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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all of my new subscribers from all over the world to this F.R.E.E. newsletter.  If you like it, please forward it to your friends.  I understand that some subscribers did not receive their newsletter last week.  I hope it was just a Mercury Retrograde glitch, but if you are reading this on the website, sign up again or send me a note.

Three quick announcements.

1.    I will be in Ft. Worth, Texas Friday evening, May 14 at Satori.  See the APPEARANCE section below. 
2.    I will have my first LIVE GLOBAL WEBCAST this coming Thursday evening, May 20.  See MEET ME LIVE ONLINE below for details.
3.    You can now SEARCH the website !  The SEARCH function will allow you to enter words or phrases to see if my Guardian Angel Theo or Gaia, Soul of the Earth as touched on the subject before.  I receive a number of emails each week asking questions that have already been answered in one of the previous newsletters.  Please do a search before emailing me.  You’ll receive a faster answer.  Should be up by the time you read this. 

Now for this week’s really interesting Topics. 


Teresa in Austin, TX writes:  I will be driving up from Austin to see you at Satori's this coming Friday.  I have studied metaphysics for many, many years and was at a Kryon seminar in Dallas over a year ago where Lee introduced you to the audience.  I have been using the Expect Great Things and your other affirmations and must admit I have been pretty astonished with the results in a fairly short time. 

For an example, we have had an owl box up in our back yard for at least four years without any success; we now finally have a female Eastern Screech Owl nesting in our box.  I am just ecstatic about it.  I understand that they usually return to the same nest year after year.  I try to make our back yard a little current day Garden of Eden.  See you on Friday, looking forward to it.  Thanks, I am expecting great things these days!


Liz writes:  I enjoy receiving your newsletters and have been saying MBO’s for over a year and find they give me a piece of mind and confidence that I didn’t have before.  While I believe that MBO’s really work, the logical side always says that it could be just coincidence.

I have a story I would like to share.  I broke a tooth and went to the Dentist for a crown.  Being deathly afraid of dentistry I probably requested far more MBO’s than was required, but hey, it kept me sane.  Anyway the actual work went very fast.  The Dentist was surprised and said repeatedly, and with amazement, that he remembered only one other time that he was able to make just one dental impression, since he typically has to make two.  I thanked my GA all the way home and whenever I think of it.  Keep up the good work.


Laurie writes:  Here in Florida we can get some real whoppers when it comes to thunderstorms.  Just the other day, a line of storms was rolling in.  I looked at the radar online and it showed some intense activity heading in my direction.  I immediately asked for an MBO that my home be protected from any harm or lightning that might occur during this storm.  It got very dark and windy, and the rain came down in buckets, but the thunder and lightning was minimal.  But the best part was when a literal hole in the clouds opened up and there was sunlight over my home even while the wind whipped through the trees and the rain came down.  I even saw a brilliant rainbow while all this was happening.  What a beautiful answer to my MBO!
Gaia has also told me to go outside before severe storms, face their direction and open your arms, and say, "I welcome GENTLE RAIN; I welcome GENTLE RAIN!"  So far it's worked perfectly.  I watch the radar on line and the clouds start lessening in intensity before they reach us. 


Mary writes:  I'm reading the weekly newsletter now and thought I would share my MBO from last week. It was a long week, and I was very tired, but it was my Godson's birthday party in my hometown, and his family had just moved into a new home so I wanted to attend. I had a Reiki session earlier in the day and slept through the whole thing - which I had never done before. I had a few errands to do after the session, then headed home to get my dog and make the one hour and 45 minute trip to the party. The party was fun and I was very happy to have been able to be there.

When I was leaving my home town to make the trip back to where I live, I said an MBO asking that I be aware and awake for the entire trip back, even though I was so tired. As you could expect, there wasn't a hitch on the trip back. Here's the point to the story: As I approached my house, literally within about twenty yards, I slowed down my car to let another pass by on my narrow street. The license plate on the car ended with MBO. I am positive that was a wink from my guardian angel!

Thanks for everything that you do, and I love reading your weekly letters.

Isn't it funny how our GA's let us know they're around, like last week when Kate in Vermont saw the van with "Tom Moore" on the side.


Isabelle forwarded this message from Richard Boyland, Ph.D who writes:  “…An outstanding example of this is the remote-viewing work below which my close associates Wendi and Fran have been recently engaging in the past few days.
"They have foreseen that about 9 days from now (Dr. Boylan's message was sent out 05/04/10), there will be an enormous 9.2-magnitude Great Quake along a 1500-mile (2414 km) stretch of north-central Mexico.
"The Quake will be situated along the Sierra Madre Occidental, a very long ridge of mountains which forms the Continental Divide in much of Mexico and is the defining mountain range of western north-central Mexico, (much like the Sierra Nevada mountain range is in California.)…”

Gaia, two remote viewers have seen a 9.2 quake take place in North Central Mexico along a 1,500 mile stretch of North Central Mexico during the period of May 13-15 this week.  Your comments?

No, this will not occur Tom.  Emphatically.  The two people did not receive their information correctly, I can assure you.     This is not in my plans at this time. 


I’ve had several people email me about this:

Gaia, what lessons are we to learn from the oil leak and slick, and was this “preordained” to stop the drilling?

Yes, it was naturally known to me long in advance that this would happen Tom, as naturally there were soul contracts of many who both died on the oil rig, and all those who are affected by the oil spill—not only the residents of the Gulf Coast, but all those who are taking part in the oil recovery shall we call it. 

These are lessons to humans, which I allowed, as you must learn to clean up your messes—sort of like children cleaning up their play area.  Yes, there are terrible consequences to this, but much will be learned and implemented, as the results will be seen when a catastrophe of this nature happens.  Much good will come out of this, although it may not seem like this way right now.  Again, I allow these things to happen to be teaching tools for humans.  I could immediately stop the oil flow if I wished, but you created the problem, and you must solve it.

And speaking of solving it, one of our subscribers is an attorney in Dallas whom I know personally.  He just sent this communication to me:

Richard writes:  I talked yesterday with US Coast Guard officials and David Tsao of BP about hydrates elimination utilizing the electrolytic process described at and patented by marine biologist Tom Goreau and the late Wolf Hilbertz (US Patent 5,543,034). I work closely with Tom on Global Coral Reef Alliance projects. He is returning to the States tonight from Antigua.

The electrolytic process works at any depth, any pressure.  I have previously been contacted by oil/gas companies about the utilization of the technology to insulate pipelines laid on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico so that hydrates do not form within the pipelines.  The proposed "top hat" fix might benefit from placement of electrified iron rebar/mesh within the top hat interior--the heightened temperature of the electrified iron rebar/mesh and the on-going accretion of magnesium hydroxide/calcium carbonate on the iron rebar/mesh will tend to displace/dissipate the hydrates. If BP's "top hat" fix (using warm water to displace hydrates) does not work because of hydrates formation, maybe BP will give me a call back.

Let’s all hope they do call him (and all say a BP that they do).  I wrote back and told him he would not believe this, but I had just visualized this process the day before.  I think I must have been “tuning” into him.  So if this is the answer to stopping the flow of oil, you read it here first!


Gaia, in what month will the Japanese earthquake you said would occur actually happen?

Tom, let’s see if you can receive this.  It will occur this summer –late in the summer time period.  Yes, you have it.  Not June, but later. 

(Next time)  Gaia, you said the earthquake in Japan would not happen in June.  So will it happen in July?

No Tom, August will be the month I move the earth’s crust there.  Late August, actually.


Gaia, will Hawaii have any significant tsunamis in this year or next, and what are your plans for the islands?
Yes, Tom, they will have at least one significant tsunami, although they will have sufficient warning of several hours.  That said, there will be a major loss of life and property from those who do not heed the warning to move away from the coast.  My plans for this island chain is still to exist.  I will not take them down Tom.  They will remain, although the beaches will soon be covered with water, as I have explained to you before.  The people there will not be able to live right on the coast, which will cause many problems for the population which wishes to remain after the coming events.
So no earthquakes for them?
No, not at the levels on the Pacific Rim Tom.  Their only concern should be escape when the tsunami is on the way.  Don’t think that it will be another small one as they experienced from Chile.


This past weekend I was reading the Sedona Journal of Emergence (I write a monthly column for the magazine and they’re also the publishers of my two books).  I started reading Pepper Lewis’ channeling from Gaia and quite a bit of it was about earthquakes and volcanoes.  The main problem I found was that Gaia told her Alaska, Oregon, and the southern part of California near the Mexican border would be areas to watch for earthquakes.  So only one of the three partially matched what I’ve been receiving in my “active” meditations.  Naturally I had to ask Gaia about this.

Gaia, you told Pepper Lewis there would be earth movements in Alaska, Oregon, and Southern California near Mexico.  Why the discrepancy with what I’ve received?  Did I mis-receive?

No Tom.  You have not been mis-receiving as you call it.  Pepper reaches a much wider audience at this time Tom because of her many years of work in this field.  Therefore there would be people who would move and not complete their soul contracts if I were to give her the exact places I plan to move the earth.  On the other hand, the people who read your writings are attracted to them for a specific reason or reasons beyond the requesting of MBO’s, although that is certainly the major reason.  And when people begin requesting these benevolent outcomes they raise their vibrations and awareness as we have spoken about before. 

Pepper’s readers –most of them anyway—have not reached this awareness level, although you may find this hard to believe.  Your requests for MBO’s immediately begin a process of raising your own spiritual levels Tom, as you well know.  Therefore, I can give your people a more accurate explanation or forecast of what my plans are, as the people who read your writings Tom will be more inclined to request MBO’s for their safety and BP’s as you call them for their loved one’s safety.  They are learning to be the junior creators in training, which has been explained to you a number of times, yes? 

OK, I do understand, but I still think you, my readers, should understand there is conflicting information out there, and you should let your intuition and “gut instinct” guide you, as to what is true FOR YOU!

Now I did feel I needed to return to this topic for more clarification, so here is my question during the next meditation:

Gaia, a little more clarification regarding your comments when I asked about Pepper Lewis.  As on the surface it would seem that everyone into metaphysics and interested in communications from the spiritual side would be at the same level, how is it that people who request MBO’s are at a higher vibrational level, or am I not understanding your comments?

Yes you did understand my comments Tom, but I also understand you must make it clear for your readers.  Yes, the simple use of requesting Benevolent Outcomes does raise your vibrational rate above even those who enjoy reading these changelings from various people Tom.  They are learning, but have not started putting what they have learned into use yet. 

Requesting MBO’s is the first really big step you can take to become junior creators in training on a conscious level Tom.  Certainly everyone has their work they do during dreamtime, but requesting Benevolent Outcomes demonstrates to you what can be accomplished with spirit, and that is a big jump—much larger than you imagined when you began to request MBO’s yourself.  When we say requesting MBO’s is important in everyone’s development, we truly mean it is.  It also puts you on the road to many other discoveries, which your readers will find at times amazing. 

So all we can do in encourage your readers to continue these requests, even though on a conscious level they don’t seem to immediately work at times.  Humans are impatient Tom, and also, as you have seen many times, what you think is a Benevolent Outcome not always is when it involves other people and other beings in general.  But if your readers do request MBO’s on a steady or continuing basis, they will be highly rewarded.  Their own Guardian Angels are thrilled that these people are requesting MBO’s, because they know what a big leap it is for them on a spiritual level

So, are you just reading these newsletters to learn about things in general, or are you taking that BIG STEP of starting to request MBO's in your own life, and getting on the path as a Junior Creator in Training?  You are doing yourself a big disservice if you are not requesting MBO's EACH DAY!  I realize this may hard to grasp how using such a simple spiritual tool has such great benefits, BUT IT DOES! 


Sharon writes from Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada:  It has been a year since I learned about you and the MBOs, working together with the Angelic Realm.  My daily life has become a remarkable heartfelt adventure.  Thank you!  The MBOs have a special book of their own on my desk.  The requests are written in blue and the fulfilled requests are written in red along with the date.  The pages are full of the blue and the red writing!!  Requests from having my Visa billings placed onto my next months payments, health issues, letters from dear ones, deliveries on time, safe returns, convenient parking and doctor reports, have been fulfilled for me!!!   I am most grateful.

Much of your news lately has been on Gaia's report on earthquakes, which of course during this time of earth changes and shifts concern many of us.  Right now I feel okay where I live, but could you ask Gaia if there will eventually be volcanic eruption, flooding and earthquakes here in Whitehorse, Yukon, and in the nearby locations surrounding us, as in Alaska, and North British Columbia.  We are surrounded by dormant volcanoes, waterways and glaciers, and fault lines.  Loving Prayers to You Gaia, through all your changes.

So Gaia, what are your plans for the Yukon, Northern British Columbia and Alaska?

They will experience heaving or strong movements Tom in the future in the next two years or so.  It will take me a little time to build up pressure there.  There are many fault lines running through this area and certainly there will be movements in this region.  There are far fewer humans in this area than to the south, so there will be fewer casualties shall we say, but I will try and give you sufficient warning before I begin the movements.

Also, will there be a volcano, which erupts in the Northern Hemisphere, as you said Yellowstone will not for the next few years?

Yes, there will be a major one coming up Tom.  I have not given you that information yet, but certainly it will occur.


Not until I begin to move the earth to the South Tom.  Yes you can re-ask that question again to verify, but the volcano will be active.

Are we talking about the one near Seattle?

Quite so Tom.  This will come roaring to life during that period of time. 

I’ll ask again soon to verify my reception Gaia.

Feel free to Tom. 

(Next time)  Gaia, I wish to verify that it is Mt. Hood, and not Mt. St. Helens, which will roar to life as you said before after the movements begin.

Yes there you have it Tom.  It will be Mt. Hood, although there will also be some activity at Mt. St. Helens, but nowhere near the extent of the eruption in 1980.   But scientists should consider the possibility of Mt. Hood acting in a similar fashion with a large pyroclastic flow Tom, which will destroy much in its path.  They should take heed and study Mt. St. Helens, and apply a model to what Mt Hood is certainly capable of. 


Gaia, why did the Sea Lions leave San Francisco—a natural migration, or for what reason?

Yes, their divas we shall call them –their spiritual guides—advised them that their home on the docks of the bay would in the future be quite unsafe for them.  They were advised to migrate up the coast to a more safe location for the time being.  They may one day return to this area, but it will be after most of the humans have left or died. 

Will the LA and San Francisco airports and ports be destroyed?

Yes they certainly will Tom.  They will no longer be capable of handling aircraft or ships after the movements begin.  Other ports will have to be expanded elsewhere. 

What about the food grown in California?

Yes, it will have to be grown elsewhere Tom, as the conditions will be too dangerous for those who have tended those crops to remain.  They will try, but will find it too dangerous to work.  The ground will suddenly open up beneath them and there will be those who stay who will perish in these chasms.


Pam writes:  I’m very curious about global warming – are we really causing it from CO2 emissions from cars and animal slaughterhouses?  If yes, which produces the most CO2 emissions.  If not, what is the cause of the ozone layer issue?

Gaia, are we causing global warming from CO2 emissions from animal slaughters and exhaust emissions?
No Tom.  Certainly these contribute, but I am warming the atmosphere of the planet, although you will find a wide divergence in weather with some parts of the world turning colder as the magnetic north shifts towards Russia. 


Theo, people are concerned about the Hadron Collider will form a black hole that will consume the earth.

Tom, this is just a fear-based concern brought on out of ignorance.  Great leaps in understanding of physics will result from these experiments.  They are controlled and there will be no danger to anyone in the area, or anywhere on earth. 


Victoria writes:  I am originally from Colombia, and good part of the country, including the city where I was born, is situated in what is called the Pacific Fire Belt.  Does she have any plans to move these areas any time soon?  As a kid, I experienced quite some strong earthquakes, so every time I hear of earthquakes somewhere else, I wonder when it would be the time for the next big one in that area.  Any needs to really reshape that area?

I read with interest the answers about the violence on Ciudad Juarez in Mexico.  Is there a similar reason for the long going violence in Colombia too?  Is peace any where near for this country? Is there any way that I can help ease up any of the karmic lessons for Colombia? It always pains me that such a beautiful country is lost in so much blood and chaos.

Gaia, any earthquakes for Colombia in their future?

Yes, but not for the time being.  Their country will have some problems, but not in the next year or so. 

Theo, what Karmic reasons for the violence in Colombia?  When will it end?

It will not end for some time Tom.  The country does have a karmic reason for this happening, as the people who are alive and incarnated there have in the past in other lives caused terror in their actions against cities and towns as they raided and looted and plundered and raped and killed.  Now this is a balancing life where they will in some cases completely balance, and in other more extreme cases be just one of the lives they need, and in other cases if they cause the violence, they will have to have other balancing lives to balance for their actions in his life Tom.


Teresa writes:  I find your newsletters so interesting and informative and thought provoking, thanks.  Can you please ask Gaia how genetically modified plants and seeds affect the environment and also humans and animals who eat them? Is there hope that the company Monsanto will be deterred in the future?  I am an ardent gardener.

Gaia, how do genetically modified plants and seeds affect the environment and humans who eat them? 

A good question from your gardener Tom.  Yes, they do have somewhat of an effect, but not as much as perhaps some people feel.  Your bodies have been able to adapt over time to almost anything can be ingested.  Just look to your Orient as you call it to find some very unusual dietary items.  I think this problem will correct itself in the future, as scientists learn more about these genetically altered foods and seeds.  Do push continually for organically grown foods, as they are the best for you and will cause less disease in the future.


Stan writes:  Wondered if you would ask Theo sometime about what is happening in UK at the moment.  Is the ultimate end of the election vote + new prime minister for a higher purpose and is it going to help and therefore uplift the country for the greater good of everyone.

Theo, a reader asks about the UK elections.  Will this be good for the country, or will they be mired in conflict?

It will initially be good Tom, but they will have some major challenges not only economically, which the government must handle, but more scandals; as the light will be shown again on those who take advantage of their positions to enrich themselves. 


Diane writes:  Was Moses an Israelite or an Egyptian?  I read somewhere that he was not Jewish, and that he was one of the Egyptian prince and that he lead a group of people out of Egypt who were slaves but again not Jewish.  Did this Exodus really happen and who was involved?

Theo, was Moses an Israelite or an Egyptian and did the Exodus really happen and who was involved?

Yes Tom, the Exodus really occurred, as has been described in the Christian Bible and other books.  Moses was an Israelite and did lead the Jews out of Egypt as has been told.  Perhaps the story was embellished somewhat in the telling, as keep in mind there were virtually no scholars at that time, so stories were told word of mouth; but generally the story held together, as back then the stories had to be repeated to the teacher over and over again until they had it right. 


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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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