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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all of my new subscribers from all over the world!  If you like this newsletter, please forward it to your friends, and if this is your first time to receive it, check out my website at , where you can sign up for this F.R.E.E. newsletter and/or my weekly Blog, which is for people new to requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) for the first time. 

For everyone, the Search Function is finally working on the Articles & News page, so all you have to do is enter a word or phrase and it list any newsletter where that Topic appears.  And have you gone to the home page and scrolled down to the new map?  We have people tuning in from such places as Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Peru, Guyana, most of Europe, Iceland, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, India, and many more!  Check it out. 

And finally for my new subscribers, Theo is my Guardian Angel and Gaia is the Soul of the Earth.  BP is not British Petroleum, but an acronym for Benevolent Prayers.   Now for this week’s really interesting Topics:


Laurie writes:  In February of 2009 I made a trip to New York City.  I considered it my "last gasp" attempt to drum up work in my writing career.  I asked for a MBO for "helpful people to be put in my path".  (This was in the 2/21/09 newsletter).  As a result of that MBO I was introduced to an editor who assigned me a small writing project -- a short children's book.  I completed that project. 

A year later, in February of 2010, I contacted the editor to find out when the book was going to be published.  He told me the publication date -- and then, out of the blue, asked if I wanted to write TWO MORE more books.  (I accepted of course!)  I thought, "Wow! My original MBO for 'helpful people' sure is continuing beyond the original request!"

Well, it worked for those two extra books -- and it has happened yet AGAIN.  Once I turned in the last two books the editor asked me to write two MORE books in the series.  This will make a total of five books since my original MBO. 

I want your readers to know that I'm a living example that MBOs work long-term, too.  Or, medium-term!

By the way, the “Welcome Gentle Rain” request continues to work every day and is a great stress reliever for me.  The late afternoon thunderstorms in So. Florida have been locally violent and destructive in some cases.  Not over my house! 

Now those are nice MBO stories!


And here’s another from Florida.

Eleanore in Florida writes:  Today a big, nasty storm was forecast and when it started, I turned to the direction it was coming from and said: "I welcome Gentle Rain, I welcome Gentle Rain" and you're right - it DOES work perfectly and the storm never occurred and it rained just enough to water everything that needed a drink!  Don't you wish EVERYONE would just do it?

I do wish everyone would experiment with this, as this is part of the Junior Creators in Training you start to do when you request MBO’s.  And don’t forget for all of you in northern climates to request a MBO each week for a Sunny Saturday, even if the forecast is for a cloudy, miserable day.  Try it out!

And then Laurie wrote:  Thanks for telling me what Gaia said about requesting gentle rain just before a thunderstorm.  It has worked like a charm so far!  Of course, I follow it up with an MBO for protection from lightning strikes.  A person can never be too cautious or say too few MBOs.


MJ writes:  I am in process of selling my home. it is time I moved on. my boys are graduated and I  am in a situation where I need to sell due to money and too hard to keep up.

I read where someone was given a suggestion on how to ask for a MBO properly to get the best outcome for her to selling home. It didn't say what was used for this though.

I am also wondering how to ask for this for both my sons who will not be moving with me as I am moving down south.  My oldest is autistic and in a group home and my other son will be getting on with his life, living on his own for the first time. I want the best outcome for both.  They do have their dad(ex) here so not totally alone and I am taking steps so I am reachable all the time.

Can you help me with these situations?  I would be very grateful as I am new to all this.  Thank you.

MBO's are for specific things for you--Benevolent Prayers are what you say when you wish MBO's for other people.
Say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for the quick sale of my house and may the amount I receive be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!"
For your sons say, "I ask any and all beings to assist in taking care of my sons and leading them to many successes in each of their lives, thank you!" 
You could even request a MBO to be led to even better treatments for your son's autism which will allow him to live an even better life than you can hope for or expect at this time. 
You can also request a MBO for the PERFECT home for you in the new town. 


Mt. Shasta PortalAnnMarie in Ft. Worth, Texas writes:  I have a couple of questions for your guide Theo, regarding the attached photo. It was taken in Mt Shasta, CA. 2007 by Larry Frank. I call this a Star Gate, and it looks like there is an image that is coming through this?

Would you ask Theo what he thinks this is a picture of?  And if there is someone coming through, who would that be?  If there is a message in this photo or from Theo?

Was the photo AnnMarie took at Mt. Shasta a portal or what?

Yes, it was a small portal Tom.  It was not a trick of light.  There was just no one using it at the time. 

Was it for use by the Lemurians or by space travelers?

Both actually Tom.  These portals are for anyone’s use as long as they are in a 5th dimensional focus or above. 


She asked to change her name so Tanya writes:  On a recent trip through the northern United States, the car in which I was a passenger was towing a small trailer.  Parking hadn't been too difficult, until it was time for dinner in East Grand Forks ND. The restaurant, recommended highly, shared a lot with a large cinema complex and several other restaurants.  Parking was almost non-existent at the dinner hour, especially since we needed two spaces.

So . . . I said my MBO.  We pulled into the next aisle, and the end car slowly backed out.  As we approached the spot, we found that it was double -- the car in the farther aisle had parked just over the line and no one else wanted to park there.  So in we went -- thank you, thank you, thank you. And dinner was delicious. . .

The MBO request and thank you was observed by others in the car. After my explanations, and with many doubts, the driver tried it several times later in the trip.  Each time, a car pulled out just as he approached his destination.  I think you may have a new convert!  As your other submitters say, Thank you so much for this information.


This person has asked me to change her name so Teresa writes:  I have a question about why sexual abuse is such a devastating thing to the victims of it (and what one can do to speed up the process of healing the wounds).

Theo, why is sexual abuse so devastating to the victims?  Past lives or what?  And what can be done to speed the process of recovery and healing?

Yes, a very deep question Tom.  Certainly in many or most cases it does have past life ramifications, as the people who suffer sexual abuse now were instigators in the past.  Certainly saying that Benevolent Prayer you encourage people to say each morning will cause great healing to take place, so that’s one way to create a more gentle reality in this life Tom.  Certainly the depth of the soul is touched by sexual abuse, and it is ingrained in your memory forever in time. 

The people what have suffered this can request MBO’s to be led to treatments which are the most beneficial to them, and they can say Benevolent Prayers for those who harmed them that they be led to treatments for their problems too.  By sending white light to these individuals it does help in your own personal healing, along with saying the MBO for all energy cords to be severed which are not in your best interest. 

Keep in mind that much sexual abuse happens in a person’s family, so there are those ties to families where a person must see the person who harmed them on a regular or irregular basis Tom.  They can surround themselves in white light each time they are in that person’s presence and they will feel a lessening of the repulsion and or fear.   So these are several suggestions to assist in overcoming this problem. 


Gaia, I made another geography mistake.  Where does the New Madrid fault line extend into Canada?

Yes Tom, I’m sure you will receive this correctly this time.  The New Madrid Fault line extends north from around Duluth, Minnesota a couple of hundred miles into Canada.  As you noticed from looking at that map, it is sparsely populated in that area, so there will be few if any casualties when I decide to move that fault line.  Again, as I have said before Tom, this will not be immediate, but certainly will not be in the far distant future either.  I have told you before that I have agreed to make these changes one at a time instead of all at once, as was my plan back in 2008.  So for the many people living along this fault line you will need to move out of the way, or you will find yourself under water when I move the Mississippi River’s starting point to Lake Superior.  Yes you are receiving this correctly Tom. 


Gaia, why does Ottawa, Canada experience earth tremors from time to time? 

This area Tom does sit on some smaller fault lines and they will move from time to time, depending upon the amount of water they receive, which acts as a lubricant.  I do not plan any major movements for that region of Canada at this time.


Sandy writes:  Is a pole shift in our near future due to the presence of Niburu in our solar system?  Many people say this will occur in conjunction with your seismic changes.

Gaia, someone asked if you plan to switch your poles anytime in the fairly near future?

No Tom.  These are just wild speculations and are based on old prognostications, which are no longer valid.  I am moving magnetic north, which your scientists are documenting, but I do not plan to shift the poles anytime in the near or distant future for your purposes.


Abby on Facebook writes:  Tom - word about the internet is that there is a possibility that they are entertaining using a nuclear blast to seal the oil leak (used successfully by Russia). In a confined place such as the Gulf Coast, could you please ask Gaia what the aftermath of such an explosion would cause? Thank you.

Theo, people are concerned that possibly BP or our government will use a small nuclear device to close up the oil leak.  Your comments?

This will not happen Tom.  Their other efforts will soon bring this terrible problem to an end, and as has been told you before, great good will come out of this as people see the real dangers in offshore drilling.  This will speed the development of other forms of energy.  You will not see this ever happen again certainly in your lifetime Tom. 


Kathy writes:  I feel a strong tie to Barbados and would like to live there a few months out of the year. Will Barbados be affected by an earthquakes or hurricanes?

Gaia, a person asks if Barbados is a good place to live part of the year anyway, or will they be subject to frequent hurricanes or earthquakes?

No to both questions Tom.  Barbados is a little out of the loop shall we say for hurricanes at this time, but they will be in the not too distant future.  They will have to “batten down the hatches” for some nearby storms and hurricanes but they will suffer minimal damage.  Still, I remind everyone who wishes to live there or visit frequently, I will be raising the levels of the oceans within the next 5 years and I would not sink any money into beachfront property.  To visit is fine, but they should only live on higher ground.

What about Granada?

Granada is a little different story Tom.  You might need to consult a map, but certainly they are in the path of some hurricanes due to its location.  It is not the best place to visit during the height of the hurricane season.


Lori & Megan write:  I know you have been receiving many questions about earthquakes and other earth changes specific to Washington and I know Gaia said for Washington, residents should move over the first mountain range off the coast, which is the Olympic Mountains. We have another range of mountains further inland called the Cascades --- Seattle sits in the middle of the Olympic range and the Cascade range, not to mention being surrounded by many water sources such as Lake Washington and the Puget Sound with a group of islands called the San Juan Islands off to the Northwest.

As such, asking on behalf of my mom, Lori, and other family that resides in Seattle itself --- the downtown section as well as by the water--- I was hoping Gaia (seeing as Washington can expect some Earth movement shortly) could discuss a bit more about this region touching upon the following:

1.) Are Washingtonians going to be safe moving simply past the Olympic range or should we move even further inland past the Cascade Mountains?

2.) What can we expect to see happen to the San Juan Islands, where a great portion of residents live and use the ferry boat service daily to commute to downtown Seattle and its outlying regions, with the upcoming earth changes?

3.) What specifically can we expect to experience in the very heart of downtown Seattle? What extent will the damage be? And, will the barrier of the Olympic range from the Washington coast serve as a buffer? Or, should residents of downtown Seattle and it's neighboring outskirts relocate even further inland?

4.) Lastly, is the Pacific NW going to experience earth changes prior to the events planned for the lower California region? It sounds like we could expect activity anywhere from 6 to 9 months time.

Thanks again Tom, Theo and of course our sacred Gaia for your continued updates and pending information on these coming earth changes. It is truly invaluable information for those of us residing and connected to these regions. Thanks again and my whole family sends you light and love.

Gaia, will the residents of Seattle be safe moving past the Olympic Range of mountains or must they move past the Cascades?

Tom, my suggestion for them will be to move past the Cascades.  That will afford them the best protection.  Keep in mind that I will be having Mt. Rainier erupt, plus to a lesser degree Mt. St. Helens and even Mt. Hood will see some activity.  All of these movements of magma will cause the earth to shake quite a bit in this area, so the farther away they can move the better.

What will happen to the San Juan Islands off the coast near Seattle?

They will have great damage Tom, along with eventually the raising of the ocean levels.  They are too close to the actual fault line.

And they ask, what will happen to downtown Seattle, and will this be in the 6 to 9 month time frame after the earthquakes of San Francisco?

Yes Tom.  They will only have a short time period before the section of the fault line will release and move too.  Remember I told you the fault line is in sections and the lower section will bring great pressure to the section of the fault line where Seattle is located.  Seattle itself will suffer major damage Tom.  Liquefaction will play a role here, just as it will to the south in San Francisco. 


Bruce writes:  I knew that we were connected in a very important way but even though I sensed it, I just wasn't sure how strong that connection was---I also feel the same connection to Theo--

I have a strong feeling that we have had many lifetimes together, including Lemuria--Probably enough interesting incarnations to fill several books or make into a very long movie---ha

 I thank you and Theo for again validating what I already strongly felt!!!   I am not sure why I started having those visions unless it was our reconnecting via your website--unless our mutual Guardian Angels had something to do with--but it is a connection that has meant a lot to me in reading your newsletters like I was reading letters from an old and dear friend!  Just didn't realize how old a friend!!

With most Benevolent Thanks, My Beloved Brother!!

During meditation yesterday I was told that Beloved Brother and Beloved Sister was how we addressed on another in the Flock--of course that is a loose translation of what was really stated in our Atlantean language back then.

Theo, back to the pyramid book.  Where was the friendly ET from?

Yes, Tom.  From your Sirius B system.  They wanted to assist you as had been decided before your birth.  Naturally in that life they needed to disguise themselves a little in order not to frighten you, but as you were veiled, you were thrilled to receive such help and assistance.

Why was Bruce so involved in this?

He was your understudy and worked closely with you throughout your life there in Egypt.  You two had a very good relationship as both wished the best for your people and the Egyptians as well.  You were both gentle people shall we say.

Is the book in a museum or is it still guarded by some sort of priest class?

Yes, it is still guarded by a priest class in Egypt Tom.  They just don’t know how it works, but they do recognize its importance.

Will I reaccess any of the chants or rituals in this life or not.

No, you work will be much more like this, but just better and you will assist people without the need for chants and rituals as was needed in those lower level vibrational times.

So I take it, it will not be used again?

That is correct Tom.


John writes:  I have a question for Theo concerning the so-called cover-up of artifacts from the Giza plateau, that have been recently discovered.   Are the Egyptian officials and "others" hiding artifacts from the general public that have been recently discovered?.... and for what purpose are they hiding them?  Here's an article Tom that explains some of what's going on over there: .

Theo, are Egyptian officials hiding any recent finds on the Giza plateau?

Yes, a few Tom that would cause riots in the streets shall we say by those fundamentalists who do not wish to accept the idea that man has existed for hundreds of thousands of years more than their holy book says.  When it was originally written, and this goes for your Bible too, these were much simpler times and it was inconceivable that man had existed on earth for millions of years.  Even now in the 21st century as finds are made farther and farther back, you rewite your history almost every year. 

Egypt was easily inhabited 500,000 years ago, but the officials, as I have said before, would be in danger of losing their lives to point out or publish their findings of civilizations they are discovering beyond recorded history.  This will greatly change in the future after the arrival of the Pleiadians.  So yes, there are finds made all the time which have to be secluded and kept under wraps you see.


I had been asked for an update on Casey Nowlin, whom I mentioned in the May 8 newsletter almost drowned and was in a coma, but have been reluctant to do so until now.  Casey transitioned on May 28, having never regained consciousness.  I’m sure all of our hearts go out to Tammy and her family as they deal with their loss.  She had asked me for information from Theo, but when I received it I did not want to give it to her.  She insisted and here’s what I had received:

Theo, what about Tammy Wright Nowlin’s son Casey?

Yes, Casey had chosen this on his soul contract as you can understand Tom. He will not recover from this, although I know your hopes and Benevolent Prayers certainly have made his journey easier.  Take consolation that he will pass easily Tom and do say a benevolent prayer for his mother.  Her grief will be great. 

So no hope in this case?

No, but this was a balancing life Tom, just as you had a balancing life as a 5 year old in the early part of WWII.    They all must balance. Tom.

The reference to me as a 5 year old in WWII was when I was killed by a German soldier I had previously killed when he was a child in another lifetime. 

Then on May 18 I received this:  Theo, how long will Casey Nowlin remain on earth?

That is up to him and his mother you see Tom.  She visits him in her sleep time and will pull the plug shall we say when he is ready to leave.  She will know in her heart it is time Tom. 

I did keep telling Tammy I could be wrong, as my active meditations ARE NOT PERFECT, as you’ve seen a couple of times lately with my geographical mistakes.

Finally, on May 22 I received:  Theo, will Casey Nowlin’s organs be transplanted to other children?

Yes Tom.  His soul contract is to leave and bequeath his organs to several children whose lives will be saved by his donations.  He is waiting for the right time to provide these organs to those he has Karma with to balance the past.  As I explained before, this is a balancing life, and he is most pleased to balance several past indiscretions all with one life. 

I have only contacted Tammy to wish my sincere condolences since Casey passed, so I don’t know if that happened or not.  So let’s say out loud a Benevolent Prayer for Tammy and her family:

“I ask any and all beings to bring healing energy and comfort to Tammy Nowlin and her family in their time of grief and surround them with pink light, thank you!”


Leanne writes:  Could I please ask you to publish this letter to help raise awareness 
and give exposure for this web site This group was founded by a woman named Mary Hutton from Perth, Australia, who was watching a current affairs programs in 1994, which highlighted the barbaric problem of 'Bear farming,'where Bear's are kept in small cages and are milked for bile. Needless to say this practice is inhumane and uncalled for. Mary Hutton is living proof that one person alone can orchestrate change, and being driven by passion and determination, Mary and her crew around the world are fighting for these Bear's survival.

Could you all please say a BP for the Bears?  

Here it is for everyone to say out loud.  And do check out the website.

“I ask any and all beings to assist in efforts to not only rescue the bears in Asia, but also end the practice of their captivity, thank you!”


“Angel” writes:  In the current newsletter, we (yes, I did, too) offered a prayer for Jamaica, that the people wanting to work would find work, etc. It came to mind that the prayer would also be very appropriate for U.S. citizens who want to find work in their fields--and there are so many who do at this time.

I do think we should expand the Benevolent Prayer as follows (please say out loud):

“I ask any and all beings to assist all those people who wish to work to be led to the PERFECT work for them, thank you!”
That should cover the whole world!"
  How about that, Junior Creators in Training!


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

ATLANTIS—MAY 17, 2008—JULY 12, 2008
CONVERSATIONS WITH A SIRIAN—DECEMBER 13, 2008—MARCH 21, 2009; APRIL 18--MAY 16, 2009; JULY 25, 2009; AUGUST 22, 2009; NOVEMBER 7, 2009; DECEMBER 5, 2009; DECEMBER 12, 2009; DECEMBER 19, 2009; FEBRUARY 6, 2010; FEBRUARY 10, 2010, APRIL 24, 2010
GUARDIAN ANGEL 101—MARCH 28, 2009-APRIL 4, 2009, MAY 23, 2009-JUNE 6, 2009
TIME LINES—JULY 26, 2008—AUGUST 8, 2008

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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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