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Welcome to all of our many new subscribers this month!


Kathy in Seattle writes: I'm so happy that I met you at the Kryon event in Sedona. Talk about an MBO! I had wanted to get your book and there you were! I love buying books from the author and having them sign their book. It makes it very special for me.

I want to share an incredible MBO with you. As I was waiting in the airport for my plane I was reading your book. I thought I'd try an MBO, so requested that I sit next to interesting people. I added fun, too. My seating section was called and as I moved into line I heard someone call my name. It was a dear, dear friend of mine whom I hadn't seen in months. She lives in a town about 1.5 hours drive from my home, so we don't get to see each other often. Unbelievably, she was on the same flight! She's a Unity minister and had been at a conference in Phoenix. Her ticket placed her about 10 rows ahead of me in the plane. As I got seated, she came back to talk with me for a bit and the woman who was sitting in the aisle seat offered to trade places with her! I had the window seat, which meant that we'd be talking over the person in the middle. That person showed up and he turned out to be a very nice man who was more than willing to trade seats with me and get the window seat! Everyone had an MBO! I got to sit next to my friend and we had a delightful marathon conversation all the way to Seattle. The woman who had been in her seat got to get off the plane faster and also had more leg room because it was a bulkhead seat. And the man whose seat I traded with got a window seat.

I'm having lots of fun with them and am sharing them with anyone who will listen! Thanks for sharing the Gentle Way of MBOs.

Note: for those of you new to the newsletter, MBO is an abbreviation for Most Benevolent Outcome.


Kelly writes: Yesterday I requested an MBO for when I went to my hair stylist. She is a new one for me and the other two times I visited her there was a "stiffness" and not much talking going on between us. It felt uncomfortable and not relaxed as with my prior stylist of 13 years, but she did good work. I requested that my visit go smoothly and comfortably between us and that a mutual rapport would begin so that my future visits with her would be comfortable and "looked forward to". As I sat down at the shampoo sink, our conversation hit it off with a bang from a mere comment I had made about feeling "chilled", despite the Spring weather. It just so happens she and I both have that tendency and then that led to other topics, which revealed other common traits between us. In fact, the hair cutting went by in a breeze and I was so into the discussion that I didn't realize she was done. We both were laughing and smiling. What a great outcome!

I also want to share some incidents involving compression of time I have used since your mentioning in your newsletter. I hadn't recalled the exact wording to use, I believe I said something like "I request that time stretches out to allow for me to get to my class on time, without feeling stressed or panicked with sufficient time to allow for preparing my kids' dinner before leaving." It worked marvelously as I was on my way home from work during rush hour and had 45 minutes until class time--the trip home could take 20-30 minutes at times--or as little as 15. Then the class was 5 minutes from my house, but I had to change and prepare dinner. I had 7 minutes to spare once I got to class! (I didn't look at the clock during my trip either).

Another incident involved a trip into Chicago for a class. I rarely drive downtown and felt I left sufficient time, but didn't realize road construction nearby really was slowing traffic. I put the request to use again--again forgetting the exact wording, but apparently it worked with my intended meaning/emotion about the request. Again, I didn't look at the clock. I had 15 minutes to spare and made sure I left earlier the next day of the class so I wouldn't cut it so close. Again, that next day, on my way home from my course I hit rush hour and had previously requested a rapid trip home allowing for extra non-rushed time that evening to unwind before thinking about the next day's work. As I approached the ramp to the express lanes (As I said, I rarely drive downtown and tend to avoid the express lanes as I wasn't completely familiar with them/where they let off, etc.) I had to decide if I'd take that ramp or stay on the regular route. It just so happens I was listening to a Deepak Chopra CD and at precisely the last moment I could make the decision, Deepak, in his discussion of time/timelessness, mid sentence said "Take the fast lane". I abruptly did and the pace of traffic was smooth and flowing much faster than the regular route. It did slow up a bit later, but I did make it home earlier than I had thought and was able to unwind with my kids and chat with a friend. Now I will keep a memo to myself in the car to request a "compression of time"--a lot less words and easier to say.

Notice how her Guardian Angel arranged for the CD to play that particular part at just the right time. Those are the ones that you know your GA is chuckling about! And don’t forget to say, “I request a Compression of Time, thank you!” when you need more time.


Ellen wrote that she had heard me on a radio broadcast, was lonely and wondered if asking for someone was a silly request. I responded:

That's not a silly request. I've discussed this a number of times in my free newsletter I send out each week. You would say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for the PERFECT mate for me, thank you!" Say it with some emotion and then sit back and watch things come together.

And I don't mean sit in your house thinking love is going to walk in the door. I was just reading a channeling yesterday (hmm, now I know why) that Lee Carroll did of Kryon (Lee's a super nice guy along with his wife). In it Kryon said in order to create the seemingly magical synchronicity you wish, you have to open the door and get out and about. Find reasons to be out and meeting people--volunteer work, clubs, and so on--whatever that little "whisper in your ear" as my GA Theo calls it says to do--listen and then do it.

Then when you think you've found someone interesting, say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome that this relationship is benevolent for me, thank you!" If it's not, then it will quickly end and you can continue until you find that perfect person.


Can you explain the higher self more to me. I seem to have run into one or two brick walls when I gave the answer I received that the higher self was simply your soul. Am I still missing something—an interim stage or connection?

No, Tom. What I said before is correct for you and others to understand. Yes, you do always have a connection to your soul, so this connection can be considered your higher self if they wish to look at it that way, but the truth of the matter is that this connection is a connection—not an entity. It’s not even another in your soul group. You are a piece or fragment of a soul Tom and therefore have that connection.


During the Kryon Conference Lee Carroll said that all of us there were part of the Michael family, so I decided to ask about this.

Am I part of the Michael family?

Yes, you are. You are connected to this family of souls Tom.

So did Michael birth us originally?

Yes, Michael split or birthed or divided into many more souls eons ago.

Am I receiving this correctly?

Yes Tom. Michael would almost be considered the equivalent of a creator. Instead of a small fragment of a creator Michael in simplified terms would be a larger fragment.

So how many souls did Michael create or birth?

Yes, several million were birthed, as you call it, by Michael.

You said he would be considered a larger fragment of a creator Theo. Did the creator also divide into other large parts or was Michael the largest?

Good question Tom. The creator did divide off two more large parts of itself. As you know, as there are trillions of creators they have millions of choices of what to do with themselves and this particular creator wished to send large parts of itself out to different universes for its learning and knowledge. Just as I send back what I learn from being of service here, Arch Angel Michalel as you call him does the same.


In the January 12 newsletter I expressed concern for Barrack Obama’s safety and requested everyone say a Living Prayer for all the Presidential candidates safety. I had also been told that Mrs. Clinton would be the nominee, so here’s a question I asked my GA Theo about this:

Why was I mislead regarding Barrack Obama. It does seem that he’s wrapped up the Democratic nomination.

Yes it does seem that way Tom, but things have a way of changing to use a typical saying. Be patient and you’ll see and you can be surprised along with everyone else. Perhaps shocked. That’s all I’ll comment or am able to say at this time.

So again I’ll ask everyone to say the following Living Prayer: “I ask that any and all beings protect and keep safe the Presidential Candidates, thank you!”


Gaia—With all the flooding along the tributaries and the Mississippi River, this appears to be similar to what you told me before would happen in increments in the higher-level time lines. Is this because we are at an unexpectedly higher level, or is this your way of pushing people away from the river prior to the giant earthquakes?

Gaia--Yes Tom, it will. No, these changes I’ve been making are directly related to the changes that will still be coming soon with the great movements I will make in the crust or mantle of this planet. And yes I am moving these people away with a warning shot so that these people will be away when the earthquake you know as the New Madrid fault line ruptures, yes and sends a wall of water down the Mississippi River all the way to the gulf of Mexico. As you notice, few people drowned this time as they had notice. There will be no notice the next time, so I arranged for as many people as possible to be displaced or moved away from this zone. As you noticed the levee system is incapable of withstanding a huge increase in the volume of water, so those levee systems would have been breeched in any case. By doing this early again, I repeat that it allowed the farmers and their families to be moved away from this area, as the levee system will not be repaired for many, many months.

OK, so you’re saying that everything you’ve told me in the past about all the series of earthquakes will still occur?

Yes, absolutely Tom.

Well, It’s too bad I won’t be able to warn anyone.

You will soon my dear.

OK, I think "soon" passed a long time ago in my way of calculation, but we’ll see. Thank you Gaia. I wish you God speed and a good long life.

Thank you Tom and God speed to you and have a wonderful day.

So some comments here. I’ve been told for the past two years that the New Madrid Fault line (with the epicenter near Memphis, Tennessee) would rupture all the way to the Great Lakes around the last week of October of this year. Less than seven days later, but no more than 10 days, the whole west coast of North America will rupture and over one third of California will collapse into the Pacific Ocean, along with Baja, California. I have withheld this information in the hopes I’m wrong, but as you see, I keep getting the same information.

I left in the last part, as Gaia had started saying “God speed” to me each time we parted. I finally asked why one day and she said I had said that each time I had communicated with her in a past life when I was a consultant to King Henry IV in 1830-37.


Why don’t we hear more about OZ? Was that a continent that no longer exists or is that a continent that exists in some form still today?

Good question Tom? Yes, the continent still exists. It is Africa as you might guess. After all, they are an ancient people, but the remnants of a much more progressed people has yet to be found. We can look more fully at their society in the future if you wish.

Did the Atlantians settle Ireland?

Yes they did actually Tom. They were the first to move to this island as Atlantis was beginning to destroy itself, so you do have their influence in Ireland and Scotland as these people settled there and did mix with a few peoples that had preceded them.

Why wouldn’t their skin color be red then?

It had to do with the climate and other gene factors Tom. And the fact that they did mix with the small population at that time.

I read that Ireland is actually a derivative of Arylan and that of Aryans—the people in northern Europe. Your comments, please.

Yes that is entirely true. The earliest settlers were those of Aryan blood. But they were small in number. When the Atlantians arrived, they were so much more advanced including their weapons that they subjugated these people fairly easily if they gave them any trouble. But the Atlantians, to give them their due, did try to assimilate as best they could and over time blended completely with the Aryans, whose genes were dominant.

Was there any connection between the Atlantians and the Middle Earth?

There was some connection Tom between the two—sort of like ambassadors, but that is all. The people that inhabit the planet underneath really wish to be left alone for the most part, with the exception of the Lemurian colony at Mt. Shasta that is assisting with your people’s growth, and will make an appearance after the shift to a higher dimension.

What was the main dispute between the Sons of Belial and the Children of the Law of One?

Greed Tom. Each wanted to rule the other and all the land. I have described before how it became a civil war, as they each wanted the power and ultimate power corrupts, to use another of your sayings.

Edgar Cayce, in his channeling of information about Atlantis, talked several times about the “night side of life.” Was that referring to atomic power or to some other energy?

Ah Tom, that had reference to the energy that was being generated by the use of the crystals. It was not atomic power, but just as destructive in the end, as it broke up cellular structures and basically disintegrated the molecules and such (I know you’re not a scientific person so I’m keeping this simple for you) in both living organisms and even the ground they walked on. That’s why even today there is this great inborn fear of all those souls that had lives during those time periods that you could destroy yourselves the same way and have stayed away from really understanding the power of crystals.

When did the migration from Atlantis begin and how long did it last and how many people migrated?

A fine question Tom. It began over the last few hundred years of Atlantis’ existence, as many people could not take the constant warring and the breaking up of the continent that was well under way. So many people migrated—certainly several million souls left the continent to those “hard liners” if you will that fought to the very end and went down with the ship, so to speak. So the time period of the migration was spread out over a number of generations. This was not an overnight occurrence.

There must have been chaos during that time period.

Absolutely. Chaos reigned supreme as the Sons of Belieal and The Law of One warred.

How many were left?

Again, several million, although these numbers dwindled considerably toward the last as it became quite clear it was hopeless.

How far from the continent of Atlantis could the airships and such travel with this external power source?

Quite a few thousand miles, but certainly not around the world. It was like a tether that would hold them as they reached the farthest these ships could lock on to the power source.

I assume many of these airships and such were lost as they tried to escape at the very end?

Oh quite a few crashed as they lost their power source. Those people had waited too long and paid the price so to speak. But of course their contracts were over.

Since I had a number of lives on Atlantis, was I aligned with both groups during those lives?

Yes, of course. You had to experience the Yin and Yang—the duality of those times, so you were a good guy shall we say, and a very bad guy during those thousands of years. I’m naturally using your terminology, as you had contracts to play those parts.

Were there the normal crimes that we have today—thievery, robberies, burglaries, and yes murder?

Yes all of those things. Atlantis was a violent place to live at times. It was not this peaceful calm picture that has been painted in drawings and paintings. There was much crime against other faiths. That’s another reason people were attracted to the Gentle Way. None of your flock really had the problems that the other people living at that time had. You could equate it to the Sunnis and Shiites of today in Iraq. At times they lived together quite peacefully and at other times quite the opposite.


For those of you who’ve asked, I’m posting the reminder to EXPECT GREAT THINGS in the SIGNS section of the website so that you can print it out and put it on a mirror, wall, or your refrigerator.

If you found this newsletter interesting and informative, please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters, articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way.

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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