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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter and a special welcome to the many people who signed up this week from all over the world!  The map on my home page at is really starting to fill in now.  Check it out if you haven’t done so yet.  Please keep in mind you can follow me on Facebook (Tom T. Moore) or Twitter (TomTMoore33).  Please forward this F.R.E.E. newsletter to your friends.  Let’s introduce Benevolent Outcomes to the whole world!

For my news subscribers, I communicate in my “active meditations” with my own Guardian Angel (Ga) Theo and Gaia, the Soul of the Earth.  You’ll find very positive responses to questions posed by our subscribers, but you'll have to decide if these messages are valid for you.  Even when Gaia is telling us of coming earthquakes, we do have the choice to not be there when it happens.  

Are you making use of all the resources on the website?  Don’t forget that the SIGNS tab has several useful signs such as REQUEST BENEVOLENT OUTCOMES TODAY!, plus the EXPECT GREAT THINGS mantra and more!  And I have a new article in the ARTICLE & NEWS section, plus the SEARCH function now works.  Now for some really interesting topics this week!


In the May 29 newsletter ( ), I asked Gaia if there would be a major quake around June 11, which a gentleman by the name of Stuart Wilde had forecast for California.  Gaia said actually it would be in the “Indonesia area.”  On June 12 in my early morning meditation I asked:

Gaia, we are at June 12 and there has been no earthquake in Indonesia.  Why?

Yes, Tom.  The timing is just a little off.  You’ll see.

That afternoon, around 2:15 pm my time, Mitch Battros sent out his Earth Changes Media newsletter and reported:  “A powerful earthquake of 7.7 magnitude struck near India's Nicobar Islands and northwest of the tip of Indonesia's Sumatra island on Saturday, the U.S. Geological Survey said.  A regional tsunami watch was in effect for all areas of the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said on its website.”

Please keep in mind that Gaia has said there will be a major earthquake in Japan around the last week of August.  I’ll try and pinpoint the date in the future.  


San Diego MapGaia, I was just notified that Southern California (80 miles east of San Diego had a 5.7-5.9 quake.  I thought you said you would not have any until the last of December?  Have you changed your plan?

Good question to start the day Tom.  I have not changed my mind regarding the timing of the major earthquakes.  I am only putting a little unease or fear into those people in southern California to begin taking your predictions and others that major earthquakes will strike this region in the not too distant future now.  It is my wish that as many people whose soul contracts are not to be living in this area to move away.  Regretfully, not too many will but again, these are warnings to the people in southern California that pressure is starting to build in their area and these small earthquakes are just the beginning as the pressure builds.  There will be more of these and of course I will continue the swarms of earthquakes in that lower region.

So can you narrow down for me anymore regarding if the major earthquakes are going to occur in the last week of December or not?

Yes, they will begin then Tom and naturally continue through the beginning of 2011.  That is my plan at the present time Tom.  As far as a date, I would not be in Southern California past Christmas, if then.  That’s all I’ll say at the moment Tom.  

So it appears you use holidays for people who are not supposed to be in an area to be gone and those who are supposed to be there to travel and be there just at the right time.

Yes, you are exactly correct Tom.  Their GA’s as you call them make sure they either leave or arrive in order to not experience or to experience a major movement, which will happen at a prescribed time.

Here’s a simulation from the USGS of what might happen from just ONE epicenter in Southern California – and remember that Gaia says there will be numerous 7.0 and above epicenters in San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Note:  The MMI Shaking Intensity refers to the Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale.  They only show an IX on the intensity scale, which is defined as "Violent.  General panic; damage considerable in specially designed structures, well designed frame structures thrown out of plumb. Damage great in substantial buildings, with partial collapse. Buildings shifted off foundations."
I think it would be closer to a XII which is "Cataclysmic" and defined as "Total damage - Everything is destroyed. Total destruction. Lines of sight and level distorted. Objects thrown into the air. The ground moves in waves or ripples. Large amounts of rock move position. Landscape altered, or leveled by several meters. In some cases, even the route of rivers is changed."

There have been over 1,000 aftershocks in less than 24 hours after this recent earthquake.  


Pam writes:  Could you ask Gaia if these predictions are correct:

Dr. Louis Turi warns that the following dates (or within 48 hours of them) could bring especially troubling events:
·    June 29, 2010-- possibility of explosion/volcano/earthquake up to 6.5.
·    July 10 + July 26, 2010-- thousands may have to relocate due to something like a tsunami or hurricane.
·    August 25, 2010-- "Nothing less than shocking" will occur at this time, a natural disaster as big as the Asian tsunami. This date has been confirmed by his ET contacts.

These were from the Coast to Coast am show last night.

Gaia, what about June 29th someone asks regarding a volcano or earthquake?

No, that will not happen Tom.  That date nor any date close to that is not on my list, other than normal movements.

What about July 10 and July 21st for hurricanes or great storm activity?

Certainly that is in the middle of hurricane season so anyone guessing those dates would have a higher potential for being correct.  Yes there will be some severe storms around that time, but there is almost every year.  

What about August 25?  Will that be close to the date for the earthquake in Japan?

Quite close Tom.  As I told you before, it would be in the last part of August. 


Arkansas Flood 1I’m sure everyone in the USA has seen videos or read about the killer storm with its torrential rains, killing a number of people in Texas and then probably more than 20 people at an Arkansas campground.  It began as a low-pressure system over southern Louisiana, split in two, with half of it backtracking to the southwest to around Corpus Christi on the coast of Texas.  After remaining there and gathering strength and moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, it SLOWLY made its way up through Texas dumping 9 to 12 inches of rain through the San Antonio area and up through East Texas, before heading into Arkansas where it caused a river normally only 3 feet in depth to rise to 23 feet in two hours, wiping out a large campground.  I have watched the weather for many years in this area and had never seen this happen before.  So I decided to ask Gaia about it.

Arkansas Flood 2Gaia, please give me more information on the low pressure system that split over Louisiana and a part went to the southwest, which eventually became the torrential rain producer that killed a number of people.

Yes, it was good that you noticed that system when you did Tom.  Not even your weather prognosticators said anything about how odd it was for that to occur.  I did that at the behest of a number of souls whose contracts called for them to be in a flood, or actually expire during a flood, as per their soul contracts Tom.  Obviously I can manipulate any weather system I wish and certainly this was a rare meteorological event, which will be studied in the future by those whose livings are
Arkansas Flood 3made from predicting the course of weather systems.  

This will not be the last time I do this, certainly for the same reasons, but perhaps not in this section of the country.  It might happen in the winter, spring or fall elsewhere, whenever I’m called to assist your souls and their soul contracts you see.  But as you observed, there was definite purpose behind the splitting off and the gathering of strength—in this case ingesting large amounts of water into the atmosphere in order to bring the large amount of rain needed to create the flooding.


Carolyn writes:  Carolyn here from Northern Virginia!  Thanks for the newsletter and all that you do!  A big thanks to Theo and Gaia too!

Last Sunday, some friends and I went to eat lunch around noon.  I asked an MBO for perfect parking and a perfect meal experience with friends even better than I could hope for and expect!  As the first place we went to was filled after the church crowd came, we went to a nearby Panera.  A relaxed and fun lunch.  Besides that, the coke fountain wasn't working so all in the place got free cookies!  How's that for Benevolent Outcome?

The next day, another friend and I decided to go to lunch so I asked an MBO for perfect lunch and afternoon!  We went to the local restaurant called Pastry Expo and after we sat eating our quiet and relaxing lunch, the owner brought us European chocolates as an extra!  Another greater than expected MBO!  Lol!

We then had a beautiful afternoon at a nearby plant nursery and enjoyed the beautiful flowers and my friend had no problems finding what she was looking for to buy!  Thanks so very much!

Now for a question for Theo!  Some channelers are stating that we will rise above a need for karma as part of the shift.  What does Theo have to say about growing away from karma in this and future lives as our vibration collectively rises?

Theo has repeatedly said that all our lives must balance by the end of the 600 to 800 lives an average soul fragment lives on earth.  So one of the ways to balance in this life is as I do now and that's to say the Benevolent Prayer I say each morning.  You can find it on the website by clicking on Signs.  He says saying that does more to balance lives than we can imagine.  I think that helps you rise above having to have some hard balancing lives in the past or future, as they are all happening at the same time.


Kathy writes:  Is it possible that two people who are involved in an intimate relationship have the same Guardian Angel?

Theo, can two people in an intimate relationship have the same Guardian Angel?

Quite so Tom.  It happens all the time, as remember that there are soul fragments of the same soul, which have lives together at the same time.  These are typically intense relationships and may be too much in the long run to remain together.  And there can be two soul fragments from similar soul groups which a GA is tuned to assist from their very first lives on earth as they meet over and over again –male and female—lovers and just family and friends.   So not so unusual, but not necessarily the norm either.  Each circumstance is different.  As I mentioned before most GA’s as you call us take care of the soul fragments of at least 6,000 or more whole souls and most of us handle a number fore than that.  It really all depends upon how well we vibrate in relation to the souls.


Although she did not ask me to I’m changing her name to Valerie writes:  Hello Tom, I found out about you on a long time ago and I wanted to keep up with you on here too because it has been awhile since I logged in on there, I wanted to know if you can send me some of that beautiful spiritual angel help my way as far as requesting some help for me. I think the more people that help make these requests in your time of need the better, it can only help.

I have been having a problem with a stalker following me around and doing things towards me in the spirit world that is not of our Father in Heaven. I need to know exactly what can I say to help myself out of this turmoil this person has been putting me through? I am requesting that this person leave me alone and need some immediate help from law enforcement. Thanks for your help.

For Valerie and anyone having this problem, each time you go out, I suggest you say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my drive to ... and for my complete safety during the time I am away from my home, thank you!" I would also suggest you surround yourself with white light (if you haven't done this before just imagine a beautiful brilliant white light coming down from above and completely enveloping you in this light).  And then if you know the stalker is around, imagine sending him beautiful white light too. 

Lower vibrational people cannot stand this light for too long.  One lady who was having a terrible time with a very mean boss did that all the time and he just lost his job.  The story is in my weekly blog this past week.  

Then if you have to contact the police or other authorities say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my meeting with the police, and may the results be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!"  

You can even say a Benevolent Prayer for the stalker--"I ask any and all beings to assist in bring help to this man with his obsessive behavior that will be the most benevolent for him, thank you!"


Mike writes:  Can you please ask Gaia what's in store for the Baltimore/Washington area in the next few (3-5 years)?  Are we far enough inland, or will our proximity to the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River be problematic for us?

Gaia, what can the Baltimore/Washington DC area expect in the next 5 years?

Yes Tom, they will have fairly normal weather with periods of cold and rain as is normal for them.  But yes they will see more than before after I begin the earth movements on the west coast.  Still, the storms that will come in the next few years will begin encroaching on lower lying areas as I begin to raise the ocean levels.  They can look at a typographical map Tom and see what a 2 foot increase in the ocean level will do to these low lying areas.  It will be best for people to move away from the coasts, as I will repeat over and over again to you and your readers Tom.


Lisa writes:  We are enjoying your e-newsletter and have a question.  We are considering relocating to the mountains of Panama - will that area remain safe?  Also, I may have missed the timing for the CA movement - can you give a
timeframe for that?  Thank you so much!!

Gaia, will Panama and Costa Rica be safe places to live?

Yes, again as long as they stay away from the coast.  Panama will see some earth movements on their west coast, so it is recommended that anyone wishing to live there will stay away from that region.  Costa Rica on the other hand will remain a pleasant place to live.    Their population will swell in the coming years as people move away from the western coasts up and down the Pacific Coast shall we say.


Lori writes:  My question concerns my living situation in Seattle......I live part time in Seattle up on 1st hill {above downtown} where all the hospitals are located.  I live in an apartment with 17 floors, mine being the 1st.  The building constitutes my livelihood.

Seattle PhotoLori lives on the first hill above downtown Seattle and asks if this area will quake too, and also asks if Kauai is a good place to move to, or if ever?

Yes Tom, I regret to inform Lori that this hill will not be immune to the severe shaking to come in the next year or so.  When I move that fault line it is too close to that hill for it to buffer the shaking.  Again I go back to my previous statement that anyone in Seattle should move past the Cascade range of mountains, if they wish to be safe and live.  

Will Seattle have any tsunamis?

Yes, this will be an additional problem for them just as it will for sections of Los Angeles and up the coast.  I am trying to give everyone plenty of notice for those who wish to relocate and not be forced to relocate later, or not be able to physically Tom.


Janette writes:  Thank you all for all the wonderful information and for giving all the time you do to share with all of us, As we all prepare for all the transitionally changes coming up. I send Love from my heart every day to mother Earth and all animal life, mineral life, to all light workers and to all life everywhere, I am living in Nova Scotia Canada, and am in the process of looking for a place to serve the light, Could you please give me any information concerning this area concerning storms like hurricanes etc. Once again I am very grateful to you and all spirit world who are working with us all.

Gaia, what is Nova Scotia’s future in the next 5 years?

Certainly this region will see it’s share of storms, but they expect this Tom.  There will be no major earth movements for them to be concerned about, but certainly a couple of harsh winters are coming for them, along with other sections of Canada and the upper part of the United States.

Will there be another harsh winter this coming winter Gaia?

Yes.  Perhaps not quite as harsh as this past one, but certainly temperatures will be below normal Tom and snow above normal.


South Pacific VolcanoBill writes:  I saw an article on stating that the sea bed north of Australia was rising at a rate of 13 feet per day. I am sending you a link to that article, in case your readers might want to read it: .   This was predicted by Edgar Cayce a long time ago, so I was hoping you might ask Gaia about this phenomenon. If it really is Lemuria, was wondering how long it might take to reach the surface, and also would like to know about Atlantis rising off the coast of Florida, too.  Thanks for all you are doing for all of us.

Gaia, why is the ocean floor rising 13 feet a day in the Coral Sea near Australia if it is?

Yes Tom.  It is rising, as there are some volcanic vents in that area, which are filling with magma.  This is not something to be too concerned about, as I am adjusting the mantle in that area.  And no, this is not the raising of Lemuria as has been speculated.  But I am creating new islands along the Pacific Rim as you have some photos of I believe. But to again answer the question, the only real danger is if someone stayed right over this area, as the water might be turbulent at times.

Here is the link to some really neat photos:
Some of the ash floating on the water is so thick it appears to be solid land.  I had never seen that before. 


Karen writes:  Question:  What is going to happen with all the agriculture/produce/farming once all this hits the fan in California?? As we rely on this states 3 growing seasons, etc?  Humboldt County produces a large share of the medical marijuana in the country, will this ultimately be affected. Quite a few of my HIV+ patients truly rely on this for pain management and several of my chemo patients too!

Gaia, how will the agriculture of California be replaced, and also the medical marijuana grown there?

Yes, in a way two separate questions Tom.  Other parts of the world will begin to supply produce now grown in California.  Farms in other parts of say Latin American will more than double and triple in size to meet the demand.  

For the people who depend upon the medical marijuana, there will be other locations where this will be allowed to grow.  


Donna in British Columbia writes:  Hi Tom, I was wondering if you could ask Theo a question.    I meditate everyday, some days longer than others usually in the morning before I go to work.   Nine times out of ten I fall asleep.  Sitting in the chair upright, I wake up with my head bent forward but feel rested and wish I could just keep on.   

At first I thought, "this isn't the way it’s supposed to be" but then I thought this is Spirit's way of shutting out the busy linear mind and takes me into a quantum state.  Maybe I do some great work while in this state.  I would like to know Theo's thoughts on this.

Theo, Donna wants to know about her “tripping out” in her meditations.  Should she resist this or let it go?

Donna does need to sleep a little bit more Tom.  Her body takes advantage of the meditation to get more rest.  Certainly it is better to stay in that altered alpha state, but now perhaps she should try and contact her own GA while in that meditative state.  It will certainly keep her awake if she decides to do this.  Just tell her to ask to speak to her own Guardian Angel.  It will respond even thought it will seem as if she is thinking the thoughts herself.


Krysta Gibson of the New Spirit Journal sent an email out about a CNN report on a company, which has developed a device to move objects.  Here is the link:


Marie writes:  I want to ask your G.A. Theo why a lot of people are having weird things happening like Obsessive compulsive behaviors and Hoarding? Where do these conditions come from?

Theo, why do people hoard, and why are their soul contracts for obsessive-compulsive behavior?

Yes, Tom a good question.  Hoarding shows a severe lack or loss in a previous life.  This is almost a standard response in the next life if one has had all their worldly wealth and goods stolen from them in a previous lifetime.  They are bound and determined not to lose anything in this life.  

On the other hand Obsessive Compulsive behavior is but one of the experiences which every soul must experience.  It is neurological in form and must be treated that way.  And yes it can be caused by a lack of minerals and other normal substances in the body.  Much work is being done in that area now.


Sandy writes:  Hi Tom - I have a question about our movement through our current third dimension. Robert Shapiro's books talk about various levels of the third dimension that we are passing though to the 4th. For example in one book I was reading from 2003 we were at a level of 3.48 I wondered if the level of progress was uniform all over the planet? Would the level be the same for an area say, where there was war as it would be for a more spiritual area where there was a lot of meditation and /or prayer activity, where people were striving for spiritual uplift and progress?

Theo, are the levels of the third dimension the same all over the planet or are they different in different places?

An interesting question Tom, but yes they can be a little different in different places, and this depends upon the people and their level of vibration.  You can walk into or arrive in some areas and feel lighter or a lightness of being and in other areas it will feel lower in a vibrational level such as you felt in the New Orleans city.  That is why it is important for there to be shining lights in some of these lower level areas to assist in raising the vibrational level there.  So to recap, yes, there is a difference in focus shall we say in different parts of the world.  Some areas will feel much more dense than others.  


Laura writes:  Thank you Tom for another great newsletter!  The portal picture is amazing. Looks like Mr. Tesla's works and inventions will come forth quickly. And we see the North Pole changing already but the North Star will always stay where it is. Can you ask Theo why the change of the magnetic North Pole?  Will it help or hinder life on earth?   And will the 'Planet X' come past Earth and Sun in the next 5 -10 yrs? That's why, I heard, the poles will shift. Another question, will many of the people along the gulf be evacuated north and them planning to reroute the Mississippi and opening the Great Lakes?

Gaia, for what reason are you moving magnetic north?

Yes, this does have to do with my interior Tom, as you might guess.  I use this to assist me in reshaping part of my core.

Does this affect the surface?

Not as much, but yes, it assists me in moving the crust as the magma brings pressure to the plates.  

Is Planet X the same as Planet Niburu, and if not, will this planet go through our solar system in the near or farther out future?

No, Tom, this planet will not go through the solar system anytime in the next few hundred years for your purposes.  This planet has been predicted before and yes it is also called Niburu, but it is quite a few million miles out and will not affect anyone on earth living at the present time.  

Is another reason for the oil leak to force people to move from Louisiana?

No, not necessarily, although that is a side benefit Tom.  The primary reason is to force those in power to more quickly develop alternative energy sources.  This will be greatly sped up you see, along with a curtailment in offshore drilling.  There will be cleanup of their mess, which will extend more than a year, and people will demand better safety measures and alternative energy sources.  Politicians will want themselves to look good by supporting these plans.    You have heard the saying, “Whoever yells the loudest?”  



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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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