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Tom T. Moore

·    GUARDIAN ANGEL 101, PT. 7

Good day everyone around the world!  I’m just back from Sedona, Arizona after a week in those great red rocks and all that energy!  I had a fun time signing books and meeting many people at the Kryon Conference who have read the book and/or are subscribers to this newsletter.  Also, a number of people signed up to receive the newsletter at the conference.

I also conducted a workshop on Monday after the conference.  We had a small turnout, so next year I plan to have it in the evening, so that more locals can attend after work—live and learn.

Next week you’ll see that I will have my first workshop on the East Coast in Andover, Massachusetts—not too far from Boston—on September 5, Labor Day Weekend.  So start planning on coming if you live on the East Coast and make a vacation out of it! 

My wife and I experienced some nice Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s as I call them) during our trip.  Besides the typical “policeman was giving someone else a ticket when we passed,” plus all the MBO’s of baggage arriving on time or even faster than we expected, we had a funny one happen on our drive up to Flagstaff to visit the publisher of my first book.  We took the scenic drive up Oak Creek Canyon from Sedona, which is a beautiful, winding drive on a two-lane road with virtually no possible places to pass a slower moving vehicle.

We had no one in front of us for a while, but then came upon a truck towing a trailer with wooden slats such as those used for fences.  I remembered that I had forgotten to request a MBO for the drive and did so.  IMMEDIATELY the truck pulled off the road onto a wide shoulder and allowed us and 3 or 4 other cars to pass by.  We really had a laugh at that one!

We also requested a Benevolent Outcome for having dinner with Lee Carroll (who channels Kryon), as he wasn’t sure he would have time to, but we were able to have dinner together this past Tuesday.  It was one of those MBO’s that was “even better than we hoped for or expected,” as he gave us valuable information about the publishing business which we will be using sooner than we expected.  

Please pass this newsletter along to your friends.  It will be one of the best things you’ve ever done to introduce them to the concept of requesting Benevolent Outcomes in their lives to make their lives less stressful, less fearful, and more successful!  Here are this week’s stories.


Helena in the UK writes:  When I first started doing my MBO'S.  I was trying too hard, but  I got fed up with wanting results.  One day I was walking through our local park, I was muttering away to myself, I said I request a MBO for a 'Robin' to show me it's big fat breast as proof to me that my MBO'S are working for me. (And I thought, ha ha, this will not work for me, as I was trying too hard and being quite negative)  Well nothing happened!

On my way back through the park I requested the MBO again for the Robin to appear, I carried on walking, and you will never guess what happened? Out of the bushes shot this Robin, it puffed itself up like a fluffy ball; it tipped its head to the right as if it was looking at me. (I just stood still as I had full shopping bags in each hand ) When this Robin appeared I just got the shock of my life, as it shot out the bushes just like that, I just stood there laughing my head of and I just could not stop laughing,  There were people playing football all around.  It just happened so quickly and it shot back in the bushes, I waited to see if it would come back out but it didn’t. This Robin only appeared for about 30/40seconds,but it did seem longer.  It was just so funny Tom. I remember every detail like it happened yesterday.

Well Tom I  most certainly got my proof that my MBO'S are working for me.  And I most certainly said- Thank You, Thank you, Thank you!


Daphnee writes:  I happen to read the part of your newsletter regarding the Guardian Angels embodying into 3D to save someone's life.  Back a few years ago while leaving in Cyprus, I was driving my car very fast on the Highway on the fast lane (right side, as they have the same rules as in the UK) and overtook 2 cars in the middle, or left lane (the slower one), there was another 3rd car ahead on the left lane and I was about to overtake this car and was slightly ahead of it already, when  SUDDENLY, invisible hands grabbed the wheel and I found myself slowing down and going to the left side behind the car I actually had already overtaken.

In the SAME MOMENT, a car came driving opposite directly, towards me on the lane I was before. I don't know how you call this in English but in German we call that " ghost riders". I don't know what had happened, but I knew it was not me.  I as Daphnee would never have slowed down and moved over to the slow lane, especially as I had already passed the other car. I thought, “oh was that my guardian angel????”

This is the event in my life where I started to believe in Angels and dared talking to mine. Years I was not sure did I have one only or many. My feeling is that its a plural form of angel but I am not sure. Maybe you can shed some light on that?

Theo tells me there is only one Golden Light Being that we call our Guardian Angel which oversees us every minute of the day and night.  We do have one or two main guides and several that come and go depending upon what we’re doing at that time in life.


Ellen writes:  Tom, When my first husband died (64 years and 1 week) he did not seem to know he was dead for some time. He haunted me. He would run the dish washer on and off some times for 12 hours at a time and I would yell in to the air that I could not afford the electricity and the water. The clock would chime constantly and the stereo played off and on at any time day or night.  I was told by a psychic friend that he did not realize he was dead and that I had to go into meditation and tell him to go towards the light.
It took quite a few days before the nightmare stopped.  After he died, he appeared to me in a vision with 3 angels and asked where his clothes were. I had given them away 2 weeks after his death, as he died in the bedroom and it depressed me so to see everything there.  My grandchildren came and put new wallpaper up and painted the bedroom and bathroom.
Is this a normal scenario that sudden death causes a person to not realize he or she is not dead for a while?  

It appears this happens quite often.  Sometimes these physical things occur just to let you know that they’re still around and will be there the rest of your life acting as one of your Guides.  And as you mentioned sometimes they have a hard time accepting the fact that they are no longer physical.  

In the January 2, 2009 newsletter ( ) I described how our friend Joy hit me with my car door right after she passed (giving me a black eye), as she didn’t think it was a Benevolent Outcome that she transitioned—even though as we all know these are soul contracts.  Her “death angel,” as we call them, was “appalled” at her action.  I have a whole chapter on her transition in my second book.  


Brenda writes:  I love your newsletter and plan to order your book soon.  I had a question that you may have answered in past newsletters but haven't had the time to research your archives yet.  My question is: If we can ask for a MBO just once and expect results, why is it that we need to say the Benevolent Prayer every single day instead of once also?

As I was told, a MBO is something you request specifically for you.  A Benevolent Prayer is something you say for other people, and when you say it each day, you are requesting or asking that loving, healing energy be sent to those people you know in this life or have known or will know in other lives at that moment each day.  

As I have mentioned many times, but will repeat for our new readers, this Benevolent Prayer will benevolently affect all your other lives you’ve lived or will live in the future on earth.  Theo says it will make all those other lives easier.  Even if in your belief system you don’t believe in reincarnation, how many other people have you perhaps taken advantage of or wronged in some way just in this life?  Now multiply that times 600 or 800 times.  Here is the link so that you can print out this Benevolent Prayer:


Theo, Elvis Presley made a huge impact on the music world during and even after his life.  What can you tell me about this soul fragment and what is next incarnation will be?

Yes, Mr. Presley was quite charismatic Tom.  He has had other musical lives in the past, as that is his soul’s emphasis—music in all forms.  His next incarnation, which he already is having, is in the past—an opera singer this time.  As you are not too familiar with opera singers of the past you would not recognize his name.  He will have more lives both as a singer, and as a musician of all sorts.  He will be famous in some lives and not at all in others.  And there will be balancing lives just as there are for everyone.


Theo, Paula Anne says she has seen several men running down an invisible staircase out of a cliff in Boynton Canyon in Sedona.    Who were these men?

Yes, Tom.   They were part of the group that inhabited the underground area that you have read about previously in Robert Shapiro’s Shining the Light series.  They have mostly departed the area as it was becoming difficult to operate there with so many people reporting their comings and goings.  But there are still a few, and as she noticed, they tend to dress alike in those jeans and plaid shirts, thinking that they will blend in better with the local population--a little garish.

So are they earth humans?

No.  But certainly connected to the SSG or Sinister Secret Government.  

I ask again, are they from earth so I get this correctly?

No, Tom they are not.

Are they dangerous?

Not really.   They are more android type creatures.

Am I receiving this correctly?  

Yes.   They do have the appearance of normal people Tom.    I know it’s difficult for you to accept this information, as you have read much about this before.  

OK.  Thanks for the answers Theo.


Someone asked what about the benefits to families and our soul when we leave behind a part of us when we die.  Your comments?

Yes this fragment of the fragment so to speak, does remain attached with its biological family, so that there is a connection to the fragment that has gone back to the soul group.  A little difficult to explain to you, but this connection serves both the living and the fragment to keep an eye on the rest of the lives of its children and mates.  It is a way of giving comfort to them that they can feel this presence around them whenever they wish to.  

Does this extend to the grandchildren?

Yes of course, if the person was alive when they were born, they will send loving feelings to these children whenever they wish to receive them on a subconscious or subliminal level.

Theo, I an understand the benefit to the soul fragment’s family, but what other benefits are there to the soul fragment besides keeping an eye on their lives?

Yes let’s delve a little deeper Tom into this.  The soul fragment does gain other benefits.  It can act as a guide for one or more of the family members to assist them in their decisions of what is best for them.  It also gains more knowledge by observing other lives and how they were influenced by that soul fragment’s life so that perhaps it can do a little better job or perform better in another upcoming life.  Those are the major benefits.

Will I need much time to recuperate after this life, or after reviewing this life will I jump into preparations for the next one?

You will need some time to adjust to the fact that you are not hindered by an old decrepit body, so yes there will be some time as you adjust back to the vibrant soul or portion of one that you are.  You will just not need as much as the normal soul fragments or soul pieces.  Understanding and knowledge will not have to be so dramatic and seemingly long lasting, as say for your friends that only believe in heaven as taught by the church.  So yes is the answer that you will take time to recuperate and see all your old friends.  It is the time to do that and enjoy each other’s company unencumbered by being veiled.  

Theo, do members of the same soul cluster or group have lives on more than one planet between earth incarnations?

Quite so, Tom.  It all depends upon what is or what is needed to be learned, and how the earth lessons can be used to assist other planets.  So you are not limited to one planet, although you may be attracted to return to the planet you had many lives on before you started your earth incarnations.  But your primary mission is to use the knowledge you gain from your earth lives and put it to go use elsewhere.  Even if that life on another planet lasts a thousand or more earth years, when you next incarnate on earth you might incarnate only one day, one week, or one month after your last life on earth, or as we have discussed previously you might even incarnate in an earlier time period if there is something that can be learned there, or your talents can be used in that earlier time period.  

Does a soul cluster or group generally come from having lives on one planet prior to their earth lives?

Not necessarily, but yes generally.  Again, the soul cluster could have had many lives on a variety of planets in order to prepare for the beginning of the lives they will experience on earth.  Remember that spiritual mastery must have been attained before the first earth life.

Does that include each fragment, or just the soul cluster, or just the soul as a whole?

Good question Tom.  The soul, as you know, is having hundreds of thousands of lives across the universe, so spiritual mastery is something attained through these lives.  So the soul cluster that the soul sends to live lives on earth will have attained this itself, and therefore the soul cluster will have that knowledge and experience through the soul, but not necessarily each fragment.  A bit complicated, but the soul is aware of at all times all the lives it has chosen to live on the many thousands of worlds.  Keep in mind what the soul’s goal is, along with all the other souls taking part in the earth experiment.  That is to take over for the Creator, when this Creator moves on to the next level.  That’s why we have said many times that you are Junior Creators in training, as you will be one day when you join hands, metaphorically speaking, to become a Creator.  

You mentioned meeting with guides before each birth yet lives happen simultaneously, so how can all these meetings happen at the same time?

Yes this is difficult to explain in the 3rd dimension.  They have the appearance to you of being one life after another, as there has to be some linear correlation.  Therefore although there is technically no time on this side of the veil, there has to be a division between this Nirvana, and the activities that go on there, and the activities that go on, on a soul level.  It is very complicated, but there is still separateness after your death and before the next life.  Perhaps that is not a complete answer, but very close to explain why each time feels like an ending and preparation for a new beginning.  

OK.  Can we have, or is this common to have overlapping lives, where we are born into a life while we still have another going on?

Yes, this is quite common.  Keep in mind, that from our side, you died in one life and then on a linear fashion you prepared for another life, and then were born.  It is extremely rare for you to meet yourself so to speak, so there is no overlapping problem from this side.  Naturally this is done in order for you to live through certain world events, but also to interact with family and friends that are all being born during that time period.  

What form do we take during my life preparations or do any of us have a form?

Yes you do take on a form that is convenient.  It is more an energy form than a human looking form.  By then you will have passed the need to look like a human form and can be the energy that you are.  You have great energy so your form gives off very beautiful colors unique to you, as you must remember that there are color spectrums that are far beyond those of earth.  
How much does an oversoul take part in discussions about one’s next life on earth or perhaps even on another world?

Your oversoul, as you call it Tom, does act as a loving advisor that directs the discussions if you will, while your soul group works out the contract for the next life.  As you do, you call in other soul groups as they are needed so that the experiences you have are arranged with those soul groups—yes, young and old.  As I said Tom, we are one big happy family and soul groups come in and out as needed—you just put in a call for them, and they offer their ideas and how you can interact with their next physical lives as your paths cross.  

Theo—do we have a “planning board’ where we plan our next life with our guides?

Certainly the description you read is fairly accurate Tom.  It is sort of a holographic screen where you quickly lay out your next life and all the paths are considered and the one that will give you the highest amount of knowledge and understanding is chosen first, then all the other souls that you will meet along the way are invited to give you ideas of learning experiences with them.  As I mentioned before, we are one happy family and everyone offers up ideas where there are no egos in place.  You can design a very full life with many challenges, or an easier life with just a few.  It’s up to you and your soul.

Do some people come in with a less defined soul contract and if so why?

Yes, some people that are on earth may have had very difficult lives so they choose a very mundane normal life with just a few challenges.  And it is open-ended so that if they so choose, they can have more challenges during the life if they feel up to it.  Again, it is up to the soul as to whether they wish to finish everything as we have talked about before in 600 or the longer 800 lives average.  

Since we have free choice, when we decide to take an alternate path during a life other than the best one for our growth, do we then come back to the planning board during dreamtime, or is this taken care of as a possibility when we are first planning our life?

Yes, a good question Tom.  You do come back during dreamtime and consult with your guides and higher self and redo the board.  It can be done in one night, but sometimes it takes longer.

So if we have free will does a Guardian Angel or other being know what we’re going to do, when there seems to be only potentials that can change depending upon our choices?

Yes Tom, we do see these potentials and know in most instances the path you will follow at any given time.  Yes you do have free will to change and yes as we have discussed before you frequently take a path that is not in your best interests or on your soul contract.  So even though it seems that you are living this life in a linear fashion, we can go to the end of your life and look back on what you chose.  I realize this is very complicated for everyone, but we are not constrained by time—only you are.  So in the short run we see your potentials and with a long view we see what you chose to do.  

So even though we choose something which was not on the soul contract, you know this in advance?

Oh yes.  We can tell from your previous actions how high a potential is for you to take this path or that path.  We have few surprises from our viewpoints as you make choices in your lives.  When you are drawing up your soul contracts, you normally know the weak areas in advance yourself.  We do our best to guide you, but there are many times you make decisions from a mental perspective and not from feeling.  This will gradually change over the coming years and life will be more benevolent for you all.

For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :


So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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