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This newsletter will be quite different from last week’s and those before. I’m going to air out all my “Dirty Laundry,” as Don Henley of the Eagles sings. I’ve avoided discussing some of the topics below for quite some time, but I think we need to cover it now. First came the questions from readers of this newsletter and then I’ve been given some “inspiration” or “whispers in my ear” as Theo calls it.


From Jan: I recently listened to a podcast from Dick Sutphen's Metaphysical World ( May 9, 2007 archived) where you were the guest. I found the talk fascinating and it truly spoke to me. I will be purchasing your book, but in the meantime I have been perusing your website and I just have to ask you about this: in your article "Meditating Can be Fun" your Angelic Guide Theo says that Rudy Guliani will be the Republican candidate. Does this mean that everything else is incorrect? How do you explain this error?

Back as early as the fall of 2005 I started receiving predictions in my “active” meditations. I had previously done studies of the Predictions issue, which the Sedona Journal of Emergence used to publish at the first of the year. I found that rarely did any of the predictions made by the full trance channels ever happened in the year. I wondered why. When I started receiving specific predictions, I was so confident that I not only wrote an article about them for the Sedona Journal, but also put them into a blog under the title of my book on The publisher of the Sedona Journal cautioned me about doing this, as she thought it would hurt my credibility if they did not come true. More about this in a minute.

Here are the original questions I asked Gaia, the soul of the earth about Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama:

1/20/07 Gaia--Will the Democratic candidate be Mr. Barack Obama or Mrs. Clinton, or someone else?

The candidate for the Democratic party will be Mrs. Clinton. Obama may or may not be her running mate. That is not decided yet.

And on 9/16/07, Gaia—would you like to give me a couple of new predictions for 2008?

Let’s see Tom if you can receive this. Yes the President of the United States will definitely be Mrs. Clinton. I think anyone can see the handwriting on the wall. She will be a good president, even though she will be overwhelmed as everyone in government by these calamities. She will be able to get more assistance to these areas than perhaps her predecessor would have. She will be instrumental in approving and pushing for approval all sorts of relief in Congress for those affected.
A hurricane will strike Miami again in 2008. That’s all for today, Tom.
(Note: More on “calamities” below.)

First, please keep in mind that I have written before that I strive for 80% to 90% accuracy. I was given Mrs. Clinton really fast, but I struggled on the Republican candidate for some reason. I still don't know if Mrs. Clinton will be the nominee for her party and the eventual President, but I was told “although Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama will have some interesting debates, her organization will prove too powerful for Mr. Obama to overcome.” And here is a question I asked Theo just this past week:

It does not appear at this juncture that Mrs. Clinton will be the Democratic nominee for the Presidency. So what has changed?

Nothing has changed Tom. Be patient and you’ll see. That’s all I can tell you now.

So I’m going to sit back as an observer and watch to see from a detached viewpoint how that will happen if it does. I know a well-respected trance channel (Master Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling) now says that everyone will have to get used to her being President as she will.

I asked Theo about these inconsistencies recently:

Why can’t I receive pure thought packets from you on some subjects yet Theo?

Ah, it is because you still have trouble quieting your mind Tom. And you also put up blocks to reception if you are not knowledgeable about a subject. That’s why we encourage you to practice, practice, practice, as that overcomes this reluctance or mental blocks that I and the others you speak to must overcome or send these thought packets through. It’s like a minefield. We must carefully wind our way through it.

So a word to the wise, if you feel something I've written does not resonate with you, reject it and seek your own truth. I can only write what I've received and communications can even be affected by the placement of the full moon, Mercury retrogrades, etc. When I asked about these interferences I was told "they" would prefer that I just practice, practice, practice and not worry about those interferences.


Several of the predictions I made for 2007 came true, but four of the bigger ones have not. The number one prediction was that a person would reveal price fixing in the oil industry, resulting in billions of dollars in fines and billions of dollars in refunds to consumers. The second prediction was that an American Airlines (or similar) regional jet or turbo-prop would crash due to terrorists; the third was a major hurricane would strike New Orleans; and the fourth that a cruise ship would sink probably during the hurricane after being rammed by a tanker. When they didn’t happen in 2007 here was what I asked Gaia:

1/5/08 Gaia—why is it that after repeatedly telling me that 3 of the predictions you gave me would happen in 2007, that they did not, including the plane crash, New Orleans hurricane, and the sinking of the ship?

Tom, I have been a little wayward with you in my responses. There are valid reasons why I had to do this which will become apparent in the near future. You must be patient, which I know sounds ludicrous in itself. But there are human events that must happen for all the eggs to be in a row so to speak. You’ll see soon, I promise. I’m sorry if I mislead you and do apologize.

I was also told several times that the person that would reveal the price fixing was a woman, so I eventually nicknamed her “the oil lady.” I was also told she would have to make the decision to do this herself. Here’s a question I asked Theo in April:

4/15/8—Theo--Any update on when I’m supposed to hear from the oil lady?

Yes, I know that soon has seemed forever Tom, but continue your work as I know you will and there will be that surprise call one day soon, I assure you—I know—that may sound like a hollow promise now but it is not my friend.

So what’s holding her up so long?

It is an individual choice Tom. Yes I know you could call her but it would scare her to death to use your vernacular. Then she would never make the call. Yes you were correct about the starving people. That is weighing heavily on her mind now.

So here is that “whisper in my ear.” I would like to ask you to do a couple of things that might result in a positive impact on your pocketbook.

1. I want you to send all the white light and love to “the oil lady” and surround her with beautiful protective white light. Stop reading and do this NOW!
2. I would ask you to say the following Living Prayer out loud that you’ve read about here and in my book—“I ask that any and all beings assist, comfort, and protect “the oil lady” when she makes public price fixing in the oil industry, thank you!” Stop reading and please say this NOW.

If this doesn’t work, well—at least we tried!


More revelations. It wasn’t long after I began communicating first with the Indian Shaman in the 1600’s, then later with Gaia that I began receiving messages of some gigantic earthquakes that were going to strike the United States in October and November of 2008. I actually compiled and researched and wrote over a 50,000- word book about these giant quakes that’s been languishing in my computer for many months. Getting the book published by a mass market publisher was predicated on the “oil lady” publicizing that she made these revelations after reading the book. Talk about being frustrated! Here is a question I asked Gaia after the earthquake struck Southwestern Illinois for the first time in 30 years.

4/22/08 Gaia—Why the earthquake in Illinois? I thought you previously told me there would be little warning. Have you decided the changes will be less severe?

Yes, Tom you are a little mistaken. I said there would be little warning for the people on the West Coast. I am moving things around now in preparation for the coming events as you like to call them. And no, I am still on schedule to make these changes. I’m sorry you are not in a position yet to assist in warning the people that need to move, but that should come fairly soon--perhaps very soon indeed. Again, we would not have had you do all this work, if it was not for some purpose. We know you could have better spent your time in the pursuits that you are now involved in—both normal business and life pursuits and increasing the number of people that you service with your newsletters and articles. So hang in there to use your vernacular. You will see changes at a breakneck pace soon. And we want your health to be at top form in order to handle the stress of these coming events and changes. (Note: I came back with a bad chest cold from Cannes, France after the weather turned cold, wet, and very windy.)

OK thank you Gaia. It’s become hard to believe that it will happen. None of the trance channels are really receiving this information yet.

No—some are but they are withholding it as they too think that this event might not happen or will be changed to a softer or less severe event.


In the May issue of THE SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE there’s another one of my articles, but there is also a really interesting channeling of Zoosh, the End of Time Historian as he likes to be known as, by Robert Shapiro. I highly recommend getting a copy if the magazine and reading this channeling. Zoosh was the first celestial being that was channeled for me by Robert in the 90’s, and he was channeled for me a number of times after that as I started to request Benevolent Outcomes. I dedicated my book to Robert, as his channeled message got me started requesting Benevolent Outcomes.

From my readings, my understanding of why we have not had more contact with other worlds was that we must be able to get along with all of earth’s societies, because the people we meet from other worlds will be REALLY different from us. Zoosh takes this a large step farther and says that we must be able to honor ALL LIFE on this world. That’s a tall order and will take quite some time to accomplish that goal.

I got to know Zoosh as “Uncle Zoosh.” I haven’t communicated with him in some time until the below questions.

5/3/8 OK, I guess I would like to ask Uncle Zoosh a question.

Zoosh here—good morning Tom.

Good morning Zoosh. I haven’t spoken with you in a long time and I’m not sure if today with my health is the best day, but I wanted to ask about your communication through Robby (Robert Shapiro) in which you said or intimated that we would be down to 400 million people in 100 years. Was that just an ideal hope or were you informing people in a nice way that there would be drastic reductions in the population?

Yes, you do have interesting questions Tom. I would say my statements there are more prediction than speculation.

So will the population be reduced through cataclysmic events such as the earthquakes Gaia says will happen, or through the inability of women to have children for an extended period of time?

Yes to all of the above Tom. There will be a great loss of life during the shift period when many 3rd dimensional type people—souls that are not able to make the jump, must depart the earth and will be taken care of in other lives whether more on earth or on the second planet you have read about before, yes? That is why you’re there Tom, to assist in helping people understand what will be happening in these next few years. Your work is starting to accelerate now, so get well soon, as you will have an enormous amount of work to do. And don’t worry about income, as that will be taken care of for you. You will have sufficient income for your needs. Yes and be prepared to move at some point in the future—perhaps earlier that you can imagine. With that I will bid you a good life Tom. Keep in contact with your Theo and feel free to contact me at any time you have a question.

One more question Zoosh. You’re not a whole soul like Theo are you? You’re more on the creator end—is that correct?

Yes, Tom. I’m what you would call one of the creator class, and yes I have the capability should I choose of creating whole souls as you call them myself. That is not my field of interest at this time. I’m here to assist all of the souls that chose this experiment and I’ll be here until the end of time.

Thanks Zoosh!

So there you have it. Perhaps my best advice would be to watch these events unfold, if they do, from a detached viewpoint until such time as you will be required to participate. I’ll come back next week with more emails from those out there that are having great success in requesting Benevolent Outcomes for events in your lives.


I will be on Skye MacKenna’s Pathfinders Way radio show on Achieve Radio ( ) this coming Wednesday, May 14, at 7:00 pm EDT, 6:00 pm CDT, 5:00 pm MDT, and 4:00 pm PDT.

Then on Monday, May 26, I’ll appear on Tania Gabrielle’s By The Numbers show at starting at 1:00 pm EDT, 12:00 pm CDT, 11:00 am MDT, and 10:00 am PDT.

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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

Tom T. MooreTom

Tom T. Moore


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