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Joy writes: My daughter and I went to a funeral in Minnesota the first weekend in May. It was mostly uneventful and we actually enjoyed going as we were able to visit with many relatives. We stayed with my sister who lives 90 miles north of Minneapolis. On our return trip home we had to leave her place at 2:30 am to catch our flight at 6:00 am. There was a slight rain when we started out but within 5 miles we were driving through a cloudburst. I could even feel our SUV hydroplane. I asked for a MBO (Most Benevolent Outcome); I had forgotten to ask earlier. The rain almost immediately slackened up and with in a few miles we were driving on almost dry road. I’m sure they knew the request was coming and anxious to get started.


Harry and his wife have the distinction of being the first people to sign up for my newsletter. He’s a masseuse and forgot to write an appointment down so he overbooked and had to change his appointment at a credit union at the last minute. I’ve condensed his email for space.

Harry writes: So I asked if I could come in the morning -- before noon - - at !0:00am. She said that they had a staff meeting at 9:00 and if I could be there by 10:00, it would be fine.

I went into overdrive - - had to flush my pool filter before I left, take a shower and pack all my massage chair, oils, towels, etc. in my car. I got in the car at 9:20 and as soon as I turned the key on and my gas gauge beeped at me, I realized that I had forgotten to fill up the night before. I quickly asked for a MBO of the events taking place, and headed to the gas station around the corner.

At the gas station, I scanned my discount card and then scanned my debit card and waited. The screen popped up with a "Problem - - See Attendant" message. I went and called the attendant and he said that the computer was running slowly that morning and that I should re-enter everything. It worked that time, and after filling my car, I hit the road. My clock read 9:29, and I (was running late).

Out loud I said, "OK guys, I really need an MBO with a little time warp to get me to my destination as quickly and safely as possible without breaking any laws. Please keep all traffic lights green so I can get there expeditiously without speeding or breaking any laws!

As I passed each of the first 13 GREEN traffic lights, I shouted "Thank You!" Then as I approached the (next) light, it turned red! As I slowed to a stop, I said aloud, "Thank you for letting me catch a breather and drink some water,"

I continued on through Garland into east Dallas and made every other traffic light -- I quit counting - - just kept shouting "Thank You!” I entered the Credit Union parking lot at 9:58! Another rousing "Thank You!!!"


Steve writes: So many great things have happened as a result of my using MBO's over 3-4 years I cannot begin to express the significance. I have tended to ask for MBO's in relation to pain I feel or discomforting situations. Often I ask that all beings receive the comfort, love or support that they want and need in relation to sadness or pain or fear, etc. It is clear to me that the universe has respected my highly sensitive nature by bringing me most benevolent situations so that I may gradually increase my tolerance to interacting with a world that can be frightful for me. I have received jobs, art shows, and opportunities for living inexpensively and much, much more as a result of requesting Benevolent Outcomes.


Kerrie from Australia writes: Referring to the cyclone in Burma (Myanmar) and the attitude of the Military Junta to refuse the aid........with only a small amount trickling through and then the military interferes...dead bodies in rice paddies, diseases and death..........I ask why???? How can the Burmese Government officials sleep at night??? What is their problem??? The people have not committed a crime against the Military, they are just victims of a fierce cyclone..........what gives?

I asked Theo: What perspective can you provide my readers regarding the cyclone in Myanmar and the ruling military?

Ah let’s see if you can get this Tom. There are many factors at work here. There are those that have life paths to experience and survive a cataclysmic event, as we have spoken about before. There are those whose soul contracts call for them to be drowned. Then regarding the military rulers, these are younger souls yes, that still have much to learn and these lives are earning them much Karma that they must balance out in future lives. Of course, part of their soul contracts cause them to act in this manner, so that the souls that chose a life there in Burma or Myanmar could experience what they are supposed to experience. Again, things are much more complicated than they appear on the surface. Much is being learned by not only the rulers, but the people they rule, and by the aid workers and diplomats and everyone connected with this situation. So yes, say a Living Prayer for these people and for the rulers too. Those prayers, as I have stated before, are answered.


Did Edgar Cayce accurately receive the descriptions of the three major Atlantis Continent destructions?

Yes, Tom. Edgar Cayce was quite accurate. Remember, he was an Egyptian priest in a life before, so he had access to all the records that were available at that time about the continent of Atlantis before it sank into the ocean and before the library at Alexandria was destroyed.

Did the earth have two moons back in the days of Atlantis, or was this before Atlantis was populated and really existed as a society?

Good question Tom from the lady who asked. Yes there were two moons early in the days of Atlantis and yes one of them exploded which was caused by a scientific experiment gone awry. Needless to say, that soul took on quite a bit of Karma that has or is taking thousands of years to balance.

So was this prior to the first destruction or after it?

Prior to. It was part of what occurred when they were doing initial testing of the capabilities of these giant crystals. They pointed it to the sky and blew the second moon to smithereens as you would say.

Why wouldn’t we still see fragments of this moon today Theo?

Of course, you can see a great many, as they made craters on the moon. Other fragments slowly were drawn into the earth’s orbit and burned up and others went far out into space to become asteroids themselves. Yes you see some of them pass every so often as their paths intersect the earth orbit.

So I want to make sure I received this correctly. There was a second moon and it was blown up by a scientist or group of scientists in Atlantis and not by a previous society?

That is absolutely correct Tom. I know it seems a little hard to believe, but that’s how it happened.

(Two days later) Just wish to verify my reception from the 20th regarding the 2nd moon being destroyed during the time of Atlantis.

Tom, you were correct in your reception. The second moon was destroyed during the time of Atlantis and yes it was around the time of the 1st destruction. You did receive this correctly my friend.

OK, I thought it had to happen a million years ago for the sky to be so clear now.

It would seem that way, but between the gravity pull of the other moon and the gravity of the earth, the pieces were quickly absorbed, as there was also help from the scientists who helped break up the pieces after the fiasco of destroying to moon.

Theo, you said I had lived 100 to 200 lives on the continent of Atlantis. Can you be more specific with the number and over what time span were these lives?

Ah yes Tom--an interesting time of growth for you. Let’s see if you can receive this number—187 is pretty close. The time span was over 50,000 years, so they were not bunched up as you say together one after another, although still quite often if you were to divide the number into the number of years.

Did I mis-receive the number of lives I led on that continent, as Edgar Cayce wrote that some lives were in the hundreds of years?

Yes, but that was more at the beginning of their occupation of this continent and the years lived slowly contracted as they became denser shall we say. This was really in the very early years of Atlantis and not when there was a larger population.

(In another session) Did I have a life on Atlantis earlier than say 60,000 BC?

Yes, a little earlier, but not much.

So were the majority of my lives during the last 50,000 years of its existence?

Yes, quite so Tom. The earlier lives were to get you the feel of the land and its potential.

So the continent of Atlantis was populated for over 50,000 years?

Quite so. This continent as you can imagine grew from a fertile unused land to one with tribes and such, to one that was scientifically on par with your lives today. That’s why they gained such advances in science and the arts and all phases of life, as they had many, many generations to progress just as people have progressed greatly in the past 2,000 years if you will in your modern age. They used crystals for power and such that you have still not discovered. On a subconscious level you have tried to stay away from the use of large crystals as subliminally you remember what a catastrophe that use brought on.

(Another day) Did I receive correctly that the continent of Atlantis was inhabited for 50,000 years, which would be from 65,000 years ago, or less or more?

A little less Tom—more like around 60,000 years ago you see?

Were Cro-Magnons living on the Atlantian Continent?

Yes, some were, but very few, and they were in the early days of inhabitation—not later.

What about Neanderthals?

No. They were created elsewhere.

So the “things” that Edgar Cayce talked about were neither Cro-Magnon nor Neanderthals?

No, as I said before they were the beings left over from countless experiments with genetics that those from the stars left behind.

Next week: Part 3


I just posted a new video on the website ( ). It’s a short seven minute introduction to what the website has to offer and a little about requesting Benevolent Outcomes and the rules for requesting them. I will probably replace this in the future as I get better at this, but it’s a start. Look for more in the near future that will cover specific topics.


On Monday, May 26, I’ll appear on Tania Gabrielle’s By The Numbers show at starting at 1:00 pm EDT, 12:00 pm CDT, 11:00 am MDT, and 10:00 am PDT. It will be available all week until Monday June 2 when it goes into the archives. After that you can access the show after clicking on Podcast: . This was pre-recorded and we had a good time. Tania’s obviously a numerologist, so she interviews people from that perspective.

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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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