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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, which is F.R.E.E, and a special welcome to my new subscribers from all over the world!  And to show you how MBO’s are spreading around the planet, we have a new feature on the home page of the website.  Down at the bottom is a map which shows where everyone is located who is coming to the website.  You can click on the map and you’ll see your location flashing, along with anyone else on line at that moment.  You can place your cursor over any of the red dots and see what cities correspond to the dots.  So I ask everyone reading this newsletter to go to which will automatically register your city on the map. 

I have a new article on the website, which I just this past week sent to a number of regional and international magazines.  Those of you who are Friends on Facebook or follow me on Twitter already knew this.  Title is JUNIOR CREATORS IN TRAINING, and you can find it under ARTICLES & NEWS, along with a number of other articles and all my archived newsletters from 2007 onwards.  This is a lot of good reading for my new subscribers.  We’re still trying to get the “kinks” out of a Search function.  I hope to have it working soon. 

I made another geographical mistake about Ottawa.  I should have it corrected in next week’s newsletter, as this one is bulging at the seams with many interesting topics—something for everyone!  Enjoy!


Nancey writes:  A dear friend wrote me about MBO's after hearing my house was still on the market after almost 2 years.  She helped me formulate the wording for the MBO and suggested I say it for a few days, which I did.  One week later I received an offer!  It was a lot less than my asking price, though I would still receive enough profit to be acceptable to me.  I believe it is the most benevolent outcome for me and the buyers.  I purchased the house at a very, very good price and it feels great to pass on the good fortune yet still have enough to pursue my goals.
I have received guidance from Angels through a divining rod, pendulum and other tools for many years, asking if something is in my optimal harmony and balance.  I'm finding that requesting a most benevolent outcome to be in alignment with what I've already been doing, with a simple tweak! In the end, my Angels guided me to take the offer rather than wait for one that was closer to my asking price.  I'm thrilled to be in escrow and even more to have this new tool of MBO's!


There is a new treatment for MS (multiple sclerosis) sufferers Theo.  Why hasn’t it been released yet?  Pharmaceutical greed, or just waiting for more tests to be run?

Yes, in this case Tom it does have to do with the big pharmaceuticals trying to delay this some, as they realize their ability to sell other treatments will plummet.  But the good news is that with a little more push from the MS people and their families, this will be made available. 

This is but a step in the direction of a cure, is that correct?

Yes, exactly Tom.  The real cure for MS and a host of other neurological diseases will come from the DNA studies scientists are making at this time.  You can also give a BP, which everyone can say to move this along Tom. 

So let’s all say out loud, “I ask any and all beings to assist in making available all new treatments for neurological diseases much faster than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”


Diane writes:  I just wanted to tell you two wonderful stories about my gorgeous niece Jessica  (aged 8) and her MBO stories. You remember you mentioned a parking MBO story of Jess' in Book 2.
My brother and sister in law recently moved home and Jessica was not allocated a place in the school to which her younger sister was accepted. Jess stayed home for several weeks while the appeal process went through. Finally, the family was invited to attend an interview/appeal panel and Jess went along too. Very excitedly, later that day, Jess called me to say that she had been very, very nervous but that her MBO had worked and she had been allocated her place at the school.
A week or so later, she sent her Mummy a birthday card, wishing her a Very Happy Birthday and a million MBO's!  Jess has well and truly 'got' the power of MBOs!  Bless her and may she always continue to use them and never, ever forget!
Love and Best Wishes, Tom.  I am so delighted to see how The Gentle Way's power has so successfully escalated with so many people using MBO's....The World will soon become what it was always intended to be.


Renee writes:  In this week's newsletter, I'm so glad that you addressed the confusion in this month's May issue of The Sedona Journal, regarding Pepper Lewis's channeling Gaia's message on the earthquakes. Gaia's response to this was very enlightening.   (By the way, have you noticed just how many articles in this month's issue are on the upcoming Earth changes?)

But, I must say that I am still confused by some of these channeled messages coming though.  Particularly with what Kirael is saying about the Shift versus what Theo has said that we will be shifting into the lower levels of the 5th dimension. (Which sounds so much easier).  Kirael on the other hand, says that there will be portals to the 4th dimension and that some humans will be inside portal workers and others will be outside portal workers from the 3rd dimension gathering people to enter the 4th dimensional portals for training.  And he also talks about the 3 days of darkness while entering into the photon belt to the 4th dimension.

So what's the real scoop on this?  To me it all sounds like a wonderful adventure ahead for us all either way.  I continue to expect great things--thanks Tom, Theo & Gaia.

Gaia, why is there such a large difference in what you and Theo say about the change in focus and what Master Kirael says about the 3 days of darkness and portals and such?

Yes, Tom.  Again those messages are for a certain group of people who shall I say are attracted to a dramatic idea of the change of focus.  The change in focus will not be dramatic as he describes but will be a simple shift, which many people will not even notice, unless they are aware of what is coming and are looking for signs of it.   Many of the points Master Kirael says over the course of a period of time have quite a bit of truth in them, but again, this dramatic description was to attract a certain type of person who wishes great drama and adventure in their lives.  It is very complex to you I understand and we can speak about this at another time.

Pat writes:  I feel that many of us are on an Ascension path, and I've been hoping that the actual Ascension would occur by 2012.  With what's been going on--extreme weather, natural disasters, the oil spill, etc.--and Gaia's predictions for a lot of very severe earthquakes in California, it all seems like these are the kind of events that could precede Ascension. 

I've read in some sources that our sun and Earth will ascend first with the rest of us following.  What does Gaia have to say about that and Ascension in general?  Are her plans for the west coast of the United States, the Southwest, and Yellowstone erupting in 5 years or less for the old or new Earth?  And would any of that matter if we were all living in a 5-D world later on?  I've been mulling over this for a while and figured it was about time I got your opinion.

Theo, what about Ascension.  Will humans go right along with the earth I’m asked?

Quite so Tom.  The earth and all humans and every other living thing will all move into the new dimensional focus at the same time.  No one will be left behind, as some would like you to believe.

Gaia has said she will continue to move the earth in the next focus. 


Bruce writes:  I had other visions regarding the priesthood and the Spinning Ball of Egypt. It seems that I followed you from Atlantis and was one of the followers of the priesthood in Egypt but not necessarily in the priesthood but strongly connected to you and them.

When I first found you site and started using the MBOs it was all so familiar that it just came natural to me.  I have many extraordinary examples of how they have worked of me since taking up that process again since following you in Atlantis in that particular incarnation, so I am told.  I am also told that is the reason I was led to you by my guides and why you have led me to the Kryon teachings, as well.

I had another of my visions that I call my movie visions surrounded by an electrically outlined screen.  In the this movie vision was a Golden Triangle---the gold color of Tuts death mask only it was brighter and glowing.  It was the thickness of a  medium-sized book and I was told that it was a book but it was glowing so brightly the only word that I could see or get the feel of was God--but couldn't see rest of the title.  The book was, as I said, in the shape of pyramid triangle. The golden brilliance of it made it hard to look at even in a vision.

As the vision was fading, I was told that I was connected to it and that I should contact you and Theo regarding the meaning of it for both you and me.

Theo, what is the meaning of the glowing gold pyramid book in Bruce’s vision?

Ah, this was a good vision Tom.  The book is quite special and did have to do with the early priesthood in Egypt.  You used it extensively, as there were many chants and other rituals you have not discovered in this life you were able to use back then to assist your flock and those who came to you for help Tom.  It’s very shape in the form of a pyramid gave great energy to it.

Where did it come from? 

It was given to you by shall we say a friendly ET, who saw your work and dedication. 

Is it still in existence?

Yes, but well guarded shall we say, as the people who have it know of its power, but are not able to interpret it sufficiently to use the rituals correctly in a benevolent manner.   And yes, anyone who touches it can feel its energy, even more so than say a large crystal. 

If you wish to read more about the Spinning Ball, here is the link to the September 12, 2009 newsletter: .   I will have more information in next week’s newsletter, which I just received yesterday, but have no room to include in this week’s edition. 

For my new subscribers, Theo tells me that I originated or was “inspired” to create The Gentle Way of requesting MBO’s back a couple of hundred years before Atlantis sank beneath the ocean.  He said I had around 1 million people doing so at that time, and a large number of us emigrated from Atlantis through what is now Portugal and Spain to ancient Egypt, which was verdant at that time.  You can read more by accessing the newsletters listed below under SERIES about ATLANTIS


Shirley writes:  How is the best way to protect our selves from sitting in front of a computer all day as in plants or crystals or?

Are there any ways we can better protect ourselves when sitting in front of a computer Theo?

Yes, there are a couple of ways.  Certainly taking breaks from sitting in front of the screen is one good thing.  Doing something physical outside in the sun will lessen the effects greatly Tom.  Screens will be made less and less dangerous to humans Tom in the future.  But for now, try and buy those models with less energy being used. 


Celia writes:  Can you please ask if the Katla volcano in Iceland is going to erupt in the near future and if so when?

Gaia, will the Katla volcano in Iceland erupt anytime soon?

No Tom, as I have mentioned before, this volcano will not erupt nor any others will erupt in a significant fashion except the one at present.

Will you cease the eruption in late June or July, or will you continue it?

It will continue for some time Tom, but it will weaken significantly after July let’s say.  It will not have the potential to cause aircraft to be delayed or canceled or rerouted.  That I can promise.


Lois writes:  Hi Tom, As you requested, I asked AAGabriel about earth changes.  His response was essentially that he would not make them since many people "stuck in 3-D" will focus upon them and in their collective fear and anticipation, make the earth changes worse, and in some cases, even make them happen. The larger the group, the more powerful is their collective focus. So vague comments about earth changes are okay, and he mentions them, but specifics of when, where and what, exactly, he will not predict at this time.  He says it is far better for each individual to develop his ability to listen to inner guidance so they will be where they are supposed to be at all times.  So, I am just giving you the information you asked for--even if it did not agree with your own.

Gaia, a reader channeled AA Gabriel who told her people who focus on an earth change in 3d can attract that change.  Your comments. 

Yes Tom, that is true to a certain extent.  This is why the message I give Pepper Lewis for her people is different than the one I give the people who read your newsletter.  Most people in a 3d reality would simply focus on the event in fear, where your readers will request MBO’s and say Benevolent Prayers for their families and love ones.  Yes there is some fear with your group too, but you handle it so much better when you say these MBO requests and BP’s as you call them. 

As we have spoken of before, I am able to be more accurate with your readers because of how they are implementing working to be the Junior Creators in Training as we call them.  So the number of people who hear your messages Tom will grow, but at a fairly steady rate as they are ready to learn and take the big step by requesting MBO’s in their lives. 


Thelma writes:  I ask for your BP in the matter as my Daughter has founded an organization - Heartbeats of the World Inc. for 8 years. You can view our website on and we focus on assisting the less fortunate in education and health in the rural areas of Jamaica. With this situation we really concerned. I have been asking that any and all beings would assist all the people of Jamaica at this time. I expect great things, so I am asking for our group to join in the Benevolent prayers for the country.
Could you ask Theo what are the inclinations for this unrest?

Theo, will the unrest in Jamaica subside or increase in intensity?

Here you have a boiling pot Tom in the Caribbean.  High unemployment and seemingly nothing in their future. This leads to unrest and violence.  This will not subside anytime in the near future.  It will fester as long as the people are not happy with their lives and inability to earn a living.  Those who have jobs are much happier than those that don’t, but they must find ways for these people to make a living in the future, and at the same time prepare for much of their coastline to disappear, as Gaia raises the ocean levels.

So let’s all say a Benevolent Prayer out loud for Jamaica:  “I ask any and all beings to bring love and stability to Jamaica and work for those who wish to work, thank you!”


Maria writes:  Hi, Tom!  Thank you for all the information given in your newsletter, I simply love it!  Can you ask Gaia about any plans for the island of Puerto Rico, in the Caribbean, regarding hurricanes and/or earthquakes and tsunamis?  Thank you.

Gaia, will Puerto Rico experience any hurricanes this year and what about any more earthquakes?

Yes to both questions Tom.  They will have a hurricane pass quite close to them this summer, with massive damage.  The earthquakes will remain minor for them in the near future.  They should only be concerned about the storms, and certainly along with the residents of all the islands in the Caribbean the rising ocean level I have mentioned many times.  Many of the islands there will go completely under water and will cause their inhabitants to flee to other countries much higher above sea level.


Lamar writes:  I am a lightworker living in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, working with other lightworkers to bring this area together.  What can you tell me about this area, where it came from, and what energies we have to work with, plus what is happening with it at this time. What will it look like in the coming changes, and what vital roll will Myrtle Beach have to play leading up to 2012 and beyond?

Gaia, a reader wants to know about Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, its energy, and what it will look like in the future.
Yes Tom.  This is a lovely area with nice energies, washed by the Atlantic Ocean and bathed in a lot of sun.  As the reader has noted, the area was settled quite early in the recorded history of your country by the Spanish.  So they brought with them a certain Latino flourish shall we say regarding their energy.  This area is a nice resort area that I regret to say will be greatly changed in the coming years, as I begin to raise the ocean levels in less than 5 years now Tom. 
With the raising of the ocean level the storms, which strike the area, will carry water much farther inland, flooding the area.  Therefore I advise the residents to move to area much higher above ground or the sea level today, as you can imagine what just a two-foot increase in the level of the ocean will do to their beaches, Tom.  I am changing the face of the planet to have more water cover areas long settled to give them a rest, and so the people will have to move or suffer through storms and subsequent flooding.  The place will be tranquil no more Tom. 


Vicki writes:  What's ahead for the Four Corners-Pagosa Springs, Colorado area of the country? It's an area that is hardly ever mentioned. Gratitude and Blessings.

Gaia, will the Four Corners-Pagosa Springs, Colorado area be safe in the future Gaia?

Yes Tom, This area will be a safe haven for those who wish to move there from California and for the present residents.  It is protected by the mountain ranges between it and the coast, so other than having the same problems of other communities of a flood of refugees straining the infrastructure of their towns, they will be safe. 


Theo, my friends Robert and Barbara mentioned that they have heard of people having or had encounters with a Gen (Jinn) or Geni.  And they have heard these beings do not have souls.  Please give me your comments/
Yes.  These are real entities Tom.  There is much folklore about them.  They do not have souls per say, but were created by a soul or souls.  Very complicated to explain to you, but they are or have their own lives through eternity, and are like the joker in a deck of cards.  A trickster one minute and a bearer of gifts the next. 
Why were they created?  As toys by a soul?
In a way yes, as they were created as sort of practice by souls starting to create for the first time.  You could compare it to a child inventing or making a toy.  That would be as close an analogy for you as possible at this point.


John writes:  Would you check out the fact that we live in a Deterministic Universe, that our “free choice” is limited to our Soul Contract.  If this is so how can we begin to learn how to create except within our contractual agreement.  And all the books and lectures and channelings that tell us all we need to do is believe it and it will happen are hocus pocus unless you already have a soul contract that allows for the things you want and desire.  True or not?

Theo, I’m asked how our soul contract works within what seems to be a pre-determined universe?

A thoughtful question Tom.  Keep in mind that you have FREE CHOICE once you land shall we say on earth.  Your soul contract is the best path you can choose to go through life, but you don’t have to stay on it, and for those not requesting MBO’s, they often wander off the path and take another, which is less in their best interests.  

And yes, don’t forget that what you think is pre-determined can be changed by a mass change in consciousness.  We have discussed before how humans changed their pre-destination when you raised your vibrational levels up to a point where you elected the first black president of the USA, which was not supposed to happen for two more generations.  You are all on an accelerated path at present and are rewriting the script shall we say as you go.  On this side we are amazed at the changes we thought would not come for several years in the future. 


Isabelle writes:  Tom, we've been asked in our Calls to call on the hosts of the Lord to drape the entire planetary body in "a coat of golden chain mail". We've even been asked to enhance it with "blue white diamonds" and "fiery blue energy". I've
been left wondering if Gaia is aware of such Calls and if the reaction is positive on her part. The light never fails!

Gaia, People have been asked to loop you in Golden chain mail, blue white diamonds and fiery blue energy.  What does that do for you if anything?

Yes, there can be some benefit to me with people sending these energies Tom.  Anytime you send any type of positive light, it does not only honor me, but I absorb the energy and place it where I need it.  Again, sending white light to me from Alcyone is best, as that is pure energy of the highest order, but I do not reject any positive energies sent to me. 


Linda on Facebook writes:  Bonjour Tom, I've been requesting MBOs for about 2 years. Could you please advise me & the your other "friends on facebook" the best way to word an MBO for help, healing, and peace of mind for the families who have had a loved one die in a horrific way. I'm slowly understanding contracts and karma, but still, the emotions and grief at times can be unbearable. I know, I buried my 22 year young son...on Christmas Eve in 2003. I ask the angles to please make sure the person(s) have completely crossed over. But for the families left behind, there is no returning to a "normal" life. We have to find a "new kind of normal". So, what's the best way to word this kind of MBO. As always, I'm deeply grateful for all you do to help us along the way, and I honor you. Shalom.

For Linda and anyone trying to cope with the loss of a loved one, for yourself, there are a couple that would come to mind:

"I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for healing energy to be sent to me to lessen my grief, thank you!"   You can say this each day if you wish.  Also you can say:
"I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for severing any energy cords that are not in my best interest, thank you!"  You may need to cut the "ties that bind" to make it easier for both of you to move on.

And you can also send your loved one white light each day.  I believe this will be returned to you in ways you might not imagine.


Gisel writes:  Hello Tom, I'm a big fan of yours from Mexico.  I was wondering if you could ask Theo something for me. I am a practicing psychologist, and I use energy psychology with my clients, what I use most since that's what I have studied is EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques or tapping, this is a technique which is also called psychological accupressure, since you tap or rub on certain body meridians to eliminate, liberate or decrease emotional intensity. This is a very effective technique, so my question for Theo would be, how does it really work? No one really knows, we just tap whenever there is energy blocks, emotional intensity or negative emotions. Are we doing it correctly? Are we really helping people?

Also, I was wondering about Dr Eric Pearl, who uses the reconnection to heal patients. He says he is using a new kind of energy from the Universe and teaches and "passes" this energy to students. Is he really using a new kind of energy? Should we learn this? I would love to be in a seminar, but I have been questioning this.

Theo, how does EFT work, and does Dr. Eric Pearl or is he using a new energy from the Universe?

Yes two separate questions Tom.  First EFT works on the meridians of your body and the energy ley lines we will call them for your purposes.  Even the ancient Chinese knew about these energy points in your body, and EFT is the common person’s way to tap (yes a pun) into these meridian points similar to acupuncture, yet even new ways of using these ley lines or energy points have been discovered by just common people experimenting with their use.  So certainly a good tool for those who wish to work with it and learn what does and does not work.
Dr. Pearl on the other hand believes he has found a new energy source.  It is certainly not new, but one of many energy sources available to tap into.  He is not the first to use this energy.  It has been used many, many times before.  It’s available to anyone who wishes it.  Remember Tom that he has to make a living out of his work, so he may put new labels on old concepts and modalities.  Those who are attracted to him, as you and Dena once were, find him to be a step along the path of discovery.


JUNE 21, MONDAY—6:00 PM-10:00 PM—SEDONA, AZ—Sedona Creative Life Center.  Jam-packed evening where I go through all the simple spiritual tools you can use every day the rest of your life and conduct a guided meditation for you to contact your own Guardian Angel.  For more information and to register:


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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