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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:

Solar Eclipse

Here is a good website to read more about the Solar Eclipse.  Notice how it runs along the coast of Japan and then over Northern California.


La PalmaSimon writes from the UK:  Could you ask Gaia please about the La Palma volcano in the Canary Islands.   A while ago you (Gaia) said that this is the year (2012) when part of this volcano would be slipping into the sea, causing tsunamis on most Atlantic Ocean coastlands.  Is this still expected to occur?

If so, then is there any chance of a slow slip so as to minimize the height of the waves when they reach land?

Also, whilst I understand that you will not quote dates I would be curious to know whether this is likely to happen before / during / after the London Olympic and Paralympic games which are being held in a low-lying part of London that would likely be affected by the floodwaters when they encircle the British mainland and then surge up the River Thames and its tributaries.

Gaia, what is the update on the La Palma earthquake?  Was it signed off and when will it occur?

Tom, yes it was signed off by your souls.  Regarding when it will occur, look for it to happen in the latter half of the year—this year.  It will occur in relation to other earthquake events occurring in the world. 

You seem to have a lot of plans for the latter half of the year Gaia?

Yes, I’m trying to get everything in prior to your move to the 5th focus Tom.  These need to be 3D events if at all possible. 

So the percentage of this occurring is 100% Gaia?

Exactly Tom.  It must occur as part of my plate movement.


Gaia, are you planning to raise the ocean floor around Cuba, as the Mayans predict? Cuba

No Tom.  If anything Cuba and all the islands of the Caribbean will see significant loss of land and beaches as I raise the ocean levels two feet in the next five years.  I will be moving and shifting the plates, but that will not cause any significant land to rise from the ocean depths.


Patti writes:  Quite a big news story breaking out!
ProtestITCCS Update: Catholic Church Faces Disruption and Banishment as Irish Cardinal set to resign.
Breaking News for Global Release:  Catholic Church Faces Disruption and Banishment as Irish Cardinal set to resign.  A Communiqué from ITCCS International BRUSSELS & DUBLIN - May 4, 2012 - The Roman Catholic Church faces permanent disruption and banishment in at least five countries if it does not comply.

Theo, how many, if any of the demands made of the Catholic Church to defrock priests who molest, plus registering them all as civil servants, and relinquish their tax free status will be agreed upon?

Yes, as you guessed Tom, only a few, such as defrocking their priests, and I’ll add in nuns, who rape and abuse.  They will not give up their tax status, as that would set a precedent.  They will offer counter proposals to try and appease those who are making these demands. 


Robin writes:  Tom I have noticed now for some time the birds at night. It is late night around 1 or 2am. They are chirping and flying around like it is day time. Can you ask why that is? The owls are awake in the late mornings and early afternoon too. Thanks.

Animal AttackKarin writes:  There have been a lot of animals attacks lately.  Something is setting them off.  Quake or energies or what?

Gaia, it has been reported to me that birds are staying awake at night and chirping, singing and flying.  Is this caused by the Super Moon, or is it caused by something else, or is this natural?

Yes Tom.  A little of both you see.  The brightness of the Super Moon as you call it can be confusing to my bird friends, but their bodies are being reset as yours are for the move to the 5th focus, and that certainly can cause a disruption in their normal behavior.  In the months ahead it will come to a peak and then subside.

What about the more than average animal attacks and strange behavior?

Yes, part of this is, as we have discussed Tom, man’s encroachment onto lands once purely wild and these animals lived in peace in nature and went about their normal lives.  But man does change this as there are too many people on the planet and your numbers must be reduced.  Certainly there needs to be certain population controls implemented or I will have to do it for you and for all the plant and animal life on this planet.  There are some events, as we have discussed before, which will drop the human population some, but not drastically.  You owe it to your future generations Tom to establish limits on the number of children in a family, and encourage people to not have children at all—give them perks for choosing not to have children.  Get creative in doing this. 


Mutated DandelionSandy writes on Facebook:  Please ask Gaia if nuclear leaks or whathaveyou are causing the rash of mutations in plants please. People are finding dandilions with multi-flowered heads and stalks bigger than a finger. They are the most common but far from the only plant gone bonkers. More information is found on a Facebook page called Mutation Watch. Thank you.

Gaia, why do some plants such as Dandelions appear to be mutating, or are they?

Yes, Tom.  There are some changes afoot you might say in the plant world, as they prepare for the change in focus.  Flowers will begin to expand to match those on the 5th focus. 

So this will be widespread for all flowers?

No.  Some will remain relatively the same Tom, but certain species of flowers need to change as I said.  Horticulturists will have a field day noting the changes coming. 


Choosing NamesTheo, two people in my group were discussing changing the names they are addressed by.  Does this have anything to do with ascension—having their vibrational levels change, or just a desire for change itself?

No Tom, this is much more ascending and not feeling that a name they have been addressed as “fits the bill”.  Keep in mind that you can change your numerological settings by changing your name.  As an example, Tom has a different numerological number than does Thomas.  You will see more of this in the coming days.


Gaia, will housing structures change much in Western countries in the next 100 years? 

Not so much in form Tom, but the interiors will continue to be updated with more gadgets and such to make the structures more efficient and saving on the cost of energy--which I might add low cost energy is on the way for you in the not too distant future.  There will be beFuturistic Housetter insulation so as not to lose the heat or cool air produced, but overall, houses will look not too different in the next 100 years.  As you go farther out there will begin to be changes in the structures themselves as new houses are built.


Futuristic EarthTheo says my next life on earth will be in the 3400 era as a female space pilot, then I have a life in 2600 to prepare everyone for space travel, and then return to 3400 but will stay on earth.  So every once in a while I think of questions to ask about that time period.

Theo, in the second 3400 era life will I be the contact for the starship or ships, or will I have completely different job to perform?

Completely different Tom.  You will again be assisting the population in further raising their vibrational level.  You may think now that they will be quite far advanced in the 5th focus Tom, but not as far as you may guess.  We can take this up again in the future as you learn a little more about that era. 

Theo, what level of the 5th focus will we reach in 3400?

Yes, an interesting question Tom.  I did say you will not be as far along as you might expect--more in the 5.10 range.  Yes, you are receiving me correctly.  It takes many, many years to slide up the frequency scale Tom, which is why you’ll be back twice in that era, with the second one important to assist in jump-starting progress again. 


Antura is a member of my soul group or “cluster” having a life on a water planet in the Sirius B Star System.  I found it very intriguing his comment in last week’s newsletter, “We might be allowed to say, “You will find this to be an important resource in the future, so be sure to take care of it.”  Makes you wonder what resources we don’t even know we have, which we’ll be using to go to the stars in the future. 

Star WarsJackie writes:  I'm working through how to explain my understanding of the Universe and realized I had a question. Did the earth experiment (creating societies to deal with negativity) come about because of the Star Wars? If not, why was this experiment needed if there was clearly enough negativity in the Universe to cause the Star Wars?

In an unrelated question, there is a mission to explore the dwarf planet of Ceres in the asteroid belt. This asteroid likely has liquid water under a layer of frozen water so is a candidate for life. The Dawn spacecraft arrives in February 2015. Will this mission contribute to first contact with the Federation in any way?

Antura, was the Earth Experiment already in operation or just in the planning stages during the time of the star wars?

Good question Tom.  Yes it was underway, although in a very early stage shall we say. 

So I’m asked why was the Earth Experiment needed when so much negativity was released during the star wars?

Yes Tom, negativity was released, but because no one could handle it this negativity was released.  The Earth Experiment was to learn how to handle negativity and work with it, as you have done.  No other society in this universe has been able to work with it as you have now. 

CeresAntura, will there be any connection to the mission to the asteroid Ceres and the first contact with the Pleiadians?

Not at all Tom.  That mission will certainly be allowed to continue, as you will learn more about your solar system.  You will have various missions over the next few hundred years as you explore more and more of this solar system and actually have colonies not only on Mars and the moon, but elsewhere as well.

Antura, was the earth moved from the Sirius B Star System to its present location in this solar system?

Yes, Tom.  It was decided that you could not do the experiment properly if there were dozens of spaceships flying around all the time, which was the case, plus a special planet was needed with both oceans and landmasses.  You needed to be in a remote location rotating around a single sun. 

So was Gaia the soul of the planet at that time?

Another good question Tom.  No she was not.  Again a special soul was needed, so the soul of earth at that time moved on to another young planet and Gaia took over this one. 

Antura, when you move a planet, how do you retain the atmosphere during the move?

An excellent question Tom.  It is retained by the enormous energy used to move the planet.  It’s as if the planet is wrapped in an energy cocoon during transport.

Exploding SunI discussed moving one planet but in actuality if a sun is going to explode, all the planets are in danger.

That’s correct and we will move any of the planets with life on them.  Obviously this is a huge undertaking Tom, but has been done countless times. 

Have you had any instances when the time was quite close to the destruction, or do you always have enough warning in order to take action?

It is quite rare that we will have little time, but certainly it has happened and more resources and people are brought in to speed up the process. 

Jim writes:  Last night to the west of Naples, Fl. I saw an object low on the horizon, that sparkled like sparklers, every color you can think of.  It was brilliant.  I watch for several minutes with binoculars.
I saw the same thing a couple of months ago but much closer and it moved from South to North then either went to the West or moved away and faded out.  Please ask what it was I saw.  It is beautiful with the color display.

What did Jim in Naples, Florida see low on the horizon that sparkled and was multi-colored?

Yes, a spaceship Tom, but quite different from the normal ones.  It was doing an experiment at the time. 

Linda writes:  I love your newsletters!  There are plenty of topics I'm curious about, but I'll just ask one that I haven't found Nazca Linesin the archives:  What were/are the Nazca lines for?

Antura, please explain the Nazca Lines.

Yes, as has been theorized Tom, this had to do with their religion at the time and it was connected to appearances by your friendly ET’s.  They wanted these lines or images to be seen from heaven. 

Antura, I do notice that suddenly in just the past month are so are people writing in questions for you.  Why the sudden input do you think?

Certainly these questions and answers are finally resonating with them, Tom.  It does of course also have to do with your vibrational levels being at such a point when you can accept the idea of extra-terrestrials and not be frightened at the thought of them. 

Underwater CityAntura, are your spacecraft docked at your underwater city or on land?

No, you are correct in thinking we do have the capability to utilize these spacecraft both above and below the oceans Tom.  They act as both flying machines and submarines you could say.  So yes they do dock, as you call it, in special hangers for these craft adjacent to the city. 

When was my last life on your planet?

Sometime ago Tom.  Certainly over a couple of thousand years in our time Tom.  That’s why your return is looked upon with great anticipation.  You are coming to help us deal with the earthlings and at the same time be of great service to our communities with your wisdom from not only your many sojourns on earth but from also your thousands of lives on our planet.  You were one of the first to come to this planet too, just as you were one of the first to have a life on earth. 

Marie on Facebook writes:  Hello Tom.  Can you ask Artura if alien parasites can actually mutate--like the case of Miranda Bach. And it was also shown in Apollo 18.

Flesh Eating ParasitesAntura, were the parasites that attacked Miranda Bach earth parasites or alien?

No, quite earth bound parasites Tom.  You will – meaning your scientists, will learn how to treat this terrible disease in the future as you eradicate other diseases through control of the DNA strands.

Antura, what level of the 5th focus do you operate on at your planet?

Yes, certainly we have operated or existed in the 5th focus for many hundreds of thousands of years Tom, but our level—let’s see if you can receive it today—would be more on the level of a 5.4—yes, fairly close.  I know you thought it would be higher, Tom, but again we look at the reason why we are waiting in great anticipation for contacts to begin with your society, so that we can begin to grow again. 

Yes folks, I’m really surprised at how low that number is, given the several million year  head start the rest of the Federation has on us.  I guess we’re going to have to kick some ET butts and get things moving again to help everyone raise their vibrational levels! Wink 


AmbidextrousRobin writes on Facebook:  I was wondering about left and right-handed people and also ambidextrous people. Are there certain talents and if being left or right is the difference between using your left brain or your right. I write and eat with my left but do a lot of other things with my right. Just wondering if there is a reason some of us are left or right.

Theo, what comments can you make about left, right, and ambidextrous people?

Yes, right-handed people GENERALLY are more action oriented shall we say Tom, where left-handed people are creative.  As you have noticed a number of actors are left-handed.  The ambidextrous people are more balanced.  Of course, some people were forced to be right-handed and they sometimes have a more difficult time, as their being wants them to be more creative. 


This story and the next MBO story were in last week’s blog which you can access directly from my website or by going to up to receive these inspirational stories each week!  New Delhi Airport

Subir in New Delhi writes on Facebook: I would like to share a very recent MBO that happened with me. There occurred some problem with flight ticket issuance of my Aunt; she asked me for help and even I was not able to get the same confirmed.  Day before yesterday, I made a MBO and went to sleep; to my surprise when I awoke I received the confirmation of the ticket from the airline in my mailbox in the morning.  I thanked my guardian angle for his help. I will be always be thankful to you for connecting me with my guardian angle.


West Coast Swing ClassNancy writes:  I always say an MBO for Tim and I as we travel Thursday nights to our dance class and to do our errands later.   We are taking West Coast Swing, as well as ballroom dancing.   WCS is lots harder than ballroom for us, so I always say an MBO for having fun and learning our new steps.   Well, during our last class Tim was having trouble with a new move we were learning, and was getting really frustrated.   I thought he was going to blow a gasket!   We are not dance wizards, and sometimes the steps are hard.   The move involved a double-spin for me, and it kept throwing me off balance.   Somehow Tim didn’t explode, but he was unhappy that he hadn’t learned the move.   I reminded him of how hard hustle was for us initially, and how now it’s one of our better dances, and told him he’d get it tomorrow.   Meanwhile, I started trying to reverse engineer it in my mind.  When we practiced the next day, I was able to help him continue to move me past him as he spun me, and he got it.  He had been reversing my motion, which was what was throwing me off.   It was wonderful to see him get it, and feel better about the dance.   No, he didn’t get the move during the class, but one day later is pretty good!  
I have a request for the MBO community.   Please say the following MBO for my school.   Like all schools, it is having financial problems.   We need to replace to ancient boilers.   Our situation is different because we are a private Hebrew Day School, but we serve the community too, and our students are happy and learn a lot.   I’m not even Jewish, but I love this school and the children we teach.   I know that there are people in the community who could offer great financial

“I ask any and all beings for a Most Benevolent Outcome for the Hebrew Academy’s financial problems, including the immediate need for new boilers, to be solved better than can be expected or anticipated, and I thank you so much."

Thanks to everyone in advance who is willing to say this Benevolent Prayer to help us out!!!!

Let’s help them out everyone with your weekly Benevolent Prayer!


Theo, what is the probability of a Federal Law being passed in the next four years legalizing gay marriages? Gay Marriage Sign

Somewhat high Tom, but more in the 50% to 60% range at this time.  Not a slam-dunk to use a basketball term.  There will be great progress made on this front, but also with great opposition from various religions.  A hot potato you would say.  You can check back with me and I’ll update you on the probability.


Lincoln/ObamaJeini writes:  I can't find it now but remember reading in what I thought was a recent newsletter of yours that Theo stated that Barack Obama was Lincoln and that he will be surprised to find out his origin as Lincoln and an indigo.  When and under what circumstances will he receive this information?

Theo, will President Obama ever be told he is the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln?

Yes Tom.  Sometime in the future he’ll be informed of this, just not quite soon.


Jeini also writes:  How does the non-physical crowd view our dog/cat overpopulation issues?  It just kills me to walk by so SPCA Adoptionmany sweet animals in cages at pet stores.  Why are there so many and what should our perspective be about it?

Theo, how is the cat and dog population viewed by spirit?

It is viewed by us as one of the lessons you must learn in the earth experiment Tom.  Just as you must learn that the human population cannot sustain itself with high birthrates allowed, so must you put a cap on the cat and dog population too.  There will be real progress made on both fronts upon entering the 5th focus Tom.


Guardian AngelDiane writes:  Does a house have a guardian angel?  I know we have one but does our house or neighborhood have one?  And if you have an angel for your house how do you find out the name?  I would love to know the name of my guardian angel for me and my house!!!!

Theo, do houses have Guardian Angels?

Not in the sense that the person asked Tom.  We, the Guardian Angels of those who live in the house act as the Guardian Angels of the house as but a small part of our duties to our charges or clients if you will. 


Diane also writes:  I'm sure you heard the news about Gold found in Haiti....with this new discovery with gold, copper will it Haiti Mine Locationshave Haiti change into a stable country or will it remain the folks not getting the money from this deal?

Gaia, will the discovery of gold in Haiti significantly help their economy?

Not that much Tom.  Certainly it will create jobs as the money filters down through the economy from the workers and owners of the land become wealthy, but the average Haitian will see little of the benefits.  They need manufacturing jobs, and lying on the fault line as they do is considered a dangerous investment by those who might move a manufacturing plant there or create one from scratch. 


Kava RootRob writes:  Can you please do me a favor and ask Theo or Gaia the truth behind Kava root and liver toxicity? I have been taking Organic, powdered Kava root on and off for years because it relaxes me and I have never had any issues with liver toxicity. However many websites on the Internet Say it does and many state that it is perfectly safe provided you consume a product that is 100% root and that you do not consume it with alcohol or some pharmaceutical medications. Any information would be very helpful.

Gaia, what is the truth about Kava Root and liver toxicity?  I assume pure is best?

Kava Root Tom does have some good qualities if taken in moderation, as the gentleman who asked the question knows.  It does not have long-term effects on the liver as some juxtapose.  Again it is safe to take in moderation and yes, pure Kava Root is best.  The other components mixed in with it can cause problems. 


Gentle Way BookDon’t forget that BOTH GENTLE WAY books are NOW AVAILABLE as Ebooks on Kindle and other services!   You can also order the print versions by phone at my publisher Monday to Friday.  Call toll free 800-450-0985.  The books are great for presents for family and friends for birthdays and other special occasions!  Either or both books can change lives!



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TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011



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