go 5D our bodies will youth, and if you are in your 50's or 60's, you can have a body that's as youthful as your 20's; can you ask Theo if this will actually happen, and perhaps how quickly it will happen?

Theo, is the transfer point to the fifth focus still December 21, 2012, or is it at some other date?

No Tom.  This will be fairly close to when you do transfer over, as your souls have deemed that date as the transfer point.  Had you deemed say August 1, 2012 or any other date as the time you will switch to the 5th focus, then that would be the day, but you are all in agreement shall we say that this will be the historic day of transfer.  We have had a number of discussions about this already, and you can imagine the number we will have as that date approaches Tom.    So just set your sights on that day as a monumental date in human history for the Explorer Race.  Gaia will arrange it so there is little or no great climatic changes in your atmosphere, so it will be a much more subliminal feeling of change, especially in your body chemistry. 

So it appears no fountain of youth—oh well!


AfricaSalomie in South Africa writes: Hope you are well and thanks for your most welcome newsletter.  The question is about South Africa.  There is a semi  powerful individual that is attempting to start tremendous political unrest with the threat to nationalize Banks, nationalize Land and nationalize Mines. He is not part of the current government at this point.  This we know will make the economy crumble, foreign investors will withdraw, and there will be a bigger brain drain than before. This will cause more crime an unrest if this is to happen.  The individual responsible for this is a young man of 29.

Could you please ask Theo, if you have the time, if South Africa is safe from this, and if this is just exaggeration.

Theo, what are the probabilities of the banks, mines and land being nationalized in South Africa?

Absolutely no probability Tom or so miniscule as almost not to register.  There will always be rebel rousers we will call them in each society who walk to the beat of a different drum.  But South Africa is making giant strides and this would set them back many years, so the population, although impatient, will not allow those gains to slip away.


Mind over matterMichael asked me on Facebook if we actually create the benefits of products we try for improvement.

Theo, can we create the benefits of the products we use in our minds?

Yes and no Tom.   Yes you have great abilities you as humans do not understand just yet, but slowly learn about each year.  But there are tools we will call them in certain products to speed up this process.  They are presented to you with love. 


Parallel LivesI had been asking Theo about some differences in time lines and so we began with a continuation of that topic. 

Good morning Antura.  How strange it is all these different time lines and lives.

Yes, it may seem a little confusing Tom, and it certainly can be for us, even though we have the experience with working with all time lines.  It just makes our job that more complex we will call it.  Not so difficult as complex as each time line is different, just a little if they are connected together but when they are more separated yes.  It makes for a lot of record keeping you would term it. 

Jacqui in the UK writes:  I receive your newsletter and enjoy it very much, thank you.  I wonder if you would be interested in a picture I took at work one day about 2 years ago now.  If you look to the left of the photo, you will see what I think is a 'being' in what looks like a protective bubble.   I took the picture using my mobile phone.  I was on the way to the office and felt compelled to take a photo (which I never do), so I whipped out my mobile phone and took a picture.  I work in a very active tourist area in London UK.  

London ETUnfortunately, the mobile phone that I used to take the picture has a slight time delay from when you press the button to when you take the picture.  Because of this, someone walked infront of me at this point and so I deleted the first photo I took and took this one just after making sure that there was no-one that could walk in the way while I took the photo.  I have also sent you a copy and drawn what I see was in the picture.  What do you think?  I never realized what was in the picture until I uploaded it to my laptop.  I hope you find it interesting.  I'm looking forward to the next newsletter.

[Note: The two photos were combined by my webmaster to switch back and forth.]

Antura, what or who was in the photo taken in London?

Yes, that is an interesting photo as I did scan you Tom.  I have investigated and that was an actual being in the photo.  To the human eye it was imperceptible, but as you have noticed, a camera can pick up images that the human eye cannot.  So in this case, it was a humanoid cloaked and actually exploring London unseen to understand humans better. 

Is this being from the Federation?

No it is not Tom, but was allowed you see as long as it did not interfere with humans, and it did not.  The fact that the lady was “inspired” to take the photo was so that you would be shown that there is constant study of your Explore human race.  This being was actually from another galaxy—no not another universe, but close.  As you saw, it had a bubble around it so that it could breath its own atmosphere while studying the population. 

So the being was not from another universe.

Yes that is correct Tom.  Although as I have mentioned, there are several ships from other universes parked or in orbit around the earth at this time studying you.  Everyone is interested in how you have overcame working with negative energy, as it has never been done before.  Everyone is amazed, but no one wants to really jump into having as much negativity as you have worked with. 

How did the being in the London photo cloak itself—at a slightly higher focus, or with some cloaking device?

Good question Tom.  The being in the photo did use a device that did allow it to literally pass through if needed, any object.  You could say it was at a higher focus, but that would not be quite accurate.  The device allowed it to remain invisible, and allowed its molecules, we’ll say for your purposes, to slide right through 3d objects and even people if it so wished.  That’s the best I can explain with your level of understanding at this time Tom.

Alien CraftWas the form of the being accurate as shown in the photo, or was it somehow distorted?

No, it was quite accurate, although blurry you would say.  The being, although humanoid, is quite different than any you’ll meet in this quadrant of the galaxy –the Federation we’ll say.  It is quite a unique specimen representation of a humanoid, although not too far off of some of the beings in your science fiction movies—but of course there are reasons the creators of these films chose those forms, as they had seen them far back in their lives on other planets and were “inspired” to create them again.

More follow up questions to last week. (To read those questions go to )

When you “tuned” into the EPIC Voyagers presentation I made you said you saw they were excited and enthusiastic or words to that effect.  Were you just tuning into them through me or were you somehow able to have readings from them in some way from a mothership shall we say?

Yes, a good question Tom.  No I was not able to tune into them directly, only through you, but you do understand that you are able to receive much more information on a subliminal basis than you are even aware at this time.  Therefore, I can tune into their reactions as they affected your energy body.  This is quite easy for us to do as we have the equipment to record reactions between individuals you see.

Leaving AtlantisHow many people immigrated with us from Atlantis to Egypt—a few hundred or a few thousand?

Yes, there were several thousand people that immigrated with us Tom at that time.  Certainly way less than say even 10% of the people who were practicing or using benevolent outcome requests in their lives.  Many could not leave families and had to stay behind.  They lived out their lives on Atlantis before it actually sank into the sea.  Their grandchildren’s children were not so fortunate.  Yes, it was down the line as we moved some 200 years before it actually finally all sank.

Were there earth tremors all the time, say similar to what Japan and New Zealand experiences now?

Yes Tom, and even worse.  There were constant movements.  It was a daily occurrence that everyone just learned to live with, but Gaia was giving ample warning that that continent was not safe, as keep in mind parts of it had already sank into the ocean, so the residents quite understood what could happen at any time.  Yet they continued their fighting and warring with each other right up until the end. 

How much were we able to take with us?

Good question Tom.  It was not like we had a bunch of moving vans to transport all our possessions.  Everyone was limited to what could easily be carried by hand and small wheeled carriers—slightly similar to those wheeled racks to carry luggage but different.  So everyone moved with virtually the clothes on our backs to use a popular phrase of today. 

Barren PlanetBack to the first contactor for a second.  Did I ask what type of planet this contactor is from?

No you didn’t Tom.  The one we previously spoke about comes from a land planet certainly more barren than this one, but people live underground much of the time to protect themselves from the sun’s rays.  You will find that throughout the universe people or beings adjust to their living conditions Tom, just as they do here.  But life is just not as hard overall as it is here on earth with such extremes.  This make the earth humans hardy, adaptable to all conditions; something that will come in handy when you begin your travels first to the surrounding planets and then to the stars.

So let’s take the next contactor.  Is it a male or female?

Female in this case Tom.  This is a job shared fairly equally between males and females, although there are categories that are neither.    Again this person looks closer to the human species, but with darker skin than the first described.  A very exotic looking being Tom.  Black hair yes, with normal limbs shall we say.  Slighter in build, closer to my size.  Yes green eyes we will call them for your purposes, as you almost do not have that color on earth. 

Is she from Sirius B?

Yes exactly Tom.  From one of the 21 planets we have discussed before.  Everyone on the ship will be from these planets, with a couple of exceptions. 

Is it true that the Sirians were our first protectors?

Quite true Tom.  It was seen that you were being taken advantage of by interlopers shall we call them, and we came and announced these activities would cease.  So then you were left to grow mostly on your own, but still with a lot of visits from us and others.

Reptillian IllustrationI do have one question not on the list.  When the reptilians attacked you in the old star wars, why did they pick you specifically, or did they actually include you with thousands of other planets?  How large was this conflict?

It was quite large.  We were just a part of the war Tom.  This was a huge conflict—far beyond even your science fiction writers.  And yes, each side lost dozens of planets during this long conflict and war.    But to answer your question, yes we were just one part of it, but it was right at our doorstep you would say—not something that was occurring halfway across the universe, although it certainly took on that aspect as we counter-attacked.

Will there be sentient plant forms on your ship when you come?

Quite so Tom.  I realize it is difficult to include plants as you know them, but there are quite advanced sentient plant forms throughout the galaxy and universe.  So they will be represented, although you may not recognize them as such—at least not all of them. 

MermaidDo mermaids as we call them actually still exist in the earth oceans?

Quite so Tom, but at depths far below what you can travel to at this time—at least in normal submarines shall we say.  They do keep to themselves and have openings in the sea floor to their habitats I will call them.  They learned long ago to avoid humans, as they did lose some of their people to overzealous sailors who wished to capture them.  They learned their lesson and have a very low profile you could say today.

I assume you will contact them?

Yes, but more a courtesy call, as you are the focus of our studies and to contact you and others Tom.

What will be the flashpoint, which will cause the European country to disclose?

Certainly I can’t talk about what will the actual event that will cause the leaders to open their secret archives on this, but there will be a slow but sure movement in that direction, that if you pay attention to news stories and such you will see it moving in that direction.  We will continue (we meaning the Federation) to have our ships seen on a regular basis to a point where we cannot be dismissed as weather balloons and other such nonsense.

John writes:  Question for Antura   Is he warm blooded or cold blooded??  Thanks!

Antura, are you considered warm blooded or cold-blooded?

Cold blooded Tom.  It is necessary due to the depths of the ocean where we must live. 

Do you have finger or toe nails, as I had not asked that before?

Yes, but very small in comparison to you Tom.  We do not need the protection your bodies do and have needed in the past.  There are still millions of people on your planet Tom without any shoes at all on their feet, and there are millions more that wear a simple sandal you call a flip-flop, so the nails act as protection for your feet as well as your hands in your work.  We do not have the same dangers you see.

A Solar SystemDoes your world have an atmosphere with wind and clouds?

Yes, it does have an atmosphere Tom, although the clouds are nowhere near the same as on earth, as they are made up of different elements than are the earth clouds.  More low lying but still able to be seen.  And yes, there are winds, from what you would describe as a breeze to howling winds.  Those on the land have structures that can withstand these winds, or they live below the surface. 

What are the temperatures on the surface.

Yes, Tom—certainly they are hotter than on earth, with two suns to light up the sky.  So the temperatures would be considered on earth boiling at times, which is why the land beings have thick skins and live in shelters to protect themselves from the heat. 

What about the ocean?

Yes, great temperature differential from that near the surface to down at the depth of our cities, as you can imagine.  The temperatures do not bother us at all.  Again, we are made to live in an ocean and move freely about at any depth. 

PleiadiansHow many Pleiadians are there on the earth at any given time mingling with the earth people?

Not nearly as many as you might expect Tom, due to the lower density of the third dimension.  They, as we do, must wear protective gear, although it is not perceptible to you, and the extreme negativity just cannot be tolerated for very long, so their trips to the surface are fairly shot—just a few hours if needed.  Theirs and our instruments are so advanced that they do not need to mingle that much, as keep in mind they and we have been doing this observation work for thousands of years. 

Those beings, such as the one in the photo in London, are in comparison recent arrivals and must see for themselves how you live and work. 

Were those Federation ships over London June 20?

Quite so Tom.  Again we are allowed to make ourselves known as much as possible, within certain boundaries set for the time being.

What about Pagosa Springs, Colorado June 17?

Same thing.  Yes, Federation ships having fun, knowing many people would see and several would record their presence.

Pleiadian ShipPlease give me a little information today on the third contactor.  Is this being humanoid?

Yes, of course.  And again more towards the way you look than say the way of my appearance. 


Slightly over 6 feet in height Tom.  Yes, a little yellowish tint to the skin.  Again the skin is thicker than yours. 

So two eyes and ears?

Yes, Larger eyes, as are most humanoids.  Smaller ears as before with the other contactor. 

Fingers and toes? 

Yes, but not the same number of digits.  Nose is roughly the same size as yours perhaps a little smaller.  Mouth again smaller.  Some hair growth, but not much. 

OK, not sure how I’m receiving this today Antura, so I will stop and perhaps return another day to the same question. 

I understand Tom.  Keep up the work, as you’ll get it in the end. 


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