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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over theNewsletter world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


Climate ChangeHere is another article on Climate Change--this one from the New York Times:
And one from AOL:

Notice how these only talk about ocean levels rising due to Antarctic melting. They don't seem to include the Arctic or Greenland, as they are only studying one continent.

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


LoveThis question came from Lynnzie:

Theo, can you generalize as to what we need to work on in this lifetime?

Generally speaking, you need to learn to love one another no matter their race or sexual orientation. You must learn to ALLOW as I recently said. You need to accept people no matter their race or religious beliefs. If you can do that, you will be a truly benevolent person.


Cynthia writes: Tom, can you comment on these abductions? Will these girls be found? Is this a karmic play taking place?

Can you will post an MBO for these girls for everyone to say to help the situation? This is as sad as the Korean Ferry disaster and I know it's on many people's minds.  Thanks so much!

Nigerian Girls AbductedTheo, please explain the soul contracts of all the people connected to the abductions of the approximately 270 to 300 girls in Nigeria.

Yes, on the surface it does seem quite complex, Tom. Each of those girls in a past life had abducted and raped or sold others into slavery. So, now they have a chance to balance out those lives. They are mostly young souls along with the men who kidnapped them, and who will have to balance their actions in the future. Plus there are the many people who will conduct searches and other duties connected to finding them. And then there are the millions of people around the world who show compassion, which does help raise their vibrational levels. Ask your readers to say a BP for them, and I can assure you if enough do, there will be progress.

A BP for everyone to say out loud: “I ask any and all beings to keep the abducted Nigerian girls safe from harm and to assist in returning them back to their families, thank you!”


This question came from Jackie.

Fertility Rate WorldGaia, will birth rates rise now that we have reached 5.0?

Not so much, Tom. Birth rates do tend to fluctuate worldwide. Certainly, there are a number of souls lined up for lives now that you have reached 5.0, but as I explained once before there is also much learning left for many of these souls in the third focus. A door has not closed, but in your vertical mind’s eye it just seems to have opened. There are many soul fragments that have already been living lives in the 5.0 range and, yes, even higher in a few cases. Keep in mind that you are having all these lives at the same time, even though it appears to you and everyone they happen in Benevolent Prayersequence.

That probably is the hardest to understand, Gaia.

Yes, we know it is for you and everyone else, Tom, but when we say each life affects the others it is quite the true statement. That’s why you were inspired to create the Daily Benevolent Prayer you say. I again remind your readers that this prayer accomplishes much more than you can understand. It does need to be said on faith, just as you have other beliefs that cannot be proved.

Here is the link to the Daily Benevolent Prayer:


Heiko writes: Tom, I was unfortunate to be traveling home through Pensacola on 4/29 when I saw first-hand the power of Gaia. Thunder and lightening everywhere and rain coming down at 5.9 inches per hour!!

Desalination PlantI did do an MBO to keep me safe before reaching my hotel in Pensacola, and for the most part was spared the massive rain. During the night, bridges and roads were totally wiped out and cars flooded everywhere and many swept away.

The interstate (I 10) was blocked off for many hours. When I finally hit the road again, I could not believe the high water levels everywhere and it struck me that the East was getting flooded while the West was in a drought.

So my question is: "do you see that we will eventually build water pipeline going W, E, N and South so that flooded areas can deliver water to drought struck areas"?

Gaia, do you see the need for constructing water pipelines in the U.S. from East to West, or perhaps installing salt water conversion plants?

Certainly one or more saltwater conversion plants on the coast—but far enough inland not to be affected by the rising ocean water levels—would be good. I will also remind everyone that this is a cycle and cycles have beginnings and ends. There will also be other changes in my crust or mantel, which will allow more weather systems across the southern part of your country. But, again, the conversion plants would initially be more costly than say a pipeline from the Mississippi River, yet, it will not affect the water level of the river as you can imagine it would have to be a giant pipe to bring water to not only Arizona but New Mexico and, yes, West Texas. And may I remind everyone that there are vast stores of water below the surface, which have yet to be tapped.

I think these are enough hints for those who might wish to ponder solutions—short term and long term.


This also will probably end up in my Guardian Angel book.

DreamsTheo, do all the soul fragments having separate lives not only on one of the 12 time lines, but also all the other past, present and future lives, work on the same problems in the universe or do they all work on different ones?

An excellent question, Tom. They do amazingly work on separate problems during their sleep time across the universe. It’s hard to grasp the immenseness and how many billions of planets there are in this universe. Just one galaxy can contain millions of planets. So there is no end to the number of requests each night for your human problem solving. They can be simple problems, and they can be quite complex, calling on the highest levels of your human society to solve.

I guess the question arises, are they using us as a crutch perhaps a little too much?

In the short term the answer is yes, Tom, but that’s why you will bring small amounts of negativity to first the Federation planets and eventually through their efforts to the rest of the universe. Then eventually they will be able to solve their own problems instead of requesting outside assistance as they do now.


Renee writes: How does a new soul become aware of its own interests to begin understanding its needs to search out a planet to start on? And since all soul clusters have the same interests, does that mean all Arcturians have the same interests, such as my soul cluster in religions and teachings, similar to your Sirian soul cluster? And one more question--does Jesus belong to a soul cluster?

PlanetTheo, how does a soul become aware of its interests in order to seek out a planet? And do the souls on each planet have different interests?

Before even trying to answer this question, Tom, one must remember that there are trillions and trillions of souls in the universe, and there are some who wish to be the only soul on a given planet; so there are no hard and fast rules. A planet’s soul--as keep in mind each planet has a soul--vibrates at not only a certain level, but it’s even more complex than that. The soul is attracted to other souls with the same vibration so fine that each understands the other’s wish of how to express itself.

Therefore, the sloths mentioned by Antura [in the FIRST CONTACT book] were all attracted to a desert-type planet in order for them to express themselves in that manner. But Antura’s people’s souls were attracted to a water planet in order to express themselves. And there are souls who wish to express themselves as sort of a barnacle—a large one—on a planet that will accept their desire for that expression. There are so many other forms of expression it is impossible to give you but a few examples.

The answer to your second question is yes and no. They can have one singular interest of expression, or they can have many different forms of expression yet inhabit the same body. There is no one cookie cutter way of expression. There are billions and, yes, trillions of ways a soul can express itself.

I had been previously told Jesus was not a member of any soul cluster. He's the only fragment of his soul having had lives on earth.


First Contact Front CoverAntura, for my new readers, is an ET living on a water world in the Sirius B Solar System. He also happens to be a soul cluster brother and was introduced to me in 2008 by my GA Theo, who has also been his GA for his 800 lives on earth. He’s part of a “first contact” team headed to earth in 2017, when I’m supposed to meet him. More about Antura can be found in my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. This first question continues on from last week’s questions about planetary or even galaxy “buses”—spacecraft that take beings from place to place across the universe.

Antura, who operates the planetary buses? Are they for-profit enterprises, or are they operated by various societies as a service to all who wish to travel?

Good question, Tom. They are not for profit. They are operated by many societies, if you will. It is done out of love for all who might wish to travel.

Then do those societies ask for volunteers to pilot and run the spacecraft, and how long do they do this—does it become a permanent position?

As you can imagine, Tom, there are all sorts of answers to this since you are dealing with individuals. They may do this on a temporary basis or it might be full time.

How do the people board the ships? Do they have shuttlecraft from their planet, are they beamed up, or does the ship land?

SpaceshipAgain, a variety of ways, Tom. The most common is that they hitch a ride to the spaceship with a friend or service that puts them on the spacecraft. On some rare occasions, they will come in their own spacecraft and dock, and then leave when they reach their destination. And even rarer will be the instance when the ship actually lands on a planet. These are large ships, Tom, so yes they also use beaming too.

How do they get off at their destination?

Again, with any of the above methods working in reverse you might say.

How many, if any, of the 850 beings, who will accompany you on your spaceship coming to earth in 2017, will have tails?

More than you might imagine, Tom. Certainly well over 50% of the crew have some sort of tail apparatus or extension. This is much more common in the universe than you might think.

Then is it over 75%?

Yes, but not too much above that figure.

AlienWhen you greet someone new, is it a common courtesy to greet them by giving your name and where you come from first before asking them the same questions?

Yes, this is a common method of introduction once you begin meeting beings from all over the universe. It is considered impolite to ask them first. This is an etiquette established long ago—millions of years.

Will the beings we meet know about us?

Certainly, all the Federation planets do, but after that there is a drop-off; even though you are assisting them in your sleep time, many do not understand where the information and assistance originates. They are asking for this in their prayers and meditations, so just as you do in your sleep time, they convert the image as you do to one they can accept. Very complicated and complex in a way, but that’s what your souls volunteered to do as part of the Earth Experiment—to assist all those other societies across the universe—and there are trillions.

Using the analogy of a rowboat, a cruise ship and an airplane crossing the Atlantic Ocean, I wanted to make sure there was not some middle of the road-type travel between planets and stars that we have not touched on. Comments?

Yes, Tom, I understand completely, but no, portal hopping is the only way to travel great distances. Certainly our motherships and scout craft can turn on the “afterburners,” shall we say, within a solar system to get from one planet to another in fairly short order, but portals are necessary for the longer distances.

Antura, would there be a need for an Akashic Hall of Records on other planets?

No, Tom. Earth and the Earth Experiment is the only place where you do not have instantaneous recall of your past lives.


This story and the next one originally appeared last week in my blog, which you can read in its entirety at

TCU StadiumThis is one more of my own MBO stories. I took Sunday afternoon off and went to the annual Alumni get-together at the TCU [Texas Christian University] baseball game in Ft. Worth with my friend, Frank. I had a pleasant time. Two weeks ago, I requested an MBO for the day to be even better than hoped for or expected, and said a BP for the TCU baseball team to play up to their full potential.

TCU won the game 21-7, and they called it off after 6.5 innings (it had already been going on for over three hours) as the Kansas State team had to get back home for finals. They scored more runs than they had in any game all year! I did the same MBO and BP requests last year and they won in the 9th inning.


Anne-Marie writes from Canada: I have been teaching my massage Request Signclients to say MBOs and one woman has had very good results.

Facing possible bone cancer in her upper arm, one woman said an MBO that the results of the biopsy be better than she could hope or expect. What was found was an infection in the layers of fascia covering the bone. The infected area was scraped clean and the woman has returned to full health.

Thanks, Tom, for reminding us of the Gentle Way.


Tina writes: Thank you again for your wonderful newsletter! You mentioned needing more questions for your book on Atlantis, and I thought I would share my experience from a recent group past-life hypnotherapy session in Albuquerque, NM.

Atlantis DestructionIn it, I was shown a very blue island, I was given the name Lemuria, and shown a beautiful city with white structures, pillars, temples and palaces. I was one of the “elders” in a group of women, whose sole focus was to work with the other women in the temple, to open an energy vortex to prevent a great flood from occurring. We weren’t in fear, simply conscious of the fact that the flood was approaching, yet also aware that there was a possibility of avoiding it provided we were we able to “open” the healing energy vortex. Had we been successful, the flood would have been avoided and our people and city saved. When I flashed forward to the end of my life, it was simply a peaceful crossing, the flood had come and buried our city beneath the water.

So my question, if you can use it, would be the following: how does Lemuria relate to Atlantis, if at all? What if anything do we know of a place called Lemuria, and where it was located? Who lived there and what was their purpose?

LemuriaGaia, did the sinking of Atlantis affect Lemuria?

Yes, the ocean level rose once again, and quickly—not like I plan and am doing an inch at a time.

As quite a bit of the Atlantean continent sank in the 2nd destruction, I would think that the major increase in ocean levels came at that time.

You’re correct, Tom, but what was left by then was a very large island and several more. When they all sank, it displaced a great amount of water too, so again the combination of the rise in ocean levels several feet, plus the tsunamis created by the sinking, did affect the whole world, including Lemuria.

In previous newsletters I have given the latitudes and longitudes of Lemuria, plus many details. Do a search on the ARTICLES & NEWS page on my website.

Nancy writes: I have a question about Atlantis. Were those who followed the way of power as their god, priests, government leaders, or??? Were there some areas of their religious structure that retained some spiritual purity? And, since things are rarely totally black and white in our world, were there those, who were in between, who thought that they were safe because they hadn't gone "all in" with those who only wanted power? I can easily see a middle group in all this, and wondered where they fit in.

I love MBOs and expect great things!

It was a mixture.

AtlantisTheo, were there some areas that retained some spiritual purity in Atlantis towards the end?

Yes, there were still people who practiced the Gentle Way all the way to the end of Atlantis, as I might remind your readers that they all could not follow you to Egypt due to family obligations. That would certainly be the largest group of people who were not caught up in the hatred and greed spawned by the two groups.

Shravaka writes: Per your request in the last newsletter (May 10), I have a number of Atlantis questions for your consideration. It has been interesting to read of your experiences with Atlantis as it relates to Egypt, however for some reason, my experiences have taken me to the Yucatan, Mexico, and the land of the Maya. You have been gracious enough to validate my earlier questions about the Mayan Calendar and its origination coming from Atlantis in a previous newsletter. But there are some more details that hopefully Antura, Gaia, and Theo might be able to respond to and clarify.

Next month I am planning a trip to Guatemala to visit a Mayan Sacred site to access the Akashic Records. According to Edgar Cayce, the Yucatan Hall of Records was brought to the Maya lands by a small group from Atlantis. They arrived on the shores of the Yucatan and then traveled inland to what is now called Piedras Negras, a Maya ceremonial site in Guatemala.

Question: Are the Akashic Hall of Records also located in Egypt? Did you bring them there, and were you affiliated with this small Atlantis group in the Yucatan?

The Maya Teachers of Light have explained the concept of the Hall of Records as follows:

Tikal Mayan Ruins“It is a vibrational net in the shape of a grid. It is made of a very fine crystalline cellular structure called in the Maya Language “SAAZ-KAAN” and is located between the 3rd and 4th dimensions containing the History of Human kind.

"Mayan temples and pyramids are the cosmic antennas that allow us to connect with the Akashic records of humanity and then interface with the subtle network of cellular crystal energy containing the memories of the planet.–Nazul

"The memory of the earth has a function that goes beyond our intellectual perspectives. It is the past, present and future. The Mayan temples and pyramids are actually the keyboard of a very advanced system of mental computation. The pyramids should be viewed through the mind. They know how you can create true realities not only here on this earth plane but also in various dimensions of time and space. –Fermi Santa Cruz – Maya Elder”

Question: (Gaia?) Is this Mayan orientation accurate? Is it OK for us to access the Earth memories located within the Akashic Hall of Records (for Benevolent purposes, of course)?

Gaia, do the, or did the, Mayan Temples connect to the Akashic Hall of Records?

Not really in the way it is asked. Certainly there were Mayan Priests who had the ability to tap into the Akashic Records, but the majority of the Mayan Priests could not. This would have been considered almost forbidden territory for them. So the temples acted as their form of worship for the most part. The small group of Atlanteans took with them records of the Atlantean civilization dating all the way back as far as their records went. That is still in Guatemala waiting to be discovered, yet it will be quite some time before they are located. As we have discussed before, Tom, the Akashic records exist as crystals in a cave, but not accessible in the 3rd or 5th focus. Your souls pass by them on their way to birth and then as they depart earth.

Mayan Ruins YucatanIn that time period 200 years before the islands sank, was I aware of the group from Atlantis that traveled to the Yucatan?

No, they left soon afterwards, Tom. They too could see what was coming and their GAs warned them also, and they left.

Are the Akashic Records OK to access for benevolent purposes?

Yes, they are available for all those who have reached a certain vibrational level to access them. That will typically prevent anyone from accessing them of a lower vibrational order.

Therefore we cannot say the Akashic Records are in Egypt can we?

No, not really. Again there are records there of the Atlanteans and their history that have not been discovered.

In Egypt was I aware of the group in the Yucatan?

Yes, you were told of their departure by the new refugees, but you had no reason to contact them.


These questions were asked by Bob.

Jesus MiracleTheo, were the stories of Jesus’ miracles accurate?

Quite so for the most part, Tom. They were passed down from generation to generation and certainly there was some embellishment, but they held together quite well as the scribes or recorders of that day prided themselves on their abilities to recall exactly what was told to them. Those stories were not written down for a number of years until they crossed the path of a scribe.

Did he travel to India at age 12?

We have covered this before, Tom. It was around that age that he traveled to India.

Did Jesus have Siblings?

Yes, a brother.

Did he have a sister?

No, Tom, just the brother.

Was the brother older or younger?

No, he was a little younger, Tom.

When he returned from India did he immediately begin his public teachings?Jesus and Authorities

Almost immediately, Tom, as he wished to spend some time with his family. He had been gone several years.

Why are there no Roman records of him?

There are, but from the standpoint of the officials at that time. No one was writing his biography, shall we say, on the Roman side.

Did he confront Jewish authorities as was noted?

Yes, that did occur. He was quite knowledgeable by that time, even at a young age.


Pam writes from Syracuse, NY: Can you check in to see what info you can find out about this. This is from the site - Very interesting.

Mt. Baldy Sand Dunes“Mt. Baldy is one of the largest sand dunes on the southern shore of Lake Michigan, rising 123 feet. Beginning in July 2013, several deep holes were discovered in the big dune after 6-year-old Nathan Woessner was swallowed by a hole on July 12, and had to be rescued by firefighters. EPA's ground penetrating radar investigation revealed a large number of anomalies below Mt. Baldy's dune surface. Images and news by NPS.”

Gaia, why are deep holes suddenly appearing in the Mt. Baldy San Dunes on Lake Michigan?

Yes, the area under the sand dunes is eroding, Tom, and the holes that are appearing are the least resistant to the erosion. There are caverns underneath the sand dunes and there are gaps where the sand is falling into the caverns. This will continue, Tom, so you should warn the person who wrote to you, along with any others, that these sand dunes are becoming dangerous. Enough said.


Anne-Marie writes: In Halifax, Canada, a young Inuit woman, Loretta Saunders, who was writing her master's thesis on the plight of murdered and missing aboriginal women, was herself murdered.

Was her soul contract to bring this issue to the public notice so as to force the government to look into this more closely?

Loretta SaundersThe Canadian Government's laws regarding our Aboriginal brothers and sisters are extremely racist and their refusal to address this alarming statistic of over 900 murdered and missing women is shocking. Will our government start to accord our Native peoples with the rights and respect that are their due?

Can I ask everyone to say an MBO for these issues to be resolved to the highest and best good of all? I request a Most Benevolent Outcome that the Canadian Government take the plight of missing and murdered aboriginal women to heart and help to find a solution to this problem for the best and highest good of all? Thank you.

May I request a Most Benevolent Outcome that the Canadian Government address the inequities found in the various legislation relating to our Aboriginal peoples for the best and highest outcome for all. Thank you.

First, a Benevolent Prayer everyone can say out loud: “I ask any and all beings to assist in legislation to aid the Aboriginal peoples in Canada, and to assist in finding those responsible for the kidnapping and murders of these women, thank you!”

Theo, was Loretta Sanders’ murder her soul contract to bring attention to the many missing and murdered aboriginal women in Canada, or what?

Certainly, a combination of factors, Tom. She was atoning for a past misdeed, but at the same time she volunteered, you might say, in order to bring public attention to this grave problem. There is more than one serial killer in Canada who preys on these women. The local police so far have not put the pieces together to identify the culprits. More DNA analysis will assist them in seeing the connections between the murdered women. Regarding those missing, most are dead and buried in remote locations that will prove hard to locate. These men are good at covering their tracks, Tom. So you might suggest to your readers to say a BP about protecting these women and finding the killers.


Seed Storage VaultPam in Arizona writes: I saw this on Facebook and wanted to know the real reason for this seed bank. Is Monsanto trying to control all the seed? Please ask Gaia what the reason is and what will come of this. Thanks for all you do!

Gaia, please comment on the storing of seeds in Norway.

Yes, Tom, an interesting development you might say. And yes, Monsanto’s involvement is especially intriguing. Are they worried that their chemicals could actually be poisoning the earth? The idea of storing seeds on the chance of disaster can be seen as wise for the long run. It’s just the motives behind this decision that raises questions. Remember, Tom, that we ALLOW. Humans are to make decisions, and humans felt that storing pure strains of these seeds was best at this time. I have no fault with their decision. Whether they will be needed in the future I will not say as it might in some way affect their work.


CrystalsLynnzie writes: How can one read a record keeper crystal today?

Theo, how can we read the record keeper crystals?

They are not quite ready to be read, Tom, at least not by the general population. It will someday be taught how to read these crystals. There are some who can do this today.


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THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—MAY 30-JUNE 13, 2009; JULY 11; JULY 21, 2012; JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012, FEBRUARY 23, 2013,  MARCH 2, 2013, MARCH 9, 2013, MARCH 23, 2013, DECEMBER 14, 2013, JANUARY 18, 2014, FEBRUARY 1, 2014, FEBRUARY 8, 2014, MARCH 1, 2014, MARCH 8, 2014, MARCH 15, 2014, MARCH 22, 2014, MARCH 29, 2014, APRIL 5, 2014, APRIL, 12, 2014, APRIL 26, 2014, MAY 17, 2014,       


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