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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate, along with Gaia the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Karin sent me this article from the Los Angeles Times:

Gaia is the Popocateptl volcano near Mexico City about to blow its top? Popocateptl Volcano

Yes, Tom.  This will be a serious event for those living nearby, as this volcano is set to explode soon.  It will not be catastrophic in the sense of laying waste to a wide area, but certainly those people who have chosen to live nearby will not have a home to return to.

When is the greatest probability of this happening—in May?

No, the greatest probability will be, yes, in June of this year.  I’m moving more magma into the caverns beneath the volcano as we speak.


Stock Market TradingSteve writes: Gaia, will the stock market keep heading further into record territory, or will there be a pullback?

Gaia, I’m asked will the stock market continue to rise?

No, Tom.  There will soon be a leveling off and even a dip will occur.  I would advise taking your profits now or quite soon.


Gaia, will we cease to use nuclear power in the future, and how will we dispose of nuclear waste?

Yes, Tom.  Your use of nuclear power will end sooner than is assumed at the present time.  As I mentioned before, free energy is coming in the not too distant future, and will quickly make these plants obsolete around the world.

Free EnergyWould the highest probability of this happening be in the next 10 years?

No, more on the order of 20 years, Tom—again that’s the highest probability you see.  That’s actually quite short in human terms.

Does that mean the discovery or the implementation?

No, it will be discovered a little earlier than that, but it will take time for plans to be drawn.

Will it still be generated in plants or will everyone have the ability to use this free energy?

Certainly many individuals will drop off the electrical grid by constructing their own devices, and not waiting for companies to provide this.

So if it’s free energy, why will there even be a need for an electrical company?

Because they do have electrical lines, Tom.  There must be a way of delivering this to the common household and business, although as you can imagine there will be a number of companies which will quickly construct their own machines to deliver this energy.

This will not involve the use of crystals, will it?Nuclear Waste Container

No, but a good guess.

How will we dispose of the nuclear waste?

This will continue to be a problem, but eventually there will be ways to convert these dangerous elements to non-dangerous ones.

Won’t there be quite a few problems both in Japan and also in the United States when you have your earth movements?

Yes, there will be problems in both locations, Tom, but the plants will be shut down to minimize the escape of harmful radiation.


Iran EarthquakeI think someone asked this on Facebook.  Have you requested to be my friend yet, and to “LIKE” my The Gentle Way book yet?  Please do so today.

Gaia, are you planning any major quakes for Israel this year?

No, only in Iran.  All the others will be lower in intensity.


Syanne on Facebook asked me about the upcoming Australian elections.  Australia Center Left

Theo, what is the probability of who will win the Australian elections—the Center-Right party or Center Left party?

At this time, Tom, the Center Left party has the greatest probability of remaining in office.  This would be over 80% at this time.  Not a “slam-dunk,” shall we say, but certainly quite strong at this time.


Jen writes: It is interesting how that painting of King William IV's advisor appears to resemble you a good bit.  I remember Gaia, I believe, telling you that there are about 500 human face templates that are used.  Do we often repeat the same templates in different lives or do we tend to look completely different each time?  Did you intentionally have a similar face in that life to what you have now so that you, and we, would recognize you in that face?

5 RacesHeavier questions:

I've seen references to the "earth experiment" referring to different concepts.  I know of these three:

1) To see if we could raise our vibrations in a relatively high degree of negativity.
2) To see if DNA from different starseeds or alien races could be intermingled.
3) To reinvent the wheel of sorts (have us possibly develop different technologies and physical cures by studying everything fresh).

CreatorsAre these three items accurate and are they all of the experimental purposes of earth or are there more?

Also, in regard to our souls melding together to run this universe:
1) Has this already happened in universal time in some way?
2) Are we re-melding or reuniting with ourselves, being collectively as one unit of the "son of God", who split into the quadrillions or so of us a long time ago?
3) What does the creator want to do differently in his/her next endeavor?  Will she/he be starting a new universe with a different approach or doing something completely different?  Consulting for other creators?  Hee hee.  I'm sure that is already done in the blink of an eye.
4) What involvement or role will the creator continue to have in this universe?

Gaia, do we repeat the same face template in a number of lives, or is it just that there are a limited number of templates so we cannot help but use the same one many times or several times?

Yes, it is the latter option, Tom.  Most soul fragments have 600 to 800 lives, as we have mentioned many times, and as there are less than 150 templates, it stands to reason one or more templates might be used several times.  But normally the same template is not used more than, let’s say, 10% of your lives.  An interesting, thoughtful question.

Problem SolvingRegarding the Earth Experiment, our souls’ goal is to “fast track” raising our vibrational levels—faster than lives on other planets.  We are to learn how to make decisions without any prior knowledge of how a problem was handled before.  Many of the 200 planets that make up the Federation of Planets contributed DNA to the experiment to give us the best chance for success.  We will take the knowledge of how we were able to succeed in a highly negative environment to the other planetary societies, introducing small amounts of negativity to each culture, in order to assist them in beginning to raise their vibrational levels again, which have been stagnated.

Gaia, our souls have not already melded together in the future, have they?

No, but again a good question, Tom.  Elsewhere universal time is observed instead of the space time continuum you experience on earth.  Therefore, many thousands of years will go by before the melding takes place.

Will it not be just a melding or joining together again, since we basically all came from the same birth mother, shall we call the Creator of Creators?

Yes, but in a small way, as keep in mind, Tom, there are billions of creators, so some souls were created at far different times, I will call it, in 3d terms for you.  All will have had tremendously different experiences and lives by the time this happens far in your future.

Has the Creator decided what it will do next—go to a higher level I was once told?

That is correct, Tom.  It knows from seeing this occur to only a handful of other creators that have moved on.  It is quite mysterious in a way, so the Creator is quite intrigued you could say.

Then when that happens will the Creator have any more involvement in running this universe of ours?

No, he will have trained you to not need IT by that time, Tom.


First Contact Full CoverAntura, for my new subscribers, is a member of my soul group having a life as an amphibian on a water planet in the Sirius B Star System.  My book, FIRST CONTACT: Conversations With An ET is now out on the major e-book websites such as’s Kindle.  These questions came mostly from Mantej and me.

Antura, how many countries will the Pleiadians travel to on their first visit?

Quite a number, Tom.  More on the order of 15 to perhaps 20.  They don’t want to seem elitist—only covering the large, more powerful countries.  They will add in some smaller ones too.

Will there be just visits with government officials or with the public too?

Yes, there will be a few visits, but the first visit will be kept more formal, as they introduce themselves.  They want the population to first accept the idea that there are space brothers and sisters, as many do not believe this to be true.  The easy way of doing this will be with multiple visits to governmental leaders so that the general population accepts the idea, as they accept their own governments.

UFO They will only travel in their own space ships I would assume?

Quite so.  It will make things much faster as they do this.

Will they pop into and out of time, so that it will seem they are traveling from one country to the next, but actually there could be several universal days in between?

An excellent question, Tom.  Yes, you are perceptive there, as some countries will be visited one after another as the spacecraft is seen in the skies overhead, but when it means crossing oceans they can disappear and reappear and no one will realize they actually took a break to study how the reception is proceeding and if they need to tweak their presentations.

Will their visits be televised live or recorded and released later?

A little of both, Tom.  It all depends upon the country and access to live transmissions, but most of the time the Pleiadians will gently but firmly ask for live coverage.

What gifts will they present to the governments?

Some will be simple things like maps of star systems and inhabited planets and a list of the Federation members.  Others will again be simple devices that are advancements on what you have now, but not so advanced as an example, our translation and force field devices.  It will be much more simple tools that were developed long ago and would be considered obsolete now for us.  Great thought is going into what to give the governmental leaders they will meet with and each one will receive something a little unique, so that they can feel important.


Invest in Your DebtI’m going to present something here that I think everyone needs to know, especially if you have built up large debts during the GREAT RECESSION as it’s called.  My wife and I were not immune to this, as our international film and TV program distribution business was affected severely by the lack of funds our clients could spend on licensing our films and TV shows.  We were hanging on by our fingernails.  We saw many of our competitors, and yes, clients go out of business during this time period.

The path to paying off your debt is the one we learned about several years ago after taking a class called “Investing in your Debt,” and still use today.

The credit card companies charge you 15% to 25% or more on your balances, while putting your money in a bank only gives you 1% or 2%.

What we were taught, and I can assure you this WORKS, is that you look at all the charges you have and choose the debt that is the SMALLEST—not the largest! Your goal now is to pay off that small bill—whatever it is.  Perhaps you can only pay an extra $10 or $20 a month to reducing the balance, but that’s where you start.

As you begin paying down the balance you will notice that each month you pay less interest and more on the balance, even though your payments are the same each month.

Next step: After finishing paying off the balance on that debt, choose the next lowest amount owed.  Now you start paying off that balance with the payment you were paying on the first balance.  Let’s say you had been paying originally $50 on the interest and $10 on the balance.  So now you take that $60 payment and apply it on the next lowest debt.  Suddenly things start to accelerate as each month you see less interest and more balance being paid off.  You work your way up the line each time, choosing the next smallest debt to pay off.

Yes, you start slowly, but it starts to accelerate the longer you keep at this.  You MUST DISCIPLINE yourself to not take that money and start spending again.  Again, you are INVESTING IN YOUR DEBT, not creating more of it!

Naturally you should request a Most Benevolent Outcome to remain steady on your efforts to pay off your debts, and that the results will be even better than you can hope for or expect!


Linda writes: Since we've started the fifth focus as of December 21st, can you tell me what changes have begun over the last 4 months?  There's plenty of violence out there and, on a personal note, my body sure has experienced new pains and afflictions.  Any connection there?  Thank you for any information you can provide.

Maya CalendarGaia, what changes have we experienced since 12/21?

Yes, Tom, you have had major changes in your energy—as much as you’ve been able to handle at this moment in time so far.  You, meaning everyone on earth, are still on your journey through this energy matrix, if you will, scheduled to arrive this summer at 5.000.  Because these energies are so great, they do affect people in different ways, you can say.  Some are able to handle the increase in energy better than others.  Some just wish to depart earth, as their energy perhaps does not mix well with the energy you are experiencing at this time in your journey.  It can be aches and pains or it can be more severe affecting your personalities.  Each human reacts slightly differently to these new energies you are experiencing, Tom.  So I will say to your readers to hang in there.  You will not have to experience these fluctuation energies too much longer before you reach your mountaintop, shall we say.  It is an arduous energetic journey, but you will be glad when you are there.

And no, it does not mean the energies will fall away.  It simply means that the energy you feel will be constant, and allow changes according to that constant.  There will still be some time—yes, years, as you have read, where you will have to adjust to these energies, but eventually it becomes easier and easier, as the first major part of the journey is almost finished.


CO2Gaia, what about the earth’s CO2 particle level reaching 400, as I saw on the news.  Will it go higher and is that the major cause of weather?

Yes, to your first question, Tom.  The particle level will continue to increase as, yes, it is one of the factors—again we are speaking about many which contribute to the weather patterns.  You will continue to see fluctuations in the weather, from very wet to very dry and everything in between.

Then can we expect these fluctuations to continue in our future for at least the next five years?

Absolutely, Tom, and in fact you will see even an increase during this time period.


Cynthia writes: What is the karma and purpose of the 3 girls who were Cleveland Kidnappingkidnapped and held in Cleveland for 9-10 years?  Thanks for all you do!

Theo, please explain the karma involved in the kidnapping of the three girls.

Yes, Tom.  Again, as you see these events happen some you can more easily interpret than others.  In this instance the three women had severely mistreated their charge or charges over several lifetimes, and this was balancing.  Castro, the abductor, was supposed to be a bad guy this life, but again enjoyed his role a little too much and will have to balance it off in future lives.  The women have wiped their slate clean with this.  They also knew there would be much compassion and that it would bring to everyone’s attention the act of slavery due to the long period of time during which this occurred.

It was reported that there are 34 other women missing from that same area.  Are any being held in a similar fashion?

Unfortunately, yes.  There is one other person in that area who has abducted and raped women, but he does not keep them—he kills them instead.  He will not be found for some time, but eventually will be caught.


CrystalLyn in Chicago writes: I have a question for Gaia when you have the opportunity please.  I recently started to teach Feng Shui classes again and held one at "On the Rocks Gems and Jewelry." The storeowner offered a discount to my students to purchase anything in the store that day.  Two of them bought crystals to resonate with different areas of the Bagua.  (Don't know if you are familiar-it's the map we use for consulting in people's spaces and contains life's endeavors and how they relate to specific areas in a person's home.  I don't know why I didn't think of that! Duh!!! They have reported that some significant things changed for them.

I have decided to design a course using gems, crystals and Feng Shui.  Here's my question: How does Gaia feel about humans removing these things from her?  This has crossed my mind before. I was at one of the largest gem and mineral shows in the world in Tucson last year. I was astonished at the vast number of crystals, gems, rocks, etc., that were on display, some of them very, very costly.  I want to ask first, before I proceed with doing my research.  Many of the stones have been assigned meanings (love, prosperity, etc.....) I always wondered who figured that out and maybe Gaia could point me in the right direction for a resource.  That is, IF this seems like a good idea! Thank you so much for being you and for all you do! You are much appreciated!

Gaia, how do you feel about people removing rocks, gems, and crystals from you?

Yes, it would be best if they were left where they reside, Tom, but I understand and these stones and gems and crystals understand that this is part of your learning process on earth.  In the future you will discover many more uses for these gems and crystals than you are now aware of, and it will assist you in reaching the stars.

That’s all I will say, as you must discover how to use these stones, we will call them, yourselves.  Keep in mind, Tom, that I have billions of these stones in my body, so a few million will not upset the apple cart, we will say.  Those stones you do not use—sitting in a bucket somewhere as an example, could be buried in your back yard to enjoy me again.  They and I will greatly appreciate that service and act of kindness.  You could even conduct your own idea of a ritual to join us together again.  I will appreciate that too.


Najib Posters(I was asked to change her name to) Elie writes: I have a question regarding Malaysia.  We just had our general elections on 5 May 2013.  The Parliament is still won by the Ruling party, Barisan Nasional.  There are many rumours and news that dirty tricks were played such as phantom votes, immigrants given Malaysia citizenship just to vote.  Even during count of ballot there was a blackout and 8 boxes of ballots supporting Barisan magically appeared.  What I personally experienced is money was simply spent giving motor bikes, IPads, etc., as lucky draws all over where I stay with free food functions almost every night for nearly 3 weeks.  That is a waste of  citizens' money! I heard that actually the Opposition won at Parliament, but they fixed the votes.  Our Prime Minister is even linked to the murder of a Mongolian Atlantuya! I personally heard of citizens being given cash to exchange back blank ballot papers.

1.  I would like to know whether any dirty tricks were played?
2.  Which party actually won?
3.  Would the Opposition successfully prove those tricks and gain back their rightful win?
4.  What will happen to Malaysia's economy and will there be riots, etc?
5.  What kind of man is our current Prime Minister Najib and if he is bad, will he get his karma soon?

If there are dirty tricks and the votes are being fixed, may I ask the readers of your newsletter to pray for the most Malaysia Protestbenevolent outcome for the wrongs to be righted in Malaysia?

Theo, what will be Malaysia’s future now?  Were the elections rigged?  Will there be riots?  What about Prime Minister Najib?

Yes, Tom, their country is in for some violent protests, as the elections were loaded with ballots favoring the ruling party.  Many votes were bought.  Of course this is the same in many countries where the rulers enjoy their power and do not wish to step aside for the next group.  Their Prime Minister orchestrated this along with his supporters.  The probability of his staying in power is fairly low for his term of office.


This MBO story and the next two originally appeared in my Blog last week, which you can read by going to

McClure Pass Rock SlideJacque in Colorado writes: I must tell you a story of my week.  I left Sunday morning early to head to Boulder for an interview on Monday afternoon.  It is usually a 5-hour drive, give or take.  I went up over a pass called McClure Pass to go toward Glenwood Aspen to get to the major highway toward the Denver area.  It was early Sunday morning and no traffic.  As I came around a big curve there was the biggest rock/boulder slide I had ever encountered.  There was a tiny space between the guardrail over the cliff and the rock.  I sat for a while saying MBOs that no more rocks would come down as I was not in a very good space right there on the road.

I have always said MBOs as I left to head out in my truck, but especially over this pass.  So I had said my MBOs and came around that curve to encounter this huge rock and dust still settling.  I really was in shock.  My Guardian Angel saved my life.  I know this for sure.  The rock was as big as 2 dump trucks and is taking more that 100 truckloads to remove it.  I squeaked by the rock and guardrail.  A little later I passed a King Soopers semi, which later I found out was not able to go through.  I did warn him with my lights.  I believe I was the first person to witness this rock after it broke loose.  This was Sunday morning.  This is now Friday morning and they are working hard to clear it with 2-3 hour delays.  It has been raining very hard up there and causing more problems with the rain.  It is one of those boulders that we all look at when driving by and say, "Wow one of these days!" So I say to Gaia thank you dear one that no one was hurt.  And if you don't believe in MBOs, well here is proof! I had a very nice week staying with a blind couple that treated me like royalty.

Colorado Whiteout ConditionsThe second part of the story is as I was leaving Wednesday morning to head home now an 8 hour drive instead of 5, I just happened to remember that I needed to rotate my tires a long while ago.  My tire company does it for free.  There are no companies in Glenwood area or where I live.  So it's been a long time.  I went in, the guy came out and looked at my tires, didn't say much.  He said, “let’s go in and see what we can do.”  He went out in the back shop and came back.  He said, “I have a set of used tires to put on your truck.  I'm not letting you out of this parking lot till they are on your truck.” I said, “I only literally have gas money to get home.” He said, “You leave that to me.  I want you safe.” (I guess my tires were really, really bad).

So I sat there teary eyed; it took 45 min.  Then I tried to find this man, the manager.  He was the one in the white shirt.  The rest were in work shirts.  He was nowhere to be found.  The young man came out gave me my keys and I said, “you guys are my guardian angels.”  I continued to head back knowing they had closed the road from the big rockslide and knew it was a way longer trip.  As I headed into the mountains I hit a whiteout blizzard from Idaho Springs to the other side of Vail pass.  Many miles in a white out.  Thirty semi trucks were stopped on the side of the highway chaining up.  I was in a skirt and flip-flops.  I had a 4-wheel drive and had 4 brand new tires on my truck.  Not used, brand new.

Indeed it took me 8 hours to get home, but I got home safely with new tires.  I was very scared but kept saying my MBOs as I drove along.  I remember saying to myself "HOW DID HE KNOW?" But somehow he did.  A little later another semi had crashed against the wall, caused another rockslide and rolled across the highway and hit the guardrail.  I only could pray he was okay.

I must say, Mr. Tom Moore, Theo and Gaia, thank you for your great teachings to the world, and to me personally.  I love you all so very much.  I believe my life was spared twice in one week.  I will use MBOs for the rest of this physical life.  And I hope that all of you do too.  Thank you, Tom.

And I’m happy to report Jacque just found a job in Telluride, Colorado!  And I suggested to her that she pass the kindness of the tire manager along by writing a review of his store online, and to help someone else in the future.


Silvia writes: We had a huge hail storm coming our way and severe weather so I asked any and all beings to assist us to Hail Stormprotect our cars, houses and people and may the result be better than we could have hoped for or expected - I heard the hail banging the windows on the porch and all.  Once it was over this morning, I checked the car and, thank God, there was no dent in it.  So I keep asking for the protection and putting protective bubble around us.


Reza writes from Indonesia: First of all, thank you very much for your teaching about the MBO technique.  And I apologize if my English is bad.  (I am from Indonesia.)

Jakarta IndonesiaSo, I send you this email because you said previously that you would like to know how I managed to translate an MBO request.  The phrase: “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for ...  Thank you,” becomes: "Saya Mohon Kebajikan ...  Terima kasih." and it works! I will tell you the story below, and about the translation, when I used Google to translate benevolent the result is "penuh kebaikan" in Bahasa.  It's a common word.

But if I translate “benevolence” the result is: "Kebajikan" and this word is rarely used in daily normal conversation just like you said about the word “benevolent.” And in the dictionary we can translate "Kebajikan" both as benevolence or most benevolent.  Kebajikan is a very noble word.  Previously, you said I can drop the word “most,” but what I really was asking about is, should I use the original wording of a MBO request, in English that is, or I can use my native language, Bahasa?  But I will tell you it does not matter, because it works both ways; and I want to tell you the success story of it, this morning.

Read the rest of the story on the Blog.  


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THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—MAY 30-JUNE 13, 2009; JULY 11; JULY 21, 2012; JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012, FEBRUARY 23, 2013,  MARCH 2, 2013, MARCH 9, 2013, MARCH 23, 2013, MAY 11, 2013,  


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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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