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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


We're departing on Wednesday, June 26 for a combination business/vacation trip to Los Angeles, the day before you Marina Del Reyread this.  This will be my first trip there in five years, and I’ll be visiting my video lab that vaults all of our company’s movie and TV series titles.  I’ll say goodbye to our titles and thank them for providing us with an income for over 25 years.  One of the personal precursors that is supposed to occur prior to the California earthquakes around Thanksgiving is the sale of our Film Library, according to Theo.  If it doesn’t happen prior to that event, then it will probably be unusable, unless of course nothing happens.  Next week’s newsletter may be a little short, and possibly sent on Friday, depending upon how much time I can spend on it upon my return.

First Contact Front CoverFIRST CONTACT: Conversations With An ET is now being delivered by  As I predicted the price has now risen to $13.77 (Kindle ($9.99) and I would not be surprised to see it go up to the $15.95 full retail price.  They are saying one or two months for delivery, but I do know my publisher has shipped more to them.  You better order quickly to get in line.

I hope you’ll take the time to write a good review for me when you read the book.  Comments have included:  “ I loved it so much I couldn’t put it down;” “I couldn’t stop reading the book;” “I loved the book because of the great information…;” “Well written and fascinating;” “…what a lot of strange, fascinating things he learns from his ET.”

You can read SAMPLE CHAPTERS of the book at including:  1. TABLE OF CONTENTS; 2. INTRODUCTION; and 3. CHAPTER 15—Translation & Force Field Devices.  Plus, if you have not purchased my first two books, there are sample chapters of each one available to read there too.  CHECK IT OUT!

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate, along with Gaia the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Annie writes:  Dear Tom, First, from my heart, I thank you, Gaia, Theo and Antura as well others who bring forth the wisdom and knowledge to us.  I am grateful, so grateful!

Tombstone ArizonaNow, the question for Lady Gaia.  We live in the SE corner of Arizona in a tiny, historic town called Tombstone.  An old Silver mining boomtown, it is riddled underneath all the buildings/homes with old mining tunnels.  I can feel the tectonic plates rumbling and also the pulses of HAARP when they are in play.

We are also in a fight for our spring water in the mountains in Sierra Vista that come from there to Tombstone via pipes which were destroyed in a mudslide 3 years ago. Now, we are not allowed to make repairs to restore the conduits to our town because all surrounding towns want the water rights, which we own. Tombstone will die without water and without these repairs.

Gaia, what will we face in the coming days as far as earthquakes, winds, fires, etc? Will we have water not poisoned by arsenic filled wells from the old mines and our spring water restored?  It is well and positive to plan ahead! Smile.  Thank you deeply.

Gaia, what is the highest probability for Tombstone, Arizona and their efforts to have clean water, plus will the earth movements affect them with all of the mines underneath?

Yes, they will gain assistance in their demands for clear water from the Federal Government who will step in to mediate.  And yes, even though the earthquakes are seemingly far away, there will be collapses of some of the mine tunnels running underneath Tombstone.

Reno NevadaAnnie #2 writes:  I've been receiving updates via a friend who lives in Carson City, NV , and now I have a question for you. I live in the Reno, NV area, and recently read about a swarm of earthquakes just south of Carson City, and was wondering if they are something to be concerned about in Reno and Carson City.

Also, when the Sierra Nevada mountains and Lake Tahoe rumble, will the water from Lake Tahoe flow downhill into Carson City or any other Nevada cities or towns? I'm beginning to put up a supply of food and water and so is she, but wonder about my friend's two indoor cats.  Should she have carriers, wet and dry cat food packed in her car, and any other supplies for her self and neighborhood animals?

She was talking about driving to the Southern California Coast in the next 2 - 3 months "one last time." Would that be advisable for her? She would be driving over the Sierra Nevada range of mountains coming and going. Also, how much time would I have to make a trip to see my family member in Washington State? Information that you write about, and ask Gaia, Theo and other guides is very much appreciated, and I want you to know once again, what a wonderful service you provide for thousands of us!

Many Benevolent Outcomes to you, my friend, if I may call you that. I've used MBOs many times, and they always work.

Carson City NevadaGaia, what movements will Reno and Carson City Nevada have, when the West Coast begins to quake?

Yes, as they do sit on fault lines they will have some strong quakes too, Tom, just not of the magnitude of the West Coast.  Their quakes will be more on the level of the 6.0 and higher range to a little below 7.0.  Still more than enough to destroy a number of buildings, and naturally they will have a number of aftershocks for many months.

Will they quake at the same time as California or later?

Later, Tom, but not by much.  Just a few days at best.  The stress from the quakes on the West Coast will cause stress on these fault lines and they will move too.  This is another reason for people to travel farther to the East.  Those that travel to these two cities as refugees will be forced to move again when these two cities quake.

As I noted at the top of the newsletter, I’m headed to Los Angeles “one last time,” so travel this summer will not be a problem I believe, except for forest fires.

I have an EARTHQUAKE PACKING LIST available on my website at and it does cover having food for pets.  Please pass this list along to your friends.


Whales BeachingCynthia writes:  Why are the whales beaching in South Africa?  Is Gaia doing some movements in the ocean in that part of the world regarding the changing magnetics?

Gaia, why are the whales beaching themselves in South Africa?

Several reasons, Tom.  Those particular souls have decided to leave the planet, and return home after serving for thousands of years.  And as I change the energy grid, with the help of other souls, their radar, if you will, follows a certain energy and it caused them to beach themselves.  So a combination of actions.  You will see a number of changes as some species leave the planet in the coming years and other make their appearance.


Carnival of SoulsTheo, how many soul groups do we typically work with—2, 3, 4, or more?

Good question, Tom.  Yes, most soul groups will work typically with 2 to 4 other soul groups, Tom, and on a peripheral basis with at least a dozen or two more.  Keep in mind how many other people you deal with on a weekly or monthly basis, and you can see that the number of soul groups can be as little as an extra two or three in a life where there are few humans to well over a hundred soul groups in a life where you deal with people in some capacity all the time.  It truly varies greatly, Tom, and for someone in public life it can be several thousand soul groups over one’s career—each contributing to the lessons to be learned in that life.

But for close work, we will call it, we go back to those two or three or four other soul groups that you encounter life after life.


EarthFlo writes:  A question for Gaia - way back before this wave of humanity appeared on her surface, there were still earthquakes, fires, volcanic eruptions, etc. We are told that our current ones are happening because Gaia uses them to remove negativity that we have generated and that she has stored for us as she can't continue to store any more and move forward in her evolution. But way back when, she didn't need to use all these tools to remove negativity - did she? If not, what did she use these tools for back then?

Another for Gaia: it's my understanding that the size of this planet has been growing over eons and eons. Is the planet still growing in size?

I’ll answer the first question.  Keep in mind humans have been inhabiting this planet for two million years or more—science has just not been able to prove it, so certainly even in the early stages there was negativity.  But also, don’t forget, earth is a LIVING planet.  Even geologists are in fairly mutual agreement that there was a large super continent that broke apart and the parts have continued to move over hundreds of thousands of years; and where there is movement there are earthquakes, not to mention all the plasma running underneath the surface in rivers of hot molten rock.  We have much, much more to learn about her processes than we do now.

Gaia, is earth still growing in size?

Yes, to a certain extent, but not as some readers would think.  The earth attracts meteorites each and every day, adding just a tiny bit of mass to the earth.  And naturally, the earth expands in the 5th focus just as you do, but it is all in proportion so that it truly is not noticeable.

But again to answer the question—yes, but by tiny amounts each and every month as earth’s gravity attracts foreign objects, we will call them, into the atmosphere.


LeafLee writes:  Tom, could this be a viable alternative to fossil fuel that will change the industry? Sounds much cleaner too, although I don't know the processing steps.

Gaia does the new process of extracting hydrogen gas from plants have promise, or will it actually be something else that comes along to give us free energy?

Certainly, this does have some promise, Tom, in certain applications, but there are limits to how much energy it can supply before the fuel is exhausted.  Still, these studies will lead to other things.  And yes, free energy is still on the horizon as we have discussed before.


Mara writes:  Theo has stated before (in recent times) that “chem trails” are a thing of the past. REALLY? Could we hear his take on this once again?  Why is it we continue to see them and of course, FEEL the effects of not only Chem Trails but also the DEADLY GMO food that is being near-forced upon the sheeple of the US? Please see/read the link below.

Jet ContrailsGaia, have Chem Trails returned, or are these still just jet exhaust contrails?

Yes, we keep going over this and I understand your readers’ concerns, Tom, but as you so aptly pointed out those are jet exhaust contrails, not some secret government or organization flying around spreading chemicals over the population.  Perhaps if your readers pulled up one of those websites that shows how many aircraft are in the air at one time over their portion of the country they would understand why there is so much condensation spewing from the jet engines crossing their area—not just local traffic but from all over the country on their way to various destinations.  Enough said on this subject.

Here is the website to view planes in the air: If you zoom in on your part of the country it even gives you the plane ID number, how fast it’s traveling and you see it move.  Click on the aircraft and you see what airline, where it came from and where it’s going.  Neat!


Abe SapienFor my new subscribers Antura is a member of my soul group or “cluster,” as Theo calls it.  He’s had 800 lives on earth, but his current life is living on his home planet in the Sirius B Star System.  He’s an amphibian and is part of a “first contact” team coming to earth in 2017, two years after the Pleiadians make first public contact in Russia.  My book, FIRST CONTACT: Conversations With An ET, goes into great detail about him, his planet, solar system, mothership, and much, much more!

Keep in mind I’ve been doing international film and TV program distribution for over twenty-five years, and I can almost guarantee that there will be science fiction writers out there who will incorporate ideas into their books and screenplays presented in this book.  That’s because they, and you, will have never heard of these concepts and details before.  Perhaps they’ll pop up in future Star Wars and Star Trek movies.  Then you can tell your friends, “Oh that was in the book about Antura!”  Here is an excerpt from the chapter on Translation and Force Field devices to demonstrate what I mean.


When we meet, Antura, will you speak with a voice, mental telepathy, or the translator device?

Yes, it will be the device as you call it, Tom.  It will seem as if the words are coming out of my own mouth.  These are very sophisticated translators and allow the first contact people to be able to communicate effortlessly with beings on a much lower developmental scale than Earth, so that they feel as if they are speaking with a person from their own planet.  We can take on the image of that being, as we have discussed about the sloths before.

Are these devices external or internal?

External, Tom.

First Contact Front CoverAre they the size of a computer chip, shall I say, or larger?

No, you have the basic idea, Tom.  They are quite small, as obviously over time, devices of any kind tend to grow smaller.

Are they self-sufficient, or are they connected to some type of computer device on board either the mothership or the spacecraft?

They are connected to both, Tom.

Do they operate on audio, brain waves, both, or in some other fashion?

Yes, they are capable of absorbing brain waves or functions, Tom, but they are also capable of interpreting any form of verbal and non-verbal communication.

That includes clicks, whistles and other sounds of all types?

Quite so, Tom.  Keep in mind that these devices as you call them have been developed over millions of years.

How much of a language must the translators capture before it can translate everything?

Again, this goes back to reading a being’s brain waves, Tom.  From there it is simply a matter of identifying the syntax.  The translator is capable of translating millions of languages it has built up over time.

Author’s Note: For those of you who, like me, did not know what the word “syntax” meant above (I even put brackets around a question mark after I received the word); Webster’s Dictionary defines syntax as, “an arrangement of words as elements in a sentence to show their relationship to one another” and “the organization and relationship of word groups, phrases, clauses, and sentences.”

Does it feed brain waves to you or do you hear it as audio?

It can do both, Tom, according to who is using the device.  We don’t even think about it, as it is so natural and easy to use.

I assume you have had one or more lives on earth in an English speaking country?

Quite so, Tom; I’ve had several in fact.

TranslationAre you able to bring up a particular earth language you spoke?  Or is there no need to do this due to the usage of your translation devices?

There you have it, Tom.  Yes, I can bring up, during meditation, one of the prior languages I spoke, but there really is no need since the complete translation devices we have, as I explained before, which are capable of reading brain waves and other minute idiosyncrasies of a language; any language in the universe.  As a comparison, calculations done just a few years ago (in relative time) by hand, are now done on your smart phones or computers.  You would not return to the slow manual way, unless your computer devices were not available, so it is the same with us and our translation devices.

When you use the translation device, do you continue to hear the sounds the being makes, or are they muffled and all you hear are the words verbally, or are they “thought packets”?

Certainly it would be distracting to continue to hear the other being’s sounds, so we hear only words we understand.  They are conveyed via a sound system, we will call it.  And yes, the words are also received as thought packets.  So it is a multi-listening device.

It would be very difficult to concentrate on what is being said if you could simultaneously hear the other being speak while you were hearing the translation—using a simplified description here.  It would be quite disconcerting unless you practiced, as was done in the distant past before the translators were more fully developed.  These translators went through various different models and upgrades over an extremely long time before the one used today was created.

TranslationsThen is this accomplished mentally, or physically?

An excellent question, Tom.  More mental in a way, yet still physical—so you could say a mixture.  After you use one of these devices one time you don’t even notice.

Is the voice you hear one that varies from being to being, or is it more or less the same tone?

No, it does vary, as it takes the essence of the language and yet is modified.  And yes, if you are speaking to several members of the same species, you will be able to tell which being spoke.

Is there any society in the universe this does not work on?

Not as far as we’ve found, Tom.

Will the Pleiadians use the translator devices or will they speak multiple languages?

No, they will also use the translator devices, Tom.

How does the translator work when there are beings with multiple languages all together?  If one person speaks to another in their own language, then that language would be the primary language.  Therefore, would the other beings still hear it in their own language?

Exactly, Tom.  Each translating device has the ability to translate simultaneously into whatever language the beings speak.  As an example, if one person spoke French, the others German, Spanish, and English, then all would hear each conversation between members of the group in their own language.  These devices are capable of handling hundreds of languages all at the same time.

UFOPlease explain the difference between a translation device and telepathy skills.

Yes, it is somewhat complicated, Tom, for your understanding.  A translation device is just that—a device that picks up brain waves and all sorts of audio and visuals as we have discussed before.  The skill of telepathic communication must rely on two individuals—and there can be more that tune into the conversation as you are well aware—who transmit these thought particles to each other over any distance—even across the universe.
And yes, this leads to your next question about inner space and hyperspace.  This is the space those thought particles travel through instantly on their way to and from these individuals, just as you and I are doing right now.  It will be many, many years, Tom, before your earth scientists are able to really understand this inner space and the voids, we will call them.

I would assume this is the same space a spacecraft travels through when you go through a portal and come out a long distance away?

Quite so, Tom, but not exactly the same.  Very difficult to explain in 3D terms, but as we have discussed before, there are limits to these portals, therefore it is impossible to travel across the universe in one jump.  It must be multiple jumps, similar to your Southwest Airlines I gave you as a comparison before.  There are no limits on thought particles being transmitted across the universe.  This gives you a little hint that there are different forces at work here.


Cooking BurnThis MBO story and the next one originally appeared in last week’s Blog, which you can view at  There are over 160 blogs you can read there with nothing but MBO and BP stories.  My publisher, Light Technology, plans to assemble virtually all the stories I’ve received since The Gentle Way II was published in 2010, into The Gentle Way III with the chapters probably set up similarly to Book II.  You can read the Table of Contents and a couple of sample chapters on my website at

Donna writes:  Whenever I get small burns while cooking, I immediately say an MBO to take away the pain and redness and please not let it blister. I've done this at least half a dozen times over the last year, and it always works!


Casey writes:  I just recently found my way to your website and it's incredible.  I've started requesting MBOs and Rock Concertthey've worked wonderfully!  I went to two concerts recently and was able to meet the lead singer at one and got very, VERY close to the lead singer at the other (and it was a huge arena).  I've even learned my GA's name finally after trying to "hear" it for two years now!


Sunny in Arizona writes:  I have a question about crows. I have always felt close to them even though I am aware of the negative beliefs about them. I recently watched a special about them and learned so many wonderful things about them, like how they learn, remember and put to use what they learned and how they adopt to their environment. But the one thing I saw in the special was how groups would gather near where one had died, sit for awhile, and Crowthen silently leave. My question has to do with this behavior. Is it a bird wake or is something more happening? They are very dear to me, (as are all birds).  Thank you, dear one, in advance, for any answer you may have for me.

Gaia, crows appear to be much more intelligent than your average bird.  Are they?  And do they have a two-language system?

Yes, Tom.  They are at the top or near the top in intelligence—as humans define intelligence, I might add.  And yes, their language does seem to have a duality to it.  Although further studies will show they are not separated.

Are there other birds that have the same intelligence as we define it?

Yes, you were thinking owls and certainly they are quite intelligent.  There are others.  Someday humans will be able to communicate with them and you will learn much more about their lives and contributions to the planet.


Alex JonesKent writes:  Questions for the newsletter.

(1)  What is the soul contract of "Alex Jones," the extremely charismatic and agile gentleman who has followers worldwide for trying to expose the Illuminati/New World Order?

(2)  Alex Jones was trying to expose the "Bilderberg Conference," which is an annual conference for the global elite.  So my question is what goes on at the "Bilderberg Conference," and is it associated with the Illuminati/New World Order?

Theo, what is the soul contract of Alex Jones?

Yes, he would be called a rebel rouser.  He stirs up the pot, although at times he’s like a bull in a china closet.  He does have radical views, but his soul contract is to cause others to think and question.  Many of his views have fallacies, but again he causes people to question.  Bilderberg Conference

Is the Bilderberg Conference associated with the Illuminati?

Certainly there are those individuals who take part in this conference who would be considered the Illuminati, Tom, as they wish to control the wealth of the world.  This is a losing proposition for them, as we have discussed before.

Can you give us any names?

Definitely those names that have appeared before who own billions in assets try and control as much as possible.  But again you will see a lessening of their ability to control you and the rest of the world.


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