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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


EnidMary writes from Oklahoma:  I live in Enid, OK and a lot of the time when a big weather front comes our way, it either goes around or splits and reforms on the other side of our community.  This happens so much I was wondering if Gaia could explain why this happens?

Gaia, is there a geographical reason why storms veer away from Enid, Oklahoma?

Yes, it is interesting that your reader noticed this.  There are certain shall we call them magnetic abnormalities underneath the surface there.  I know you thought perhaps someone was doing a little creating or co-creating with me but that is not the case here.  The magnetic deposits we will call them cause the storms to veer away.  Someday they may investigate, but for anyone wishing to live in a pretty safe place in Oklahoma, this town would be a good choice. 


SiberiaMarie writes on Facebook:  Question for Gaia--did Siberia ever encounter a black hole?  Thank you Tom!

Gaia, did Siberia ever have a black hole?

Not at all Tom.  They may be referring to energy abnormalities a little similar to those we just spoke about in Oklahoma, as you must understand that there is much you have not discovered under the surface of this planet.  Your geologists have many interesting discoveries ahead of them, but these explorations and findings will need different and better equipment than they now use and have.    I’ll let them ponder on this statement for a while.  Someone will be inspired to try different equipment and then voila!


Texas DroughtNaturally when Michele wrote this we received three inches of rain in the DFW metroplex and Houston received at least one or two inches I believe.  But they were 18(!) inches below normal so they need a gentle tropical storm from the Gulf of Mexico. 

Michele in Texas writes:  I have a question for Gaia.  I live in Houston, Texas and, as you know, Texas is experiencing a severe drought.  We have not seen any significant rain here in Houston since last October.  I was wondering why we are experiencing a severe drought and have had 100 degree temperatures since early June.  Usually, August is the hottest month of the y ear here, not June.  Also, how long is the severe drought and extreme temperatures going to continue?  Hoping for some relief soon.

Gaia, how long will the drought last in Texas?

Yes, as you have seen the past two days I am sending some rain to the north central part of Texas Tom, but now I am sending some rain to the southern part of the state.  This will alleviate somewhat the extremely dry conditions, but you need much more rain and also in the western part of the state too.  You will have a hot summer Tom, but I will break the heat at times with rain—some in copious amounts as the weather systems in the Gulf of Mexico come ashore first in Southern Texas and then making their way up to the north and west.  You cannot say that the drought is officially over, as the rainfall amounts are all below average, but you will enter a new cycle soon, I do promise that. 

So let’s say a quick Benevolent Prayer out loud for ALL the drought areas of the world:
“I ask any and all beings to assist in bringing gentle rains to all those areas on earth which need it, thank you!”


FloodingI’m sure everyone has been seeing on TV the flooding that’s happening all over the world.  Feeling compassion for these people does raise our vibrational level. 

Lucy writes:  Tom, I would appreciate an MBO for those involved in the floods, all over the world.   Perhaps:

“I ask any and all beings to assist those affected by flooding to find the Most Benevolent Outcomes for their situations, thank you.” 


Rolling in the MoneyJackie writes:  Last month we went to the dentist with the intention of getting my wife dentures. Her teeth had been damaged by her medication and seizures and she was embarrassed about them. They also caused her discomfort. After we saw the cost we expected to apply for a loan. I didn't know but my wife requested a benevolent outcome to get the money for her teeth.

A short time after that she added that she'd also appreciate the money for a new stereo. As a future music producer sound quality is important for her health and wellbeing (and not just fun). Around a week later we got a surprise - almost $7,000 in back pay from her disability claim! We had no idea there was anything still pending. We were able to buy her top dentures and a nice new Bose system, fulfilling her benevolent request. :-)


Nancy writes:  Nancy writes:  In October 2009, my daughter, Angela and her girlfriend, Maddie wanted to see Taylor Swift in
Taylor Swiftconcert, really, really bad. Maddie’s mom and I talked and agreed to let them go to the concert for their 16th birthday presents. The concert was already sold out but I told Deb (Maddie’s mom) not to worry, that we would get tickets for the girls. Deb searched Ebay and Craigs List for tickets while I said an MBO…”I ask for a Most Benevolent Outcome for getting good tickets to Taylor Swift’s concert at an affordable price. May the Outcome be better than I could hope for or expect.”

Deb searched and conferred with me about the location of this set of tickets or that set. She even bid on a set here and there but lost to other bidders. I assured her that this or that set was not the right tickets for the girls. Two nights before the concert, Deb found a pair of tickets on Ebay that were a pretty good seating location and a decent price. Deb bought the tickets, from a man whose daughter lost the privilege of going to the concert because she had to pay for a broken cell phone due to her own carelessness. Deb picked up the tickets the day before the concert and told the girls they were going! I then said, “I ask any and all Beings be with Angela and Maddie as they go to the Taylor Swift concert tomorrow night, that they have a fantastic night and awesome first concert experience. May the Outcome be better than they could hope for or expect.”

While the girls were at the concert, Deb and I had dinner at a restaurant nearby. Deb received a text from Maddie stating that they just “hugged her”. I was in disbelief because they were nowhere near the stage. We found out later that after the first song, Taylor and her entourage showed up at the top of their aisle with her acoustic guitar and Taylor sang “Hey Stephen“ which the refrain begins with...”cause I can’t help it if you look like an angel…” When she finished the song, she handed her guitar off and walked down their aisle hugging everyone on the ends of the rows.

It was a Most Benevolent Outcome that I will always remember…and so will Angela, Maddie and Deb!


SchizophreniaJane writes:  I so appreciate your work and your weekly newsletter.  I was wondering if Theo could enlighten us on what is happening when someone is experiencing schizophrenia.  Are the voices that one is hearing just in the mind or are low entities beings attaching to the person in some way?  I have a disabled sister who developed schizophrenia about 11 years ago.   She has been quite specific and consistent in her story over the years of who is exerting some control over her – in telling her to do certain things and she says she is often pushed and made to fall.   I would appreciate any input as to what is the best way to help her overcome this situation/condition. Again, thank you for your work in helping to increase our awareness of who we really are.

Theo, please explain schizophrenia and who or what is talking to Jane’s sister?

Yes, let’s see if you can receive this as this is more complicated.  People who suffer this condition Tom do experience voices in their head.  This is a mental problem that will be corrected one day through DNA manipulation.  But sometimes the voices are from previous lives and this is overwhelming to the person as they hear these conversations in their heads.  If you were to suddenly access all your other past lives Tom, it would simply overwhelm your circuits. 

Regarding Jane’s sister, she has attracted a lower level entity that finds it funny to cause her to fall down.  Jane needs to request a BP for all energy cords not in her sister’s best interest to be severed at this time, and her sister in a more lucid moment can request a MBO for the same.  This will alleviate the problem.  She should surround her sister with white protective light, as her sister is incapable of doing so herself. 


Times ChangingAs I write this I’m listening to Peter, Paul and Mary singing THE TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGING—pretty funny!

Michelle in Baltimore writes:  I have a question regarding the change in our cells from carbon to crystalline. I have been experiencing what appears to be weight gain, but my clothes size has stayed the same. For most women, a gain of more than 10 lbs usually means a larger size.

My mom's weight has stayed the same but her clothes are now too big.  Does this make any sense? Does this have anything to do with the carbon/crystalline change?

Theo, are we now experiencing the carbon to crystalline change in our cells?

Yes, but only to a small extent Tom.  This change will cause some moving about your know, but the big changes will come in the next year.  So not overnight but certainly a very speedy change to crystalline will be in your future.


Theo, what are dark angels?

Yes, I know this term has come up recently, but these dark angels for the most part are lower level entities Tom.  We will go into these entities at another time. 


ChakrasRebecca writes:  I was reading (Sedona May 2011) about Meridians and the shifting body It talks about our heart chakra absorbing the 3 bottom  chakra  and three new ones sitting above the present crown chakra.  Will you ask Theo if that will happen and the article also says we will be using more energy waves. Will our memory and thinking also increase? 

Theo, will our heart chakras absorb the bottom three and the new ones that are on top?

Not at all Tom.  Each has a specific function and must operate by itself.  Much more, as I have previously said, will be learned about these chakras and new ones, which are being created.


Janet in St. Louis writes:  I was wondering if you would ask Theo about the drug, psilocybin, or “magic mushrooms.”  A link to an article on a recent study of the drug is below.  I’ve always believed that drugs limited your spiritual growth but after reading that article I can’t help wondering if psilocybin could help many, especially during the shift to the 5th dimension.

Theo, does the drug psilocybin help in spiritual growth?

This is a very toxic drug Tom and I do not encourage its use.  It may seem on the surface to be a shortcut to enlightenment, but it is not, you see.  If people request MBO’s and BP’s, spiritual growth happens.  As I have said before, humans are impatient, and constantly search for the easiest way to attain something or learn something.  There are too many after effects of this drug Tom and again, I do not encourage its use. 


Sirius B Last Sunday afternoon I spoke to the E.P.I.C. Voyagers group in the DFW metroplex and then Monday night was their premier guest on their new show on the Inception Radio Network.  It was an enthusiastic group and my 1.5 hour talk went two hours, also webcast to their groups in Oklahoma, Washington DC, the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere.  Afterwards they sent me a number of questions to pose to Antura (a member of my soul “cluster” having a life on a water planet in the Sirius B Star System), a number of which are included below. 

After reviewing all my communications with him in previous newsletters (listed below under SERIES as CONVERSATIONS WITH A SIRIAN, I now more understand my role coming up in 2017.  I’m going to be one of at least three grassroots “Contactees” to help people on earth better understand our Federation of Planets neighbors (there are 200 planet members).  There are going to be others, and as you’ll read below, I’ve asked for a larger group to meet with Antura and a few of his very different colleagues from the “mothership” that’s coming to visit us.  At least that’s my understanding so far.  Form your own opinions as you read all these communications. 

OK Theo, now I wish to speak to Antura, whom I assume is waiting in the wings?

Right you are Tom.  Waiting my turn shall we say.

First ContactOK Antura.  I think I am more understanding perhaps of my role in this in relation to what you will be doing regarding first contact.

Yes, I understand you had an eye-opening moment there Tom when you put things together.

Yes, that’s a good way of describing it.  So here are some questions both from me and from the group I spoke at last Sunday.

I thought I had asked this before but could not find it.  How many others of the crew on the mothership will be doing grass roots contacts besides you?

Yes Tom.  Only two or three others will be doing the same type of contacts I will be doing.

So where are they from?

They’re also from the Sirius B Star System Tom.  They are humanoids like me and have close relationships with several people on earth from a standpoint of soul clusters and such.

Abe SapienAre these people land people or are they water people—amphibians?

No, as you guessed Tom they are land people.

I wish to return to these people in a minute, but since the person, as I understand it, is located in Asia and is not a member of our soul cluster, how or for what reason did you or are you making contact with this person—male or female?

Female Tom.  You are the only male I will contact and meet with.  The other two are females.  And to answer your question, this person in Asia, I will not say which country yet, was very open to contact with an ET or alien and so I have been in contact ever since.

Was the contact made from an upper time line first?

Yes, excellent question.  Then I simply went down the line so to speak, communicating with each time line expression of the soul fragment shall we say.

OK, back to the two or three humanoids—will it be two or will it be three? 

Unless things change Tom it will be three.

So I was going to ask you to describe the 10 humanoids on the ship coming with you, so let’s start with these three, if you will?

I’ll try Tom.  Your reception is pretty good this morning. 

First Contact CartoonSo is the first one tall, medium height, or small in statue?

Yes, fairly tall Tom, but not the 14 or 15 foot height.  This one would be more towards the 7 foot height with a fair complexion.    This one does have hair—more reddish brown in nature.  He has wide eyes, a little smaller ears than on earth, a prominent nose, smaller mouth, and yes 5 fingers and toes—a little more to what a normal earth being would look like. 

What about the person’s skin?

Yes it is thicker than yours Tom as it has to be because of the sunlight. 

I was afraid that this will take some time, so perhaps I should move on and return to descriptions in future conversations with you.

That’s fine Tom. 

What percentage of the universe has vegetation of some sort or another?

Easily 90% Tom, although you would not recognize it as such on planets that say are more gaseous in nature.

That seems rather high.  Did I receive this number correctly?

Yes, Tom.  Again, you have much to learn about plants and plant organisms, so what might appear to be barren to you on the surface might be teeming with life below the surface of the planet, and some plant species would be tiny in comparison to what you think of as a plant. 

EncounterHow long will I be allowed to stay in the mothership and will Dena be allowed to contact me?

Good questions Tom.  Certainly if you wish to spend a week or so of your time on board you will be accommodated.  As a first contact person, normally we make contact and then leave, but in your case, you are much more advanced than the species we deal with when we are making early contact, so certainly this will be taken into consideration.  I don’t think you will have a problem adjusting, with the exception being having a breathing apparatus attached to you, although they are almost imperceptible.  

As for Dena, she may or may not accompany you.  This will be her decision, but I understand that you wish her to experience these things in preparation for your next life together in the 3400 era.  And to answer the question floating around your brain, yes, you will be shown anything you wish, as we know you are not scientifically oriented and would not take what you see and reproduce.  We are allowed to show you, but not give you the technical knowledge.  If you mention some of these things in your writing it will be as if a person was writing a science fiction book—simply presenting what you have been shown.

Now I would like to make a request.  I understand that your normal first contacts are quite limited on a grass roots level, but I think you will find, by the time we meet, there will be a great desire for more information from many people.  But I do think that perhaps making an appearance with 3 or 4 of the humanoids with a group such as I spoke to last Sunday would be quite welcomed and would greatly increase the acceptance factor I’ll call it for people in general. Certainly we could make it on a “if you wish to see and speak basis,” but these people are really drawn to this, don’t you think Antura?

Yes, I understand Tom, and certainly we have had some discussion in that direction and there has been no decision made.  And yes, I tend to agree with you after tuning into your talk that there is great interest in these people, and perhaps something more could be arranged where we might check the people out and let you know who would become so frightened, even though on the surface they claim it would be no problem, and those who would be thrilled to meet with us and ask us questions to take back and pass along to their group and eventually the world. 

We realize making first contact—first public contact with you at this time will be completely different than any contact we have made before, although we, as you can imagine, have had a lot of experience over a few million years with different beings.  You are unique though being veiled, and we do not wish to frighten you. 

Aqua MaidSo a quick question on the oceans of your planet Antura.  This is not salt water as we have is it?

No not in the least Tom.  The water is made up chemically in its composition completely different than the salt water on earth.  That’s the best I can describe it for you as you do not have a chemist background.

How many species have contributed DNA to the earth experiment?  Over 20?

Yes, Tom, more than 20—certainly all the species wish to contribute, but there was a great overlapping it was found so there are not too many more than 20 that contributed, as there were other species that were descendants shall we say of the contributing ones. 

MBO’s are only necessary on earth aren’t they?

Yes, you are the only people in the universe that are veiled Tom, so using this special spiritual tool is wonderful for you to use, and was a great inspiration when you received the information originally in Atlantis.

AtlantisWere you with me in that life Antura?

Exactly Tom.  I was one of your best friends and assisted you in the move to Egypt.

When will the European country have disclosure?

Not for another two years as you guessed Tom.  The time is not right yet, and when 2012 comes along there will be the great shift; and there will also be a great shift in people’s attitudes and desire for more information and disclosure as we move towards that point. 

Have the months been chosen yet for the visits in 20154 and 2017 or is this still fluid?

Certainly summertime in this hemisphere will be best from both our standpoints.  Closer than that I cannot or will not say.  It could change, so ask me as we get closer to those years.

How many species contributed souls as compared to DNA?

Certainly all 200 planets plus planets not in the Federation such at the reptilians, but yes others contributed to the earth experiment.  It was not limited to just our group, but a number of other species who the Creator thought would be a good mix for you in this experiment. 

OK, that’s all for now Antura. 


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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TIME LINES—JANUARY 29, 2011, February 5, 2011.


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