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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to the many people who subscribed to this F.R.E.E. newsletter from all over the world this past week.  This is the MOST DIVERSE newsletter you’ll read, because all of the topics come from YOU, my readers.  If this newsletter is being forwarded to you, go to my website and subscribe to it, and possibly to my weekly Blog for those of you just requesting Benevolent Outcomes for the first time.  The Blog has nothing but Most Benevolent Outcome (MBO) stories sent to me from around the planet.

I received numerous emails about the oil leak this week—many more than are included below.  Besides giving you predictions I’m given in my “active meditations” by Gaia, Soul of the Earth and my Guardian Angel Theo, I’ve discovered there is a LOT of fear-based rumors out there. I hope I’m able to help you sleep better at night by discounting the worst ones through asking questions during these meditations. 

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(6/17/10) Gaia, are you planning anymore major earthquakes this summer, and if so where and when?

Yes, Tom I am.  Certainly, as you guessed there will be more major movements near Indonesia.  That’s a given.  There will be another before the end of June, then in both July and August as I continue to move the tectonic plates there.   

So approximately when in June? 

Obviously soon Tom--look for another in the next week, perhaps slightly longer than that.  Then the 3rd week of July and the 2nd week of August. 

What abut the rest of the world?

I will continue to move the plates near Chile Tom and this will result in several significant, but not major earthquakes.  And as I have said before, I will have several more mid-range earthquakes in the deserts of Southern California and Mexico. 

So nothing for say New Zealand?

No, not at this time Tom.


Gaia, am I missing an area of the Pacific Rim?

No Tom.  Again Japan will have their significant earthquake in the last week of August—Yes quite close to the date of August 25, but perhaps a day earlier or later, as I bring pressure. 

Japan MapWill the earthquake affect Tokyo itself?

Quite so Tom, and even to the south of this city.  Towards Osaka.  You should consult a map of Japan and we can discuss this in detail. 

(6/22/10) Gaia, Tokyo is located on the water.  Will the epicenter be to the west, northwest or southwest since you said it would be inland?

Yes I did say it would be inland and it will.  But not too far inland shall we say.  It will be centered to the northwest just a little, but still very close to Tokyo Tom and will be felt all the way down towards Osaka as I said before. 

What will be the severity on the scale?

Yes, it will be close to a 7.7 Tom, perhaps a little more, but in that vicinity.  It will be extremely damaging to a wide area of this island Tom with thousands of casualties.  Naturally all of these people have soul contracts to experience this earthquake.    You can come back again and we can discuss the epicenter in more detail but for the time being be assured that you are in the area Tom and fairly close on reception.

(6/24/10) Gaia, would the epicenter of the Japan quake be close to Nagano or Maebashi or farther up?

Yes, Tom.  Not having a thorough knowledge of this island makes pinpointing the epicenter a little more difficult for you, but let me remind you I said that the epicenter would be inland, but not too far inland.  It will be fairly close to Tokyo, but not as far up or to the Northwest as the two cities you mentioned, although they will certainly be affected, as that whole region will be.

Is that because Gaia, you will shake a whole fault line or move it?

Yes, Tom.  The movement will be all along a fault line and therefore will affect millions of people there.

EarthquakeSo how many casualties are we taking about—tens of thousands, a few thousand, or millions?

Tens of thousands Tom would be closer to the number.  Certainly under a million but perhaps not so far, taking into account injuries and deaths you see. 

Will there be large buildings, which will collapse in the Tokyo area?

Quite so Tom.  There will be wide-spread destruction from this quake and the many aftershocks which will occur in the days and weeks to come.

Quick note on Ottawa, Canada, which had a 5.0 quake this week.  As Gaia said in the June 12 newsletter, Ottawa and the surrounding area will continue to have quakes, but not any real “major” ones. 


Hurricane 1Gaia, when will a hurricane strike Florida?

Yes it will be later in July Tom—towards the end.

Is this the one, which will strike the mid-section of Florida?

Yes, Tom. 

When will a hurricane strike the Texas Coast?

Again late July into August Tom.  I do not wish to give too much information on that one at the present time, as you have a number of readers of your newsletter who live in that region. 

What about the other part of the Gulf Coast by Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama?

They will not experience a hurricane this season Tom.  That portion of the Gulf Coast will have some strong Gulf storms but not of hurricane strength this year. 

Hurricane 2I neglected to ask about an Atlantic Coast hurricane this season.  Will they experience one along the East Coast?

Yes, most definitely Tom.  Actually two. 

When will they experience these? 

Late July and again in late August Tom.  That’s as close as I wish to say, as again you have many readers in that section of the country and I do not at this time wish to give too much information—more on a general nature.  But your readers there should have adequate insurance and adequate supplies.

Will North or South Carolina be where one lands?

Yes, but no more information than that Tom, as this time. 


Elizabeth writes:  Would you please ask Theo if the Gulf oil spill was a man-made (corporate) creation in order to accomplish more subversive ends? Thank you. 

Gaia was there any corporate subversiveness in the oil leak?

Only great ineptitude and pride which goeth before the fall shall we say.  These large oil companies have gotten their way too long and it was inconceivable to them that this could happen, so they made no contingency plans—at least not ones that would truly work.  They will find that their whole world will change and government attitudes to them will greatly change, as they will be looked upon as one of the bad guys you see.  Their arrogance will be greatly diminished after this fiasco for them, and I mean all the oil companies, not just British Petroleum.

Donna writes:  Do you think this was just a horrible accident or possibly sabotage?  There are so many theories floating around.  Also to Gaia, does off shore drilling of any kind pose a threat to tectonic plates and set off the possibility of earthquakes as well as doing other kinds of damage?  I know we need the oil but it has never seemed natural to me to be damaging Gaia's beautiful body in this way.

Gaia, I keep getting questions about the oil leak.  Was this an accident?

Yes, most certainly Tom.

Are there other fissures spewing oil in other places in the Gulf Gaia?

No, this is the major one Tom.

Will a Tsunmi be caused by the ocean floor rising?

No, that is preposterous shall we say at this juncture.  These are fear-based predictions to bring concern and worry and fear to the population.  It is shall we say, a little psychological warfare by those who enjoy putting people in misery and raising their fear levels.   As I have said before, this will soon be fixed and it will cause a great leap forward in the development of alternative forms of energy.  You have to look at the “Big Picture” as you call it.

A further note.  On CNN’s Larry King Show on Tuesday, June 22, Larry interviewed Kevin Costner (yes the actor) who has spent $24 million of his own money developing a centrifuge machine that cleans 200 gallons of polluted water per hour.  After testing it, BP has ordered 32 of the machines, all which will be delivered over the next six weeks.  To view the 13 minute interview, go to: .  It took 45 seconds to load on my computer, so be patient.  His machines will probably be ordered by every oil company (or the government will force them to) over the next few months, unless something better comes along.  And that will include those drilling near lakes or streams. 


Janis asked me to check out some information being put out about FEMA renting hundreds of hotel rooms to evacuate people off the Gulf Coast.

Gaia, is there anything to the rumor that FEMA is going to call for a mass evacuation of the people from the Gulf states and they are renting hotel rooms by the hundreds for this?

No Tom.  This is just a malicious rumor—one of many concocted by those who wish to throw worry and fear into these people.  These rumors are not done as a prank but to create fear as I said.  Again, as I have said before, the time if fast approaching when they will begin to clean up the mess they made and it in the long run will be good as new forms of energy are put on the fast track. 

Notice how much psychological manipulation is going on these days everyone?  Perhaps these three responses will have you looking more astutely when you read or hear rumors like these.  Remember the old saying, “The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.” 


Iris writes:  My question is if animal and marine life make contracts with Gaia and if this oil spill is a way for several marine, mammal and bird species to exit their earth existence?  There may be new species waiting to incarnate that can adapt to the polluted 3rd dimensional earth? What do you think?

Will any marine species become extinct because of the oil leak?

Yes, perhaps a couple Tom, but they want to return home shall we say.  I allow, as all species are here on their own volition Tom.  They volunteered to be here as the Creator wants great diversity and sent his representatives all over the universe to request that they take part in the earth experiment.  It is impossible to say no to the Creator when he comes calling shall we say and asks your assistance. 

So are these small marine species or large ones?

Quite small.  They will not be noticed for some time until great studies are made on the impact of the oil spill.


Mt. St. Helens
Charles writes:  This site is of Mt St Helens. I don't know who took the pictures. Thought you might like to see.  Here is a great picture of Mt. St. Helens in 360 degree's.  The mountains you see in the background are Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams, and if you rotate further you can see Mt. Hood in the distance.

This is really beautiful.  I highly recommend you click on the link or copy and paste.  My TV program distribution company just acquired a new documentary titled Mt. St. Helens: 30 Years of Change to distribute world wide.


Oregon MapI lost the email, but Gaia, how safe is Bend, Oregon?

Yes, Tom, as you saw on the map it is distanced from the west coast so it will be relatively safe for quite some time in the future.

So what abut Portland and Eugene, Oregon?

That is a different story shall we say Tom.  They are too close to the coast and will experience some very heavy tremors in the next year shall I say for your purposes at this time.  They are too close to the fault lines running along the coast.    The people there should seriously consider moving on the other side of the mountains to be safe.


VancouverSunny on Facebook writes:  Tom, I read in your last newsletter lots of information about earthquake activity focusing on Seattle.  Since I'm presently in Bellingham (Mt. Baker vicinity) as are many of my FB buddies, I wonder if you could say a few words about the Bellingham/Vancouver areas.

Gaia, I’m asked for more information on the Bellingham /Vancouver area.

Again, this is not a safe area Tom and I highly recommend the residents move away from the coast and over the mountains, or they will be swept up literally by a combination of earthquakes and tsunamis.  I know you love this area too and the residents naturally more so, but I am going to change the coastlines and they must move away or be in mortal danger.  And this will come only a few months after I move the sections of the fault line to their south in the San Francisco area.


Margie writes:  I really enjoy your newsletter and I have been doing MBO’S since reading your first book. I wonder if you could ask Gaia if Colorado, specifically how Denver, Fort Collins and Boulder will be affected by the earthquakes and the Earth changes. Will this area be safe?  Many thanks to you, Theo and Gaia for all the information and service you provide.

Gaia, what about Denver, Ft. Collins and Boulder and Colorado Springs area for their future?

Yes Tom, their future is bright, with the exception of hundreds of thousands of refugees moving to their area.  It will be gridlock at times in their transportation system and even in other infrastructure areas as well.  But these will be safe areas.  They just need to begin planning now how to handle an influx of thousands of people needing not only shelter, food and water, but medical care and so on, along with jobs.


Janis sent this to me.  It’s a USA map showing where the people in each county in the United States are moving to and from.  Check out the west coast to see how many are moving away from there.


Busi in South Africa writes:  Thank you for a wonderful newsletter. I have been reading it for months now and I find it informative and helpful. I live in South Africa and I was wondering about any earth movements in this area, in particular the city of Johannesburg and Pretoria. Is there anything Gaia can share with us concerning these two cities?

Gaia, what about earth movements in South Africa?

Yes there will be some Tom, but not to the extent I told you in 2008.  At least not in the near future.  This will remain a quieter area, as their souls tell me great progress is being made on this continent, although certainly they have a long way to go.    But that is a discussion for another day, I think.


Stan writes:  After today's horrendous floods in southern France with many people being killed, and more severe weather may be coming, could I ask if Gaia is now working on changing Europe, as to date in your newsletters, only North America and the Pacific seem to have been named.  It would be good to know if other parts of the world are to be involved soon and if we would have to make serious decisions about moving out of our areas as you have been warned in your country.

Gaia, what about the future for Europe for say the next 5 years.

Yes, their conditions will be rather normal Tom, with the exception of harsh winters and spring flooding, along with some torrential downpours in the summer.  There will be no earth movements.

I noticed that you did something similar in France that you did in Texas and Arkansas creating heavy downpours that created floods.  These systems were not connected at all were they?

Not at all Tom.  Again, I was requested by the souls of the people living in that region of the Riviera to experience floods—a natural disaster for them and for some it meant they were to die in the flooding, per their soul contracts, just the same as it happened in your country.

Flood PhotoWill we have anymore flooding in the USA this summer?

Some, Tom, but not to the extent of the almost a foot of rain I gave to those areas.  Certainly there will be or continue to be heavy rains in certain places Tom, which is normal.

I do wish you would bring rain to my part of Texas as we are really baking as you know.

Yes, you will have a hot summer Tom, but I will bring relief to you in the near future.  You can request MBO’s for rain to fall and I will do my best to respond.

(Update) 6/24/10—Several people joined me on Facebook requesting an MBO for rain.  We had a great soaking rain today at my house.  The TV weather people expressed surprise that the rain reached the Dallas Metroplex, as it was supposed to stay to the south and east.  They just weren’t talking to the right Soul!


Kathy writes:  You may have thought of this and/or another kindred spirit. At a certain time on a certain day, organize that everyone speaks the same MBO regarding the oil spill. I put on a CD of violet flame decrees when this thought came to me. Imagine, the many Guardian Angels that would be given the request! How congruent!

Theo, should a Benevolent Prayer be said at the same time to be effective?

Yes, Tom it can be said by a group of people at the same time to add effectiveness, but a number of people saying the same BP as you say over a short period of time really is almost or just as effective.  With the difference in time zones all over the world, it is virtually impossible for everyone to say a BP at the same time, so when you ask your readers to say a BP, there is an increasing surge of energy as more and more people request or ask for the same thing. 


Becky writes:  Tom, could you please tell me about the Paschats, who are written about in Murray Hope's books to be ancient lion people and their connection to Egypt and the worship of cats long ago and also if there is a link to the Sphinx long ago. Were they part of the ancients and from the planet Sirius? Were they thought to be Gods and help with the seeding of this planet.

Theo, who were the Pashats?  Were they a creation by the writer, or were they an actual people?

Yes Tom.  They were an actual people who were known to worship cats of all persuasions. 

Why am I seeing a snake right now?

Yes.  They also used snakes in their rituals.


Susan writes:  My husband, who is a pharmacist, is interested in monoatomic gold and its connection to other dimensions and our DNA.  He has found information on the internet that links it to the pyramids and some of the rituals that the priests would perform while in the pyramids.  Please ask Theo what information he can share about this interesting metal.  Here is one of the links that speaks of this: are many other websites that talk about the positive medicinal effects that come from ingesting this product.

Gaia, what are the benefits of monoatomic gold.

Yes Tom.  I can see through your eyes you know.  It is of benefit and again I suggest your readers investigate this much more as this element has healing qualities, which you must discover and work with, just as there are healing qualities in plants you have not discovered yet.  This would be a very dull place if you had all the answers given to you, you see?  You are the Explorer Race Tom and you are to solve and resolve in a different way the problems others could not solve.  You bring a fresh approach, as you cannot remember how you solved a problem or could not solve a problem before and gave up. 

Gaia was referring to looking through my eyes when I open them to read a question.  Susan wrote back and asked: I know that Gaia said that it had healing properties but is there any danger in consuming it?  Also, does ingesting this open the window into the next dimension?

Gaia, I am asked if there are any dangers to consuming monoatomic gold ?  And does it open a door to another dimension?

Yes Tom, it is first safe in taken in moderation.  Like anything you can consume too much.  But there are excellent qualities to this substance if taken in moderation.  Now then, regarding opening up to another dimension, it does provide a person with the ability to raise your vibrational rate, and by doing so you can seemingly at times travel to another Time Line.  It is not a dimensional tool, but one to help one explore other time lines should you wish.  I will let the people experiment with this substance and make discoveries on their own, Tom.

If you wish to read more about Time Lines (also known as Parallel Lives and we’re on number 6), then go to my SERIES listed below and begin reading the newsletters indicated.  Here is one website for more information on the gold:


Carla writes:  Much gratitude and thanks for your time, insight and generosity.

I wish to ask Mother Gaia please (because this is something, that for some reason, bothers me to my core, and of which I have written to you about in the recent past), is She bothered and/or does She wish that we humans would capitalize the e in Earth (when we are not talking about earth as in soil) when we write about Her?  Thanks so much.  Many happy days ahead may you have!

Gaia, this question was asked in sincerity.  Do you mind if the E is capitalized or not in the word Earth when we write it?

It makes absolutely no difference to me Tom how you write it.  I realize this person want to honor me each time they write this word, but I would prefer you honor me by sending light and by treating the resources you have with more respect and all the animal and insect kingdoms with more respect.  Then you honor me much more than whether you capitalize a word or not. 


She asked me to change her name so Rosalyn writes:  Yesterday was my daughter's high school graduation, held at a local college. We had to pass through a very busy part of town at rush hour in the morning with lines of cars. I did an M.B.O. for easy traffic, and we totally sailed through the area, arriving more than 30 minutes ahead of time. I hadn't even specifically asked for a time compression. I also did an MBO for the graduation specifically, especially since my daughter is shy and she had to go up on stage for her summa cum laude award. She did well and the graduation was beautiful and enjoyable generally, with good, happy spirits in everyone, adults and students.


Glenn BeckBarb writes:  In past issues of your newsletter Theo has told us that a spokesman would soon be stepping up to show us just what our governments have been doing that up to this point has been hidden.  There seems to be a few more articles along those lines, and frankly, the crescendo seems to be building.  One name is most prominent in this however, Glenn Beck (Fox Network in the USA).  Will you ask Theo if Mr. Beck is the person to which he’s referred?  Are there more shocking revelations to come?

Theo will Glenn Beck reveal hidden government agendas?

No, Mr. Beck is sincere in his beliefs Tom, but he is not the whistle blower, which I have previously referred to.  Mr. Beck’s agenda is very conservative, so it would make it a little difficult for him to accept some of these revelations, which pertains to people he holds in high esteem. 


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