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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all of you who signed up during this “short week.”  This newsletter is going out early, as I’m departing for the airport at 5:00 am on Friday for Sedona, Arizona.  I’ll be signing books at the Kryon Conference Friday through Sunday, and then will conduct a workshop all day in Sedona at the Los Abrigatos Resort on Monday, June 15.  If you’re in the area, I would love to meet you, so sign up for the workshop TODAY!  We have a lot of great stories this week, so let’s begin, and forward this newsletter to all of your friends.


Julie writes:  My 9 year old daughter was scheduled and paid for a 12 day overnight camp this summer. Then we decided to do a weekend family float trip, we scheduled a couple different dates, then settled on one it seemed everyone could make. The reservations were already in when I realized that was the last weekend of my daughter's camping trip which would mean that either she would miss the float, or we'd have to drive 3 hours one way to pick her up on the Friday morning we were leaving and she'd miss the end of camp which is usually a very good time.
That same day I called the camp to see if she could switch from the second group to the first group which was 2 weeks before. I talked to someone who said she knew for sure, both camp- trips were booked solid and had waiting lists, but that she wasn't the right person to talk to, I had to call back the next day. I got off the phone and immediately asked for an MBO, willing to accept whatever that might be.
The next day, I called and spoke to the right person. Amazingly she said she had just had a cancellation that morning and tho both trips were still overbooked the second trip was more overbooked than the first, so she would change my daughter to the first group right away. It actually made things better on her end too!  Talk about a MBO for all concerned!


Dianne writes:  Having introduced my sister in law, Tracy, very successfuly to MBOs, she decided that obviously she needed to create an MBO for her family's journey from England to holiday in Tuscany, Italy. An arduous two-day journey especially when there are two young children to keep amused!

My brother in law called us on their arrival to say that they had experienced the smoothest journey yet (the family travels to Tuscany by car every year), they negotiated a tunnel between Switzerland and Italy, which is notorious for congestion without the usual tail-back and arrived at the vineyard hours ahead of time. My brother in law said, 'Tracy was doing those things you told her to do.' It took me a second or two to realize what he meant...MBOs, of course!  And so MBOs continue to gain more supporters - How wonderful!

May I also suggest for anyone to say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for this vacation, and may it be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!"  That should allow your GA's to get really creative.


Helena writes:  Hi Tom, wanted to e-mail you to tell you what happened to me.  I previously e-mailed you to tell you about my stressful job working as a receptionist in a Doctor’s Surgery, I asked if you could help me with some MBO'S for help in my job one of the MBO'S you suggested was saying ' I ask that any and all beings send me loving and calming energy through out this day, and surround me with loving pink light etc etc, and you kindly suggested other MBO'S, which I have been saying every day before going to work. 

Last week after reading an article about a man that can tell you things about yourself through a 'Tea Leaf Reading' I decided to ring him for a reading; half way through my reading he asked me why he could see a lot of PINK around me? And he kept going on about me being showered with beautiful pink around me.  This made me gasp and giggle.   Isn’t that proof that my requesting an MBO to be surrounded with pink light is definitely working for me?  I had never met the Tea Leaf Reading man before, or spoke to him before.  How brilliant is that? Thank you Tom.

It sounds as if the Tea Leaf Reader is doing a little more than reading tealeaves. 


Annette writes:  I was not going to tell you about the first part of this story, but since the second part is too weird and has to be part of the MBO I've requested for assistance in paying down my debts.....
I forgot to get buns for the brauts for dinner and had to run to the grocery up the road. While there, I overheard the cashiers talking about putting ice in a cart of food and looking for a missing card. When I went outside there was a woman and her daughter sitting in the chairs on display out front. The woman was on the cell phone crying hysterically - as I walked towards my car I heard a voice (one I hear periodically) tell me to turn around. I did and walked over to the woman. She was off the phone and crying even harder.

I asked if there was something I could do and the woman took my hand and thanked me for her concern, but said there was nothing and then started crying too hard to speak. Her daughter who must be in her late teens told me they lost their grocery/gift card and didn't realize it was missing until they were checking out. They'd called home and no one could find it they didn't have any money for the groceries. I asked them how much their groceries were and the daughter said - probably $100.00. I thought for a moment and decided I could help them with $50.00. The mother still holding my hand looked at me in shock and I said "come on - lets get the groceries". I got the head cashier, and they pulled out some things that were "extra" and the casher had someone take the cold food back. As they rang it up the mother kept hugging me and thanking me and telling me I would be paid back and I was an angel and....
They had potatoes, chicken, vegetables, cooking oil a few buy one get one free sodas ice cream and a pack of breakfast rolls. As they got to the end of their groceries the mother told the daughter to put back the ice cream and the breakfast rolls back and I told her no - go ahead and get those. I was not going to deny them a little comfort food. The amount came to around 60 plus dollars, but I knew I could swing it, just take my lunch a few more times the next 2 weeks and not get anything not necessary and we'd be good. As we were leaving a young pregnant girl met them - I was introduced to their preachers wife who the woman told me she was going to join them for dinner. We exchanged numbers and hugs and I went on home. When I told my husband - he was amazingly cool with it and actually felt we'd be fine...I did to.
Now here is where it gets weird....I had balanced the checking and savings account the day before - to the penny. This morning (Tuesday) I opened the account to transfer money from savings to checking for my husband to get some funds and there was 60 dollars more than was there on Saturday. I checked the account - there had been no deposit no explanation - none. Now, I could have made a mistake and not noticed I had $60.00 more in savings......but I am pretty certain I was to the penny and marked it so.
Now THAT is a Most Benevolent Outcome!!!!

Yes, it’s nice to know that a Guardian Angel can put money into your account!


Linda writes:  I had the most wonderful results from an MBO this morning. The last couple of days I have had such pain in my back. It started when I woke up Wednesday morning and nothing I did made it go away. I tried hot baths, which usually helps but not this time. I also work part time in addition to my full time job and last night on the way home I was just so tired and my back hurt so bad that I was talking to my Angels on the way home telling them how bad I felt and how tired I was. I then did an MBO for getting some very much needed and sleep and to wake up pain free in the morning. 

When I got home I didn’t even go to bed, but lay down on the loveseat in my living room. I should probably mention that I had worked from 7pm last night until 4am this morning and got home around 4:30am.  When I woke up this morning the first thing I noticed when I sat up was that the pain was all gone from my back. I said a very heartfelt “thank you” to my angels. What a relief!   I do love MBO’s and I can’t wait for your new book to come out. I keep The Gently Way right in my living room and read out of it every couple of days.  Thank you so much for writing your book and thank you to your GA for his help too!


In the past week or so Hitler came to mind several times, so I decided to ask a question about this soul.  I must have been picking up on something happening, as Life Magazine just published a number of never-seen-before color photos of the man.  You can Google Life Magazine to see them. 

Theo, tell me about the soul fragment that was Hitler.  Most people, depending upon their beliefs would think his soul was wiped out.  But didn't he incarnate to be the main bad guy?

Quite so, Tom.  He knew that a massive war would give many karmic opportunities to be the bad guys and good guys.  But again, as so often happens, he went too far, so like you and others in centuries before, he is now balancing that life with many, many other lives you see. 

How many lives will it take to balance?

Certainly almost 100 you see.  His soul in the future will be a great leader that will touch everyone in a Benevolent manner.

So that life is in the future and not past?

Yes Tom, that particular one will be in the future.

And I assume that will be the same for all those henchmen they were called of his?

Yes, even more so in a couple of cases. 

How many lives had he lived at that point?

Good question Tom.  He was a fairly seasoned soul.  Certainly, let’s see if you can receive this, he was in the 500’s, yes Tom.  So he understood the enormity of the role he would play, but again he did not stick to his soul contract, and allowed others to influence his decisions. 

But strange as it may seem to you and others, he did take on the role of the main bad guy as you say out of his love for humanity as a whole, as he knew there would be a great shift as a result; and if you look back at not only what happened in that time period, but what came after then regarding respecting human lives, then much was accomplished in that war to drive people to want peace. 


Stan writes:  Could you ask your angel Theo if he knows anything about the horrendous Air France crash that happened this week?

A reader wants information about the Air France crash this past week?

Yes, Seemingly a tragic one Tom, but of course all those people had soul contracts where they were able to balance other lives when they took someone else’s life.  The aircraft broke up during flight due to high turbulence and mistakes by the pilots and their instruments.  That’s about all there is to say on this event.  It will be extremely difficult to find any part of the plane, but perhaps they will. 


Ron in Colorado writes:  It's Ron again. I'm the one who shared my experiences with the birdmen from the planet Eagelia with you.

I just read your material on dreams and the importance of writing down the significant or meaningful dreams. I came upon a very easy way to do this without getting up, turning on a light, and writing them down. Moreover, as soon as we fully awaken we move out of the alpha state and the memory fades quickly.

So I purchased a digital voice recorder at Best Buy. It's much smaller than a TV remote control. While the dream or even messages from or guides or starbrothers are clear, we can reach over in the dark, pick up the recorder and easily hit the record button to document what we wish to preserve. A bar below the record button will stop the recording when finished. Then it can be typed later at a convenient time. This is how I document most of the messages I get from the higher realms without having to get out of bed, turn on a light, and write. I've found this to be much faster, more efficient, and accurate. It's just a suggestion that works well for me. Thanks for listening.

Now this would not work in my house.  My wife is a light sleeper and would be hitting me with a pillow if I sat there talking into a recorder, but I did want to show you there are other methods than having a notebook on the night stand. 


What sort of lives did I lead to balance the Mu life?

Obviously there were many tragic lives where you died in wars yourself Tom.  You also had to witness others being murdered in war, and to be part of their families to feel that heartache.  You did have lives as religious leaders where you accomplished much to bring love to those around you.  As I said before, those lives of attrition are finished now, and you can look forward and not dwell so much on what you consider your worst life on earth.

Back to the Continent MU, did they have siege battles for the coastal cities?  Is that the reason for the fortifications?

Yes, there were threats and certainly they made the necessary preparations.  Yes there were some attacks on coastal cities during that time period.

Why didn’t we think the other side would retaliate?

You underestimated the other side’s ability to strike back.  You and the others thought they would capitulate, but they did not.  And you weren’t aware they had developed weapons of mass destruction too you see?

How long had the war lasted or hostilities when my country bombed the other or others?

Quite a few years as the buildup did not happen overnight.  There were many border clashes Tom, and certainly the attacks from the sea.  Thousands of people had already perished at that time. 

Did they have schools similar to today?

Yes and no.  They did have schools, but some were of a religious nature, and yes they had schools that taught the basics.

So I assume they had math, geography, language, and so on?

Quite so.  Again, these were more sophisticated people that had been living on this continent for 50,0000 years, so they had progressed in most areas.  But as we have discussed, they could not live together, and again, that’s why you are working on this again in modern times, as you did not solve it in either the Lemurian or Atlantian times, but you will this time, I can assure you. 

You previously said they did not have atomic power, so what type of energy did they have, since you also said they did not use crystals as the Atlantians did?

Yes, they did use a form of magnetism Tom.  That’s the best description I can give you, as you’re not a scientist, nor or even you scientists quite aware yet of the possibilities of using magnetics.  This knowledge and the crystal knowledge has been kept from you until it was felt you would not use it to destroy yourselves again.  Soon this knowledge will be allowed to be used. 


I’m continuing with excerpts from my third book, which I’m still adding to.  It probably will not be out until 2010. 

Theo, how do you handle a situation in which a life contract calls for someone to be killed at an early age like the one I lived early in Word War II?

I handle it the same Tom as all the other contracts that call for someone to not live to be or die at an old age.  My job is to take care of them until that time and to assist in actually setting up or pushing them along to be where they are supposed to be so that the event will happen.  That may sound a little callous, but keep in mind these are soul contracts and my job is to give aid and comfort as much as possible until the time of

Why did I seemingly wait so long to have a life where I was killed as that child in WWII?

You just had to find the right circumstances for your birth to a Jewish couple where you would not live long.  Yes it did free you of a Karmic debt stretching over several centuries.  But that’s how Karmic debts are taken care of.  It can be done within ten or twenty years or 2,000 years.  It does not make any difference on this side.

I assume I had taken the life of a child at some point in some life?

Yes of course you did.  So you had to suffer the same fate as the child you slew in a past existence.  Remember that everything must balance out and there are lives where you have been a cheat, thief and killer and then there are lives where you were called a saint. 

Did I have any Karmic ties to the German soldier that killed me in World War II?

Yes of course you did.  He was the child you had slain in the previous life.  That was a good question, Tom.

So did he incur a Karmic debt in killing me?

Not so much as the Karmic debts he owed for killing all the other people –innocent people with no weapons.  He has much to work off in future lives. 

But perhaps those people also owed him a Karmic debt too?

Yes and no.  Some people did but others had had no relations with him prior to their deaths at his hands.  Naturally he would later die in the war, so that helped a little, but only a little. 

Do you meet me at my time of passing?

Yes I’m there with many other spirits to greet you and in forms that will be recognizable to you.  You will have a crowd this time like no other.                                          

Are there angels actually assigned or volunteer for death duty or is this simply done by you and my guides?

No there are loving angels that assist in this death process Tom.  There are many jobs to be performed on this side of the veil for you and death duty is one of them, as these angels have great compassion and love and are able to transform themselves into whatever form your belief system calls for to assist in the transition. 

Why is a death angel needed when you’re there anyway?

A good question Tom.  My job is to greet you along with all your friends and love ones.  The angels that handle this duty are experienced in guiding everyone in the right direction so to speak, as your soul will no longer be tethered to your body.  We wouldn’t want you to become lost, now would we (a little humor there)?  So their job is more complex than it might appear on the surface.  They certainly do much more than take on some appearance of a friend you know or relative.

Months later I would ask for more information about the death process.
Theo, I would like to cover the death process in more detail for everyone.  Where does it actually start?

Yes Tom, it’s starts early on actually—weeks in advance. Yyour immortal soul informs you during the dream state or even twilight state if you are incapacitated that it is time to leave your body, so then the preparations begin.  At this point I—your Guardian Angel, am working quite closely with you, along with your guides.

Has the death Angel made an appearance yet, or do they wait until the time of death?

No, they are still in the background shall we say.  These loving spirits are aware that the person will soon pass over, and they can shall we say analyze you in an instant as to your religious and cultural background—your belief system—and they do consult with us, although this is certainly in a millisecond in your time frame.  So everything is made ready for the individual passing over.  The body is worn out, or, in the case of a sudden death due to war, disaster, or any other type of death where the person does not live to old age, this is all done in your sleep time.  As you have read many times, people have what are termed “premonitions” of death.  This is due to what they are being told during their sleep time.  In many cases it is a relief on a higher level that you are getting to leave, as you have been veiled from knowing your true self for many years.
OK, so the preparations have been done.  Is the next step the day of death, or is there something else?

No, you’re quite correct Tom.  These preparations go on until the day of death, and if it is a violent death, the Guardian Angel makes sure that that person is in the right place at the right time for the death to occur, per that person’s soul contract.  When everything is in place, then we are all gathered for that moment when the person expires.  The loving soul that is one of the volunteers for death duty is on the scene to comfort and accompany the person to the next level.

Do they travel on a tone as we do during the sleep or dreaming time Theo?

Yes, exactly, Tom.  At the moment of death, the silver cord, as it is known, releases.  It is not cut, but simply releases.  The death angel leads that person’s soul fragment on and here is where there are the reports of beautiful white lights and a tunnel, as the tone acts in a way like a tunnel, and there can be music or whatever that person needs to become aware that they have passed on and this is not a dream.  In many cases other soul fragments that the person has known will be in attendance to welcome and encourage the soul fragment, and they will appear as they had in, or during that person’s life.  This is especially true for the soul fragment’s own soul group or cluster.  At this point there is much celebration, and the person is guided to an interim location, if you will, where they can rest and regain their strength and orientation, depending again upon their belief system.  There is no time on this side, so this process can last as long as appropriate.  They—the soul fragment—may wish to envision a beautiful mountain cabin, or one on the shore of a beautiful lake or ocean.  Then slowly they become bored with this and it is time for review of the last life and preparations for the next life.

So the review does not come immediately after they have passed over?

No, it’s not necessary, although this process can be almost immediate for some individuals that quickly remember the process.   Each person or soul fragment is different and is treated with loving care by the souls who are assigned to them upon arrival.

So the death soul (angel) is only there for the death process and that is all?

Yes, this is very important and requires dexterity shall we say, as some soul fragments are disoriented and due to their belief systems are not prepared for this process. 


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :


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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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